Thanks Vogue Girl Korea!

I'm very excited and honored to be featured in this month's issue of Vogue Girl Korea alongside 9 other amazing bloggers!
Stealing  Tagh]
(I totally stole the first two scans from Taghrid! Sorry, miss!)
Vogue girl korea
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Here were my answers to the interview :)

1 Briefly introduce yourself. What's your name? Birthday? Location? Job?
My name is Jane Aldridge, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Trophy Club, Texas. I am currently a junior in high school.

2 When did you first blogging and why?
I started blogging one summer when I was bored. I wanted my blog to be like a style diary where I could show things that I like and the outfits that I wear. It's fun to photograph your outfits because you can see how your style evolves over time. Where I live, people look at me like I'm an alien because of how I dress. It's funny to me that people on the internet embrace my style!

3 What is your signature style?
I'm not sure that I have one! My style can be really random. I always love flashy vintage pieces mixed with fabulous shoes. Beautiful shoes are a constant in my style.

4 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look?
I have always collected beautiful clothes and I think that my style changes as my wardrobe expands-a certain piece of clothing can inspire me to dress in a whole new way.

5 What is your fashion/styling rule?
Always have fun and don't take fashion too seriously. I try to stay away from most trends too. 

6 Explain how you get dressed in the morning, step by step.
I have so many clothes and it's hard for me to wear them all, but I try to give everything in my closet equal circulation. I usually start with one item: a certain pair of shoes, a skirt I haven't worn in a while, or a jacket I just got at the thrift store. I like to match things according to color, so my closet is color coded. 

7 What is your key fashion item?
My key fashion item is a flattering high waisted, knee-length skirt. Any color, preferably in silk or organza. They're the easiest thing to wear for me.

8 And what's your favorite way of styling the item?
With crazy belts and playful shoes. I like to wear a green organza skirt I have with a lion head belt and Miu Miu dragonfly shoes.

9 Explain how you mix and max color palette.
My favorite colors to wear are beigey-nudes and soft pinks. These colors look good on me and they go with a lot of other colors. I love flashy neon colors too!

10 Who's your fashion icon and why?
My fashion icon is Tina Chow-her style was eclectic but at the same time she always looked so elegant and timeless. She was very passionate about collecting vintage haute-couture too, and had an exquisite collection of Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and Madeleine Vionnet. I admire her passion for beautiful clothes.

11 Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite shops and why?
I shop a lot on eBay for vintage clothing. You can always find something amazing if you look hard enough, and it's fun to collect cool vintage clothes. My favorite vintage designers to collect are Kansai Yamamoto and Kenzo. Buying shoes is h
arder: to track down just the right pair I get in touch with the brands directly, or buy online from overseas.

12 What are some things you keep in mind when you shop? Do you have any shopping rules?
I try to never buy anything that looks trendy or cheap-quality. Other than that, I'll wear anything that catches my eye. I love to go to thrift stores and pick up something really crazy.  This has led to me buying way too many clothes-we just had a closet built in our garage to hold all of the vintage clothes my mom and I buy.

13 What's your most recent purchase? Can you give any tips on how to wear it?
I recently got a shearling and suede black bomber jacket by Richard Chai. It has an aviator feel to it and it looks very tough. I like to soften it by pairing it with feminine, high waisted skirts and strappy, whimsical shoes.

14 What's your favorite show from 2009 S/S collection? Has this show affected the way you dress in any way?
Martin Margiela's 20th anniversary show was so incredible. The way he consistently challenges the preconceptions of fashion is inspiring to me. I appreciate the ideology behind his label.

15 If you can buy one item for the summer, what would it be?
Every pair of shoes from Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009!

Thanks again Vogue Girl Korea-what an honor to be featured among some of my favorite bloggers too!
xx jane

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  1. Barbro wrote:

    Good answers =)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  2. Sophia wrote:

    This is so cool. I love that you translated your replies. I agree about Margiela s/s09

    3.3.09 · Reply
  3. congragulations jane !!!
    visit me at : http://fashioncholicgirl.blogspot.com/

    3.3.09 · Reply
  4. Suzanne wrote:

    That is really amazing – Congratulations!
    I’m with you on the vintage front; I’m always wearing something vintage! It’s so much fun searching for the perfect item.
    Suzanne IMOS.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  5. Jen wrote:

    Congratulations! So deserve it. xx

    3.3.09 · Reply
  6. I really enjoyed my time reading it. And I envy that both of you and your mom love vintage pieces! how fun!! :D

    3.3.09 · Reply
  7. So awesome! Congrats! :)
    ~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

    3.3.09 · Reply
  8. iole wrote:

    Love your style. Congratulations!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  9. Camilla wrote:

    Congradulations! Oh, what an honor!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  10. caroline nie wrote:

    I love Tina Chow as well….she is definitely the style ICON! I had the pleasure of meeting her once when she was in Hong Kong.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  11. jane, congrats!
    you answered those questions very well.
    you’re my inspiration and i adore you because you’re so fearless to wear any outfit.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  12. Fitz wrote:

    JW, what other blogs were mentionned?

