I was happy to spend my first day in Tokyo hanging out on Omotesando snapping some pictures of the stylish passer-bys.

While waiting for the then empty streets to fill up, mom and I had breakfast at Andersen’s, a Danish restaurunt my mom has been frequenting since she moved here in 1982.

It was delicious.


It wasn’t long before Omotesando became a sea of people….

A shady nook next to a convenience store is apparently a watering hole for Omotesando’s steeziest…they were all just parked here, silently begging to have their photographs taken!



It was funny, as my mom and I were snapping along Omotesando, there must have been at least 5 people who came by hauling big piles of twigs. I wonder what they were for!

It wasn’t long before my mom and I were exhausted…stopped to give our feet a rest.

(My Martin Marigela cowboy boots)

(Mom’s Ann Demeulemeester sandals)

I guess it was the long flight…or maybe we really are just huge wimps…but we headed back to hotel very early to get some sleep.
We’re all rested up today and ready to hit the streets again….expect more posts like this soon.


  1. I am so jealous. I want to go back to Tokyo! You have to go to The New York Bar and Grill in the Park Hyatt for dinner one night. It’s amazing, best meal I’ve ever had. It’s the hotel that’s featured in Lost In Translation.

    6.19.09 ·
  2. Kate wrote:

    Gorgeous photos! Hope your having a good time, keep us posted!

    6.19.09 ·
  3. ana wrote:

    wow! love the pics! tHEY are like a peak of what you are going through. Good Luck!

    6.19.09 ·
  4. maria wrote:

    Looks like such an amazing culture. Can’t wait to see more of your pics.

    6.19.09 ·
  5. Ally wrote:

    Very awesome. Tokyo is such a cool place, and it’s nice to see your pics already.

    6.19.09 ·
  6. amanda wrote:

    ooooooooh my god i am so jealous. do you speak japanese at all?

    6.19.09 ·

    6.19.09 ·
  8. What a fun day you guys had! I love random photos of people. So much fun to watch..can’t wait for more of your posts.

    6.19.09 ·
  9. amy wrote:

    great pics! thanks for sharing :)

    6.19.09 ·
  10. quelle wrote:

    ugh this makes me miss japan so much!!
    btw, where are your pants from?

    6.19.09 ·
  11. Stephanie wrote:

    oh my. i have died and gone to street style heaven.
    your shots are fantastic and vibrant!

    6.19.09 ·
  12. Cruz wrote:

    Wow! You get to play dropsnap while you’re there! Do you speak any Japanese or do you just kinda use sign language to ask them for a picture?

    6.19.09 ·
  13. dev wrote:

    Jealous! And fantastic pictures.

    6.19.09 ·
  14. KD wrote:

    Oh my! Amazing pictures and Tokyo seems super super super cool! I want to go!

    6.19.09 ·
  15. Michelle wrote:

    Oh, a Danish restaurant? Must’ve been good! All that’s Danish rock.
    Lovely pictures!
    x M

    6.19.09 ·
  16. e.g wrote:

    where did you get your pants? they are super cute.

    6.19.09 ·
  17. moshi, moshi, jane!
    cool and great outfits of japanese!
    i love your outfit too!

    6.19.09 ·
  18. juley wrote:

    You caught amazing style shots.

    6.19.09 ·
  19. bryana wrote:

    your pictures are great!
    have you gone on any of the trains?
    if you have, i am jealous..ahhaha i love trains:D

    6.19.09 ·
  20. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Ooh! Am LOVING your pics so far! That close-up of you is just gorgeous, as are your MM cowboy boots (love!) & mom’s Ann D’s. The street style is amazing, as would be expected, can’t wait to visit Japan (hopefully later this year), and for your next installments! :)

    6.19.09 ·
  21. Sylvia wrote:

    Oh man those pictures are so so cool!!! I love the guy in the gray sweater and the one below him making in the blue making the peace sign.

    6.19.09 ·
  22. Hannah wrote:

    Great street style! Looks like an amazing trip.

    6.19.09 ·
  23. Love the shot of the bikes the best! You should also try to get as much of the unique food there as you can!

    6.19.09 ·
  24. kay wrote:

    you’re tired from jetlagggggg!
    amazing, can’t wait for more photos.
    super jelous.

    6.19.09 ·
  25. Krista wrote:

    ohh myy!
    looks like you hada fun first day in Japan!
    anyways you and your mother look awesome, like always!

    6.19.09 ·
  26. Ashley wrote:

    Beautiful shots. What camera do you use?

    6.19.09 ·
  27. xAZD wrote:

    wow jane! you look gorgeous gorgeous, and the trip looks like a sartorial heaven! I look forward to your future posts! lovely photography.

