hidin in a pillow fort

wearing Comme des Garcons nylon skirt, beaded shawl from Urban Outfitters, tuxedo bib from Andersen & Lauth for UO, and my Ann Demeulemeester lace up sandal boots.
Sooo excited about Comme des Garcons Fall 09, gotta do a post on that soon!

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  1. Leita wrote:


    3.10.09 · Reply
  2. Emmy wrote:

    yayyy Ann D lace up boots! I am green with envy :-) really love the sheer top, it’s reminding me that I’ve got to dig out some sheer stuff from my wardrobe now that spring’s rolling around!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  3. k604bc wrote:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love the whole outfit

    3.10.09 · Reply
  4. Amelia wrote:

    i wish i could add your blog to my RSS feed. but it doesn’t work.
    even when i tried using seaofshoes.blogspot.com :(

    3.10.09 · Reply
  5. Hui wrote:

    You’re wearing so many of my favourite pieces of yours in one outfit that I cannot express how awesome this ensemble is. The colour and translucence of the CDG skirt is to-die-for.
    This outfit is absolute love!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  6. amanda wrote:

    its really cute but i can barley see it cuz your sitting

    3.10.09 · Reply
  7. Corrie wrote:

    Note to self, acquire more fluffy rugs and pillows.
    And the Ann Dem boots paired with that CdG skirt is just too good. They unexpectedly compliment each other really well.

    3.10.09 · Reply
  8. i like the mood of those photos =)

    3.10.09 · Reply
  9. krista wrote:

    SO YOU!!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  10. Samantha wrote:

    i love your blog jane, really inspiring!
    simply chic style =^.^=

    3.10.09 · Reply
  11. Alexandra wrote:

    I love all the sheer-ness! Gorgeous top.

    3.10.09 · Reply
  12. alixrose wrote:

    I love that skirt, its so beautiful and flowy!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  13. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OMG! Am in love with every single piece you’re wearing! And together = perfection!
    That CDG skirt always makes me sigh…love it!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  14. esther wrote:

    your hair is perfection. i want long enough hair so i can make a perfect bun like that.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  15. gennie wrote:

    ahh the CDG show was just amazing… left me a bit breathless :)
    btw that is I think your nylon CDG is my absolute favorite when it comes to your rtw pieces!! It is truly a show-stopper!!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  16. Karen wrote:

    that beaded shawl is amazing, i love it!!
    – Karen

    3.11.09 · Reply
  17. never short of amazing. you do black and peachy/nudes the best best best! nylon skirt? that sounds so interesting.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  18. The nude and the black together are sensational! You are so beautiful!
    x x x

    3.11.09 · Reply
  19. Denise wrote:

    I was about to say… that skirt is beautiful! So duh… it’s CDG… you must have an amazing closet for a 16-year-old! Btw, just wanted to share this with you… have you seen this kid? He’s only 8! Jeez!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  20. Pen wrote:

    LOVE your shoes! And that skirt! Really pretty!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  21. Leia wrote:

    You look fab! x

    3.11.09 · Reply
  22. A Girl wrote:

    great outfit and beautiful pictures!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  23. keren wrote:

    You always look so great; lovely, lovely outfit ! :)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  24. lunarzie wrote:

    pretty outfit. i also love the decoration there. the wood sculpture is quite nice. :-)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  25. Victoria C wrote:

    so pretty! only you could pull off a mix like that xoo

    3.11.09 · Reply
  26. Jane, how do you do that thing with your hair..? So high and so…”fluffy”..?!
    I love it and would like to try the same. Do you use hair clips? elastic band..? Other?

    3.11.09 · Reply
  27. ava wrote:

    Hi jane, it’s me Ava. I love this look. I am unfired from my blog. <3 Ava

    3.11.09 · Reply
  28. Linda wrote:

    i love your backdrops! great pictures and great outfit =)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  29. ainsley wrote:

    so if you could just like…hand over all your home furnishings, that’d be great. thanks! :]
    srsly, jealousss!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  30. Kelsey wrote:

    That shawl is sooooo beautiful. And your pillow fort is too.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  31. Jane!
    You look very Grecian. The rugs and all the pillow made your outfit pop really nice in picture.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  32. Hey dear!!!
    I love those Demeulemeester shoes!!!
    In fact I love all the shoes, all the clothes, she’s great.
    You look beautiful :)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  33. Erica wrote:

    Beautiful outfit, and photos. You should really look into modeling, you photograph really well and obviously have a wonderful sense of personal style.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  34. Suki Leing wrote:

    love your hair
    u look fabulous :-)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  35. iole wrote:

    Great outfit!!!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  36. you have such an incredible fashion sense!i love all your outfits and what an amazing pieces you have, very original and less ordinary:)

    3.11.09 · Reply
  37. as always, no one could beat your style.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  38. ZIling wrote:

    You look really beautiful!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  39. laura wrote:

    love all the natural tones and soft lighting. Raw and earthy!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  40. Kate wrote:

    you really love those shoes, dontcha?

