During our short day in LA, my mom and I discovered a japanese line we had never heard about at Maxfields-we pried the sales associates to tell us about it, but no one seemed to know much. They had only a very small selection. We first fell in love with the cropped bell-bottom frayed jeans we both bought-their tags said ‘LGB’.
Later we found the most breathtaking leather jacket tucked away in the back of the store: layers of beautifully distressed leather, exagerated sleeves & assymetric cut, tiny little skull buttons….and an arrangment of peacock feathers going down the lapel. Very rock & roll but at the same time completely ethereal. We were told that this jacket was made under a label that was in the same group as LGB-that the group as a whole was called ‘Maniac’.
My mom and I totally flipped out over that jacket…it was hard to leave the store without it. But I told myself that I would make it my mission to find out more about ‘Maniac’ and ‘LGB’ when we were in Tokyo.
Easier said than done-Maniac’s amazing stores are unknown to even some of the most shop-savvy Tokyoites. They don’t advertise and they don’t allow their clothing to be photographed for magazines. It took some snooping-had to find out what the hell ‘LGB’ stood for (Le Grand Bleu as it turns out) and I got a little confused by the three store locations when I finally DID manage to find out where/what they were.
So if I have understood correctly, the ‘Maniac Corporation’ consists of their two lines: Le Grand Bleu (LGB) and If Six Was Nine. The lines are extremely similar, but LGB focuses mainly on denim. If Six Was Nine is all amazing rock n roll pieces-menswear and womenswear.
The three stores that the Maniac corp owns are Bedrock in Omotesando Hills, Le Grand Bleu in Azabudai, and Circus in Daikanyama.
All of the stores are very different. I can’t even begin to describe to you how amazing the stores themselves are. I wish I could take pictures but it is strictly foridden in all of their stores.
Bedrock is probably the most impressive: to get to Bedrock, you have to go through a little backdoor in a cafe in Omotesando hills. That cafe would be the Forbidden Fruit cafe, which has great vegetarian curry by the way.
Bedrock is competely out of this world-without a doubt the most memorable shopping experience I have ever had. It’s like you’ve left Tokyo and stepped into the world’s coolest post-apocolyptic fall-out shelter. It’s worth the trip just to see the store itself. There is an amazing gigantic terrarium in the back of the store too.

This is the Forbidden Fruit Cafe-go down an ominous flight of stairs to enter Bedrock.
This is the sign outside of Le Grand Bleu-the storefront is a great cafe.
Side door
The food there is *really* tasty.
Like I said, the stores themselves transcend verbal description. The only thing I can tell you is that if you’re ever in Tokyo, you HAVE to go.
In addition to LGB and If Six Was Nine, their stores carry Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Lanvin, and John Galliano to name a few.
These big-name labels paled in comparison to what Maniac had to offer.
My mom and I decided that while we are in Tokyo, we only want to shop at Maniac’s stores-the pieces we’ve purchased are now our favorite things in our closets.
I’ll just shut the fuck up about how much I love this label now!! Let me show you a couple of the things I’ve come away with.
Wearing a raw silk charcoal caridgan by LGB, wax coated python-embosses tie-dye pants by If Six Was Nine, double layered tank top by LGB, Martin Margiela python clutch, Martin Margiela wooden clogs, and Yohji Yamamoto hat.
Here is what my mom wore yesterday.
The LGB bondage pouch pants-this is a men’s pant.
Worn with vintage sequin jacket, Stella Mccartney mesh sandals, Ralph Lauren belt, Topshop tee
These are men’s tie-dyed jeans. Mom is wearing them with a vintage jacket, vintage belt, and stella Mccartney mesh sandals.
I got this one-sleeved cream leather jacket for myself.
If Six Was Nine leather jacket worn with LGB bondage pouch pants (mine are womens jeans), LGB double layered tank, and Givenchy cowboy booties.
I have more Maniac things to show you-I think mom and I are going to run over their today to pick up some pieces for her.
Please do visit their website-they have some pictures of some of their collection but they don’t do them justice at all, in my humble opinion.
I am so happy that I’ve come back from Tokyo with something that I truly love and am totally excited about-finding out about LGB and If Six Was Nine made this whole trip very special.
I would love to find out more about this somewhat mysterious label-the language barrier has made it difficult to ask the sales associates questions, but I do know *who* the designer is. He was eating lunch in the cafe the first time we visited. I’ll try to find out more info before I leave!


  1. jane wrote:

    WHOA. that cream jacket is f’n amazing. im so jealous.

    6.28.09 ·
  2. Christing wrote:

    your mom’s outfit is incredible! love the sequin blazer! and your one sleeve leather jacket is so original…you pull it off perfectly!

    6.28.09 ·
  3. Christine wrote:

    That leather jacket is AH-MAZING!
    Love,love,love Sea of Shoes Jane!!!

    6.28.09 ·
  4. Miss Red wrote:

    i love the leather jacket. the whole one sleeve thing is really cool. i aslo really love hte black hat in the first picture. and the pants in the first picture are so so cool. i love your mom’s second outfit. i’m not really into the tie dye trend, but she really pulls it off.

    6.28.09 ·
  5. x S wrote:

    wish my mom would buy me thousand dollar jackets too… oh well. you look fab, accessorized beautifully. sick pants/jacket!

    6.28.09 ·
  6. Geraldine wrote:

    I love your leather jacket!! Have fun in Tokyo! ;P

    6.28.09 ·
  7. maria wrote:

    Love your new clothes, so awesome!!!

    6.28.09 ·
  8. Rosemary wrote:

    Those pieces are amazing! That’s even cooler that you had to kinda hunt to find them, makes them more unique and special, which is really saying something considering how cool they are. That jacket is so incredible! Congratulations on the find!

    6.28.09 ·
  9. e.g wrote:

    thanks for doing the leg work behind who LGB was, after i fell in love with your cropped jeans, i researched forever online and could find virtually nothing about them. oh well, i guess i will just have to go to japan.

    6.28.09 ·
  10. msh wrote:

    i think you got gypped. it only has one sleeve. you try way too hard.

    6.28.09 ·
  11. Brigadeiro wrote:

    OMGOSH!!! Your raw silk cardigan and one-sleeved leather jacket are absolutely UNREAL! I’m in love! I can’t get over your mom’s vintage sequinned jacket either, so perfect with the Stella’s!
    Great finds, and thanks for sharing them! :)

    6.28.09 ·
  12. Ava wrote:

    GORGEOUS finds!! That creme jacket is off the wall incredible!

