Cute little thrifted jacket w/ new silk boxing shorts

This little 80's jacket my mom picked up at Salvation Army on Tuesday is killer. I'm so into it! Sadly it is not mine for keeps. Expect to see this cutie on the vintage site soon.
I love wearing these little bandage tube tops in the summer-I got mine at Mango last year.
I had fun playing with it though.
These glasses were purchased at Buffalo Exchange in Austin for eight dollars. Kinda goofy but a little bit good too I think. Speaking of goofy, aren't I great at doing my hair? Oh geez…
Givenchy wedges…oops is that a blister I see? Ouch. Whatever.
Whoever gets this jacket is a lucky lady. It'll be up next week I think. I'm not in charge of that stuff so I don't know for sure.
The silk boxing shorts are Dries van Noten-purchased at By George in Austin. I'm in love with them! I'm thinking they will be perfect for Tokyo this summer-they're light and airy and perfect for humid weather.
My mom used to sell to By George back when she had her line. I'm going back to By George soon and can't wait to do a post on their amazing store.
*I realize I am way, way behind on my email-hopefully I'll get back to them soon. Things are so crazy with the school and the blog. Seems like they are constantly at odds. Gotta budget my time carefully. I have so much homework due next week not to mention a scary, scary test. (DP Biology…shudder…anyone who's ever taken a higher level IB Biology course knows what I mean)
xo Jane

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  1. that jacket is STUNNING!!
    I love the whole outfit sooo much

    3.26.09 · Reply
  2. Natalie wrote:

    I like your hair! It goes with with the outfit! I love your jacket but I in deep love with the silk shorts! Aah.
    You’re so inspiring Jane :)
    x Natalie

    3.26.09 · Reply
  3. Kathryn wrote:

    I’m loving everything except the color of the bandage top with the rest of it. I’m not really feeling the red with the colors in the jacket. Just my two cents, but I’d probably have gone with black, or a color that contrasted with the pink of the jacket.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  4. Ally wrote:

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours. Very cool.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  5. styledrop wrote:

    Cool shades. And the jacket is great too. Sorry you can’t keep it!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  6. ashley wrote:

    very nagel-esque, no?
    and Dries just keeps getting better.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  7. chelsea wrote:

    The jacket is so great. I also love your lipstick in these photos, it’s a super-flattering color on you!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  8. anna wrote:

    Yeah! IB! Rock on! This is my first comment despite lurking for ages, but just wanted to say I love your blog and that jacket is amazing.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  9. Sally wrote:

    wow, i love this outfit. and it’s thrifted too! so original with a vintage flair.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  10. Cute short Jane!!!!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  11. madeline wrote:

    I was just at those stores in Austin. I thought the buffalo had some great stuff. being from chicago, it had the perfect amount of texas vintage to bring home as a souvenir instead of typical souvenir things.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  12. stephanie wrote:

    Sharp, edgy jacket…Love it!
    I used to teach DP Art at an international IB school. As you know, it’s very challenging, but such a good program. I feel for you. Good luck w/ the test!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  13. najeema wrote:

    I really love that jacket! If I wasn’t budgeting, I’d be anxiously waiting for it to show up for sale. And I think the glasses rock. You should keep them because such few people could pull them off.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  14. Stephanie wrote:

    I love everything about this outfit…but those shorts are perfection.
    Looking lovely as usual.

    3.26.09 · Reply
  15. Angie wrote:

    IB Biology *gags* i know EXACTLY what you mean – imagine I’m doing Biology AND Chemistry
    But anyway, the jacket is undescribable very retro futuristic *thumbs up*

    3.26.09 · Reply
  16. sd wrote:

    oh shoot you know IB!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow i feel less alone in the stress
    I took it this year (junior) and it’s seriously the most nerve wrecking class in the world
    i go to school sick as hell just b/c i know if i miss a day ima be screwed for the whole grading period
    i’m so glad i’m dropping it next year
    everything else i’m keeping (uh..except math, moving from HL to SL…i’m not a math person :/ )
    and i want those glasses!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  17. Mataya wrote:

    HL Bio?! you’re crazy girl! I’m doing SL Chem lol
    HL English, Spanish & History. piece of cake =]

    3.26.09 · Reply
  18. Mataya wrote:

