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This photo from Jak & Jil perfectly captures one of those rare moments where someone briefly enters your line of vision out of nowhere and their look is so completely beyond this world that that one image you have of them in your memory stays with you forever. 
I can only think of a couple of times this has happened to me, where I have seen someone that looks so damn cool, that I uphold them in my mind eternally as a superhuman style icon. 
Imagine how bad-ass this chick must have looked at Paris Fashion Week, amidst the Balmain divas and the Balenciaga girls….it's kind of like she showed up there in her see-through lace granny dress, old jeans, and work boots was just like, "F*ck you, fashion!" 
All that being said, does anyone know who this fleeting vision in lace actually is?

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  1. a la mode wrote:

    She looks amazing!

    12.28.08 · Reply
  2. I wish i knew…when i saw this pic i couldnt stop staring at it also….it is very striking maybe its the fact that she looks like there is nothing underneath.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  3. hmmm…looks vintage. i bet you could by a couple yards of lace and DIY it up.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  4. Alecca Rox wrote:

    have no idea who this is. she really went for it though so she’ll be my inspiration du jour! thx for sharing. xA

    12.28.08 · Reply
  5. gina wrote:

    I saw this on Jak & Jil a few weeks ago. Most of the comments were very anti. But I think that the joy of fashion and style comes from experimentation. Often, artistic expressions are only the most moving in extremes. So more power to this woman. By the way, have you heard of this magazine called “Wound”? I just discovered it. See woundmagazine.com. Very cool.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  6. a robot.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  7. Wax wrote:

    That girl is dazzling! Wow!

    12.28.08 · Reply
  8. chantelle wrote:

    That’s brilliant! haha…really out of nowhere with that outfit
    she’s quite confident. very admirable!

    12.28.08 · Reply
  9. Sara wrote:

    You’ve described her attitude perfectly!

    12.28.08 · Reply
  10. SD wrote:

    i like the outfit
    and i agree
    it’s a total fuck you to fashion
    i love how people think outside of the box
    …and w/all this publicity from this one image
    i wonder if the girl noticed..

    12.28.08 · Reply
  11. Cara wrote:

    I’ve never done this kind of promoting of my store before, but I think there may be a few things of interest to you that I’ve listed. They are only a click away…I hope you like.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  12. olya wrote:

    i think the ultimate fuck you to fashion would be showing up in some jeans and tshirt from target that everyone is wearing. she obviously put a lot of thought into that outfit, and she knew she would be noticed and photographed – after all, it’s not like she was going for a stroll, she was at fashion week… so, i think she’s more of a fashion victim than a fashion icon

    12.28.08 · Reply
  13. Sunset wrote:

    Hm looks more like a fuckyou to popularity in fashion… I mean lace is certainly in right now but she twisted it to make her own with this dress, instead of following the Balmain jacket and such girls. Really love it though, totally archiving this photo.

    12.28.08 · Reply
  14. Gloria wrote:

    I think it’s pretentious. She’s trying way to hard to say “fuck you fashion.” If she really wanted to say “fuck fashion,” she wouldn’t be at Paris Fashion Week. Period.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  15. A wrote:

    I agree with Gloria. I think it’s that snobby/I’m-better-than-all-this look that makes her look so pretentious.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  16. Eden wrote:

    uhhh she looks pretty mean! the expression on her face!
    now the guy with the hoodie and jeans in the background; THAT’s a fuck you to fashion!

    12.29.08 · Reply
  17. malina wrote:

    no one can say for sure what she was thinking while she decided what to wear, but i only wish i had the courage to wear that outfit amongst the balmain/givenchy lovers! ha!

    12.29.08 · Reply
  18. Eden wrote:

    also: i really want to know what she’s carrying now. is it a record?

    12.29.08 · Reply
  19. anon wrote:

    the guy in the hoodie and jeans is not having a “fuck you to fashion” attitude, he’s just like any other person out of the fashion realm. go to the grocery store or school where everyone wears jeans, tshirts, hoodies and you’ll see the same thing there. people like that dont consciously dress unfashionably, they just do it bc its the norm or its conformtable. the woman in the picture seems like she has more of that attitude bc she is obviously fashion-conscious, if not works in the fashion area already. you wouldn’t see a normal person wearing that, but you also wouldnt see a fashionable person wearing that ensemble. its exactly how jane explained it, the moment you see someone as eyecatching and/or mindboggling like that you have a mental picture forever. are you going to remember what kate moss or kate lanphear wore 10 years later? probably not, but you will probably recall this image. theres probably no one else who would have thought of this outfit and nonetheless had the guts to wear it out to fashion week. im not saying that this attitude makes an ensemble fashionable or anything, but she is definitely making a statement, while the guy in the hoodie and jeans at fashion week is not.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  20. Eden wrote:

    anon: oh come on, man! did you really have to write all that…for me? i’m just playin’ ’round, everybody knows that. it’s hilarious you wrote such a long response to a joke!

    12.29.08 · Reply
  21. Vilma wrote:

    she’s so cool! i thought exactly the same thing as you about her when i saw the pic at jak & jil. i love people who are brave enough to break the fashion code and make their own fashion. her attitude rules also!

