Trying on my new Rugby Ralph Lauren jacket


So I spent this gloomy Sunday playing around in a set that my mom and I constructed out of odds and ends from our garage. Yeah kinda nerdy but whatever…Thank you so much mom for being my patient photographer in this little photo session, mom.
Our set kind of has the feel of an explorer's tent…LOL. Like a Walmart photo studio but with an explorer backdrop.
Yesterday I was in Rugby Ralph Lauren and happened to spy the most amazing red military jacket on their sales rack-what a score! It's incredibly well made and *so cool*
Definitely one of those pieces thats easy to throw on with anything…see some of what I came up with for it…
Worn with skirt from Anthropologie, Rugby Ralph Lauren hat, Margiela cut out boots, lots of bangles 
These pants were part of an Oscar de la Renta suit found at a thrift store-a lucky find. Worn with Rugby Ralph Lauren hat and Dries van Noten sandals.
Worn with Hysteric Glamour jeans (borrowed from mom), Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots, and a Zara top.
Worn with an old Banana Republic dress and a Christopher Ross antelope belt stolen from my mom's belt collection.
Shelley and Staci were big fans of the set up, as you can probably tell…
I had to keep shooing them away the whole time I was taking these…hahaha.
My sister was so kind as to take a turn at modeling it-thank you Carol!
Yesterday when my mom and I were at Rugby Ralph Lauren we saw this dress and immediately thought of Carol-doesn't she look so cute in it? Worn with Made Well boots and tartan knee highs.
I can tell that I am really really going to enjoy this jacket! 

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  1. Elle wrote:


    2.8.09 · Reply
  2. You look so fab in red. It’s definitely your color. I adore the hat! Have something similar. =]

    2.8.09 · Reply
  3. Joanna wrote:

    Arrghhh! I NEED a jacket just like this! I’ve been searching and searching on ebay and in thrift stores but alas, nothing is quite right. What a lucky find!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  4. Brigadeiro wrote:

    What a gorgeous gorgeous jacket! Congrats on your find! Love all the outfits, and the one with the DVN beaded/sequinned sandals is my fave, as those shoes just makes my heart skip a beat (still haven’t given up hope on finding them). Carol looks gorge in the jacket too! Love it with the stripey jacket and flat boots!
    Cool set btw!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  5. Bambola wrote:

    Love the look of it with the Banana Republic dress… perfect combo of structure & flow.
    Looks fantastic with the Oscar de la Renta suit pants!
    Bambola x

    2.8.09 · Reply
  6. Alice wrote:

    AH, I love the outfit with the jeans and the Ann Demeulemeester boots!! That’s awesome!
    I’m looking for a red blazer too. But a vintage band-style.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  7. cute. sooo cute.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  8. Jaimee wrote:

    Oh wow..lucky find indeed!!
    I love when something like that happens :0)
    Every way you styled the jacket is pretty much amazing.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  9. Look really top!
    I am a fan of your blog, congratulations!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  10. zoe wrote:

    great jacket!!
    love all of the outfits!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  11. I really really really love those boots! I DIE!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  12. Zad wrote:

    your best outfits EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  13. Steffi L wrote:

    What a lovely little red jacket! Just goes to show that one doesn’t need a million jackets to make unique outfits :)
    Plus I am always amazed at your thrift store finds, you really have an eye for gems like those pants!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  14. ainsley wrote:

    that jacket is bitchingly cool!
    and your hair looks way cute in a braid.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  15. MK wrote:

    MY favorite is the outifit w/ the Hysteric Glamour jeans, Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots, and a Zara top.
    suuppeerr cute; quoting Rachel Zoe, “that’s bananas!”