    6.28.09 ·
  13. Cruz wrote:

    WOW WOW thanks so much for informing me of this amazing brand. Everything you guys got is O__O amazin. You and your mom look stylish as always. :)

    6.28.09 ·
  14. Laura wrote:

    This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment on your blog–but this post really excited me. It’s rare to see fashion bloggers actually be inspired and entranced by new labels–I feel like usually most people are just copying what they see in magazines or on other blogs. The pieces that you and your mom bought are absolutely gorgeous and it shows that you really care about fashion as a craft, not just as a trend.

    6.28.09 ·
  15. william wrote:

    This is like the Japanese equivalent to Margiela, only more strange and secretive. I mean, you have to walk through cafes to get to their stores?! It’s like a high fashion black market. It’s hard to not be interested in something so crazy, but I doubt I would ever have heard about it had you not posted. I’m in love with their exaggerated, long sleeves and all those jeans. So fabulous.

    6.28.09 ·
  16. Nahal wrote:

    Wow you are amazing!
    How long are you staying in Tokyo?

    6.28.09 ·
  17. Katie wrote:

    wow i am really digging your eye makeup in these photos! what kind of eyeliner are you using?? is it liquid? it looks great!

    6.28.09 ·
  18. Corinne wrote:

    I very rarely comment here, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months. But that one sleeved leather jacket is possibly the most AMAZING thing I have seen this month. Absolute love!

    6.28.09 ·
  19. you make me want to visit Japan! what amazing style!

    6.28.09 ·
  20. great clothes! love them all!

    6.28.09 ·
  21. ashlee wrote:

    good detective work!

    6.28.09 ·
  22. Josh wrote:

    Everything’s just fantastic. It’s so odd that they’re low key about exposure though.
    I want all the tie-dye pants and that awesome jacket!!!!

    6.28.09 ·
  23. jenny wrote:

    a lot of people in nyc follow these cult japanese brands and they are actually well known about. They have a sister store in LA as well!

    6.28.09 ·
  24. iyam wrote:

    the jacket is AWESOME!!! and the jeans toooo LOOOOOOVE EM! :)
    you look great Jane!

    6.28.09 ·
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    6.28.09 ·
  26. wow – dynamite post!! LOVE those bondage pouch pants! and your cardigan is to die for. i also adore your blazer – looks so beautiful!!!! congratulations haha

    6.28.09 ·
  27. Jo wrote:

    Such a fitting name for the company.
    The python pants are amazing detailed, but it is the cream leather jacket that’s my favourite. Do you mind sharing price range? I’d love to be prepared for when I ever do get to Tokyo. Thanks!

    6.28.09 ·
  28. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane! These clothes are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! <3 Ava

    6.28.09 ·
  29. Belle wrote:

    ooooooooh the pants, the pants, the pants. and the cream jacket is just insane…i really can’t wait to see how you wear it with some of your other clothes…what an incredible piece! also, side note, your hair is looking really good, whatever they did to it at the hairdressers seems to have really worked.

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  30. Your outfit with the cream leather jacket is so amazing…

    6.28.09 ·
  31. WOW!! Despite being a constant lurker, I’ve never commented on your blog. I must say that you are AMAZING!!!! If you don’t end up being some sort of high fashion magazine editor/stylist/trend analyst etc.. then the moon really is is made of cheese. You NEED to be working for Vogue. Seriously. You and your mom have the most inspiring sense of style. If I had real money, I would dress like the pair of you at all times.

    6.28.09 ·
  32. simar wrote:

    I love the jacket….great find.

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    i love the different looks,
    and outfits!
    you and your mom rock!

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  34. CUTIE-KUN wrote:

    These outfits are amazing. Seriously, probably my favorite post of yours Jane. I reblogged one of your pictures and linked it back to your website…hope you don’t mind :] Just had to share! It’s on

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  35. Christine wrote:

    Those outfits are fantastic!
    Thanks for posting about this incredibly mysterious line.

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  36. Kat wrote:

    Great clothes! Thank you for sharing Tokyo and your finds. It’s always amazing to come to your site.

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  38. idontcare wrote:

    for being a vegetarian, i dont understand why you are holding a python skin bag??

    6.28.09 ·
  39. Romi wrote:

    OMG!!!! The creame leather jacket is sicckkkkkk!!!!! All the pieces really but that one specially.
    It must be amazing to discover such a brand. It’s a pitty they don’t allow photos… but come to think about it, thats probably what makes it so special…

    6.28.09 ·
  40. Nicha wrote:

    You nailed it with both of those outfits, and your mom’s style is really awesome.

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  43. Love the hat and clutch. Your mom’s outfit rocks.
    Doesn’t your other arm feel cold with your jacket? :D

    6.29.09 ·
  44. Ann wrote:

    for those criticising Jane, just look around, is it possible to find shoes or bags not made of leather???..and how do we know if Jane has recently converted to vegetarianism?
    anyway, excellent post.
    xx Aussie Chick

    6.29.09 ·
  45. Rominalee wrote:

    Hmm. I know you are very fashion forward and wear your clothes with a punch, but I think these are a bit over the top and kitschy. Even when following trends and picking up fads I believe it is always important to incorporate a bit of the ol’ classics- the cult fashion icons never got too caught up in their eras and though they are clearly from another age they are timeless and still coveted for that reason. I am actually also surprised that few other people so far have any criticism or input except for pure praise, and I believe that might have to do with the fact that your blog is widely read and respected, so people are demonstrating the lemming tendency they tend to have. I do love most of your posts though, so that’s why this one disappointed.

    6.29.09 ·
  46. alex wrote:

    with the exception of the last look (which is FAB), i think you’re trying a bit too hard
    it sometimes looks a bit too contrived.
    sorry, i like your looks, but sometimes it’s like FOUL.
    sorry :(
    yr mom’s outfit is boss!
    (i know yr reading, mom. ilu.)
    but, really, that last look is FABULOUS!

    6.29.09 ·
  47. Jing wrote:

    Oh wow, what an amazing brand!
    Thanks for sharing Jane! :)
    Looking forward to seeing more Manic items!!!

    6.29.09 ·
  48. kristen wrote:

    I’m so obsessed with your tye dyed python pants. Love!

    6.29.09 ·
  49. kim wrote:

    i am absolutely in love with that jacket! it’s just perfect!

