This Alexander Mcqueen suit was about to go on the vintage site but I had to try it on-not normally my kind of thing but timeless nonetheless.
^Can't shoot anything without the help of Staci & Shelley. 
I'm gonna keep this post brief, this has been the craziest week and I'm excited to have a night off.
But check out some of the new stuff on Atlantis Vintage-including these gorgeous necklaces and of course this suit!
xo Jane

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  1. Kaela wrote:

    you’re not keeping it?!
    looks great, as usual.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  2. Ava wrote:

    Great suit!! Both the shape and the mix of patterns are very timeless!
    Also– the Givenchy shoes are absolute HEAVEN!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  3. elle wrote:

    im not usually one to comment, but jane, you look fierce.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  4. sarah wrote:

    LOVE your shoes.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  5. quelle wrote:

    ugh that suit is amazing!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  6. Cruz wrote:

    Thats a very cool suit, I loved that you wore that awesome fish jewelry with it too.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  7. the material!
    Tis all in the cut of the cloth, and the cloth itself. Like a good suit should.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  8. Tara wrote:

    Looks gorgeous!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  9. mrjyn wrote:

    you’ve either been watchin’ too many of my elvis videos, you’ve been to tv johnny’s in houston on a drank run, or you just got a care pckg. from Hawaii. I’ll be sending you the Elvis picture shortly, but as for the johnny dang, he’s local, and start with flava flav and work down until you find your rapper bling equal. i’m saying start old school first, like ll.
    nice suit dress whatever, when you stand up though it’s in the shape of an aids rhythm, not a bad thing just needed to share

    4.3.09 · Reply
  10. that is quite an amazing suit!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  11. Rebekka wrote:

    Oh dear. That’s a very timeless suite. Oh, and I loooove those necklaces!
    You’re not keeping it? Geez.

    4.3.09 · Reply
  12. Kathleen wrote:

    that suit – very cool and spacey!

    4.3.09 · Reply
  13. VIVIANNE wrote:

    holy crap i LOVE
    if it mysteriously disappears from your wardrobe ….

    4.3.09 · Reply
  14. brigadeiro wrote:

    Love those basketweave Givenchy’s ;)

    4.3.09 · Reply
  15. I love the belt (of all the things for me to comment on) and think I’m going to have to try and make something similar because it looks like it can go with so much.
    Love the suit, love the Vivienne Tam beaded rose dress on Atlantis. Too bad none of the things I like would even begin to fit me. :(

    4.3.09 · Reply
  16. Nora wrote:

    Hi, I love your blog! Everything about it is so great :)

    4.3.09 · Reply
  17. jules wrote:

    hot suit, the tailoring is insane.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  18. tasha wrote:

    that suit is AMAZING. where did you get it? was it your mom’s back then?

    4.4.09 · Reply
  19. you maybe should keep it ;)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  20. cassandra wrote:

    i love this suit.
    im not a suit girl at all, but i really like it.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  21. cassiopeia wrote:

    gorgeous! it’s great on you! loving that necklace too.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  22. yilin wrote:

    the bands of pinstriped fabric really add edge to the suit. i think you accessorized perfectly.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  23. anna wrote:

    it’s like the suit and the shoes are made for each other

    4.4.09 · Reply
  24. Ina wrote:

    The suit is beautiful, but I think it’s a bit too serious for you. :) I imagine you’re very bubbly. :)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  25. Monica wrote:

    You look beautiful :)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  26. very nice suit, jane!
    you can pull off any clothes!
    you and your mom are smart-dresser!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  27. Ines wrote:

    Hi Jane my name it’s Ines and I watch your blog everyday
    and I just love your style (and your mum too).
    Well I saw an amazing Skirt and Jacket in leither from Claude Montana.
    It’s a little expensive but it’s clothes’s collection so if you are
    interested in post a comment to my blogspot
    Thanks, Bye.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  28. Geri Wu wrote:

    I love the suit… though its not usually my kind of thing either
    but what i love even more are the accessories!
    those are some lovely necklaces you got there :)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  29. Annie wrote:

    that suit is absolutely phenomenal. it’s so interesting and unexpected, and the colors are amazing.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  30. mrs.hadi wrote:

    u looked so different in suits, but still gorgeous nonetheless…n it goes with the givenchy too..

    4.4.09 · Reply
  31. amy wrote:

    you work the mcqueen, girl
    the colors are good on you

    4.4.09 · Reply
  32. keren wrote:

    Oh, it’s beautiful! You look really fantastic in it. :)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  33. Amazing suit, but I think it’s a bit too ‘old’ for you.
    You look very good in it though.
    Love how the black line of jacket perfectly goes on in the skirt.
    check out my style too at

    4.4.09 · Reply
  34. Victoria C wrote:

    what a fierce suit! you look amazing in it, are you sure you wan’t to sell? gorgeous shoes too xx

    4.4.09 · Reply
  35. Marie wrote:

    I’d just like to say that I posted a message on my blog(which is a new one) about yours. Because he is one of my favorite and besides because I watch it every day !