    3.11.09 · Reply
  41. hanako66 wrote:

    That skirt is amazing, you look fabulous!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  42. Julia wrote:

    verry nice pictures…and the outfit… and the skirt…and the colours…I love everything!!:))

    3.11.09 · Reply
  43. anne wrote:

    your beaded shawl is absolutely beautiful!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  44. juliet wrote:

    How can you be so chic and SO young?
    juliet xxx

    3.11.09 · Reply
  45. I adore your shoes, in fact I have adored all of your shoes for a long time. If you have time, it would be an honour for you to visit my page and perhaps exchange links. It would be the hugest treat to feature you and have my blog featured on your site.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you,
    with love,
    rachel lynne

    3.11.09 · Reply
  46. Laura wrote:

    mmmm i feel the same way about the blue cdg sandals as you do about those ann d lace up sandal boots.
    they look fantastic on you, im interested to see what you do with them

    3.11.09 · Reply
  47. .033089. wrote:

    i have these same shoes. i call them sandals. but are they boots?
    sandal boots?

    3.11.09 · Reply
  48. luxirare wrote:

    yes you look beautiful. I love the lace shirt and lacey shoes, and of course that nude gauzy skirt. Amazing.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  49. Niki wrote:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I die for those sandals BTW,

    3.11.09 · Reply
  50. jessica wrote:

    jane! your skirt is soooooo beautiful and i love the shawl from urban! you look so pretty!

    3.11.09 · Reply
  51. Julia wrote:

    i gave you some sort of “your blog rocks” sort of thing

    3.11.09 · Reply
  52. Mindy wrote:

    Please share how you styled your hair in the second pic. It’s fabulous.

    3.11.09 · Reply
  53. Lindo… Adoro misturar o bruto com o delicado… Dá um charme especial ao look.
    Beautiful… I love mixing the rough with delicate… Gives a special charm to the look.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  54. NaTas wrote:

    I like this shoes!!!
    Is inspired (??) and very goth-style :)
    And i like absolutely your style!
    You are magic!!!
    Sorry, I am from Poland and I don’t speak english very well…

    3.12.09 · Reply
  55. Leah wrote:

    these shots are so beautiful. dreamy almost. i fall more in love with those shoes everytime you wear them.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  56. LaBasque wrote:

    this outfit is FABULOUS!!!
    you look SO GOOD

    3.12.09 · Reply
  57. cassiopeia wrote:

    gorgeous. love the shawl.

    3.12.09 · Reply
  58. Jane wrote:

    If only I had your money. Sigh.

    3.13.09 · Reply
  59. you look gorgeous and the shoes are AMAZING
    Visit me at Vintage Tea!

    3.13.09 · Reply
  60. OMG!! I’m dying! everything is perfect, like always!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  61. alice wrote:

    Gorgeaous !! as always !! Love the blouse !

    3.14.09 · Reply
  62. Camille wrote:

    Awesome pair of shoes!!! I love!!!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  63. they shoes are so interesting and awesome!!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  64. Annie wrote:

    WOW, is all i can say. this outfit is completely absolutely totally stunning!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  65. What a well put together outfit. The shoes are hot!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  66. What a well put together outfit. The shoes are hot!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  67. What a well put together outfit. The shoes are hot!

    3.14.09 · Reply
  68. Katie J wrote:

    Wow, I absolutely love your outfit the black and the apricot look beautiful together. The one with your hair up looks lovely and extremely elegant.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  69. Jessica wrote:

    wow this is gorgeous, I’d wear everything. your blog is impressive, I love to see someone with true individual style, and not some boring cookie-cutter look!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  70. dollface wrote:

    I want to do a drive-by and snatch them off your feet…quick!!!
    so haWt!
    |dollface| @ williamswest.blogspot.com

    3.18.09 · Reply
  71. Karla wrote:

    Those Demeulemeester shoes are awesome!

    3.22.09 · Reply
  72. sara wrote:

    WHERE can you get those Ann Demeulemeester sandal boots please? PLEASE?!?!!
    hehe. i think theyre all sold out now :( so sad. not that i could afford them anyway

    4.4.09 · Reply
  73. This is truly “IN” collocation,Loveing the cute and fashion style

    9.10.11 · Reply