    6.29.09 ·
  50. coronaboomboom wrote:

    OMFG!! (And can I come along on your next trip to carry your trunks?;)

    6.29.09 ·
  51. Lainey wrote:

    You are just so insanely chic! I’m drooling over that cream blazer. I couldn’t believe it only had one sleeve. It’s genius! You look gorgeous as always. And I love that your mom is cool about having your do outfit posts of her as well. She’s amazing.

    6.29.09 ·
  52. AliceInLaLaLand wrote:

    I love love love LGB and If Six was Nine too!
    There is this amazing boutique here in Melbourne that carries them but they are so expensive!!
    Thanks for posting up their website! I shall check out these boutiques if I have the chance to go to japan again.
    And your cream jacket is amazing!!!

    6.29.09 ·
  53. anN wrote:

    I feel like comment on yr blog again as I’m also a big fan of LGB and If six was nine. I saw it at Maxfields many years back and can’t stop finding more about them online… very difficult indeed! …and u r right, even fashion savvy people don’t know much about it.
    I remember myself missing the Maniac’s jacket, union jack pants and scarf in flag print many seasons back at Maxfields, They r all sold out and the sales assoc told me to find in Japan, but they also can’t locate the place…. It took me a week to find the shop Anyway, I really love buying Maniac in Japan cos it’s much cheaper than in USA and that shop is really cool and out of this world like you said :) that silver python label is too cute, too.
    Love all your Maniac buy, that python pants is so cool and so you :)Enjoy shopping Jane :)

    6.29.09 ·
  54. Cynthia wrote:

    I’m very impressed with the level of bravery it takes to wear these pieces. I mean, python pants? One sleeved leather jackets? These are usually pieces reserved for editorials, not the every day girl. You clearly are not the every day girl. Congrats Jane on being *so* in your own fashion world and not letting others effect your style.
    However, I do have to say in this post it seems like you put outfits together by just buying everything from this one brand. Since they don’t post photos online, we can’t see their lookbook but for all we know you just ripped this stuff of a mannequin. I hope to see you wear these pieces with your other clothes in the future so it won’t look so intentionally “I’m-trying-to-be-a-fashion-badass.”
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    6.29.09 ·
  55. Cara wrote:

    How do you find out about places like these

    6.29.09 ·
  56. Cara wrote:

    I want to see if there are any places like this in US, preferablly SF
    I really want to go to one
    let me no
    Also i have a fashion blog as well and a while ago i mentioned you on it
    i would love it if you checked out my blog and maybe help me get ppl reading it by linking it to your site, ill do the same
    i would rlly love it, ur like a fashion celeb to me
    i look up to u

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  57. marb wrote:

    oh god i need to find one sleeved jacket no matter what

    6.29.09 ·
  58. R wrote:

    Holy crap Im so jealous of your entire trip so far, you guys are so hamming it up in tokyo with your awesome outfits, such a dynamic stylish duo. Love the new pants and jacket you bought, and your moms pants too!

    6.29.09 ·
  59. This has to be the shopping spree of a lifetime! I hope that someday I get to travel all over the world collecting the worlds most unique clothing like you and your mom get to do. It is amazing how much you have been able to individually investigate independent fashion labels – considering how much time and money it takes.

    6.29.09 ·
  60. dannie wrote:

    i dont usually like snake print but those flares are siiiiick, maybe its my love for flares kicking in.
    those bondage pants are great as well, the female and male version!
    sooo all in all, howd you like tokyo? pleeeease say you went to sanrio land! or at least bought one hk item!!!

    6.29.09 ·
  61. mch wrote:

    no mention of jackson at all? self centered much?

    6.29.09 ·
  62. Sanna wrote:

    Thank you Jane for the information. I bought an amazing black top by If Six was Nine from Joyce boutique in Hong Kong last year and been trying unsuccessfully to get more information about the line. Not sure when I will visit Tokyo but will keep the details in case. Thanks again. You both look amazing. Sanna

    6.29.09 ·
  63. Emilie wrote:

    I totally love what you and your mom were wearing!!!
    Hope you had a great trip!!!

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  64. Kasia wrote:

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    Love your look guys.=D You and your mom are both gorgeous! And hope to see more. Have a great week.;D
    Travel and Living

    6.29.09 ·
  67. romi wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    if you still more fancy wooden shoes search visit trippen gives ‘ s also several times in Tokyo.
    Further informations: http://www.trippen.com
    Hope you like it;-)
    Greetings from Cologne (Germany)

    6.29.09 ·
  68. Emily wrote:

    Some of these pieces look quite neat… I’m in Japan for the next year, and am plotting out a few trips to Tokyo. I like finding hidden shops, even if I can’t buy anything… I’m wondering, what are the price ranges for this line? (in yen or dollars). Not to be gauche, but if I go into a shop knowing I’ll be unable to purchase anything, I’ll have a much more fun time browsing than if I go in hoping that it’ll be within my range.

    6.29.09 ·
  69. Helen wrote:

    If Six Was Nine is sold in a number of European boutiques, and also on Yoox in case others are interested. I’ve picked up some amazing pieces by them in the past, so versatile.

    6.29.09 ·
  70. Stella Yoo wrote:

    Just too many amazing pieces in one post! Im overwhelmed. :)

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    I have gotta find a way of going to Tokyo! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Oh my. I’m going to tokyo in 2 weeks for a while so I’ll definitely check it out. It sounds so cool and secretive. I’ve heard of that forbidden fruits shop before and I wanted to check it out anyway so I’ll find the secret door. (: I may even be able to get my boyfriend to translate questions to them. mwahaha.

    6.29.09 ·
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    Totally going to check out the Maniac corp when I go to Tokyo next year!

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    Oh MY God how amazing is that label(s). The mens pants are a gorgeous find! The cream blazer is stunning along with the black knitted cardigan . The sleeves are so unique. What an amazing find, I applaud you on your “hunting” skills, just like me. If I find something I have to know all about it or as much as possible!

    6.29.09 ·
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    yes, stella mccartney, matt and nat, or at least more vintage, and not something newer like martin margiella

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    margiela, sorry

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  97. Marina wrote:

    I think I’ve tried on that jacket you were describing. It’s under “If Six Was Nine”, right?
    Even if it’s not the same one that label is amazing. They manage to make everything fit as if it had been custom made. I remember going back and just staring at the jacket as if it were a museum piece (so out of reach!)
    Lu-cky you. Those bell-bottoms are awesome too.

