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Two investment pieces I picked up on Friday: Bubble-hem swing skirt by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Zebra print top by Junya Watanabe. I'm in love with them both.
Today my mom and my sister and I headed into Dallas to do some thrifting and get lunch. Pictures were snapped along the way. We hit three of our favorite thriftstores-St. Vincent's, Genesis, and an amazing Goodwill in Irving.
Worn with my Comme des Garcons sandals-these are seriousely some of the best shoes ever!
We stopped for lunch at Patrizio's-some of the best atmosphere and Italian food in Dallas.
After polishing off a vegetarian lasgna, I shared shared biscotti (dipped in chocolate of course) and cheesecake with my mom and Carol. Could barely get out of my chair after finishing. Kinda gross but sooooo tasty you guys!!

Stopped into Anthropologie to check out some furniture.
Clock my mom's new Comme des Garcons brogues-so jealous! Are you jealous?? I'm jealous! I mean I've never seen anything like them! So special. 

Yeah today was so much fun! We got some great stuff at the thrift store.
By the way-Atlantis Vintage is up and running, please pay a visit and check things out.
Spring break just started for me and I am so happy to not be in school. However I've got a lot to do this week and it's shaping up to be not much of a 'break'. Most of the things on my to-do list are pretty fun so I'm not complaining.
I'm going to be in Austin next week-I'll be there Thursday through Saturday. I'm hoping to catch up with some stylish SXSW concert-goers there, I'll be stalking around town with my camera. Shoot me an email if you're there and maybe we can catch up-hoping to attend some cool parties and snap pics.
xx jane

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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    wow i love your skirt so much! and i lvoe the shoes as well. :-)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  2. quelle wrote:

    love the bubble skirt and the zebra print shirt! and the blue of the sandals are amazing!!!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  3. Brooke wrote:

    happy spring break!! lovely purchases, the skirt is such a gorgeous colour!
    Brooke xx

    3.15.09 · Reply
  4. kaytee wrote:

    love the bubble skirt!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  5. R wrote:

    I’ve been craving cheesecake for so long.. and that just looks so amazingly yummy. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip, and yes Im jealous of your moms shoes!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  6. brigadeiro wrote:

    Ooh! So glad to see the CDG blue shoes again, I absolutely LOVE ’em!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  7. lunarzie wrote:

    i enjoy reading your blog a lot :-)
    beautiful outfit as always :-)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  8. yuka wrote:

    oh i went to sxsw last year and it was so much fun!! you will have fun there. im excited to see the photos when you get them up.
    ps that blue skirt is soooo adorable!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  9. susan wrote:

    but please tell how do you keep the skirt puffed at the bottom after the first wash. My bubble skirts are all flattened out and ironing is a horror.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  10. Alfie wrote:

    aw man, i was hopin to make it to SXSW, but I’ve already made 2 spotaneous trips up to Austin this month lol
    It would’ve been great to meet you though. Maybe some cash will appear and I’ll be able to make it.
    If not, have loads of fun. You look great in your new pieces :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  11. catherine wrote:

    love the experimental structure of the garment, powerful colors and geometrical shape.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  12. william wrote:

    The skirt has such a whimsical quality to it and the silhouette is absolutely gorgeous.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  13. Frida wrote:

    And you even have blue toenails! I like that.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  14. iole wrote:

    great look son cool..and I’m jealous too!!!!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  15. gennie wrote:

    oh I love patrizio’s!! the one in highland park is so nice when you sit outside :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  16. Mariona wrote:

    I love the shoes of your mum, uauuuuuuuuuuu, fantastic look from BARCELONA

    3.15.09 · Reply
  17. Josie wrote:

    how do you afford such amazing clothing?
    i wish my mum even knew what commes des garcons are. she’d probably think it was a kind of fish food :/
    x x x x x x x x x x

    3.15.09 · Reply
  18. Adriana xx wrote:

    Oh dear !
    I LOVE your skirt *_______________________________*
    It’s amazing <3
    Adriana xx

    3.15.09 · Reply
  19. Sasi wrote:

    I saw your skirt and thought, “Beauuuuuutiful”

    3.15.09 · Reply
  20. The skirt is insane! I love those Comme shoes with the matching varnish. I think you probably have the best looking family ever!
    x x x

    3.15.09 · Reply
  21. phuong wrote:

    i love the whole outfit from your shoes to the zebraprint top!
    ps; the food looks delicious!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  22. lo wrote:

    The shoes of your mom are niceeeeeeeee.I love your blog.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  23. Sara wrote:

    You’re so beautiful! And I love ur clothes, as always :)
    What do you usually wear when you’re just home? I mean, do you ever dress badly? :D

    3.15.09 · Reply
  24. love your mums shoes! – They are brilliant.
    I’m soo annoyed my favorite jacket from Atlantis vintage is already gone!!
    Perfect outfit by the way..