    3.3.09 · Reply
  13. Sabrina wrote:

    Wow! Congrats again!
    I’d also like to know what other blogs were mentioned.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  14. gennie wrote:

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog :)
    So happy to see you’re in Vogue girl Korea — finally an interview I can read without using the English translation hehe.
    That photo of you in the black chair is definitely one of my favorites!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  15. taghrid wrote:

    you’re so hot. that’s all i have to say :) xo

    3.3.09 · Reply
  16. Layla wrote:

    OMG! This is amazing!
    actually I am korean :) I have been visit your blog for two month!
    I think I have to buy a Korean vogue.
    Congrats ^_^ !!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  17. Jill wrote:

    You are just too cool for school, chica. I’m coveting a Martin dress on eluxury right this minute!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  18. sujin wrote:

    It’s really awesome to see you in Vogue girl korea. because I’m korean and addicted to your blog and oneday when I open the page of Voguegirl you were there!! I was like “It’s Jane I know!!” haha You inspire me alot in many ways thanx!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  19. Alina wrote:

    your blog is great!!!!!! :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  20. OMG Lady, you’re all over the place! Congrats, and stay a lovely human being even after you get crazy famous and do coke off of hand cut crystal in the champagne room. :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  21. Jung wrote:

    Good to see you in my one of favorite mag :D
    Congratulations Jane!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  22. lucille wrote:

    YoU are so lucky ; I m jalous !
    But i am happy for you

    3.3.09 · Reply
  23. Bibi wrote:

    You know…you were in the Slovenian Elle also!:) There were some question of you and a that picture of you in the chair!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  24. Very cool!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  25. Congrats Jane!!! This is awesome… I gave you an award for your blog. Please stop by and check it out..

    3.3.09 · Reply
  26. Ashton wrote:

    you are so very lucky :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  27. Alice wrote:

    Congratulation you deserved it ! really !!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  28. Francesca wrote:

    Congrats on the write up!!
    I just cant wait to see how your career unfolds!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  29. Kay wrote:

    Congratulations! Really interesting interview as well

    3.3.09 · Reply
  30. Congrats! That magazine looks kind of fabulous! :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  31. elyse wrote:

    congrats!! you are so daring, and it’s wonderful :) i wanted to comment and say hi, i’m a long-time reader finally starting my own blog and not lurking anymore :] thanks for all the inspiration!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  32. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Congratulations! And I loved reading your answers to the interview :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  33. Isabel wrote:

    Congrats, Jane. You rock

    3.3.09 · Reply
  34. Becca wrote:

    Congrats on the feature! Very well deserved!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  35. the headline cover story no less? congratulations!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  36. Hollis wrote:

    Congrats on the feature! You have a lovely site, in which I admire.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  37. krista wrote:

    oh congrats!!!!
    i need to buy that magazine

    3.3.09 · Reply
  38. congratulations!!
    the closet garage wow! like rachel zoe ;)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  39. nathalie wrote:

    that’s so hot!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  40. mandi wrote:

    congratulations on the article in teen vogue!
    Also, what happened to your post that was up yesterday about Ava and her DIY Ann D’s?

    3.3.09 · Reply
  41. You have an amazing sense of style, I basically stalk your blog!
    Your outfits are inspiring.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  42. You have an amazing sense of style, I basically stalk your blog!
    Your outfits are inspiring.

    3.3.09 · Reply
  43. deltay wrote:

    Oh wow – congratulations! That’s wonderful, and you totally deserve it :)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  44. alex wrote:

    Congratulations! You look fabulous and you completely deserve the article. Your blog is amaaaazing!
    How did the meet and greet at Rugby go? I am depressed I couldn’t make it, but I would love to see pictures!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  45. JJ! congratssss! kissesss!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  46. ainsley wrote:

    vogue?! ohmygod juani, congrats!! that’s so cool!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  47. mimi jolie wrote:

    congrats on teen vogue and this!!!!! you must be soo excited!!!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  48. Stephanie wrote:

    Awesome! I love your blog, you are completely inspirational. I just started a second blog, I would love for you to check it out =)

    3.3.09 · Reply
  49. ayla wrote:

    you are amazing girl. i CANNOT believe you are only 17 years old. i have no doubt that you will pursue an amazing career and life in many years to come. this is the first time i’ve saw your site and now i understand all the buzz. it’d be nice to know how you afford all these fabulous shoes at your age!!! haha

    3.3.09 · Reply
  50. Zarna wrote:

    i love your blog and i check it all the time!
    i dont think ive ever posted, but i just wanted to say that i think you have great style and i love your shoes!
    check out my blog if you ever have a chance – zarnasrunway.blogspot.com

    3.3.09 · Reply
  51. Kathleen wrote:

    Congrats! hard work does pay off…
    Hey what happened to the post previous to this one about Ava??