    2.8.09 · Reply
  16. Dana wrote:

    OH! I saw that at Rugby when I went to the Stanford mall.
    I fell in love with it too, as well as with a black satin skirt.
    I always think that people in England always dress up in Rugby for some reason… HaHa!
    Love It!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  17. Emily Rose wrote:

    haha the set is great! I love those blankets folded up on the ground. perhaps those need to be permanently taken out of the garage? :)

    2.8.09 · Reply
  18. DJ wrote:

    I love military coats. My main winter coat is a knee-length grey Kenneth Cole Reaction wool that I get tons of compliments on. There’s nothing quite like the structure of a jacket to pull together an outfit. I’m loving yours with the BR dress- the jacket keeps it from being too precious.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  19. you have such a beautiful family, mum, sister, and puppies too! love this jacket, it could pull together any outfit i think! xx

    2.8.09 · Reply
  20. Fitz wrote:

    My series of reactions as I scroll down…
    “What a cute little set!”
    “What a cute little jacket!”
    “What cute high waisted slacks!”
    Love all your ensembles!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  21. you look phenomenal in all of them but the first and third looks are my favorites. the amazing boots you’re wearing have more than a little to do with that. the jacket looks great with a belt over it in the last look. basically, i love it all!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  22. Isabel wrote:

    really love your jacket too – on every one of those outfits! And your Margiela boots are AMAZING!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  23. very beautiful jacket!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  24. Wow, you look amazing! ö
    Love the outfits.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  25. tina wrote:

    I super love the jacket!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  26. blair wrote:

    i love the oscar de la renta combo! it’s so casual and fun but at once sophisticated and military. almost like ralph lauren and alexander mcqueen’s colorful love-child. definitely beyond cute.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  27. Lauren wrote:

    all the outfits are fab but I think the one with Oscar de la Renta pants and Dries heels is my fave!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  28. Lauren wrote:

    I love all the outfits but I have to say the one with Oscar de la Renta pants and Dries heels is my fave!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  29. The jacket is practically made for you!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  30. Parisgirl2013 wrote:

    Lovely. Love all of the outfits. :]

    2.8.09 · Reply
  31. Rebecca wrote:

    No WAY the sale rack?
    I want that jacket!!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  32. melissa wrote:

    this is adorable!!
    your ability to mix and style is always amazing.
    color me impressed.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  33. Ashton wrote:

    love the first and third looks!
    your sister is so cute!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  34. Winnie wrote:

    That jacket is fab!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  35. wow you both look great in it;) it’s an awesome jacket. I would wear it unbuttoned!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  36. Casey wrote:

    That jacket is fantastic. Rugby is the best!
    I adore your blog, and your mom’s too, but I’m anxiously waiting for Carol to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Any chance that might be in the works?

    2.8.09 · Reply
  37. dani wrote:

    wow it really does go with a lot.. i like all of the looks!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  38. ashley wrote:

    little french drummer girl. or with the oscar de la renta pants – little french revolution girl!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  39. Jane !
    It was nice seeing you and your mom on Saturday. You look beautiful as usual. I love the red Ralph Lauren jacket paired with Oscar de la Renta blue satin pant.
    Happy Sunday,
    Nini Nguyen

    2.8.09 · Reply
  40. Jane !
    It was nice seeing you and your mom on Saturday. You look beautiful as usual. I love the red Ralph Lauren jacket paired with Oscar de la Renta blue satin pant.
    Happy Sunday,
    Nini Nguyen

    2.8.09 · Reply
  41. This reminds me of Chanel’s Moscou collection. :D

    2.8.09 · Reply
  42. I love the jacket. There’s something about it that reminds me of a circus ringmaster. The backdrop of the photographs, on the other hand, is also to die for. It’s so regal and rich. Can somebody say Louis the XIII? J’adore!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  43. Sara wrote:

    I think the ensembles with the Givenchy wedges & the Demeulemeester boots are the best! I also love the 2nd one!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  44. Eva wrote:

    H&M has a similar style of the jacket in beige and black right now, it’s featured in their Spring 2009 catalog. I’ve been debating on buying on and I think I might stop by tomorrow to pick it up. Cute outfits!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  45. tanya wrote:

    wow, only you could rock the jacket in so many different looks–and each time, it’s totally different! just GORGEOUS!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  46. Jill wrote:

    It’s hardly Walmart…you look fabulous. Love the photo with you sitting in the chair and that wonderful piece of art behind you! You’ve styled the jacket beautifully in so many ways.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  47. natalie wrote:

    i must say i absolutely adore your Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots! the jacket is really nice too… looks well with anything you mix with it. you have impeccably classy style. and and and lastly but not least, that anthropologie skirt is one of your wardrobe pieces i really must steal. ;)

    2.8.09 · Reply
  48. lauren wrote:

    Cute puppies!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  49. The jacket reminds me of my days in full highland dress at boarding school.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  50. Pati wrote:

    I LOVE outfit no. 3 and 4
    the jacket is absolutely great! i love the red color!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  51. Lauren wrote:

    i’ve never looked much at the rugby line..but now I might have to take a look..i love the st. peppers inspiration mixed with grunge glam you have going on here.. great blog jane!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  52. Amee wrote:

    My boyfriend loves Rugby! The people at the Highland Park Village store are exceptionally nice. I missed out on an amazing pair of jodhpurs one time. Too bad we don’t have one in Houston. Your jacket is amazing..I can’t stop staring at all of the buttons!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  53. i like the second and 4th look a lot. and oh, your sister is soo pretty!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  54. DUSKIN wrote:

    you are TOO much!
    i love it all. but the most coveted piece?
    the oscar pants.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  55. I love the second look with the blue oscar trousers and hat. I have to say I dismissed Ralph Lauren as being way too preppy but this jacket is pretty fantastic.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  56. jo wrote:

    jane! gorgeous jacket. love the first outfit a lot, the rest are great too. would love to see you in your school uni :D

    2.8.09 · Reply
  57. Ivy wrote:

    I’m watching the Grammy Awards right now, and I’ve just realized who you remind me of! You look somewhat like LeAnn Rimes, but with much larger eyes :) If anything, it’s a compliment because LeAnn’s pretty!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  58. Diane wrote:

    WOW!!!! A 5 STARS Aldridge editorial for sure.the jacket is beautiful *droooolll* LOVE ALL THE LOOKS JANE! you and your mum did a fantastic job i really like the picture of you and your dog where you could see the details of the jacket closely,the belt matches it really well too :) don’t you just love the colour of the classic military jacket? Have you tried these looks outside yet?! Keep it up, you ROCK!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  59. Tracy wrote:

    that jacket looks great on you! i can see what you mean about it being so versatile, looks great in so many combinations!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  60. The Minx wrote:

    You and your sister are adorable! I love the third look, the shirt looks so romantic, and your hair is amazing!!

    2.8.09 · Reply
  61. Robin wrote:

    oh my gosh i am jealosu of ur clothes and wish i could pull off or afford what you wear….all i can say is wow u and ur sister are gorgeous!!!! love the maggelan boots

    2.8.09 · Reply
  62. Rose wrote:

    Nice outfits!!!
    Is ur lil sis going to start a blog as well?

    2.8.09 · Reply
  63. i love the jacket! sooo cute :o)

    2.8.09 · Reply
  64. jburgess wrote:

    Jane, Nice job! The jacket looks amazing and you make it look effortlessly diverse. It was made for you. Glad you stopped by and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

    2.8.09 · Reply
  65. Mandi wrote:

    I love you in the banana republic dress with the jacket – which is gorgeous!
    And Carol looks adorable!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  66. Melissa wrote:

    that rugby jacket is soo awesome. i’m going to go there tomorrow and see if they have it!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  67. amy wrote:

    I love the jacket with your de la Renta pants. Gorgeous!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  68. OMG!
    i can only imagine how is it in your house.
    CAN YOU ADOPT ME? please!!!!! hihi.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  69. marina wrote:

    Great jacket!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  70. Eper wrote:

    My fave outfit is the one with the Hysterics jeans! And I love Carol’s take on it as well :)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  71. cattirun wrote:

    that jacket is amazing…. i love its silhouette
    and those margiela boots, at first i was skeptic, then when you made the first post about them i though they were ok and now i think they are amazing; they look so great
    I love the set and it’s refreshing to seeing the photos in new sets, so bravo
    btw i love your blog and your style

    2.9.09 · Reply
  72. sune wrote:

    that is perfection in a jacket! it really was a lucky find :)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  73. Elsa wrote:

    I like the outfit with the Oscar de la Renta suit trousers best, but I think it’d look better without the hat. I know then it would be boring by your standards but I think soemtimes it’s best to resist the pressure to accessorise.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  74. Ria wrote:

    That’s an amazing jacket and those lace up boots just look boss.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  75. Karin wrote:

    Haha, I’m almost embarassed by how well you dress – in the morning when you put on your faboulus clothes, all I can bare to take on is a booring pair of jeans and a sweater..
    Anyway, can you show some pictures of those wonderfoul vintage belts with gild animals? I can remember seeing some pictures of a mouse-belt or something a while ago, but I’d really like to see all of them!
    (Please excuse my poor english, I’m swedish actually. I tried my best though!)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  76. Sabrina wrote:

    This jacket, in red color, is absolutly fabulous!!
    Where can i buy this?!
    A french fan <3 XD

    2.9.09 · Reply
  77. CAROLINE. wrote:

    Something about the ruffly sleeves of your Zara top sticking out has this quaint aristocratic touch. Nice.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  78. misha wrote:

    The oscar de la Renta pants are so hot&in this season. Congrats for the blog ;)
    misha, Romania, Europe :)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  79. Silje wrote:

    These pictures look absolutely beautiful!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  80. Anika wrote:

    Ooooh, love the red jacket. Red’s one of my favourite colours, and I have been ransacking all sorts of shops trying to find a band/military inspired blazer or jacket!
    Love it….and love all the photos too :)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  81. showing off your all-time best shoe collection ever?
    in love with the jacket!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  82. Dusty wrote:

    what a versatile piece! the first look is my favorite- straight out of a ralph lauren ad!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  83. OMG the shoes in this post are beyond amazing, all my favourites of yours! Those Dries sandals have to be the best for me though…!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  84. Milly wrote:

    all of the outfits are lovely

    2.9.09 · Reply
  85. Anita wrote:

    Hello from Spain!!
    I love your outfits!!
    This jacket is… fab!!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  86. Stephanie wrote:

    Please check out my blog.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  87. Natacha wrote:

    Your sister is so pretty!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  88. FRED EGAN wrote:

    Nice find :) Unfortunately the associates there know me by name now but Ralph Lauren is so top drawer…can’t help myself.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  89. aw your clothes in this post totally adorable

    2.9.09 · Reply
  90. vera wrote:

    i always love how you put things together.
    but i must say, your mother also looks gorgeous in your posts.
    didn’t you post some time ago that she started a blog
    (and if not, please persuade her to do so) ?
    anyway, i can’t find it anymore, could you maybe post it next time she has an ‘appreance’ in your blog ?

    2.9.09 · Reply
  91. Sunset wrote:

    That jacket is SO perfect! I love the hat along with it too, it totally works in a nontacky way.
    Your sister is a cutie!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  92. Monique wrote:

    the third outfit is my favorite. indeed, a very awesome jacket!!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  93. ooh i love it, the colour is amazing and looks great with navy clothes!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  94. not a nice comment, i know, but hey, people are dying wrote:

    children are starving in ghana

    2.9.09 · Reply
  95. Jei wrote:

    This post is lovely! <3

    2.9.09 · Reply
  96. I’ve been looking for the perfect red military jacket for ages! and you found it, haha. It looks cute on your sister tooo!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  97. Krissie wrote:

    This jacket is gourgeous– & the third outfit is my favorite. <3

    2.9.09 · Reply
  98. Sarah wrote:

    I LOVE the jacket! Especially with the yellow anthropology skirt (my favorite store), the whole outfit just pops!!!!! And the boots gave the outfit extra pazzaz

    2.9.09 · Reply
  99. I LOVE IT JANE!!!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  100. i read this this morning, but i didnt have time to comment, so many phenomenal visuals! and i had to get ready for work!
    i like the set you’ve created! you and your mother have such a knack for mixing and matching so many different elements but yet keeping it all cohesive and harmonious.
    that jacket is very cool! im surprised that there isnt a rugby store where i live! despite having at least 3 RLC stores in my county.
    i love your hair in the loose braid.
    i really the the ensemble with the OdlR pants. But then the sheer blouse top and the Ann D boots, completly blew me away!!! Absolutely phenomenal!!
    I have to say your blog really puts a smile on my face! take care!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  101. deltay wrote:

    Aww, that’s an awesome jacket! It’s very versatile :)

    2.9.09 · Reply
  102. Jenny wrote:

    Wow! I really like how you pair the jacket with a few different outfits to give it a different look! I’m a big fan of Ralph Lauren.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  103. Rachael wrote:

    Your shoes are freaking amazing. and your style is obviously impeccable, but you know that already. i admire you for this blog, its amazing how someone can make a name for themselves on the internet. i saw you in teen vogue, thats how i got here. anyways, props on, well, being famous for be fashionable and i know i will see you in the fashion world in the future :D

    2.9.09 · Reply
  104. Z wrote:

    I adore the first combo! Amazing find.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  105. Sarah wrote:

    Your Exploration tent it the coolest!
    And that jacket is to die for. Sort of like Marc Jacob’s one from a couple years back. Love it!

    2.9.09 · Reply
  106. thiis i loveeeee jane.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  107. marie wrote:

    i love love love your jacket! i’ve been looking for one, but no such luck. and they look killer with your new FAB boots.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  108. Kimberley wrote:

    I love these pictures. The jacket is awesome and goes so well with your coloring.

    2.9.09 · Reply
  109. chantelle wrote:


    2.9.09 · Reply
  110. gennie wrote:

    i love the jacket on you! i tried it on a few months ago when it first came out but it didn’t look that great on me. I especially love it paired with the ann d. boots and the zara top. can’t wait to see your next post :)
    xo, http://maisondesreveries.blogspot.com/

    2.9.09 · Reply
  111. Daniella wrote:

    What a great find. It works so well with so many different outfits. My fav is those Oscar trousers.
    Just came across your blog for the first time today, and I love it!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  112. joyce wrote:

    carol is a pretty pretty girl :))

    2.10.09 · Reply
  113. Tiffany wrote:

    I’m in love with that jacket!!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  114. i love that Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots!!!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  115. yc wrote:

    ur mom and u are so cute ! i would greatly wish my mom and i would play dress up together as well !

    2.10.09 · Reply
  116. Lovely jacket! Love the RED and GOLD combi!
    Your margiela boots are fabulous!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  117. ycm wrote:

    wow, you can do anything with a jacket like that! great find!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  118. Alicia wrote:

    really cute!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  119. Marjorie wrote:

    Comme on dit en français:
    JANE tu “DECHIRE TOUT”!!!!!!!!
    Big kiss

    2.10.09 · Reply
  120. AK wrote:

    amazing amazing amazing jacket! I absolutely am in LOVE with it ;)
    thanks for sharing it with us!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  121. erna wrote:

    AMAZING!! You are my nr. 1 style icon jane =)

    2.10.09 · Reply
  122. Mac wrote:

    I’m loving that new jacket. Red is definitely your color. And those Margiela boots are absolutely stunning!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  123. lisa wrote:

    how rich are you guys?!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  124. Nil wrote:

    Amazing jacket the 1st and the 3rd ones’ styling are great!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  125. cindy wrote:

    Wow I wish I had those odds and ends laying around in MY garage! cute pics, btw.