    3.15.09 · Reply
  25. Hanene wrote:

    the zebra print shirt <3
    amazing outfit dear Jane :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  26. Leia wrote:

    That skirt is gorgeous! Hope you have a fun break :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  27. Laura wrote:

    lovvvvvve thoe shoes….

    3.15.09 · Reply
  28. kirstie wrote:

    amaaaaaazing outfit, gotta say i love the junya watanabe top the most though. sighhh.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  29. a la mode wrote:

    Wow I love your matching shoes and nail varnish!
    That whole outfit is perfection, I can’t wait to have bare legs again! This winter has been so cold! xxx

    3.15.09 · Reply
  30. cute dress :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  31. keren wrote:

    You look like something out of a fairytale with that skirt; I love it! The outfit is really great, and your shoes do complete it well. :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  32. alice wrote:

    Amazing outfit ! wow !! I’m so in love with this bright blue !! you’ ll love my shoes from zara !! you can see it on my blog!! :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  33. Amee wrote:

    Love the new pieces and as always your CDG shoes! I hope you have fun in Austin! I’m heading up there Thursday or Friday to do some vintage shopping and hopefully San Antonio afterward. A coworker reminded me of SXSW just yesterday! Maybe we will bump heads :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  34. The Minx wrote:

    the CdG shoes are stellar! That color of blue is just brilliant.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  35. LOVE!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  36. Sarah wrote:

    Super cute. That zebra top is amazing! Have you seen the zebra cuffs that OAK carries? Probably wouldn’t go with that specific outfit but now that we know you like zebra….

    3.15.09 · Reply
  37. amy wrote:

    I live in Austin right now!! I can’t figure out how to e-mail you (the link on your site does not work for me), but would love to say hi! here’s my email: amywastaken@gmail.com. If you have a set place to be at some point, I’d be very excited to meet my fav blogger. I rarely comment, but always read! -the other Texan Amy

    3.15.09 · Reply
  38. Victoria C wrote:

    I love how your toe polish matches your shoes, that is adorable! Great shoes and great outfit, have a good march break. xx

    3.15.09 · Reply
  39. Cat wrote:

    Everything you own is an investment piece…

    3.15.09 · Reply
  40. Jane – The Junya Watanabe zebra blouse look beautiful on you. It was nice seeing you all on Friday. We need to get together and have lunch soon.
    Nini Nguyen

    3.15.09 · Reply
  41. Skylice wrote:

    i really need your zebra print top and your bubble skirt! you always wear something beautiful, lovely!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  42. momazpe wrote:

    wow i love your mums shoes! and the outfit you are wearing O R I G I N A L xoxo

    3.15.09 · Reply
  43. sarah wrote:

    too bad you are not already in austin! our city wide garage sale is going on and its always worth the look!
    it’d be great if you and your mom would come up with a great list of the good austin thrift (in your opinion of course).
    will look for you at SXSW later this week!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  44. deltay wrote:

    Love your whole outfit. Especially those shoes, such a beautiful shade of blue! Matches your toenails perfectly.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  45. annai wrote:


    3.15.09 · Reply
  46. Oh wow. i love your outfit. And your moms shoes are amazing
    Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  47. Alicia wrote:

    love the shoes! :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  48. Julie wrote:

    How do you stay so thin when it seems you and your family are always eating out? Just wondering :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  49. j wrote:

    what size is the chanel style jacket? i know you have the length on there but you don’t have the size across (i have broad shoulders)….also, there’s no contact link on the vintage store page…

    3.15.09 · Reply
  50. Sunset wrote:

    LOVE those cdg heels!! The color is wonderful.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  51. very cute skirt! :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  52. tfs member wrote:

    i live in austin too! like amy commented above, pls let us know if ur going to be at a set place at a certain time. id love to meet my fave blogger! do you know if ur going to hit up any vtg shops? i remember you found a bunch of levis last time you went and im in need of some denim!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  53. Karen wrote:

    love love the skirt!!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  54. a wrote:

    why is it gross to eat untill you’re full?