    4.4.09 · Reply
  36. nice ;) this looks like something a fashion editor would wear

    4.4.09 · Reply
  37. S.I.Q. wrote:

    ooow one of the dogs is wearing a vintage like shirt! adorable!
    -best flats spring 08
    -karl lagerfeld quotes

    4.4.09 · Reply
  38. Cari wrote:

    I think you’ll regret it when you’re older and need a suit. http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

    4.4.09 · Reply
  39. Tamia wrote:

    It’s fantastic! You’d definitely get any job you interview for wearing that.
    You’re not keeping it? If not…I’m headed over to the vintage site!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  40. The pattern on this suit adds such an interesting twist to the otherwise traditional style of an office skirt suit. It looks great on you, though.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  41. Sydnie wrote:

    That is honestly an amazing suit! If it were me, I’d keep it!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  42. Becca wrote:

    I can’t believe you’re willing to part with it! Loving this look.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  43. Dexter wrote:

    What an awesome design! I totally love it!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  44. Christelle wrote:


    4.4.09 · Reply
  45. thedoc wrote:

    You have such a tiny waist! Say jealous………..!!!!!!!! Looking great as always.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  46. Ariela wrote:

    Omg. I wish I had your closet.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  47. Hannah wrote:

    Love the colours in the suit.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  48. Libby wrote:

    The cut of the suit is fantastic! I love the vintag-y cross necklace looks very victorian. and as always love the shoes!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  49. Meho wrote:

    That is one veryy interesting suit.. i love the different patterns and the way it moves from the jacket down to the skirt.. you look amazing in it and way to go for paiing it with those shoes.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  50. Jessica wrote:

    wow…amazing alexander mcqueen suit!!! i really love that the diagonal pinstriped lines of the blazer match well with those of the skirt!!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  51. This is something I wouldn’t like sitting on a hanger, but seeing it on makes all the difference. It looks so great on you & it’s such a unique piece!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  52. My heart just stopped. I LOVE everything McQueen and this suit is just so lovely. And my size. And if I had more money i’d buy it without a blink of an eye. I adore it!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  53. Jennine wrote:

    wow, i didn’t catch the vintage shop until just now…what a great find!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  54. xAZD wrote:

    Your outfits are always so great! the tailoring is beautiful

    4.4.09 · Reply
  55. deltay wrote:

    That looks absolutely fabulous on you! The lines are gorgeous.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  56. Gates wrote:

    Hot damn Jane, you look smokin’ in that.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  57. A.M. is the man. KEEP THE SUIT, GIRL!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  58. daisy wrote:

    It suits you so well!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  59. Ems wrote:

    Oh God, so you’re the kind of person that dresses their dogs?

    4.4.09 · Reply
  60. lia dominique wrote:

    Finally! An outfit I like. It really gives you a completely different tone. I think it is lovely on you and quite becoming.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  61. Its a nice suit, but you make it look fabulous

    4.4.09 · Reply
  62. i love this outfit from head to toe! :)

    4.4.09 · Reply
  63. Tal wrote:

    i’m a long time lurker i’ve been reading your blog for a while.
    i love your style, it’s nothing i would have the gall to wear, but it’s amazing.
    anyway this suit is the first piece that i can’t pass up without saying how AMAZING it is. i LOVE it.
    i bet you’ve had that feeling before where you’ve seen an item and literally your heart craved it. well..this suit is one of those things for me.

    4.4.09 · Reply
  64. katie wrote:

    I ran across this from Refinery 29, and saw you’re from Trophy Club. I lived there for 5 years through high school, my parents still do. I’m a senior at university now, but I guess that means you go to Northwest HS. Crazy small world`

    4.4.09 · Reply
  65. your dogs are soooo cute!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  66. -Kk wrote:

    yo thats a dope fit

    4.4.09 · Reply
  67. the suit looks awesome! someone commented its a little ‘old’ for you, but it would look just as amazing worn as seperates too.
    love you jane!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  68. Hi Jane! I really love you blog and your creativity!!
    It made me want to create my own blog, and even though it’s still a little baby, I hope you’ll come check it out…
    You have such a good sence of style, it’s amazing, I love it!

    4.4.09 · Reply
  69. Anika wrote:

    Wow, I would’ve thought you’d keep it. It looks fab! I guess those are the tough choices you have to make ;)
    Inspired to check out the online shop too.