    6.29.09 ·
  98. amy wrote:

    Hi, this is Amy from Texas. Can you please do a sizing guide for shoes? I’m slowly gathering my own small collection of euro shoes, and am realizing it’s harder to order online than expected! Because even though I may be standard 8 US, I’m 8.5 in Marni, 9 in Chloe, 9.5 Chanel, etc etc. (those figures aren’t exactly true) So although I’m not really in the market for Ann D’s or Margiela’s (that’s your style, not so much mine), I am very curious to see how sizes differ among designers. I sort of realize that Italian is a half size larger than my US numerical size, and French is one size larger, but there are still many exceptions! Just a suggestion :)

    6.29.09 ·
  99. The clothes look great, but don’t you think you’re doing a disservice by exposing all this info about the company when they seem to take pride in staying extremely under the radar?

    6.29.09 ·
  100. Wendy Broffman wrote:

    Hi Jane – check out YOOX. They carry If Six Was Nine.
    Here’s the link to an amazing rock ‘n roll metallic leather coat on the site for half off
    ….it doesn’t have the asymetrical details so popular right now with the line and others like Ann D. and Owens, but I think you will enjoy perusing their selection.
    Such a lucky girl you are….traveling with your mom! Have fun and more shopping success.

    6.29.09 ·
  101. jane that last outfit is absolutely divine on you – the jacket is amazing! It looks like you’re having an awesome time in tokyo!!
    The Voguette

    6.29.09 ·
  102. Kate wrote:

    Wow. As I was scrolling past these photos I could feel my eyes widen and my jaw drop. Thank you for sharing this incredible label with us. One more reason I need to visit Tokyo ASAP.

    6.29.09 ·
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    Thank you so much for keeping us posted on your trip, I’m totally living vicariously right now.. haha

    6.29.09 ·
  109. Amanda wrote:

    I’ve heard of If Six was Nine before, they have some really drool worthy-what-dreams-are-made-of stuff :)
    FYI, Yoox carries both If Six was Nine and LGB.

    6.29.09 ·
  110. melissa wrote:

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    6.29.09 ·
  111. i wrote:

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    6.29.09 ·
  113. Kristin wrote:

    I love how your mom introduces the idea of women wearing a men’s skinny pant/jean– that just opened new doors for my shopping! Also, the waxed python-embossed pant is TO DIE FOR. HOT! HOT! HOT! Thanks for sharing!

    6.29.09 ·
  114. Sara wrote:

    love those bondage pants and the tank top and that black cardi.. and the python pants.
    all gorgeous!

    6.29.09 ·
  115. rachel wrote:

    oh my god love the way that leather jacket is pieced together. gotta start sewing like crazy. what a label!
    also <3 the various shades of gold tempered with black in the first outfit. i feel like those pants should be really over the top and punk but they just come off as…almost elegant? with that drapey, ghosty-sleeved cardigan.

    6.29.09 ·
  116. Delilah wrote:

    Jane, if your parents couldn’t afford expansive fashion where would you shop?

    6.29.09 ·
  117. Chickdowntown Estelle wrote:

    That cream jacket is so cute from behind. I just wish it had another sleeve. I know it’s part of the jacket’s charm, but I feel as though it’d be awkward to wear. The length and front detailing are gorgeous though.

    6.29.09 ·
  118. Britte wrote:

    sneaky sneaky little brand… so mysterious… nextime I’m at Maxfield I’ll have to take a looksie.
    Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope that someday I will get to see the stores in Tokyo myself!

    6.29.09 ·
  119. slambiant desire wrote:

    your leather jacket is awesome, i’m dying to be in tokyo to visit these amazing stores (i will study in tokyo in sep 2010) love your blog, and kiss from france jane.

    6.29.09 ·
  120. Peggy wrote:

    such an inspiring post! amazing cardigan and jacket. i love the cool details of your mom’s pouch pants!

    6.29.09 ·
  121. Pearl wrote:

    Oh how exciting!! Like a fashion treasure hunt! No one is as creative and mysterious as Japanese designers!
    The leather jacket is simply exsquisite, please so us some more!

    6.29.09 ·
  122. Anne wrote:

    Ooh yeah love your style like always. Your mom also always looks great. Isn’t your sister a little bit jealous that you go to Tokyo and she not? I’m jealous haha. Curious to other posts!!

    6.29.09 ·
  123. Marian wrote:

    If six were nine and LGB are wonderful. The one sleeved leather jacket is beautiful.
    muah x

    6.29.09 ·
  124. Becca wrote:

    I Love love love the python pants and that leather jacket is AMAZINGLY great.

    6.29.09 ·
  125. Melina wrote:

    Your mom is hot

    6.29.09 ·
  126. Laura Wehrman wrote:

    Amazing find, ladies! Those pieces are seriously SICK SICK SICK!!! Your tie dye pythons are very very exciting!! Are they actual python or an embossed denim python texture? The fray at the bottom leads me to believe that they are fabric but with the Japanese, you just never know. Boy I love Japan!!
    Any ideas where in NYC one may find LGB and If Six Was Nine? Maxfield does not have a website and I don’t visit LA that often.

    6.29.09 ·
  127. Isabel wrote:

    Looks like you and your mom have found some kee-razy pieces on your travels!! I love your mom’s sequin jackets. Wish I had one like it.

    6.29.09 ·
  128. Kathlene wrote:

    2 types of Macadamia nuts! I didn’t know there were different kinds.

    6.29.09 ·
  129. ali wrote:

    goood god. you just took yourself to a completely new level. from alice in wonderland to cowboy noir. congratulations. and your way is better than what noir looks like usually because its got that alice twist with the hat and your sweet alice face.
    the creamy leather jacket KNOCKS MY SOCKS OFF. im a jacket girl. its like im a dying person, eyes clouded by mirage (seeing desert.)
    and i would wear that first outfit every single day until you had to peal it off of my old wrinkled skin.
    clothes make for the best toys dont they?
    i found a hat like that on haight street. that single hat made me into a hat fiend and my wallet has thinned because of it.
    evil hat.

    6.29.09 ·
  130. I might have to steal that leather jacket of yours, it’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time, kinda tired from the whole bomber jacket trend..
    you and your mom look amazing!
    check out my blog @

    6.29.09 ·
  131. e wrote:

    People that think you look too over-the-top have certainly never been to Tokyo. ;) You both look very chic as far as I’m concerned.

