Dressing up again

So my mom picked up this vintage wrap dress the other day and before it was shipped to it's new home, I wanted to play around with it.
I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of being able to wear a wrap dress both as a coat, and as a dress. What a versatile piece-you could get so much wear out of it.
These shoulders and sleeves are what really kill me. It's always nice to have those pockets, too.
Very smart and sophistacted worn on it's own. Kinda feel like a power lady. But the right amount of decolletage showing keeps it a little bit sexy.
Wear it over cuffed black pants (mine are Y-3) and eccentric brogues and it's a whole new look. Casual but not sloppy.
The silver chain necklace was a recent purchase-it's sooooo beautiful, isn't it? I feel like I don't wear much jewelry but I will definitely be wearing this a lot. Worn with my Alex and Chloe deer horn and an old cross that was lying around one of our jewelry boxes in the garage.
Close up shot of my Yohji Yamamoto silver brogues. 
Heap on a scarf, uncuff the pants, and try some sculptural boots for something perhaps a little more agressive. To me, these boots make anything predatorial!
Everytime I post these Balenciaga Fall 2006 boots, I always get people asking me how I got them-it was a very, very lucky find. I was at Neiman's Last Call outlet and they had just gotten a shipment of shoes in that day. These boots were a season old at that point, but they had been sent to the outlet because one of the boots was missing a harness. I don't even wear the one harness I do have. So I got them for a great deal-lucky, huh? People are absolutely rabid about finding these boots now.
On a sidenote, I am totally obsessed with these Dries van Noten faux-croc pumps. I am stealing them from my mom, so they're a size and half too big for me. But if they go on sale I will get a pair for myself!
That heel is so beautiful and I love the capped toe. Sometimes it's nice to not show toe cleavage.
Randomly shot this gorgeous black and white pleated skirt. It'll be up on Atlantis vintage soon.
This skirt is really quite amazing-every individual pleat had to be sewn together. Worn with Dries van Noten black and brown strappy sandals, and a Richard Chai shearling jacket.
Why, oh why did it have to be that I got this faux fur Sasson jacket in April, right before summer started? If it was winter right now, I would wear this crazy jungle-green thing every day. It's crazy, right? Well, only 6 more months until I can wear it.
Gonna sign off now-I am so ridiculously behind on my email, it's horrible. I have email phobia!
XOX Jane

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  1. ashley wrote:

    hey jane –
    is the wrap dress going to be up on plain objects? if so i would love to purchase it.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  2. mira wrote:

    love these wrap jacket piks. so versatile! love the naughty teacher piks;)my fav is the cuffed pants look. i think those accessories make it! and those shoes.im in lust..sigh

    4.21.09 · Reply
  3. Brigadeiro wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the wrap coat/dress! Love all the outfits you built with it (especially with the Balenciaga boots), and yay, love those DVN sandals (I have the same & posted an outfit with them recently)!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  4. Jules wrote:

    WOW im speechless too much CHIC in one post lol I love the different ways that you wore the wrap dress, and you truly did get lucky with the Balenciaga shoes….love the fur and the pleated skirt. I love it all!
    great jewelry too

    4.21.09 · Reply
  5. Cruz wrote:

    Love that dress, it’s a shame it’s gone but you wore it magnificently! Love the brogues, I love when women wear brogues because even though they have way more options open footwear wise, they choose not to choose them. Kind of a sacrifice but not at all since it looks great! Love the faux fur too, I hate this hot weather already too since it’s keeping me from wearing some of my favorite winter pieces. X|

    4.21.09 · Reply
  6. Jenny wrote:

    Wow. The wrap dress is fab. The shape is fantastic…I love the hourglass look with cinching at the waist. And its versatility makes me adore it all the more…! Love your blog.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  7. Meg wrote:

    I vote you wear those glasses in every photo shoot from now on!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  8. yilin wrote:

    Every outfit is wonderfully stylish. My favourite is the vintage wrap dress as a coat over th Y-3 cuffed pants. By the way, I love the the Yohji Yamamoto brogues. Silver is such a rad colour for brogues. Any chance that you could give us a photo tour of your house? There are many nice details that I’d like to have a closer look at, such as the tree sculpture above your mantelpiece.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  9. Jane, I love your Yohji Yamamoto silver brogues.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  10. absolutely perfect and gorgeous outfit, jane!
    i’ve seen some of the photos on your mom’s blog!
    i love all your shoes and outfit!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  11. jessie wrote:

    the wrap is near kimono-like. very sophisticated, indeed. love the different ways you put this piece to use. my fave is the first one :)

    4.21.09 · Reply
  12. Tea wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    Where did you get those cute black framed glasses from?
    I’m lusting after a pair.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  13. denise wrote:

    i love all your outfits, as usual, but your house is amazing! so chic.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  14. tanya wrote:

    OMG this is the first time youve shown us a close up pic of your Yohji Yamamoto silver brogues. They are simply divine!
    I know you got them ages ago but where are they from? I am obssessed with them!
    ps. love when you do these multi image dressing up posts. Theyre always my fave posts <3

    4.21.09 · Reply
  15. Sydnie wrote:

    Jane, I love it when you wear those glasses! It makes the picture that much more funky! GREAT clothing choices this post! I especially love the wrap dress and the black and white skirt. PS: I’d steal your mom’s shoes too; they’re so cute! :)

    4.21.09 · Reply
  16. This post is full of eye candies! You look so cute in the last pic with that green fur jacket. Love your styling!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  17. Corrie wrote:

    Ahhhhh thanks for sharing all of these photos. You home/shoes/clothes/mom’s shoes/mom’s clothes are just so indulgent and amazing. Lucky lucky girl. Oh and nerd glasses + red lipstick is super cute.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  18. Libby wrote:

    You and your mom are great fashionistas! Love all the shoes and the fur coat!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  19. S.I.Q. wrote:

    i looooove the outfit with the Yamamotos and the Balenciagas!!
    but you are amazing in all of them!!
    -Marc Jacobs
    -Chloe for Opening Ceremony
    -Pirates of the Caribbean 4?!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  20. olyaiscool wrote:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have never been so impressed as I was by these photos. You look amazing, yet age appropriate. The clothes is awesome. Love!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  21. KD wrote:

    chic . . . overload . . . *heaves breath*

    4.21.09 · Reply
  22. Your outfits are absolutely fabulous! You own such unique and original pieces! lovelovelove your blog!
    <3 Chelsea'sGirl

    4.21.09 · Reply
  23. iru wrote:

    gotta love pieces that do double duty — especially when they work well as coats or dresses. very donna karan as a dress. explains why you felt like a power lady. next stop the white house? :) super chic as always!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  24. yuka wrote:

    i love everything you are wearing jane!
    so lucky you get to play dress up with so much fun stuff!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  25. Connie wrote:

    I see that you finally got yourself a remote for your camera! Unless you’re holding something else in your hand in the last picture… but it looks like a remote! Yay!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  26. Karen wrote:

    those glasses look awesome on you, very sexy business woman :)

    4.21.09 · Reply
  27. Arianna wrote:

    Hi Jane, I hardly ever comment but now I felt I simply had to! You look absolutely fabulous and you have such a unique and mature sense of style, its very admirable. You are an inspiration to all fashionable girls and your blog is so different and a refreshing change from the usual grunge-y, hipster, erin wasson-obsessed blogs. Thanks for giving us great looks and a peak into what I believe to be the most FABULOUS closet in Texas!!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  28. gennie wrote:

    omg this post is a crazy amalgamation of AWESOMENESS. hahaha. LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  29. Izzy wrote:

    Omg, I also have that green jacket! Crazy! I bought in a vintage store in New York years ago, but I rarely have the nerve to wear it. I think I’ll have to have a little fun with it next winter (or maybe next week, knowing Seattle).

    4.21.09 · Reply
  30. Peter wrote:

    Jane Why do you have to have so much steez!!! Love you for it!!!!!! Your beautiful and keep up the amazing work!!!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  31. Rachel wrote:

    I love that wrap dress, how lovely is your mum for getting that for you! I love that you matched it perfectly with simple colours :)

    4.21.09 · Reply
  32. Ashley K wrote:

    Love your glasses, you look so cute with them on! And that chain necklace is amazing. Goes without saying that all of your shoes are hot!!

