Sorry for the drop-off in posting! And email responses.
I've been in NY since Thursday night and things have been super busy since I got here, but today and tomorrow I got to do a little shopping with my family. The weather is really great. It's so much fun. I just saw Terry Richardson like three minutes ago riding his bike outside of where I'm staying! Crazy.
I'll have lots of fun things to share soon and I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend.
xo Jane

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  1. Madelene wrote:

    Looking forward to a NYC photo post :)

    5.23.09 · Reply
  2. Sunset wrote:

    Sounds fabulous!! Can’t wait for pictures :)

    5.23.09 · Reply
  3. Adrianna wrote:

    Thats what I love about NY, you get to see so many famous people, and the fashion of course.

    5.24.09 · Reply
  4. mossie wrote:

    i heart noir, ny! lol. be careful of all the rich people

    5.24.09 · Reply
  5. Rachelle wrote:

    Have fun! :)

    5.24.09 · Reply
  6. Japke wrote:

    I must say I’m a little bit jealous of you, it’s sounds great to be in NY!

    5.24.09 · Reply
  7. Fitz wrote:

    Let me guess…he had super bright reflectors on his bike? I can’t imagine TR doing anything without a flash.

    5.24.09 · Reply
  8. KD wrote:

    Remember! You MUST MUST MUST visit Allan & Suzi’s at 80th and Amsterdam – and whatever you do, bargain! http://nymag.com/listings/stores/allan-and-suzi/

    5.24.09 · Reply
  9. xAZD wrote:

    Jane! Living around the city, I’ve been to the lower east side a bunch of times. There’s teriffic shopping in the area between 3rd and 1st aves and 5th and 11th streets.
    This one resale/vintage store is really great…bought some gorgeous Zac Posen shorts way discounted :)

    5.24.09 · Reply
  10. Cruz wrote:

    Very jealous you’re in NY and that you saw Terry hahah, well have fun :)

    5.24.09 · Reply
  11. I was just there for ICFF last week. Total blast. Hope you and the Fam have a great time. Oh, and I ran into Chadd at a show last Sunday night. Hugs to your moms and sister!

    5.24.09 · Reply
  12. Terry Richardson is the bom diggity.

    5.24.09 · Reply
  13. Glorious Sightings wrote:

    Terry Richardson is often riding around in Nolita. I saw David Bowie just the other day nearby on Houston. Absolutely no one else recognized him. He was finely dressed. I thought of you.

    5.24.09 · Reply
  14. Christine wrote:

    Ohh. i was in New York today checking out the Park Ave. Armory art Exhibit, which was really neat, then grabbing a bite at Bryant Park. Hope you had fun, the city has such great shopping opportunities, especially in the Lower west side. :]

    5.24.09 · Reply
  15. tresh wrote:

    shopping is passion!
    im liking

    5.24.09 · Reply
  16. dannie wrote:

    luuuuv tha pic
    kinda reminds meeh of madonna at the met ball, remember her craaazy louis vuiton bunny ears???
    haha…this is kinda much better tho

    5.24.09 · Reply
  17. sarah wrote:

    have fun!

    5.24.09 · Reply
  18. Gabrielle wrote:

    I see Terry on his bike all the time!

    5.25.09 · Reply
  19. Gabrielle wrote:

    Oh, and check out David Owen’s Vintage on Orchard St, in . My friend’s family owns the store. They mainly sell fur, but get other great items as well. It would be great if you could pop in!

    5.25.09 · Reply
  20. olivia wrote:

    how incredible! terry richardson is such a fascinating photographer.
    enjoy your time in ny!

    5.25.09 · Reply
  21. ragil mega wrote:

    Lucky you! Have fun in New York!

    5.25.09 · Reply
  22. Michael Anderson wrote:

    Your style is mad inspiring Jane. I come here everyday to see ur update. although im a guy and i cant wear 99.9% of the stuff u put on display, i still admire your taste.

    5.25.09 · Reply
  23. bint wrote:
    5.26.09 · Reply
  24. Leigh wrote:

    i’m pretty sure i saw you standing outside topshop in soho on sunday.

    5.27.09 · Reply
  25. nmakows wrote:

    could you do some photos of your room?

    6.7.09 · Reply
  26. K wrote:

    Tina Fey?

    3.11.10 · Reply