    2.10.09 · Reply
  126. Kaja wrote:

    I’ve been watching your blog for a couple of weeks and I have to say, I LOVE the way you dress! Actually I think I might try wearing high heels, all because of you…

    2.10.09 · Reply
  127. Patricia wrote:

    Amazing outfit, very parallel to a Ralph Lauren advertising campaign :)

    2.10.09 · Reply
  128. jem wrote:

    i love the jacket! i could see you wearing it with a pair of jeans, white tee shirt, boots, and some crazy jewelry too. but then again whatever you deside to wear looks amazing! my fave look is the last outfit…. i just want it all!!!! anyways, i hope you will check out my blog which i share with my friend, we would love to have such a stylish reader such as you! thanks! http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/

    2.10.09 · Reply
  129. Eliana Alcouloumre wrote:

    such cute outfits! the jackets is just FAB!
    and your sister is so pretty! she should model your clothes more often!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  130. D wrote:

    God. that third is amazing.
    Juuuust posted it, hope you’re cool with that – I couldn’t resist.
    you are one lucky gal

    2.10.09 · Reply
  131. Love it! My favs. are outfit 01 and 03. The jacket plays such a feature role…

    2.10.09 · Reply
  132. Anita Chow wrote:

    this looks straight out of a ralph lauren ad…
    and omg the boots are SO CUTE!!!

    2.10.09 · Reply
  133. ari wrote:

    i really like the third outfit! (the one with the ruffly shirt)

    2.10.09 · Reply
  134. dee n_n wrote:

    OMG! u r soo stylish..luv the jacket with the oscar de la renta pants btw..the dress ur sis wore is cute too. : ]

    2.10.09 · Reply
  135. Cara wrote:

    i think the jacket is soooo cute
    i want one

    2.10.09 · Reply
  136. Demi wrote:

    LOVE all of these outfits! amazingg

    2.11.09 · Reply
  137. Christing wrote:

    love it with the lace up boots! your makeshift set is sooo cute!!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  138. Gabby wrote:

    Best Mil. Jacket ever! I always browse through rugby.com but never got a chance to see it. lol And! The ensemble.. Completely pristine! Esp. when you paired it with that De La Renta & Rugby RL Beret. Lush! :) xx

    2.11.09 · Reply
  139. Stephen wrote:

    You make that jacket look amazing!

    2.11.09 · Reply
  140. Oh the gorgeousness of this jacket is incredible! Just magnificant!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  141. Inma wrote:

    Eres una puta mazaroca, las botas te sientan fatal, toma el sol un poco anda…., que pareces un fantasma.

    2.12.09 · Reply
  142. Lisa wrote:

    I adore that jacket. Color me jealous!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  143. Lisa wrote:

    I adore that jacket. Color me jealous!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  144. I love that jacket! I’ve been on the lookout for a marching band/military/Sgt. Pepper’s style jacket. I’m crossing my fingers for a lucky vintage find!

    2.12.09 · Reply
  145. fernande wrote:

    Love this jacket!!so cute!!!!
    Id like to come shopping in USA but not expinsive brand clothes names….. i’d like to go to flea markets beacuse i think that there are more thinks in them than in France!!
    Is your mother a designer??

    2.12.09 · Reply
  146. Fannah wrote:

    It’s beautiful! I love the color a lot and it really suits you :)

    2.13.09 · Reply
  147. emma wrote:

    Just wondering, where did your sis get her boots? They are super simple, but SUPER cute and exactly what I have been looking for for quite some time!
    Great post, as always!