    3.3.09 · Reply
  52. Maddison wrote:

    I think you should definitely post some pics of your wardrobe so we can see the colour-coordinated-ness, and get an idea of just how many clothes you have, and how you keep it all organised!
    i’m very fascinated.
    you’re wonderful!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  53. elsa-bille wrote:

    Congrats! That’s quite a reward, Vogue!

    3.3.09 · Reply
  54. aude wrote:

    i just read in Texas Monthly you are doing a shoe line for Urban Outfitters???

    3.3.09 · Reply
  55. iammyriade wrote:

    oh wow that’s awesome! – you definitely deserve it.
    can you tell me who the other bloggers are that were featured alongside you? I want to check out their blogs too :)

    3.4.09 · Reply
  56. vivijen wrote:


    3.4.09 · Reply
  57. Sunee wrote:

    i especially liked this part: ‘Where I live, people look at me like I’m an alien because of how I dress. It’s funny to me that people on the internet embrace my style!’ your style is definitly one of a kind but its fantastic, stay awesome xox

    3.4.09 · Reply
  58. Sunset wrote:

    You certainly DESERVE this elevated status! :)

    3.4.09 · Reply
  59. u are amazingly gorgeous, i always adore your style and your mommy too… keep it up Jane!!

    3.4.09 · Reply
  60. Atta wrote:

    congratulations, Jane!

    3.4.09 · Reply
  61. Mallika wrote:

    I love getting to know more about you so your translation was very much welcome. And I especially love your addiction to Ann Demeulemeester shoes. My aunt is a designer for Ann D. and I showed her your blog and she wsa happy to see you liked the shoes so much. I loove your blog and check it everyday. Keep up the good work. I definitely wish I was as daring and brave as you with my clothing. :)

    3.4.09 · Reply
  62. Abdullah wrote:

    Congrats ! Girl you got style and deserve that spot up there ;)

    3.4.09 · Reply
  63. congrats Jane!!!!!

    3.4.09 · Reply
  64. Anis wrote:

    I love your style..
    And what do you think about Diana Rikasari?
    She is also fabolous and very creative..

    3.5.09 · Reply
  65. songy wrote:

    gee it’s far out reading your story in Korean.. I was born in Korea… :P

    3.5.09 · Reply
  66. AF wrote:

    How can you be 17 when you were born in 1989. You’re 19 turning 20 this year…

    3.5.09 · Reply
  67. pearl wrote:

    Hi Jane, i’m Korean.
    I’ve checked your blog before i read your interview in vogue girl.
    your style makes me so impress.
    you must be styling gunius.
    I hope to see your fabulous fashion in this blog continuously.

    3.6.09 · Reply
  68. NR wrote:

    Wow. I’m Korean girl. I love your pictures and fashion and SHOES! I had no idea there are some other korean like your blog too! xD Congratulations!

    3.6.09 · Reply
  69. cassandra wrote:

    i had no idea you were 17.
    i was such an awkward 17 year old.
    trying to find where i fit.

    3.7.09 · Reply
  70. Jay wrote:

    I caeme from Korea after reading your article! nice job! Congrats!

    3.10.09 · Reply
  71. regina wrote:

    wow, i cant believe youre from texas cause u dont dress like a girl who lives there lol. btw i kinda feel the same way in where i live. but today i actually dont really care if people stare at me and start to feel comfortable about myself, so i hope u do too cause ure so cool :) xx

    3.10.09 · Reply
  72. makeda wrote:

    hey!! i think its so great that you have this blog and are getting so much exposure esp since you’re so young!! im seventeen too!! i just wanted to know how you got started and some more stuff. im a little bit of a fashion head too. maybe we could chop it up sometime

    3.14.09 · Reply
  73. Mille wrote:

    Thank you for the translation ! You deserved it; you have your own and such an awesome style !

    3.16.09 · Reply
  74. katie wrote:

    I ran across this from Refinery 29, and saw you’re from Trophy Club. I lived there for 5 years through high school, my parents still do. I’m a senior at university now, but I guess that means you go to Northwest HS. Crazy small world

    4.4.09 · Reply
  75. Sharon wrote:

    hii im from korea n i rmb reading the interview xoxo

    1.23.10 · Reply
  76. A yorkie? Or a Maltese? I like them both but I know…? I am going to get a guirl one… Not any time soon just planning ahead and I know it might change but whatever! Thanks!

    4.22.10 · Reply
  77. Fler wrote:

    oh! Jane I live in Korea and you’re really popular!

    8.28.11 · Reply
  78. It’s really amazing to see you in Fashion young lady the philipines. because I’m japanese and passionate to your site and oneday when I start the site of Voguegirl you were there!! I was like “It’s Linda I know!!” lol You motivate me a lot in many ways thanx!!

    2.8.12 · Reply