    4.21.09 · Reply
  33. The necklace — great.
    I am in love with wraps as well, except for up here my main motivation is warmth, then style. Be thankful you don’t have to deal with it.
    Lastly, those shoes!!!! uhhhh to die for. Looking for a pair NOW.

    4.21.09 · Reply
  34. Brianna wrote:

    The first piece is very Kamali, so great! The glasses are pretty boss too : )

    4.21.09 · Reply
  35. sarah wrote:

    wow what a beautiful dress! looks comfy too, that’s a plus! you make it look great! i don’t think i could pull something like that off! your brown shoes however… those i could do!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  36. marina wrote:

    your posts lately have been SO GOOD

    4.22.09 · Reply
  37. brinn wrote:

    I love these outfit choices.. i am looking for the perfect pair of black jeans and I love the ones you are wearing in these photos.. do you remember where you found them? thanks!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  38. meg wrote:

    I also agree the dress is very Donna Karan. Are the glasses the Tom Ford ‘Cary’ by any chance? I’ve been debating between the Cary and Oliver Peoples ‘Tycoon’ for months but you’ve swung me into the Cary camp….

    4.22.09 · Reply
  39. Katie J wrote:

    Those boots ARE fantastic…loving the neck chains too!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  40. The Minx wrote:

    your brogues are so beautiful, like works of art…the color is just stupendous :)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  41. Monique wrote:

    your yamamoto brogues are LOVELY…

    4.22.09 · Reply
  42. Dana wrote:

    That first piece was brilliant. I wish I had managed to snatch it up at the shop first ;).

    4.22.09 · Reply
  43. Great outfits and I like the way you play with them. I walk a lot so I’m a big fan of brogues and those by Yamamoto are awesome but I also love Dries van Noten faux-croc pumps.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  44. The wrap dress really brings the brogues to a new level!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  45. Marie wrote:


    4.22.09 · Reply
  46. Christine wrote:

    I especially love the second look and the final look. The green/orange combo is great.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  47. Diana wrote:

    ohh, the dress is beautiful, your blog is very interesting.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  48. Helen wrote:

    I love the black and white pleated skirt.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  49. Woow, the wrap dress + pants outfit is gorgeous and those Dries heels are absolutely stunning!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  50. grace wrote:

    soo jane birkin in the photos w the dress.
    tina chung would be proud.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  51. k.gray wrote:

    Nice to see some more outfit posts but I can’t help but feel that this incredible blog is just becoming a site to advertise Atlantis Vintage merchandise. I think it would be great if you would do something like rumi does between her blog/ebay store. Love the blog… just don’t want to see it melt away or loose its spunk!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  52. Geri Wu wrote:

    love the wrap dress! its so sophisticated! the balenciaga shoes look amazing too!
    xx, Geri

    4.22.09 · Reply
  53. quelle wrote:

    that wrap dress is so amazing and versatile. i now wish i owned one.
    every one of these outfits is amazing. i just bought faux croc pumps myself! picking them up today! yay! (after i sleep.)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  54. elvire wrote:

    Hello, love all your shoes…. http://www.thefootlook.com

    4.22.09 · Reply
  55. Christie wrote:

    Those glasses look good on you.
    Jane, you are an awesome artist. I truly love your style.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  56. Love how you styled the wrap dress, those Yohji shoes are beautiful I’m definitely into strong masculine shoes like that paired with feminine dresses.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  57. la wrote:

    Hi babe,
    I am an owner of a blogshop :) I wish to contact u regarding the traffic of my blogshop as inhow do i increase the traffic and all. Please email me ! Hope to hear from u soon and have a nice day!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  58. petra wrote:

    you look extremely stunning in this last picture. wow!
    xxx petra

    4.22.09 · Reply
  59. Ine wrote:

    OMG I LOVE the sandals! By the way, I know you’re real busy, and you probably don’t need it, but @ my blog you can win a gift certificate for $50 at Rice and Beans Vintage!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  60. cassiopeia wrote:

    oooh – loving the wrap dress… gorgeous skirt too. you look so sophisticated and retro but with a thoroughly modern twist :-D

    4.22.09 · Reply
  61. Anonymous reader wrote:

    Hi Jane, that chain necklace is awesome! Where did you get it?