    2.15.09 · Reply
  148. Eve wrote:

    Hahah! I love the jacket, althought I don’t really like your style, you could be a model I think. :)

    2.16.09 · Reply
  149. Bertrand wrote:

    Hey I found your blog coz you’re the number 1 fashion blogger according to Teen Vogue march issue (by the way luv the photo in the mag). You have such a great style, I love it and this session in Ralph Lauren is esquisit! Well done Jane.

    2.17.09 · Reply
  150. evita wrote:

    that jacket! is super cool! adorable! classic! love your style so much!!! :)

    2.17.09 · Reply
  151. evita wrote:

    that jacket! is super cool! adorable! classic! love your style so much!!! :)

    2.17.09 · Reply
  152. Suzanne wrote:

    Your shoes are great! And that jacket is awesome!

    2.17.09 · Reply
  153. audrey wrote:

    lovely jacket!

    2.17.09 · Reply
  154. I love the look with the Ann Demeulemeester boots, you look great.
    The boots are amazing love it =)

    2.18.09 · Reply
  155. kristin wrote:

    LOVE the new jacket and boots so much! I think that I would sleep in the boots…!

    2.18.09 · Reply
  156. Angel wrote:

    I saw your blog link in TeenVouge!
    Love the Hysteric Glamour jeans, completely glam!

    2.19.09 · Reply
  157. aaaaaah !!! your Margiela boots are SO !!!AAAARH

    2.19.09 · Reply
  158. mica wrote:

    Hi! just loved your jacket, and the thing about the hats was great… I have a lot, just love them. well, I was just passing by to say that you inspired me to create a blog of muy own! cause I love fashion but in my town they think you’re crazy if they see you well and fashionably dressed! It would be great if you passed bye! http://www.neonglamm.blogspot.com

    2.20.09 · Reply
  159. Diana wrote:

    You have such great sense of style i saw you at teenvogue and i decided to check your blog!
    You are so brilliant!

    2.21.09 · Reply
  160. Kimberly wrote:

    that jacket is INSANE. OMG. I love it so much. and it looks great with everything!

    2.22.09 · Reply
  161. maggie wrote:

    OMGEEE!! i love ur website! i just made 1 litterally 3 hours ago and i am in serious need of tips! it would e awesome if u cd email me and give me tips!

    2.22.09 · Reply
  162. maggie wrote:

    omg! that jacket is very much loved by moi!

    2.23.09 · Reply
  163. Aleksandra wrote:

    the jacket is great!
    the pants on the four and five picture are gorgeous!

    2.26.09 · Reply
  164. Stephanie ROse wrote:

    I LOVE the jacket. I have the olive silk Fei skirt from Anthropologie:)

    2.26.09 · Reply
  165. Saraa wrote:

    I LOVE the jacket!!! I would probably use more like the 3rd outfit but all of them are really cute =) oh and the Ann Demeulemeester laceup boots are sooo fab! God, i envy you =P
    If you have time go to http://chewinggumwithfashion.blogspot.com/
    * * * * *

    3.1.09 · Reply
  166. samantha wrote:

    omg. that jacket look amazzzzing on you!!

    3.4.09 · Reply
  167. Monica wrote:

    Omg, you are so gorgeous. I love ALL your clothes. This website is awesome, too! I love how all your stuff sort of remind me of Victorian-stuff/rock && punk. It’s amazing!

    3.4.09 · Reply
  168. karen wrote:

    i love the picture of you sitting with your puppy – looks like one of those 18th century portraits of british ladies

    4.12.09 · Reply
  169. styELLE wrote:

    I consider myself Rugby’s greatest fan, and I absolutely love how you put your Rugby looks together! My favorite by far is your first look with the Anthropologie skirt and tartan Rugby beret and I also adore that military jacket with the black tulle Banana dress! Nice work with your Rugby pieces!

    6.8.09 · Reply
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  172. Juvy wrote:

    you’re such a beautiful young lady-love your style!

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