    6.19.09 ·
  28. those are lovely photograph Jane…, hope u have so much FUN in Tokyo, i wish i can visit Japan one day… :D

    6.19.09 ·
  29. faith wrote:

    Amazing set.^___^ Keep them coming! So I can, at least, live vicariously through you. Haha! I’d like to visit Japan, too, someday.
    Keep having fun and you guys stay safe there! Cheers.

    6.19.09 ·
  30. Romi wrote:

    AMAZING pics today!!! More pleeeaseeee!!!!!
    Also, love the header.
    Hope you have a fantastic time in Tokyo, I’ll envy you from here… :)
    PS.: Those Margielas are beyond words. I’m crazy in love with them!!

    6.19.09 ·
  31. Anne wrote:

    Great PHOTOS!!! Your skin is amazingly flawless!!!
    What is your skincare routine?/products???

    6.19.09 ·
  32. ohmygosh. i am JEALOUS. have so much fun girl! keep up the fab. fashionn

    6.19.09 ·
  33. The Minx wrote:

    These pictures are totally amazing, Jane! I’m loving all the street fashion, the colors and patterns are mind-blowing. And the color of your boots is totally rad :)

    6.19.09 ·
  34. jeanette wrote:

    you look really gorgeous! Keep up the great posts!

    6.19.09 ·
  35. Rosa wrote:

    Love it Jane! Love ur outfit too. It makes me happy to see u being yourself, because, in a way, it gives other people the courage to do the same. Anyway, on a less sentimental note…Couldn’t help but notice you mostly took pictures of guys. Hehe;) Or mabye it’s just a coincidence. Anyway have fun in Tokyo! Wish I could go (sigh)…

    6.19.09 ·
  36. S-R wrote:

    Hey Jane, what camera and photoshop do you use? I’m dying to know. Have lots of fun, by the way!!

    6.19.09 ·
  37. Libby wrote:

    The men in Tokyo have such great street style, love those Magaritte styled boots!

    6.19.09 ·
  38. enna. wrote:

    Love the paint-splattered jeans and the colorblock buttondown.

    6.19.09 ·
  39. stylista wrote:

    you and your mom have the cutest shoes. totally en vogue. check out more things vogue at: http://allthingsvogue.blogspot.com

    6.19.09 ·
  40. Punkie wrote:

    this pics are all super gorgeous! and also, the people you shoot, were so stilish! great job, you could be the next sartorialist! :D

    6.20.09 ·
  41. sd wrote:

    wow!! how exciting
    all the photos look so beautiful :]

    6.20.09 ·
  42. **MIRA** wrote:

    oh i’m so excited for all ure posts! thx for all the piks.inspirational at the least!
    have a lovely time!!
    btw, what kind of camera do u use since im on the hunt. i’m debating to get the new canon rebel???

    6.20.09 ·
  43. Bisou-joue wrote:

    Tokyo seems to be such a great place, and japanese people look amazing !! You’ve got so much chance to go there !! Lucky you

    6.20.09 ·
  44. horst wrote:

    amazing series
    te purple shoes make me longing for some sweets…

    6.20.09 ·
  45. Nikki wrote:

    Thanks so much for posting pics of Tokyo !! I love love their style!! You and your mom also have an amazing style as well :) Looking forward to seeing more pics of Japan…

    6.20.09 ·
  46. Tariro wrote:

    Looks like you are having alot of fun! I love the style of people in Tokyo. Try to get some at night. Thats when they get all crazy stylish on us. Lol

    6.20.09 ·
  47. Ann wrote:

    Such an awesome and amazingly visual post! you look gorgeous in the close-up!
    Can you speak Japanese??? Do take pictures of the various stores while you’re there! Hope you have a great time!

    6.20.09 ·
  48. capricious wrote:

    beautiful photographs!
    i was just in tokyo not long ago
    serious eye candy there!
    enjoy ur stay

    6.20.09 ·
  49. Holly wrote:

    The guy with the glasses on his cap is the cutest man ever!
    I love happy people
    Holly x

    6.20.09 ·
  50. Pearl wrote:

    What a great post Jane, I just love seeing the outfits people ave in other countries – I adore you shots of the cool kids!
    Love the outfits, the boots are so cute, but where are those trousers from, I adore the the cute crop flare!!! I am seriously considering a quick asault with the scissors on my jeans!
    x Pearl

    6.20.09 ·
  51. Caroline wrote:

    Yeah, that food is indeed very danish.
    You should visit Denmark sometime, I guess you’d like the food. :)
    And nice pictures.