    4.22.09 · Reply
  62. your shoes keeps me drooling like a hungry dog!!
    love it. :)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  63. Lea Anne wrote:

    amazing looks Jane!! you look gorgeous is every look, my favorite is with the balenciaga boots!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  64. stine wrote:
    4.22.09 · Reply
  65. Cari wrote:

    The wrap is really amazing. The boots are great as well. xo Cari http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

    4.22.09 · Reply
  66. Charlie wrote:

    What season are the Yohji brogues from?

    4.22.09 · Reply
  67. Bri wrote:

    Hello! I love following your blog, and I am even surprised witht myself that this is my first comment. I only have a question: I’ve been looking for some big, dark rimmed, “fake” glasses such as these. I do wear contacts, and i would die to find some like the ones you’re wearing. Where can I find some?

    4.22.09 · Reply
  68. I’m so in love with that wrap dress and it works well as a coat to such a great find. It would be hard to let this go :(
    I’m also in love with that skirt its gorgeous! J’adore

    4.22.09 · Reply
  69. ashley wrote:

    I want those dries strappy sandals! the croc ones are beautiful too.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  70. DMS wrote:

    I just want every item in each photo.
    That dress is amazing.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  71. Martyna wrote:

    Firstly i love this “big post beacause of many photos:D” And secondly you really have great style,so unique i love your blog!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  72. chicfaced wrote:

    what’s up with the chalkboard? have we seen that before? i LOVE it as a background for photos- fun!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  73. I really think you look adorable in those glasses.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  74. Sabrina wrote:

    Is the Atlantis Vintage venture going well? You must be the best marketing tool for selling these items, they’re styled so well!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  75. Laura wrote:

    Jane, this really might be one of my favorite posts of yours, ever. I’m really impressed with how far your style has come since I started reading your blog. You and I have extremely similar tastes, and I applaud your creativity and the way you boldly display your very own signature style – you’ve got class, girl.
    way to go! i don’t think i could love this post any more, even if the ann d’s made an appearance :)
    ps: next time an awesome wrap dress like that comes by, send it to me!! haha. love the dress. and we have the same ray-ban glasses, i wear mine every day.
    keep it up!!!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  76. MAZPE wrote:


    4.22.09 · Reply
  77. Hanh wrote:

    Hi Jane , I’ve been reading your blog long time and love it. I don’t usually leave comments, because of the way i am. Now, I have my own blog so I break my shell and go out there(blog’s world)to give comments out.
    I love love …the boots. I ‘ve have a dream about them everytime you post that.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  78. AK wrote:

    i absolutely adore that necklace!!!!! Oh my goodness!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  79. hanh wrote:

    The pics are nice. love,.love…the boots!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  80. Max wrote:

    Hi, I sooo love the glasses and I wanted to get them for a while now but when I went to the store to buy them they told me that there are no optical ray ban wayfarer (that is not true! – but whatever) so they recommended to fill in optical lenses in the sunglasses. So I decided to do this but there are to different types. The New Wayfarer and the original Wayfarer … ahhhh I’m so confused … which one do you wear on the picture? Does anyone know?

    4.22.09 · Reply
  81. ediot wrote:

    you look absolutely fabolous in these pictures. and so pretty with the glasses. the wrapjackeT/dress is great. and so so so versatile. lucky girl!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  82. londoner wrote:

    jane, you look so unbelievable! it is so refreshing to see your passion for great style shine through your blog. can’t wait to see what you come up with next. xo

    4.22.09 · Reply
  83. Romi wrote:

    I’m totally crazy about that second look (the one with the Yohji brogues)the shoes are amazing!!!
    Just love it. Who doesn’t love versatile pieces?