    6.29.09 ·
  132. I love the leather jacket it’s so beautiful! You are so lucky to have these chances and such a fashion forward mom.
    I hope you having a great time!
    love the fashion kiwi

    6.29.09 ·
  133. i am completely captivated by this rather avant garde line! their aesthetic is so appealing, perhaps due in part to their preference for remaining underground, so to speak- whatever the reason, it’s certainly clever. how very margiela of them!
    LOVE the one-sleeve jacket, with its “incomplete” construction. wow. i’m now tempted to remove a sleeve from something; how crazy is that! and the python-embossed frayed pants are insane.
    i’m very glad you and your mom were able to locate some killer finds. sleuthing is fun, and obviously paid off, judging from the fantastic photos.

    6.29.09 ·
  134. Slegna wrote:

    I’m really in love with that cream blazer! *cries* Thank you for discovering this lovely label and now I’m really hoping to get to Japan one day!

    6.29.09 ·
  135. celia wrote:

    i have to say, i was starting to perfer your older style more, but this cream jacket made me change my mind. you have this way of pulling of completely insane looks and making them look amazing(:

    6.29.09 ·
  136. DNI wrote:

    I’ve been following ur blog since couple months but this is my first time comment :) I love about everything that you and your mom wear. Every single detail just so amazing.
    . And reading ur blog made me thinking of starting a fashion blog.

    6.29.09 ·
  137. Kim wrote:

    I love your outfit with the snake scaley pants. Very unique!

    6.29.09 ·
  138. Catherine Wordsworth III wrote:

    My friends and I have been looking at this blog and we agree on the following:
    1. Your have a horrible sense of style. The amalgamation of colors and patterns are simply not working.
    2. There are a lot of people with seriously green eyes who obsess over every little thing you do because their lives are empty and without meaning.
    3. There’s really nothing about a rich Southern girl who wearing $1200 shoes in a recession.

    6.29.09 ·
  139. Ro wrote:

    TO ANN:
    Is that long post your attempt at sounding educated? Just because it’s not your taste does not mean it doesn’t look good. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe people sincerely like the clothes and are not just kissing ass? Please honey…
    I, for one, love it. Love clothes that are unique. Great buys!

    6.29.09 ·
  140. Mihanas Drinkwater wrote:

    you must have over $50,000 in designer shoes alone. each week you or your mom are showcasing the latest greatest shoes or clothes that you’ve acquired, usually with an uber high price tag. yet there are more people than ever in the US doing without the basic necessities. my question is when do you suppose abundance becomes excess and excess becomes greed. when does ones conscience kick in? you and your mom are in such a unique position to help others in the community. i hope you will blog about it sometime. i also hope you never have to find yourself roasting one of those designer shoes over a fire pit. you are young and you can make a difference and not just in the fashion world.

    6.29.09 ·
  141. Swati wrote:

    Those tye and dyes are Fierce and so are your wedgies. I have been following your blog for the longest time now, but just got around to actually commenting. Now i think ill do it more often. Looks like you are having the time of your life in tokyo. And you have such impeccable style. Always perfection. You are one of the most stylish bloggers here plus you are really pretty too. Like mother, like daughter, huh?

    6.29.09 ·
  142. Ebony wrote:

    I’m rarely ever fanatical but IMO you and your mom are freaking rockstars!! U are fashion, it is a lifestyle and the way you two commit to it is intriguing. I love this post, u really took us to tokyo, this time. Keep it up!

    6.29.09 ·
  143. candice wrote:

    i am really digging your light makeup here.

    6.29.09 ·
  144. Erika wrote:

    Hi Jane, I don’t think you are trying too hard. You are still so young, have as much fun as you want. You look great, and people in Tokyo would definitely not think you are too contrived. They do things to the nth degree there (quote Tyler Brule :-) )

    6.29.09 ·
  145. What a fabulous find! The apricot jacket is so unique and beautiful.
    Also, you have the best-dressed mother I’ve ever seen, ha ha!

    6.29.09 ·
  146. Sabrina wrote:

    I found the If Six Was Nine label at a store in Prague last summer. I’ve since forgotten the name of the store but it carried goodies like CDG and Ann Demeulemeester. I took a photo of the shirt’s label thinking I should look up the brand, and then forgot to. Boy did I miss out! Your purchases are gorgeous.

    6.29.09 ·
  147. Marina wrote:

    If six was nine, LGB are great labels!It sold out in Moscow boutiques. This brands are very popular in Moscow. My mom loves LGB pants sooo much!
    I really appreciate that you open new brands for yourself. I hate when people wearing only magazine looks with popular brands, when everybody wearing the same clothes. This post is my favorite on your blog!Perfect jacket and I like your clutch!

    6.30.09 ·
  148. Antoniel wrote:

    You live for shopping. You buy shoes just for wearing it once in your life. You only buy, buy, buy…..I loved your blog in past but now it looks like n-a-p.com or luisaviaroma.com.I think you need something else than shopping

    6.30.09 ·
  149. kate wrote:

    I love reading about your fashion adventures. It’s always so interesting. :)
    I like your cream jacket very much – it’s a very nice colour.
    Enjoy your Tokyo trip!
    Kate from

    6.30.09 ·
  150. Camilla wrote:

    LOVE IT!

    6.30.09 ·
  151. sweden wrote:

    LGB is one of my favourite brands EVER! You should have gone to the top floor of Isetan Shinjuku – in the ‘rare’ section next to Watanabe they sell all of their stuff (together with some of the most beautiful Japanese brands of all time). My LGB jacket is a life companion, can’t freaking live without it. And it looks like you guys had a great time, makes me miss Tokyo…
    (but omotesando?! nonono! ebisu, daikanyama, nishiazabu, azabujuban!)

    6.30.09 ·
  152. Ruth wrote:

    Love your look and your Mom too!!!!!!
    Ruth @ Matches

    6.30.09 ·
  153. L wrote:

    if six was nine is quite well known to people into Japanese rock, because of hyde, lead singer of the band L’Arc~en~ciel, who frequently wears their stuff in concerts and magazine cover shoots.
    I’ve found that in auctions items from their collections are often available for a fraction of the price, though unfortunately you’d need a Japanese address or an agent to buy them.

    6.30.09 ·
  154. Charlotte wrote:

    I am so so jealous! I wish I could visit Japan myself!

    6.30.09 ·
  155. That one sleeve jacket is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I wish I could fly to Tokyo right now just to see these amazing stores!