    6.20.09 ·
  52. Babara wrote:

    omg, i love your clothes. you always looks awesome! i’m waiting for new sets.
    regards for you, boo. :)

    6.20.09 ·
  53. syera wrote:

    hello u take e loveliest pictures. may i knw wad camera ur using? :)

    6.20.09 ·
  54. Nadya wrote:

    Nice Omotesando shoot! i live in Japan and my favorite spot is Shimokitazawa.
    Hope u do shoot there too :)

    6.20.09 ·
  55. i loooooooove the Live from Tokyo! header..sooo freakin cute!!
    Also, I think what you’re wearing is one of my faves ever..no idea why I just think everything is amazing..the cropped/frayed bells are soo awesome and the long plaid shirt and the boots..yeah, everything is perfection. Can’t wait to see more photos!!

    6.20.09 ·
  56. Lauren wrote:

    The pictures are so cool, especially the bikes! People must just ride around as it is so busy there. Your checked shirt is fab too x

    6.20.09 ·
  57. Brittany wrote:

    Ahh, you look so Simply American in the Plaid and Cowboy boots. But I guess you’re one who likes to stick out.

    6.20.09 ·
  58. Hannele wrote:

    oh wow, I love that relaxed look on you!
    great photos, thanks for sharing :)

    6.20.09 ·
  59. joanne wrote:

    Cool pictures. Cool boots.

    6.20.09 ·
  60. Great photos! Love the bicycle one.
    Also, you’re very pretty :)

    6.20.09 ·
  61. Carmen wrote:

    I love the photos.

    6.20.09 ·
  62. Jill wrote:

    Your photography is really great…bring home the boy with the red hair!

    6.20.09 ·
  63. Mouse wrote:

    Hi, if you’re around the Harajuku/Omotesando area you should check out cafe Escalator, which is the cutest record store and cafe ever, with delicious Japanese curry and lovely tea and cake. It’s one of my favourite cafes ever! Love your blog, so inspiring. x

    6.20.09 ·
  64. i love your shoes!!!

    6.20.09 ·
  65. Wilwarin wrote:

    i love those photos form LA and Japan… really amazing tnx for posting them, i really love to see photos that show the spirit of the place and i think you totally got to catch that spirit :)

    6.20.09 ·
  66. Jayrin wrote:

    jane aldridge = next sartorialist?

    6.20.09 ·
  67. so Jealous!! You look great!

    6.20.09 ·
  68. Japanese people are totally cool! you took really good pictures! love them all <3

    6.20.09 ·
  69. Floriane wrote:

    I love your boots ! And all the photos are great !!

    6.20.09 ·
  70. Christine wrote:

    I LOVE that your brought those boots to Tokyo!
    Seems appropriate somehow. Great street style
    pics too :)

    6.20.09 ·
  71. chicfaced wrote:

    all the photos of tokyo are great, but the 2 close-up photos of you and your mom are amazing. you ladies are gorgeous!

    6.20.09 ·
  72. aa.salz wrote:

    Strange pants you wear…
    But besides that, Jane, I am honored to know your blog!

    6.20.09 ·
  73. jessie wrote:

    Ahhhh, so jealous! I love Tokyo.

    6.20.09 ·
  74. Agelicaso wrote:

    I think going to Tokyo is a lifetime experience!
    Through your photos everything looks so surreal!
    Have a great time! :)

    6.20.09 ·
  75. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was just in Tokyo about a week and a half ago…and I miss it SOOO much. Spent tons of time on Omotesando-dori and in Harajuku. The people there are amazing. Most people had no problem at all with me taking their pictures for style shots.
    I would LOVE to see more pics of the people of Tokyo.
    Thanks again, and this is the most excited I’ve been to read your blog, I love everything Tokyo, especially the street style.

    6.20.09 ·
  76. Nahal wrote:

    Omg this is amazing thank you for posting this!

    6.20.09 ·
  77. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane! I love all the pics. I love your blog header. I love your outfit. I will copy it.<3 Ava

    6.20.09 ·
  78. Miranda wrote:

    BBeautiful blogspot :)

    6.20.09 ·
  79. Ty Ty wrote:

    i love tokyo style… beautiful photos. cute outfit too!
    Ty Ty

    6.20.09 ·
  80. Ia wrote:

    Is your mum Danish??

    6.20.09 ·
  81. Miss Red wrote:

    your shoes are so gorgeous! i want them so much! i love the ombre. and the cowboy-ness. and i love your eye makeup. the guy who was wearing the really funky jeans looks really cool.

    6.20.09 ·
  82. Betsy wrote:

    the pictures from Tokyo are so beautiful. my friend used to live in the outskirts in the country when her dad worked there for a while. i’ve been there twice with my mom and another with my aunt. everything is so exquisite there and neat!

    6.20.09 ·
  83. Shana wrote:

    Beeeeeeautiful pix! You’re gorgeous, your mom’s gorgeous. You both have great great style and very different. Where oh where did you learn to be so genuine, appreciative, aware and funny?

    6.20.09 ·
  84. Looks fun! I adore your boots.