    4.22.09 · Reply
  84. xAZD wrote:

    gorgeous clothes. I love labor intensive clothes, like that pleated skirt.
    x A

    4.22.09 · Reply
  85. Meow wrote:

    Did your feet just die in flats? ;)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  86. Kathryn wrote:

    That jacket is to die for! Looks like something I’ve seen on the site http://www.stylelikeu.com. They feature some really amazing people with great style!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  87. hanako66 wrote:

    what a fabulous piece that is! you look amazing in all of these photos

    4.22.09 · Reply
  88. andrea wrote:

    Can you tell us where these photos were shot? Almost looks like a modern museum! (In a good way).

    4.22.09 · Reply
  89. jacqueline wrote:

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and i really admire your style. I live in Houston and even here no one understands my fashion. Keep it up!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  90. rosa wrote:

    where were these pictures taken? it doesn’t look like your house

    4.22.09 · Reply

    4.22.09 · Reply
  92. love the outfit on the third picture :)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  93. to put it mildly: you ROCK!!! okay, excitement bubble has burst. lol in that first picture you look exactly like a mannequin. keep up the awesome posting!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  94. the dress is so versatile you should have kept it :)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  95. Lola Re wrote:

    the dress worn casually with the brogues is a great idea, good post on outfit variations! :o)

    4.22.09 · Reply
  96. amazing pants

    4.22.09 · Reply
  97. Vanessa wrote:

    Oh my, I love it! I love that you styled it so many different ways– it shows that it’s definitely the kind of item to invest in.

    4.22.09 · Reply
  98. love your necklaces!

    4.22.09 · Reply
  99. kelse wrote:

    i LOVE that grey jacket/dress.
    How can you part with something so beautiful.. sigh. x

    4.23.09 · Reply
  100. Solo wrote:

    Love your necklace..;D
    I need it..;D

    4.23.09 · Reply
  101. nice decolletage, bro

    4.23.09 · Reply
  102. Chotiga wrote:

    somehow, you remind me of Taylor Swift.. and you’re really pretty! :)

    4.23.09 · Reply
  103. the yohjis are hot hot hot. love.
    the faux glasses I dont care for, but no one can be 100% perfect.

    4.23.09 · Reply
  104. Charlotte wrote:

    That wrapping dress is perfect. I like it better in the first outlook you showed!

    4.23.09 · Reply
  105. Anika wrote:

    love the crazy coat/dress with the insane silver brogues. perfection.
    p.s. still reckon you shouldn’t sell the crazy hot dress in the last post, its divine!

    4.23.09 · Reply
  106. great outfits not my favorite thoughx

    4.23.09 · Reply
  107. An amazing dress again and your silver shoes are gorgeous!

    4.23.09 · Reply
  108. your clothes are so amazing. i saw you in teen vogue, and you are officially my new insiration, for my own blog and everyday fashion. and your hair is gorgeuos. please tell me how you make it so crimped looking. and feel fre to visit my site, oh-chic.co.nr
    keep up the awesome work

    4.23.09 · Reply
  109. Lauren wrote:

    Could you please tell me where the creme t-shirt you’re wearing is from? Is it American Apparel?

    4.23.09 · Reply
  110. Are these pictures all taken in your house?! The decor is so different from pictures you’ve posted previously. Still fab, of course.
    And i love love love mid-shin length dresses. So chic.

    4.23.09 · Reply
  111. Sylvia wrote:

    The boots and glasses are adorable!
    BTW, i think i need to pick up some dries sooner or later. =]

    4.23.09 · Reply
  112. jess wrote:

    Love all your pieces, the silver flats are fantastic, they will go with so much!

    4.23.09 · Reply
  113. Kim wrote:

    I really like the black & white skirt :)

    4.23.09 · Reply
  114. Christine wrote:

    *sigh* Jaaane! It’s all so beatiful! I love the wrap dress idea – really innovative. I love your glasses too, haha very quirky. :)

    4.23.09 · Reply
  115. inaya wrote:

    Jane! I love when you wear those Yohji shoes. :)
    I am collecting links for my new site and was wondering if you’re also wanting your second blog linked or just SOS?
    take care

    4.23.09 · Reply
  116. Angeliska wrote:

    That green faux fur coat is killing me! I adore it-
    lucky find, girl!