    12.29.08 · Reply
  22. songy wrote:

    Sorry Jane. I can’t help you here. I’m hopeless with brands and stuff. I like your commentary though. What’s with negativity. She rocks in her own way. Wear what you want. That’s what I’ll say! :)

    12.29.08 · Reply
  23. Alannah wrote:

    I’m not trying to be mean or smart but could you maybe give us a further explanation as to why her attitude to fashion is f-you?
    Lace is in fashion, old style/granny things are in fashion, bows are in fashion, and so are boots such as the one’s she’s wearing.
    I’m just confused/curious, and I am probably just missing something obvious that proves your statement right.
    p.s love your blog, and I do like her look even if it might not be a f-you to fashion

    12.29.08 · Reply
  24. Norelle wrote:

    This one really rocks!
    i think the way she wore says more like a fuck-you-cause-i-love-you than a fuck-you-cause-i-hate-you.she’s definitely one of those people who wear with strong attitudes,and i really admire that.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  25. ang wrote:

    Hmmmm. I think one of the reasons that this outfit resonates so much with people (both positively and negatively) is because even though it combines some of the trendiest items in style today (lace, distressed denim, flat boots), it’s put together in a more unique and haphazard way than most of the understated, expensive, and impeccably styled outfits seen at something like Paris Fashion Week. Jeans are not the norm at a high fashion show (therein lies the f-you), yet she elevates them with the strange lace duster and comes off looking more like a grunged-up Tim Burton character than a front row attendee! Even though she probably put a lot of thought into her outfit, it gives off that effortless, couldn’t-care-less vibe.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  26. addison wrote:

    her style is amazing. have you seen any other photos of her?

    12.29.08 · Reply
  27. Lesley wrote:

    Agree with Norelle – distressed jeans and vintage-esque lace are on of the few trends throwing about in fashion world; this girl here manipulated in a assortment of ways and created that ‘edge’ and memorable look to come I think. Personally, I love it.
    If by any chance, hope to see more of her .. whoever she is.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  28. Lesley wrote:

    Meant to say ang x:

    12.29.08 · Reply
  29. Miss Beth wrote:

    Wow, some haters here today!
    I personally like her, because she likes her! I just finished reading “Eccentric Glamour” by Simon Doonan, + it has really encouraged me to love people that think they are fabulous. So what if somebody else thinks it’s crap? She loves it!
    I don’t really know if she’s saying f-you, but she seems like a groovy chica anyway. And I think fuck fashion, give me style! That’s what’s good.
    Oh, and I agree with whoever it was that said the thing about the guy in a sweatshirt- he’s not saying f-you, those people don’t know how to make a style choice! Or maybe it’s just that they’ve never been given the option to. idk- it’s not my life.

    12.29.08 · Reply
  30. Wow, I think what I love most is her nonchellant expression! I hate using the word ‘cool’, but… she actually is. haha

    12.29.08 · Reply
  31. Robbie wrote:

    I love the understated androgyny of her look! Honestly, in a few seasons Rei will be sending Cole down the runway in this ensemble…

    12.30.08 · Reply
  32. Catherine wrote:

    it’s not an outfit i’d buy or wear, but god does she look good in it. the best part is the guy’s face in the background, i bet we’ve all gotten looks like that while out traipsing around in something cra… avant garde.
    happy new year!

    12.30.08 · Reply
  33. mayk wrote:

    and I LOVE that she has a blackberry bold. fuck you touchscreens.

    12.31.08 · Reply
  34. Natalya wrote:

    Why does ‘fuck you fashion’ have to mean not giving six shits about what you wear? As the quote on on Rumi’s blog says ‘there’s no such thing as subconscious dressing’ – therefore, using that logic true ‘fuck you fashion’ style would mean going naked. Besides, what else are you supposed to look like when you’re walking about in such an outfit? You HAVE to look confident – pretentious and arrogant, even – because otherwise, you won’t be able to pull it off. She has got a ‘fuck you fashion’ feel about her because she doesn’t look like a typical fashionista. She’s not wearing high heels or any obvious labels. She put thought into this outfit but not ‘oh I will look so Luella SS08 in this’ type of thought, which is what seperates her.

    1.1.09 · Reply
  35. emilie wrote:

    this is certainly a daring thing of her. she looks very confident and just content and happy in what she’s wearing which is so great to see. she wears this look very well and i don’t think it looks like she put much effort into it at all; effortless (or effortless looking at least) outfits are so much easier to spot /// to love for their ease, even if it’s more complex like this woman’s. sadly i do not know who this is, but i’m happy you recognized her for what she’s wearing and for her beauty. she really is a wonder.
    good job

    1.2.09 · Reply
  36. Diana in San Francisco wrote:

    Now THIS IS FASHION, real fashion. No need for the labels although they are fun. A mix of this and that to create such an incredibly wonderful look. She is awesome, simply awesome. Offer a reward to find out who she is – or a contest and give the winner a beautiful vintage scarf or something cool.
    Fun blog – keep up the great work.
    Diana in San Francisco

    1.7.09 · Reply