    6.20.09 ·
  85. f wrote:
    6.20.09 ·
  86. Lauren wrote:

    awww jane i love the new addition to the banner. adorbs.

    6.20.09 ·
  87. chicmuse wrote:

    crazy! love those looks.

    6.21.09 ·
  88. What camera do u use? its soo coool :)

    6.21.09 ·
  89. jenny wrote:

    i like most of them styles of japan
    have fun there

    6.21.09 ·
  90. londoner wrote:

    jane, my heart skipped a beat when i saw this post! these photos are wonderful. you and your mom look beautiful! have an amazing time!

    6.21.09 ·
  91. Tikki wrote:

    あなたのスナップ はスゴイ::[anata no snap wa sugoi]::your snaps are so cool!

    6.21.09 ·
  92. hi
    im from tenessee but im staying at my grandparents house in tokyo right now
    im a huge fan and was wondering if at all possible i could meet you some time

    6.21.09 ·
  93. chauss wrote:

    cute photos.
    fab jeans. :)

    6.21.09 ·
  94. MJ wrote:

    Ohhh I miss Tokyo. Hope you have fun there!

    6.21.09 ·
  95. what camera do you use???

    6.21.09 ·
  96. bcp wrote:

    Welcome to Tokyo! :)
    It’s been getting warmer and warmer and it’s more mendokusai (bothersome) to dress up when it’s so hot out (for me). However, everyone else, (specially on Omotesando) is still photo-worthy.
    Enjoy your holidays!

    6.21.09 ·
  97. sam wrote:

    Looks like it’s amazing!! Hope you two are having a blast!
    Have fun!

    6.21.09 ·
  98. alex* wrote:

    Awesome photos. you and your mom have such a great relationship….it’s so nice to see how much fun you two have together!
    your mom rocks…
    : )

    6.21.09 ·
  99. Laura wrote:

    Love it!
    My gosh that portretpicture of you is amazing, one of your nicest close-ups! I’m so worried about you I check almost every hour to see if you posted anything :)
    Have so much fun, you deserve it!
    x Laura (from The Netherlands)

    6.21.09 ·
  100. Isabelle wrote:

    I Love your blog! // Isabelle from Sweden

    6.21.09 ·
  101. roxanne wrote:

    hey, are u’r mum danish?
    cause i am:)

    6.21.09 ·
  102. Yael wrote:

    Love Tokyo. Go to the store Loveless. It is under the Goyard store Omotesando, across from Prada. Very cool.

    6.21.09 ·
  103. Gro wrote:

    Loving the pics! :-) Gorgeous!

    6.21.09 ·
  104. Your family must be mad paid for you to do stuff like this and buy all these high priced shoes. i so envy you…

    6.21.09 ·
  105. Caitlin wrote:

    Your boots are fantastic! I heart them.

    6.21.09 ·
  106. rebecca torsiello wrote:


    6.21.09 ·
  107. Lena wrote:

    I can’t wait for you to create a brand or design some shoes ! Your style is so perfect ! Itt’s easy to buy beautiful things when you have money but YOU HAVE a personal and wonderful style ! France is so jealous of you ! Why we don’t have our Jane ? !
    Have nice trip in Tokyo and be back even more inspirated !

    6.22.09 ·
  108. Uh I’m from Denmark! Glad you enjoyed our danish breakfast :)

    6.22.09 ·
  109. Isabel wrote:

    That raisin bread looks YUM and I love all your Tokyo street shots. Amazing!

    6.22.09 ·
  110. Raji wrote:

    Im so jealous!
    How amazing does it look
    Beautiful photos

    6.22.09 ·
  111. Nikki wrote:

    I’m in love with your blue button down. Where did you get it?

    6.22.09 ·
  112. Chloe wrote:

    How do you walk around the city all day in heels like that? Better question, how do you fit them all in your suitcase? o.O;

    6.22.09 ·
  113. April wrote:

    Looks like you’re having a lovely time! :)
    Any tips for wearing heels every day? I know your feet have to hurt at some point!
    Best of luck during the rest of your travels!

    6.22.09 ·
  114. Michelle wrote:

    Cute outfit! This makes me want to dig out my old cowboy boots.

    6.22.09 ·
  115. Tara wrote:

    Is your mom danish?

    6.23.09 ·
  116. Stella wrote:

    ooh i love anderson!! i use to live in ark hills in roppongi where there’s an anderson, and i ate there every day. your trip looks amazing!

    7.10.09 ·
  117. you look so beautiful !! and of course your mom too..

    7.19.09 ·
  118. carla figueira wrote:

    Hey Jane great pics!. What camera do you use. Who takes the photos of you?
    I want to buy a camera and not sure which one. after seeing your photos I fell in love with your cam.
    Please let me know. You’re blog is fabulous!

    11.2.10 ·

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