    6.30.09 ·
  156. Amalina wrote:

    You and your mom are both fabulous ! Wish my mom was as stylish as yours haha

    6.30.09 ·
  157. Shelly Beats wrote:

    It also just occurred to me that you have no friends. How you have an entire blog of shoes and yet, not a SINGLE picture with a real life human friend that you haven’t met through the blog world (i.e. someone who is hopeless jealous of your 150,000 shoe collection). A girl your age, in high school and from the south should have a healthy group of friends. I’d venture to say you don’t because you spend more time spending your father’s money trying to emulate your mother’s style (which is rather smashing, I must say) that all your friends are in your closet. That is really quite sad. We, as readers, should encourage this young girl to go out into the world and interact with people! Worry about hair and make up and nails and prom! Maybe save some of that money for a mutual fund or college tuition!

    6.30.09 ·
  158. chen wrote:

    Ha,hard to see you write so much.
    Oh,Tokyo– my dreeeeam place;)

    6.30.09 ·
  159. AK wrote:

    wow- I’m soo sooo envious of your trip!! How fantastic!! The one-sleeved jacket is BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us ;)

    6.30.09 ·
  160. Erika wrote:

    “Don’t be silly Andrea, everyone wants to be us.”
    You have a really fantastic eye. The way you capture a moment in time, probably makes it all the more interesting. Your style is almost minimalist, great job with the refinement.

    6.30.09 ·
  161. nanou wrote:

    The jacket is soo amazing..and you hav a good liking for the shoes or clothes..i likeee yr clothess

    6.30.09 ·
  162. Jessica wrote:

    AMALINA: SHUT THE FUCK UP! You’re probably jealous that she can fly to Tokyo and afford things you can’t. Don’t you have anything better to do than to come on here and leave nasty comments. YOU are a LOSER.

    6.30.09 ·
  163. Libby wrote:

    Another groovy outfit, those pants are insane but look a wee bit uncomfortable, but nevertheless insane!

    6.30.09 ·
  164. You two are beautiful!!
    great style ;)

    6.30.09 ·
  165. Cecilia wrote:

    Some angry comments in this post…
    I hope you don´t take them too seriously Jane.
    Coz you know you are big when people start showing their ugly sides. The more successful you will get, the more you will see of this, unfortunately.
    Keep doing what you are doing and always go your own way. I loved this post extra much!

    6.30.09 ·
  166. maryjane wrote:

    I need a favor!! Vote on my story to win the myscoop.us contest! http://tinyurl.com/n52zp5
    Email my name to info@myscoop.us

    6.30.09 ·
  167. Noelle wrote:

    Love your python pants x1000000

    6.30.09 ·
  168. The one shoulder jacket is beautiful Jane.

    6.30.09 ·
  169. La Condesa wrote:

    I love your mother’s jacket, but yours is simply from another world…unbeliable!

    6.30.09 ·
  170. I’m saving the info about the three stores for my next trip to tokyo. Thank you!!!!

    6.30.09 ·
  171. mia wrote:

    I’ve been following this blog for about six months now but this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment. It’s really disheartening to see such immature comments on here. It’s one thing to add constructive criticism to the dialogue but quite another to personally attack Jane. If don’t like her style, stop spending time on her blog. Yes, she has more money than the average person but she is using what she has been blessed with to make opportunities for herself. Once again, if you don’t like it, stop spending time here! Also, I don’t think some people on here understand how much work it takes to regularly maintain a blog…umm, in addition to going to high school full time, interning, and working on side projects. This girl works hard…even if you don’t like her style, you have to respect that.
    And to the people who say she “has no life”… keeping your personal and work life separate is called being professional. I can sense from the level of maturity in your posts you don’t have any idea what that is about.
    Jane, you have an exciting career ahead of you…best of luck with everything.

    6.30.09 ·
  172. ek wrote:

    your mom, Judy, she is AMAZING!!!

    6.30.09 ·
  173. person wrote:

    the jacket is a great concept, it doesnt fit you though.

    6.30.09 ·
  174. Marta wrote:

    I love both of your style! I love japanese fashion!

    6.30.09 ·
  175. nefarious_muse wrote:

    First time commenting, but long time follower. I thoroughly enjoy your fashion-sense, and am l-o-v-i-n-g the jacket, cardi and pants! Thanks for sharing Japan with your audience…aspirational, inspirational and way better than anything we’d find in today’s so-called fashion magazines!

    6.30.09 ·
  176. maura wrote:

    Forget the fashion, I am disappointed in your use of profanity in this post(is this the first time, or have I not been reading long enough?) I thought you prided yourself in being classy and your foul mouth screams the opposite. Tsk. Tsk!

    6.30.09 ·
  177. lmnop wrote:

    am i the only one cracking up over these comments on the use of profanity? honestly now!

    6.30.09 ·
  178. xo wrote:

    “”””””””””””””””””””It also just occurred to me that you have no friends. How you have an entire blog of shoes and yet, not a SINGLE picture with a real life human friend that you haven’t met through the blog world (i.e. someone who is hopeless jealous of your 150,000 shoe collection). A girl your age, in high school and from the south should have a healthy group of friends. I’d venture to say you don’t because you spend more time spending your father’s money trying to emulate your mother’s style (which is rather smashing, I must say) that all your friends are in your closet. That is really quite sad. We, as readers, should encourage this young girl to go out into the world and interact with people! Worry about hair and make up and nails and prom! Maybe save some of that money for a mutual fund or college tuition!”””””””””””””””””

    6.30.09 ·
  179. liz wrote:

    that cardigan looks amazing, the sleeves are so special.

    7.1.09 ·
  180. I’ve been closely watching your blog throughout this Tokyo period , as I had a hunch that in no time you would adapt your clothing style to that of its ‘extravagant/innovative/nonconformist’ inhabitants. And you did, at least this is what I deduct from the pictures you are posting.
    Now I do not know if this is to blame or to praise, but the one thing I do can tell is that the Japanese fashion scenery actually seems to be quite conformist in it nonconformism.
    Meaning that they try so much to set themselves apart from ‘the rest of crowd’ by the clothes they are wearing, that they end up just blending in perfectly.
    I don’t know how the rest of the readers feel about this, but my opinion that fashion-wise, whereas other countries, continents, etc have outstanding iconic persons , the only Japan fashion icon is Japan itself.