    3.15.09 · Reply
  55. madziara wrote:

    electric blue…:D..i like it

    3.15.09 · Reply
  56. Pen wrote:

    LOVE your outfit; your shoes are gorgeous! They look so perfectly plastiquey(:

    3.15.09 · Reply
  57. AK wrote:

    great outfit!!!! Looks like you had lots of fun! have a great spring break!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  58. heini wrote:

    Oh my god, I have never sent a comment you before but now I just really had to becoz your outfit is so UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME AND PERFECT ! ! ! <3 wowowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    3.15.09 · Reply
  59. LuLu wrote:

    ooh gorgeous shoes & love the skirt!!! :D ~XOXO, lulu ♥

    3.15.09 · Reply
  60. dt wrote:

    hey jane1 i am in belgium right now in brussels on spring break and am hqving difficulty writing on a non=us keyboard :) tomorrow we are going to antwerp and we are so excited to go visit the dries van noten and ann de,ul,eester stores11 we*re so excited1

    3.15.09 · Reply
  61. Evlin wrote:

    Love your skirt!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  62. LuLu wrote:

    awww thank you so much jane, that means a lot to me, coming from you!!! :D j’adore your blog, i saw it in teen vogue and became instantly addicted!!! keep up the amazing job dear!!! :))) ~XOXO, lulu ♥

    3.15.09 · Reply
  63. agat wrote:

    Hi :)
    Colour of your shoes is totally amazing.
    God i love blue
    Greetings from Poznań, Poland :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  64. bridget wrote:

    SXSW is aaahh-mazing. you’ll love it! cant wait to see updates!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  65. k wrote:

    i am so in love with the CDG electric blue sandels. if you know where if i can still get them pleeeeease tell me where.
    and also check my new fashion blog
    also i heart atlantis vintage, will you be adding garment periodically? all the great stuff i liked was already sold out. boo.
    anyway love your stuff!!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  66. Bline wrote:

    Is your sister wearing Ben Simon Shoes?

    3.15.09 · Reply
  67. claudia wrote:

    sooo cute!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  68. Jane wrote:

    Just so you know, I am so inspired by this blog. You take chances and don’t care what people think, and have a refreshing and playful approach in your sense of style. I think it is fantastic that you totally transcend your age. Keep it up! :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  69. sarah wrote:

    i live in a place where abercrombie and fitch is cool. everyone loves american eagle and hollister and everyone’s closet is full of horizontally striped sweaters, uggs, and bows! everyone always straightens their hair and never leaves the house without their dooney and bourke handbags that they got on sale at tj maxx. i think your blog is very inspirational to people like me who don’t want to follow every stupid trend and look like everyone else. the only problem is that i can’t afford a ton of clothes and find myself often wearing the same old plain t-shirt and jeans. so i guess i could tell you that you look stunning like everyone else has done (which you do, please dont think that im saying that you dont) but i really am just asking you for help so… HELP!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  70. raych wrote:

    damn gurl, you rock my world. like an elepunk!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  71. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane! How are you? I love, love, love this.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  72. Margarita wrote:

    LOVE that dress, it is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn’t dream of parting with it either! You are so lucky!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  73. Samantha wrote:

    junya wantanabe is one of my favorite designers, i’m so jealous of your beautiful clothes!

    3.15.09 · Reply
  74. mayk wrote:

    those heels are pretty amazing.

    3.15.09 · Reply
  75. Love the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair skirt—they’re always a favorite of mine. When you’re at SXSW, you should make sure to check out my friend Nanna’s band, Oh Land, they’re insanely good…

    3.15.09 · Reply
  76. jessica wrote:

    i love your skirt jane!! i also like how you matched your toes to your shoes =D.
    <3 jessica

    3.15.09 · Reply
  77. crystal wrote:

    So glad you’ll be coming to Austin! I’ll keep an eye out for a fabulously stylish blonde girl with a camera… :)

    3.15.09 · Reply
  78. Ziling wrote:

    I wish i can rock pouffy bubbled skirt like you! You look fab! Im gonna go take a peek at your store now! ;)

    3.16.09 · Reply
  79. Rose wrote:

    Hello from Holland!
    It’s so funny, I stumbled (pun sort of intended) upon your blog after getting these shoes through yoox and trying to find out which season they were from. I lust after anything in this Yves Klein blue hue (my favorite collection EVAH is Viktor&Rolf’s FW2002 ‘Long live the immaterial’), so I adore them! What’s even better (if not for me…) they list them again in size 36 (about a 6), 37.5 and 38 for 260 euros (<350 US). AND in yellow and pink. YAY! I do hope it is not just a European listing (and yes, I know about those balenciaga heels from last year…) This blue has popped up in various places again this spring – happy me! Keep up the good work Jane (and Mom) – and support those hard working North-Italian shoemaking families (like I support the American apparel industry, it's a tough job but someone has got to do it ;o)).
    BTW: Browns will be listing those YSL cage shoes (form your logo) soon. ROARRRRRRR.
    Enjoy your happy feet!

