SUNDAY AFTERNOON//sushi outing

We are having the most amazing weather lately here in Dallas-the sunlight was so pretty when I went out to lunch/shop with my mom and my sister Carol that I had to bring my camera.

We shared a heaping plate of vegetarian sushi at Reikyu in Mockingbird Station. I am still stuffed-it was so tasty.

Carol wears a BCBG jacket with Madewell boots-my mom wears her Givenchy booties with Current & Elliot jeans, and other things too various to elaborate on.


I wear Kill City marbled jeans, Emanuel Ungaro branch heels, and a Junya Watanabe jacket





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  1. Nubby wrote:

    Wow, your jacket is amazing! And your sister is such a cutie…. :)

    11.9.08 · Reply
  2. Angela wrote:

    I love your mom’s outfit here!
    You should include your sister’s style as well!

    11.9.08 · Reply
  3. mej wrote:

    All three of you have amazing style really. Maybe Carol can drop by with outfit posts regularly. Having the three of you regularly posting outfits would be such a treat!:D Oh, and I just love all three pairs of shoes..

    11.9.08 · Reply
  4. Vi wrote:

    You were in Dallas? That’s my current living location (: haha. How did you like it?

    11.9.08 · Reply
  5. Vi wrote:

    I was just at Mockingbird Station yesterday after going to Crowley Courthouse for a mock trial clinic.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  6. little_lj wrote:

    these are lovely, your sister is cute!
    fun! x

    11.9.08 · Reply
  7. YaYa wrote:

    Beautiful family ! I’m just about your mom’s age. I really love her style. Please tell her that :)

    11.9.08 · Reply
  8. Sunset wrote:

    Mmm sushi! It looks so delicious. And your family is ridiculously stylish!! Love your jeans/general outfit, btw.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  9. Jamie wrote:

    What a nice day with amazing shoes/outfits. Your mother is so elegant, I love her style.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  10. Trace wrote:

    I’m a new reader to your blog and love it. Gorgeous family! Love everyone’s outfits! I went to sushi today today, so yummy…

    11.9.08 · Reply
  11. punky wrote:

    I think its really cute that you hang with your family a lot, I know lots of teenagers think thats lame.
    It warms my heart to see you don’t agree.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  12. Carolyn wrote:

    I love Reikyu, such a great view of MS and good fresh water eel too. :)
    You three look identical, its cute!

    11.9.08 · Reply
  13. cheng wrote:

    glorious day. love that vintage satchel on your ma’s arm, her scarves, her booties of course. and your marbled jeans. i see sauce drizzled on some sushi rolls? what’s that?! i’m in asia, btw.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  14. cheng wrote:

    glorious day. love that vintage satchel on your ma’s arm, her scarves, her booties of course. and your marbled jeans. i see sauce drizzled on some sushi rolls? what’s that?! i’m in asia, btw.

    11.9.08 · Reply
  15. I love the shoes all 3 of you are wearing!! I wish my mom had that sense of style lol

    11.9.08 · Reply
  16. Blue wrote:

    Your camera takes great pictures!

    11.9.08 · Reply
  17. Contagious smiles all around! I love that :) Your sister’s facial expression is priceless! I am living vicariously through your mom right now, I didn’t get a chance to go to Barneys to try on the Givenchies. Boo to me. The bottoms you’re wearing are great Jane!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  18. I´m hungry. Looks so tasty! Fantastic 3 looks.

    11.10.08 · Reply
  19. escritora wrote:

    all of you look fantastic :)

    11.10.08 · Reply
  20. nathalie wrote:

    i love all three looks! looks like you girls had a fun day!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  21. Dana wrote:

    Nice jeans! I am looking for a similar pair too. And they work great with the Ungaro branch heels!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  22. That food looks delicious

    11.10.08 · Reply
  23. Liv wrote:

    Not really a fashion thing, but the freckles on the nose are just the sweetest! Great photo.

    11.10.08 · Reply
  24. Rachelle wrote:

    ah! love everything. i didnt know dallas was such a glamorous place? or its probably you guys glamming up the place :D
    me and my friend go crazy over your blog, we have lengthy discussions on it on IM. even on the eve of my final exammmmmms.
    what camera do you use? it looks to be approx. 10000mega pixels, yes?
    sending love from australia x

    11.10.08 · Reply
  25. Rachelle wrote:

    oh by the way. YOUR HAIR. is it naturally that colour? it suits you SO well. i want it. lol sorry.
    Are you interested in Australian fashion? IT SERIOUSLY OWNS ALL OTHERS. Its awesome.

    11.10.08 · Reply
  26. Paramnesia wrote:

    I wonder what kind of hair products do you use…
    Will be fantastic if you do a post about it someday, your hair is just fantastic!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  27. Athena wrote:

    I agree, the weather has been amazing here lately. I know exactly where you were at! You have a great blog & it was a wonderful surprise to see that you are a local girl (& family) as well! It would be funny to run into you shopping one day. :-)
    Keep up the fantastic work!!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  28. peteto wrote:

    Oh, these pictures are amazing. What kind of camera do you have?
    I love your scarf and your mother’s as well : )

    11.10.08 · Reply
  29. Looking gorgeous :) Those Ungaro heels are perfect!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  30. Jeanne wrote:

    It isn’t a “reproche”( not a compliment) but do you see very much people out of school, out of sister and mom? Can you show us photos of friends?

    11.10.08 · Reply
  31. christine wrote:

    These are all really cute pictures! The food looks great too.
    Stupid question but who makes your bag?

    11.10.08 · Reply
  32. Amber wrote:

    Your bag is adorable, I love it!

    11.10.08 · Reply
  33. becca wrote:

    what kind of camera do you use? it’s pretty nice
    also i love all your outfits :)

    11.10.08 · Reply
  34. kiki wrote:

    From the first picture I could tell that was Mockingbird Station. It’s so funny to see that on a fashion blog instead of, like, the mountains of California or the streets of Stockholm.
    Have to disagree with you about the weather, though. When’s fall?! I wanna wear my sweaters. Or just socks, for goodness sake. Have a good one :)

    11.10.08 · Reply
  35. L wrote:

    I know Ive said this before but your mother seems like a wonderful parent. I love how your little sister is dressed all fashion-wise AND age-appropiate =)

    11.11.08 · Reply
  36. Jade wrote:

    Love your blog! Since we both share a passion for well made and gorgeous shoes I was wondering about your sister’s Madewell boots that she is wearing. How is the quality of the boot?

    11.11.08 · Reply
  37. Emily wrote:

    I looove your marbled jeans! I wish I could find a pair I liked as much.

    11.11.08 · Reply
  38. Becca wrote:

    all of you look amazing!

    11.11.08 · Reply
  39. The photos are beautiful. what quality

    11.12.08 · Reply
  40. Sue Chambers wrote:

    I love your Junya jacket… I just found this cool blog website come and check it out http://www.ninistyle.net..

    11.12.08 · Reply
  41. Catherine wrote:

    The weather has been extremely nice here! I haven’t been to Reikyu in ages, but the food is great. I’m also a huge fan of Blue Fish in lower greenville. :3

    11.17.08 · Reply
  42. adisty wrote:


    11.18.08 · Reply
  43. Podszewka wrote:

    Very good looking food:)
    and nice eyes’s make up
    I put Your blog into my BlogRoll
    Have a nice day

    11.18.08 · Reply
  44. Cas wrote:

    Wow!!! Ur heels are gorgeous. But i would never be able to walk in them.

    11.20.08 · Reply
  45. katie wrote:

    I vote for more blogs like this :) You’re a great photographer as well as a clothing stylist!

    11.21.08 · Reply
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