    & I am now motivated to go to salvation army this weekend lol
    that jacket is killer!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  19. Julia wrote:

    what a great find!! Im a major thrifter and I am jealous :)

    3.26.09 · Reply
  20. Bridget wrote:

    Good luck on your biology exam – I wasn’t in the IB program during high school, but I now do lab work as a graduate student in biology (well, bioengineering, but close enough!) …all day every day. I love it, but it makes my clothing quite on the boring side. Ah well. I live for days off that are far and few between…
    Also – my best trick for blisters is using liquid bandage before even putting my shoes on! Works wonders :)

    3.26.09 · Reply
  21. autumn wrote:

    It goes without saying that you always look amazing and absolutely stunning.
    I love your lipstick! What is the shade/brand?

    3.26.09 · Reply
  22. Carolyn wrote:

    yuck – i remember IB! i was an IB diploma graduate way back in the day ;-) good luck!
    love that jacket with the new silk shorts! by george is FABULOUS and i’m so glad you got to visit Buffalo Exchange too!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  23. Shannon wrote:

    I freakin’ love this outfit! The picture with you in front of the window is amazingly awesome!!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  24. love the jacket and your bag!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  25. great outfit. i am seriously in love with the jacket by the way!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  26. Great outfit! espesially the shoes:)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  27. Leia wrote:

    You look great! I kind of like your messy chic bun, actually. Oh, and sorry about the blister :( I always get them when I wear lovely shoes!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  28. Ziling wrote:

    Good luck for your test! Your jacket is sickkkkk!! x

    3.27.09 · Reply
  29. IB :| i just got mine over with so glad its outta my life! good luck with bio jane!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  30. Annie wrote:


    3.27.09 · Reply
  31. quelle wrote:

    oh that jacket really is amazing!! it’s a shame you aren’t keeping it for yourself.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  32. lunarzie wrote:

    love love the jacket. beautiful color ever!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  33. Le Cocon wrote:

    the shorts, the shoes… I DIE

    3.27.09 · Reply
  34. robynne wrote:

    Wow! It works perfectly with the bright lips and gaga shades! I love this look. What an amazing find for the Sally An!
    Love it.
    -Fashion on Edge

    3.27.09 · Reply
  35. Hui wrote:

    Grey and pink! A delicious combination. And with the sharp lines and smart lapels, that really is an awesome jacket.
    Congrats to whoever gets their hands on it!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  36. brigadeiro wrote:

    OMG, those shoes are just 2D4! Was so upset when I thought I bought the Dries Van Noten multicoloured (blue) sandals from By George online, only to be told several days after I ‘purchased’ them that they sold out :( They stock awesome stuff though! Would love to see the store IRL!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  37. Frida wrote:

    That jacket is just amazing and I do love the glasses!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  38. mandi wrote:

    that jacket is killer. I would definitely be keeping!! there’s going to be mad rush for them when they go on the store!
    and those shorts… so good!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  39. Macy wrote:

    that’s a brilliantly put together outfit. Love it.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  40. hello dear jane.
    i think that is the cutest little jacket ever! its perfect with anything and adds so much pizzaz to any outfit. its great!
    cheers babe
    andrea xooxxx
    Life In Technicolor.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  41. Laura wrote:

    I love the jacket! Might have to keep an eye out for that.
    And the shoes as always!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  42. aysha wrote:


    3.27.09 · Reply
  43. Check It wrote:

    can you say

    3.27.09 · Reply
  44. Hannah wrote:

    You should keep it, it looks lovely on you!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  45. keren wrote:

    And what a cute jacket it is !

    3.27.09 · Reply
  46. Danielle wrote:

    That jacket is super cute!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  47. cassiopeia wrote:

    :-D Loving the jacket… And good luck with the coursework. Several friends of mine did IB Higher Biology, so I know what you’re going through, at least vicariously… Good luck!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  48. Georgie wrote:

    Those shorts are fantastic, I need to find myself a pair of those.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  49. Aw you should keep the jacket! it looks so cute on you!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  50. Loving the jacket jane!
    and the Givenchy’s are sweeeeet.
    get well, with the blister:))

    3.27.09 · Reply
  51. wow!
    it’s another outfit blast, jane!
    i love that jacket!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  52. Alana wrote:

    Nice jacket! I envy your warm weather. I took Higher Level IB Biology — all I can say is good luck!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  53. Alyssa wrote:

    You’re going to Tokyo?! How exciting!
    This outfit reminds me of Blade Runner. and that jacket looks in mint condition! i’m jealous!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  54. Jill wrote:

    By George is one of my favorite Austin haunts. We have a house in Marble Falls…outside of Austin. I bitch and moan until we take our detour so I can see what’s new at ByG.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  55. Ann wrote:

    hey jane! this seems like a shot taken straight out from the sartorialist! excellent!..i really like how u put the outfit together.it reminds me Michael Kors collection for 09 i think (the glasses esp).

    3.27.09 · Reply
  56. I am loving those shorts, and very cool sunglasses!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  57. Rachel wrote:

    Any chance you’ll do a Tokyo Style/Travel Guide in future posts?! Heading there in May and would love to hear about places you recommend!
    Best of luck w/ school!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  58. Cycy wrote:

    You look really really great in Black and Pink! i luv it!
    (i’m a French girl but i check out your blog every week, luv ur style)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  59. Jessica wrote:

    you look just so amazing!!! this is a really great outfit!! i just adore that little jacket!! :)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  60. andrea wrote:

    Bandage tube tops- I wore them in the ’60s and ’70s under my jumpsuits and overalls! They cost $1.00 then! Please visit my blog that I just started. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how do link my daily reads because I want to put you on it (as well as your mom!). Thanks for the inspiration! xo

    3.27.09 · Reply
  61. andrea wrote:

    Oops, boy am I new at this- it said that my URL was automatically linked but didn’t link the address. It’s http://styleobsession.typepad.com. Thanks for any help you can give me!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  62. Amee wrote:

    I’m in love with this look Jane! And the glasses are sweet!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  63. lilix wrote:

    I simply love it!! Beautiful!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  64. ah, the dries shorts are EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED. jealzzzz

    3.27.09 · Reply
  65. Silk in Tokyo is bad…think wet and drippy. Wet silk is very obvious. Outfit is adorable though.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  66. Cari wrote:

    I still love your prada bag.. *sigh* http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com/

    3.27.09 · Reply
  67. Jane wrote:

    You look stupid as fuck.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  68. dewiutari wrote:

    The shocking pink color makes the jacket looks GREAT!
    Love it so much, wish I could have it:)
    Anyway, I’m a fashion editor and I love your blog specially the way you write about your daily stylish life. Superb!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  69. robert wrote:

    that jacket is amazing with those sunglasses

    3.27.09 · Reply
  70. Alyssa wrote:

    hot hot hot..
    that is all i can say my dear!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  71. jessica wrote:

    jane its sooooo superrr cuteee!! <333

    3.27.09 · Reply
  72. hanako66 wrote:

    that little blazer is fabulous!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  73. S.I.Q. wrote:

    the shorts are perfect!
    -louboutin for barneys
    marc jacobs engaged
    and Christian Lacroix for Gola
    on my blog

    3.27.09 · Reply
  74. S.I.Q. wrote:

    and the color of the jacket is amazing!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  75. S.I.Q. wrote:

    the glasses are so 80s!
    -louboutin for barneys
    marc jacobs engaged
    and Christian Lacroix for Gola
    on my blog

    3.27.09 · Reply
  76. Antonia wrote:

    This may be my fav look of yours to date!
    I’d die for that jacket
    Keeping my eye out on your Mom’s vint site… ;)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  77. Victoire wrote:

    this outfit is a stunner! the pants/shoes/sunnies combo is so futuristic and yet now and fun! ahh
    i’m taking Biology SL for IB next year. it’s supposed to be a bit easier? lets home so… :S

    3.27.09 · Reply
  78. AM wrote:

    The shoes are amazing. Too bad about that blister.Yikes! I hope that gets better =]
    Beautiful as always.
    <3 AM

    3.27.09 · Reply
  79. Adriana xx wrote:

    Oh My God! This jacket is amazing <333 I love it. Can you borrow it me ? ;p

    3.27.09 · Reply
  80. Ellie wrote:

    That jacket looks really really good. At least you got to wear it for one day of awesomeness. Matches so well with your sunglasses!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  81. Great shorts – great shoes! Great pics. great post. yadda yadda just love ya!!
    x0x0 Lusty

    3.27.09 · Reply
  82. HA! So great!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  83. Ava wrote:

    beautiful shorts– great proportion! and those givenchy wedges are so hardcore/amazing!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  84. Cute jacket!! love the mix of colors!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  85. Darian wrote:

    The jacket is super cute!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  86. amy wrote:

    Givenchy’s are giving me a “I heart” attack! OH my!
    super cute jacket

    3.27.09 · Reply
  87. claudia wrote:

    that is the most amazzzing jacket i love it!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  88. Becca wrote:

    I love the jacket and those AMAZING givenchy sandals..

    3.27.09 · Reply
  89. GGshoe wrote:

    In love with those pants, an amazing piece!!

    3.27.09 · Reply
  90. incredible outdit i am so amazed, muchos inspirational xxx

    3.27.09 · Reply
  91. Adrianna wrote:

    I love that you are so sure of yourself; that you can wear outrageously amazing outfits. I love the confidence that you exude.

    3.27.09 · Reply
  92. hania wrote:

    we’re starting IB at our school next year! I’m kind of worried, haha!
    I really love the flowiness of your shorts, with the sharp edges of your jacket – they go well together
    and of course, the Givenchy’s are beautiful :)

    3.27.09 · Reply
  93. zara wrote:

    i actually love the red bandage top with the pink, grey and black. a very sophisticated color palette! your style is truly original (and very refreshing among all the same old fashion bloggers out there)!!! good luck on exams :)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  94. Victoria wrote:

    You’re great !
    i love this jacket :)

    3.28.09 · Reply
  95. Kathleen wrote:

    Your outfits are getting better and better! This one… it may be my favorite to date!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  96. Jane Your So Flyy!! Love The Frames!!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  97. raisa wrote:

    i’m in love with the jacket. they’re really omg. the whole outfit looks cool

    3.28.09 · Reply
  98. aya wrote:

    god dam you so gorgeous and super stylishhhh

    3.29.09 · Reply
  99. You totaly look like a model. And those photos. Jummy! :D

    3.29.09 · Reply
  100. Justine wrote:

    I love that you shopped at Buffalo Exchange and By George.. I live in Austin and attend UT (and was also at sxsw)! Someone asked to take my picture for style.com and I thought it was awesome… I would have been just as proud to be on your blog though! You really put things together amazingly and creatively.. keep on keep on

    3.29.09 · Reply
  101. Hi Jane,
    Not sure if you’ve seen any of my comments on your blog previously, but just want to know – does red really go with pink? Is it a crime to pair red and pink? I’ve always find it weird pairing red and pink and to see you have a red (more to orange-ish red) with pink blazer (they’re hot!) I wonder if it’s actually okay to pair those two great colors together.. (I’m a dark colored Asian so I get paranoid a lot.Eek! )
    I might not be able to check this again on your blog due to many comments you receive and it’ll take forever to load this page up, but do you mind replying this on my email instead? thanks lovely, you’re sweet.

    3.30.09 · Reply
  102. omg perfect.. you leave me without words!

    3.30.09 · Reply
  103. Carlijn wrote:

    The whole outfit is great, the shoes, blazer and pants, love it!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  104. sara wrote:


    4.4.09 · Reply
  105. Maggie wrote:

    Heyyyyyyyyy i have an obsession with shoes but the ones that are awesome are wayyyyyyyyy to expensive, do you have or know of any shoes that are under like $40 i know thats really cheap but allowance doesn’t really get your very far, if so can you please email me at maggiemckay1212@gmail.com
    ~ maggie
    p.s. love the shoes!!!!

    4.7.09 · Reply
  106. aisha wrote:

    i love the contrast of the red! nice outfit.

    4.15.09 · Reply
  107. I love these shoes sweety where did you get them!

    1.25.10 · Reply
  108. ella wrote:

    very nice, pls see nice moncler jacket http://www.monclershower.com/Moncler-Men-down-Jacket-Red

    4.14.11 · Reply
  109. Beautiful pictures shared by you with wonderful fashion and pattern. The cloth color is really very attractive.

    10.11.11 · Reply