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  1. Adrianna wrote:

    Who can ever resists shoes with studs and sequins.
    You have impeccable taste!

    11.6.08 · Reply
  2. saray wrote:

    I want those Balmain heels soooo bad!

    11.6.08 · Reply
  3. sooo gaudy, love them!!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  4. Isabelle wrote:

    Oh my, I think I just fell in love with the Christian Lacroix shoes! =D

    11.7.08 · Reply
  5. Jenni wrote:


    11.7.08 · Reply
  6. WendyB wrote:

    I like the colorful Lanvins.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  7. kirstie wrote:

    the second lanvins… love. my god. it’s everything i love embedded into a shoe.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  8. ooooh! shiny shoes! i must have them!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  9. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OH MY GOODNESS… I love all of them, and have seen them all & lusted after them, but all of them one pic/page!!! Sensory overload!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  10. so
    must stroke

    11.7.08 · Reply
  11. I need those Dries van noten! Kisses.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  12. Those Lanvin heels are incredibly beautiful! That article about grabbing great vintage goodies from sites like ebay was a great help by the way, I’ve been spying on several tweedy jackets!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxx

    11.7.08 · Reply
  13. Stilist wrote:

    wonderful shoes

    11.7.08 · Reply
  14. Julitta wrote:

    amazing shoes! I’m a women and I want every single one of those great shoes.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  15. Those Lanvin heels are especially amazing, however they really are ALL amazing!!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  16. b wrote:

    so – which ones are you going to get, love the balmain and dries!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  17. hmmm..those Lanvins’ are yummy

    11.7.08 · Reply
  18. Nina wrote:

    Damn these are so hot.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  19. Marie wrote:

    Oh my God! I love the Christian Lacroix! Those are so beautiful! I want, no, I need them!!!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  20. Marian wrote:

    the magpie in me is drawn to all that sparkle!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  21. little_lj wrote:

    So prettiful, I love the Balmains!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  22. Chloe wrote:

    Jane !!! you are in the French Glamour (I’m from Paris) !!!!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  23. Dana wrote:

    Wow, your are into serious shiny shoes! Plus those Givenchy are super chic!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  24. i love your blog!!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  25. Chichi wrote:

    pure confectionary for the feet

    11.7.08 · Reply
  26. Flore wrote:

    I love these shoes !
    ALmost the Burbuerry <3

    11.7.08 · Reply
  27. Johanne wrote:

    Woa, those dries are like an exaggeration of your dries (the black, silver and red ones :))!

    11.7.08 · Reply
  28. caroline wrote:

    lavin is my god. no lie.

    11.7.08 · Reply
  29. Karen wrote:

    Love the Dries. But maybe I’m biased towards a fellow Belgian ;)

    11.7.08 · Reply
  30. atelier wrote:

    I cannot help but adore Givenchy’s shoes

    11.7.08 · Reply
  31. pepita wrote:

    for the most part, they’re like a condensed version of the good parts of las vegas

    11.8.08 · Reply
  32. Masquerade wrote:

    Love the first Lanvin’s!!!!! and the Balmain’s too!!!

    11.8.08 · Reply
  33. thefashionista wrote:

    OMG. I love them all. The jeweled Lanvin’s are to DIE for. DROOL!!

    11.8.08 · Reply
  34. Jeunesse wrote:

    Those Lanvins… I’d probably dream about them tonight. Sweet dreams… *sigh*

    11.9.08 · Reply
  35. they all look fabulous!

    11.9.08 · Reply
  36. Christian Lacroix cannot get it wrong in my opinion.
    LOVE his shoes, absolutley love them
    I didn’t actually know they were Lacroix, and I saw them on another blog and lusted after them.
    So nice knowing they are one of my fav designers, I mean how could they not be :p

    11.9.08 · Reply
  37. Riley wrote:

    The Balmain shoes are such insanity! And just wondering, how do you make those quaint little collages… Do you have a certain computer program?

    11.9.08 · Reply
  38. Becca wrote:

    So so fabulous. I love the lanvin and givenchy

    11.11.08 · Reply
  39. Chichi wrote:

    bling bling and bling. All the shoes look so fabulous.
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    it offers daily updates on large sizes shoes in UK, Europe and USA including celebs with big feet.

    11.11.08 · Reply
  40. Laure wrote:

    T’as beaucoup de style.

    11.15.08 · Reply
  41. nastya wrote:

    it is cool blog!!i write it.(i am from Russia)

    3.16.12 · Reply
  42. Jarmila wrote:

    Great choice! I love the Givenchy shoes

    1.29.13 · Reply