    7.1.09 ·
  181. jC wrote:

    Wow, the whole line is brilliant and I love the way you both styled it – and of course gorgeous photography. LOVE that cream jacket. I also love the way your mom added the vintage sequin jacket. Will keep my eye on these companies, thank you.

    7.1.09 ·
  182. Allie wrote:

    Hey Jane –
    I’m still dying to know who made the chestnut/ white strappy sandals from your june 13th post with the chanel….could you please let me know when you get a chance? thanks!

    7.1.09 ·
  183. uu,i’ve always a sequined blazer.no wonder you got amazing style.u got an amazingly stylish mommy :))

    7.1.09 ·
  184. mo wrote:

    those givenchy’s are to die for!!

    7.1.09 ·
  185. The Minx wrote:

    Jane! That cream blazer is amazing, I have no words…

    7.1.09 ·
  186. Lindsay wrote:

    I love that jacket! It’s so beautiful and classy.

    7.1.09 ·
  187. Mio wrote:

    I am your reader for a while, just wanted to say thank you for sharing all the pretty things :) and also I am currently undertaking my research for my Masters in Fashion business management, in order to take the effective respondents,could you please kindly to filling my survey for me. It only takes you 3 minutes!
    In order to thank you for the respondents, I have set up a £50 Amazon Voucher prize for one lucky winner. Only the completed questionnaires will be included in the draw, I will use random.org to pick the winner on July 20, and will e-mail the prize winner on the same date.
    the study is about ” e-business: An investigation into consumer behavioral intention on Fashion community sites ”
    thanks in advance !

    7.1.09 ·
  188. suzy wrote:

    Hi there! Don’t know if you have seen this or not but here is a link to Holt Renfrews window here in Toronto.

    7.1.09 ·
  189. model wrote:

    love your style. be self confident but not to much. don’t fall in love with yourself and you will go far, i’m pretty sure. good luck young lady!

    7.1.09 ·
  190. nesha wrote:

    The jacket your mom is wearing looks like the jacket Michael Jackson wore at the Motown 25 Live performace when he performed Bille Jean!

    7.1.09 ·
  191. Annabel wrote:

    amayzzzing purchases xx

    7.1.09 ·
  192. mokitoki wrote:

    Is your dad an oil tycoon or someth? Damned girl…U r so lucky!!!! I luv the pouch pants, yeah back in the 90’s all my Japanese high school friends like to wear the pouch bags like that. It’s their thing. Some of the outfits are very Texan tho, no offense :P

    7.1.09 ·
  193. Kate wrote:

    Hey Jane! Long time follower of your blog!
    Your Tokyo trip looks so exciting, Im mad keen on getting to Japan one day. As for your outfits…..I LOVE the first outfit with that long black cardi & clogs…I can really see the Japanese street style influence in this outfit…..I also adore both pairs of bondage pouch pants!!!!!!!
    Safe travels home,
    Kate xx

    7.1.09 ·
  194. inconsistent wrote:

    If you’re a vegetarian, why would you ever, ever buy leather and support the leather industry? It seems really hypocritical to me, and thoughtless.

    7.1.09 ·
  195. That blazer is so cool! You look like you’re having the best time ever!!!!

    7.2.09 ·
  196. That blazer is so cool! You look like you’re having the best time ever!!!!

    7.2.09 ·
  197. That blazer is so cool! You look like you’re having the best time ever!!!!

    7.2.09 ·
  198. Marcy wrote:

    Oh my goodness! Maniac sounds amazing. I’m SUCH a shopper when I travel and finding a hidden store like this would be the ultimate. Too bad they wouldn’t let you take photos-I hate not being able to record a visual souvenir of places I admire. What fun!

    7.2.09 ·
  199. Aim Green wrote:

    So so happy that you exist…Its such a pleasure to see you enjoying life so beautifully…paz
    Check this out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJs_tf910uQ
    Its sorta similar to your jacket…Aim Green

    7.2.09 ·
  200. marc wrote:

    awesome jacket!

    7.4.09 ·
  201. Con Brio wrote:

    That food looks so tasty! What an exciting trip–the people are so fashionable (in such a quirky/cool way). Have fun :)

    7.4.09 ·
  202. PQ wrote:

    LGB and If Six Was Nine are actually not all that unknown in Japan I don’t think. You can come across loads of their clothes on Japanese sites. They’ve been around for a while too.. really great selection and you and your mom definitely wear them well! I’m pretty sure If Six is the more rock-and-roll, conceptual, and expensive of the two, though LGB also fits all of those descriptions for sure. LGB isn’t exactly mainly denim either, at least to my knowledge..
    It’s rare to see a blogger who isn’t doing the very contrived wannabe rock star, model off duty look right now, and you definitely stand out among bloggers as someone who appreciates fashion as an original form of expression rather than following trends. So many others look the same while wanting too desperately to be different, and so try-hard while wanting to look effortless.
    Keep it up! Your mom and you make a great fashion team.

    7.4.09 ·
  203. P wrote:

    “Now I do not know if this is to blame or to praise, but the one thing I do can tell is that the Japanese fashion scenery actually seems to be quite conformist in it nonconformism.
    Meaning that they try so much to set themselves apart from ‘the rest of crowd’ by the clothes they are wearing, that they end up just blending in perfectly.
    I don’t know how the rest of the readers feel about this, but my opinion that fashion-wise, whereas other countries, continents, etc have outstanding iconic persons , the only Japan fashion icon is Japan itself.”
    Quite observant of you, I agree. What you described is deeply embedded in Japanese culture though and is not simply about fashion. However I do love the shopping experience Tokyo has to offer and all the eccentric fashions you see there on people just strolling down the street. Quite exciting when you are used to the beach bunny slut look in LA.
    Love your blog Jane. Great clothes, you have a special way of carrying what you wear too. Impressive for such a young girl, even despite the fact that you obviously have had the luxury of affording avant garde lines that most cannot.

    7.4.09 ·
  204. akeelah wrote:

    i am absolutely inspired.
    that black cardigan+phyton pants+ martin margiela clogs outfit is so prefect and absolutly eye-catching.
    you are a very lucky girl.

    7.4.09 ·
  205. Lucy wrote:

    when I saw your mom’s picture with the sequined jacket, I literally said out loud “DAYUM, GIRL.” LOL :x
    I love your mother’s jacket and Stella heels! <3

    7.5.09 ·
  206. MM wrote:

    Oh My God.
    You made the shop sound so cool.
    I really want to go now.
    like really

    7.5.09 ·
  207. Debbie wrote:

    I want that yellowish looking coat, beautiful sleeve detail. I love the pants with the cut off edges. Beautiful fashion post!