    4.5.09 · Reply
  70. grace wrote:

    those heels and the black of that suit were made for each other! x

    4.5.09 · Reply
  71. Alexandra wrote:

    I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am by your style!
    It’s amazing how you can express yourself…
    Actually, I’m living in one of Stockholm’s suburbs in Sweden and are amazed how I can read about your life from another continent.
    Tack för en underbar blogg, as we say over here.

    4.5.09 · Reply
  72. candela wrote:


    4.5.09 · Reply
  73. marjorie wrote:

    I love! I love! I love! Atlantis vintage!!!!!!!!!

    4.5.09 · Reply
  74. rachel wrote:

    So i cannot tell from you this if you decided to out up or keep on ;]
    because that suit is killin it jane!
    oh how i love this blog – cannot wait to see you kill it in fashion. or anything!

    4.5.09 · Reply
  75. Love everything about this suit, not normally my thing either but definitely would keep. Looks Fabulous and the fit is wonderful. Great lines.
    Funny you should post this- I did an Alexander McQueen post before checking in, too- but it’s from the new TARGET line ;)
    Vintage is gorgeous, and Alexander McQueen is a dream.
    much love, xx

    4.5.09 · Reply
  76. say wrote:

    very nice outfit
    how many shoes have u got? i would love to see a photo of your whole collection!

    4.5.09 · Reply
  77. Susann wrote:

    Your outfit is absolutely perfect – i adore those shoes and the suit is more than beautiful [i love everything about it] :)
    I love your blog ♥
    xoxo, Susann

    4.5.09 · Reply
  78. amazing necklaces (the cross whas seen a lot in this Paris fashion week)!!!! congratulations for your wonderful blog :)

    4.5.09 · Reply
  79. dot wrote:

    Is your doggy wearing a studded leather cape?wonderful xxx

    4.5.09 · Reply
  80. That is a beautiful suit – so gorgeous, I want it!

    4.5.09 · Reply
  81. Laura wrote:

    you look great in this.
    i love alexander mcqueen

    4.5.09 · Reply
  82. hannah wrote:

    it’s a keeper

    4.5.09 · Reply
  83. Clare wrote:

    you really look stunning in everything LOL
    i adore Alexander McQueen
    cute dogs !!!

    4.5.09 · Reply
  84. hell looks wrote:

    Omg you are AMAZING
    check my online shoes store

    4.5.09 · Reply
  85. hell looks wrote:


    4.5.09 · Reply
  86. your stye is incredible i follow your blog from a long time and i realy can not understand how can i t continue getting better!!!
    you look stunning hun1 and your shoes are heven!!!

    4.6.09 · Reply
  87. martha wrote:

    totally awesome!

    4.6.09 · Reply
  88. Vinise wrote:

    You look absolutely fierce!

    4.6.09 · Reply
  89. Nataly wrote:

    I looove this suit! I think you should leave it for yourself!
    I think you may like this:

    4.6.09 · Reply
  90. Punkie wrote:

    wow, this looks so good on you! I want your sandals…

    4.7.09 · Reply
  91. This is amazing. I really would like to own this outfit! Very classy, yet edgy as well.

    4.7.09 · Reply
  92. hanako66 wrote:

    I love it…you should keep it!

    4.7.09 · Reply
  93. Lorena.F wrote:

    Hi Jane ;
    I just wanted to inform you that I am the girl who bought your mother’s blue Ralph Lauren jacket (in Atlantis Vintage -what a beautiful store!)
    I’llprobably post some photos of it & I -I totaly fell in love with it!- in my Modepass when I’ll recieve it :D
    Well; that’s all I wanted to say you!
    Kisses from Paris; Lorena. :)
    Ps: Sorry for my poor english !!

    4.7.09 · Reply
  94. Maeva wrote:

    Suits you so well Jane !

    4.7.09 · Reply
  95. Kaylyn wrote:

    Love it! It looks so good on you (of course!) Too bad you won’t be keeping it. But like yo said, it’snot your style so at least you got to try it on :)

    4.7.09 · Reply
  96. Jane darling, I am loving your Mcqueen Suit…don’t sell it! Keep it

    4.7.09 · Reply
  97. Alessandro wrote:

    I recently discovered you and I’m smitted with your style!

    4.7.09 · Reply
  98. emi lu wrote:

    I found your doppleganger:

    4.7.09 · Reply
  99. MARTA wrote:

    Very beautiful necklaces! Look at my blog: http://www.caseofgirls.blogspot.com

    4.9.09 · Reply
  100. this suit is amazing…jacket and jeweleries are perfection!

    4.10.09 · Reply
  101. hapsical wrote:

    Suit is simply beyond amazing and you’ve accessorised it perfectly.. don’t sell it, keep it for the future!

    4.14.09 · Reply
  102. Sydnee wrote:

    How do you find all of your awesome things from Ebay? I must know because however I search i come up with nothing!!!!

    8.11.09 · Reply