    3.16.09 · Reply
  80. Pixienish wrote:

    My God! You can’t beat the volume on that bubble skirt ;)

    3.16.09 · Reply
  81. sarah wrote:

    Do you not find the shoes a bit hmm * clumpy * to walk in?
    stunning colour though,
    I love the skirt !,,

    3.16.09 · Reply
  82. Hi Jane,
    I’m a big fan of your site and your amazing style. I own Kick Pleat, in Austin: http://www.kickpleat.com
    I’d love to meet you in person if you can swing by. We are located at 12th and Lamar.
    Have a great time in Austin and at SXSW.
    Wendi Koletar

    3.16.09 · Reply
  83. Sandy wrote:

    i LOVE the CDG shoes. checked Barneys- nothing online. looks like a special order????

    3.16.09 · Reply
  84. Nubby wrote:

    Cute skirt! And those shoes always look great with everything; such a unique color!

    3.16.09 · Reply
  85. IT! wrote:

    It’s so much fun to see how Swedish design slowly starts to establish international! This outfit is great and the shoes are to die for.

    3.16.09 · Reply
  86. Mille wrote:

    My god, I LOVE the color of those shoes (AND the shoes in general) ! Simply amazing (And so is Comme des Garcons). And the skirt is lovely too ! : D

    3.16.09 · Reply
  87. Lorena.F wrote:

    I think i fell in love with your outfit. It is just… Perfect :)
    Kisses from Paris.

    3.16.09 · Reply
  88. Sounds like fun! Have fun at SXSW, wish I was there.

    3.16.09 · Reply
  89. Cindy wrote:

    Hi! I love your mom’s CdG brogues. Could you please post a photo of how they look from the side? From what season were they? I would love to get my hands on a pair. Thank you very much and keep up the wonderful posts!!

    3.16.09 · Reply
  90. robert wrote:

    I love this skirt! So FUN! Your mom’s brogue’s are amahhzing!

    3.16.09 · Reply
  91. Camille wrote:

    awesome shoes! beautiful!

    3.17.09 · Reply
  92. marine wrote:

    Hey girl!!
    i added you as a friend on facebook!
    i’m from France and i’ve been kind of obsessed with your blog for over a year now, and i’m soooooo disappointed you’re going to Austin this week and not the week after, because i’m going back there (i used to be an exchange student there last year) and i would ‘ve loved to meet you!

    3.17.09 · Reply
  93. tamaki wrote:

    You look gorgeous, Jane!! Love the boots and the sandals.
    On a side not, I would like to know some online stores that are relatively or very cheap. Living in Turkey doesn’t exactly give me the best thrift stores…
    Thank you! And keep being lovely.

    3.17.09 · Reply
  94. Rachel Taliaferro wrote:

    stop by the kvrxplosion party at Ballet Austin on Thursday night.It’s a great lineup and it’s being hosted by the university radio station, so there’s bound to be some stylish college students there (myself included, hopefully). It’ll be a great time!

    3.17.09 · Reply
  95. kim wrote:

    I have to say that you look amazing

    3.17.09 · Reply
  96. Khristine wrote:

    I’ll be in Austin then as well. I don’t have an actual pass, but my friends and I are hitting up some free shows. As for the night parties down there, most of the good ones are 21+ (and they DO card), but there’s lots of other things to do anyways. I’m hoping to do a lot of shopping down there too. :)

    3.17.09 · Reply
  97. This is my very favorite outfit so far!! beautiful!!

    3.18.09 · Reply
  98. christy wrote:

    ohhhh that’s a crazy skirt. *AM in love with it*

    3.18.09 · Reply
  99. t. wrote:

    i love those cdg shoes… i was watching the same pair on yoox for a while, just couldn’t do it this time. looks great!!! now i wish i had gotten them.

    3.19.09 · Reply
  100. t. wrote:

    how do they fit? are they true to size?

    3.19.09 · Reply
  101. Becca wrote:

    love the cdg sandals, and loving the new atlantis vintage site – fabulous.

    3.19.09 · Reply
  102. oooo! i love you and your mums kind of quirky fashion sisterhood! xx

    3.26.09 · Reply
  103. Mona C. wrote:

    Your blue heels are HOT, the color really suits you. But I love your mom’s brogues *drool*!

    3.26.09 · Reply
  104. Beautiful!!

    3.28.09 · Reply
  105. Chô wrote:

    Your shoes are just beautiful! I love it. And your dress is amazing

    4.3.09 · Reply
  106. Alister wrote:

    I Googled ‘best shoes ever’, and I found someone wearing these LOVELY blue sandals. They’re VERY pretty, I must say. Your outfit togeather was quite creative, and so was your mother’s. You two have quite good sense of look.

    5.3.09 · Reply
  107. love your outfit. they are amazing.i found a kind of shoes too Isabel Marant Sneakers ,it’s also very beautiful. http://www.isabelmarantsneakersbasket.co.uk/

    9.7.12 · Reply
  108. love it. it’s amazing isabelmarantsneakersbasket.co.uk

    9.8.12 · Reply