    4.23.09 · Reply
  117. i love your vintage style…

    4.23.09 · Reply
  118. cassandra wrote:

    i love your black cropped pant.

    4.24.09 · Reply
  119. I want those Balenciagas!
    You look stunning as always Jane.

    4.24.09 · Reply
  120. Lucy wrote:

    I love the glasses. I’ve been searching for some like them! I love your outfits in general. Very chic!!!

    4.24.09 · Reply
  121. Celine Rey wrote:

    Love it :)!

    4.24.09 · Reply
  122. Laura wrote:

    ‘The boots’ I got some…they arrived today, I am thrilled, on a whim I tried ebay last sat night and found some in my size I stayed up till 5am to bid and got them. I love the rolled up trousers, white top shoes and glasses combination…

    4.24.09 · Reply
  123. Rebexieee wrote:

    I am in LOVE with the Balenciaga boots – how much were they? Obviously it’s too late to find a pair, but I wanted to know how much you snagged them for.
    I also love the scarf that you wore in some of the shots – it’s stunning! x’s and o’s!

    4.24.09 · Reply
  124. Pilar wrote:

    oh I LOVE your style!
    I admire you so much

    4.24.09 · Reply
  125. Amelia wrote:

    I really like the wrap dress as a coat. It’s perfect with the brogues!

    4.24.09 · Reply
  126. Amalina wrote:

    wrap dress = gorgeous !

    4.25.09 · Reply
  127. Emilia wrote:

    wow,the last shoes are amazing :D

    4.25.09 · Reply
  128. Catherine wrote:

    Your fat as hell!

    4.25.09 · Reply
  129. Catherine wrote:

    Forgot to mention ugly as fuck!

    4.25.09 · Reply
  130. Em wrote:

    Amazing blog! It’s always very creative and inspirational. Being a high school exchange student in Paris, it is nice to see that a teen in Texas can provide the world with such fashion ideas (like Garance Doré!).
    Keep up the great work!

    4.25.09 · Reply
  131. valentina wrote:

    OK! i’m sooo excited!!
    once I road in a spanish magazine (maybe GLAMOUR?) an article about a girl who has like 16 years old, she collected a lot of shoes, she didn’t live in a “fashion-city”… and I was like Oh my good! it sounds soooooooooooo soo good!
    well, in that moment i was in my grandmother’s house, so then I forgoted it.
    and today, I have founded that super-blog!! I just love it. you are amazing!
    i’m gonna add you to my favourite blogs list.
    wooowowwww i’m so happy! :)

    4.25.09 · Reply
  132. Zoe wrote:

    The wrap dress & Balenciaga boots. I lovee. Also your faux jacket, i love the colour(:

    4.25.09 · Reply
  133. Patricia wrote:

    Luv the wrap dress and omg those balenciaga boots are amazing. U’re a Fashion Jeanious Jane, u inspired me to start my own fashion blog. Amazing!

    4.25.09 · Reply
  134. dorota wrote:

    oh Jane…I wish I were you…
    kisses from Poland (again Poland :))!!!!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  135. coco wrote:

    The Balenciagas are my one true love!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  136. Veronica wrote:

    I really really really LOVE these Balenciaga Fall 2006 BOOTS .. *.*
    Greetings from Poland ; *

    4.26.09 · Reply
  137. Rocío L. wrote:

    I love all the outfits!!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  138. drea wrote:

    please….post about something other than what your mom will put on the site..I miss your old posts! not these plugs!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  139. 璐璐 wrote:

    so cool!!!!!!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  140. D wrote:

    versatile yet dramatic pieces are the best. lucky girl!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  141. L.F. Wynn wrote:

    i adore the wrap dress and your croc pumps! puree genius :)

    4.26.09 · Reply
  142. Kyra wrote:

    You kinda have the weirdest and the most annoying style ever, and that’s why I love it.
    You look like a princess in queen’s clothes. You are great :)

    4.26.09 · Reply
  143. Nancy wrote:

    I love the versatility of the piece. The details are fantastic and they’re much more visible worn as a coat!

    4.26.09 · Reply
  144. michell wrote:

    i’m from poland .i’m 14. you are amazing .. this clouths ! love !

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