    7.5.09 ·
  208. Thanks for giving us a peek at these new lines and especially the underground stores! What an adorable and exciting post.

    7.5.09 ·
  209. Can someone please hand me 150,000 so I can buy every shoe on the planet that I want? Thanks. Then can someone give my parents another 2.5 million so we can live in our post modern dream house? Thanks.

    7.6.09 ·
  210. Vanessa wrote:

    Hi Jane!
    My sister & I are in Tokyo now, & decided to check out both Bedrock as well as Le Grand Bleu, & we bought a couple of items from there. Amazing stuff & definitely the most unique pieces I now have in my wardrobe.
    Thanks so much for the information (and also for enabling us to spend money)!!

    7.6.09 ·
  211. anna wrote:

    what’s with all the swearing?

    7.6.09 ·
  212. Tink wrote:

    That sequin blazer is to die for. You and your mum define perfect.

    7.7.09 ·
  213. omgg those shoeess, how do you walk?? do you carry flats with you in a bag or something?

    7.10.09 ·
  214. daschle wrote:

    it must suck to consider yourself rich in texas and then take a trip to tokyo where the cost of living is like 100 times higher. i guess you cant be rich everywhere

    7.11.09 ·
  215. Hydeist wrote:

    have LGB an online Shop? >.<
    I search so much clothes from LGB but I don´t find.
    Please write me back here:

    7.14.09 ·
  216. Carly wrote:

    I recently heard about your blog so I decided to check it out and I absolutely LOVE it. You have an amazing style. PS, I want that leather jacket!

    7.16.09 ·
  217. Olga wrote:

    wow! I love the jacket! You look great!
    Olga xo!

    7.16.09 ·
  218. 1248314647 wrote:

    XoDaUC uwlhxlwc obqoorjs crthldpl

    7.28.09 ·
  219. Tina wrote:

    I found some L.G.B Cargo pants when I was out the other day, I will be listing them on EBAY if anyone is interested

    7.31.09 ·
  220. ayura wrote:

    looks chrasmatic….real fashion world is shown here
    Cash Online Get Easy cash at your door step

    8.18.09 ·
  221. Mmle snob artsitique wrote:

    I also love both LGB and IF Six was Nine. I know more than anyone on this blog, so if you want anymore info then let me know on my e-mail ( I assume it pops up for you).
    1. L.G.B = Le Grand Bleu, more laid back peices. rock and roll grunge look with a number of signature pieces like the bono jacket ( difficult to buy even if you have the money), the shirts ( which are worn by lagerfeld among others), always have a tracksuit colletction ( sells most i think in russia. I dnt think more epensive tracksuits exist. MAdonna wears them and featured in both brand in a music video)
    2. If Six Was Nine = more exclusive line by Maniac. Lots of signature peices. The white jacket you have is a variation of one ( by the way, that exists with both sleeves, in white black and khaki green for that season.) Lots of rare leathers and furs. Most raw materials are specially bought and then materials and skins made in Tokyo.
    3. What you are paying for = the fact that these clothes are made in Tokyo ( not Japan, but Tokyo..), almost all materials are specially made, dyed and tested for this particular designer and both brands. Even the way that leathers and furs are cured are different from what most “exclusive” companies would bother doing. You are also paying for the fact that the more special a piece is, the more rare it is. i.e if you bought the black If Six Was Nine jacket with fur and feathers ( and you saw the Maxfield version because the original has furs the USA cannot import, to be sold) you spoke of, you would have been one of less than twenty people to own it.
    4. To the comment that suggested the outfits were not original = the way the clothes were styled would probably give the designer a heart attack. Most Japanese people buying/ wearing, LGB and If Six Was Nine acctually buy the whole outfit the way that they were intended to be worn ( although they are very versatile I admit and am not against all your compilations, cuz I also mix and match). Now doing that for LGB would give most rich people who shop at Dior, Chloe, Margiela, CdG, etc a heart attack. And buying a complete outfit from If Six was Nine is enough to melt any credit card… because 6/9 is at least three times more expensive and exclusive than LGB.
    5. Both brands are popular among a very niche market and there are over fifty boutiques world-wide that sell the brand… if you can get in them.
    For you Americans – there is at least one store in NY ( which in no way is a sister store or affiliated with the designer in any way except that he agreed to sell them his clothing), one in Chicago, one in San Francisco ( although they offer the smallest choice), and of course in LA. There are numerous stores in Italy, France and Germany and a high end London boutique made a section for LGB this year.
    I own a large amount of the designer’s clothing and praise it highly. I’ve never heard of a high end designer that makes devine cashmere which you can throw into a washing machine without consequence…
    So yes, I am biased. And a big fan. I know the designer and numerous people who are affiliated and work for the brand, and they are a hard working group of people. If you have a problem with prices- go elswhere, if you have a problem with the style- bother to get to know the complete brands… I’m sure you’ll change your mind…
    Oh! and Bravo for writting about the brands.

    9.2.09 ·
  222. I have to say I love your mom’s Stella McCartney shoes with that sequinced blazer. I love your one sleeve blazer, I would love to sport something like that, I haven’t seen that in the U.S. so it’s unique, especially with those Givenchy shoes you were sporting with it you have to find out if that Maniac store has an online shop.

    7.10.10 ·
  223. Christine wrote:

    L.G.B., If Six Was Nine and Share Spirit are the best Designer labels ever seen (from my point of view).
    That’s why I opened a shop in Berlin offering these brands in addition to our own shoe collection.
    Visit us once you are in Berlin ;o) http://www.district5.de

    9.9.10 ·
  224. Christine wrote:

    Hendrick, I can tell you that Maniac (L.G.B. and If Six Was Nine) does not allowed any online offers/shops! They only sell their collection to special boutiques as they want to keep their exclusivity. I think that exactly this philosophy makes them so unique and special. I mean, it would not be so unique if everybody can buy it online….

    9.9.10 ·
  225. Fantastic collection I can say that simply. Never saw such sort of collection.

    11.13.10 ·
  226. Jane is my number one fashion blogger…love you always dear…

    9.30.11 ·
  227. Donna wrote:

    Hi sea of shoes, I can’t seem to get into the maniac co website to see their range of six was nine clothing. Can you assist possibly?

    7.24.12 ·

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