Featured in the August issue of Vogue

The last time we were in New York my mom and I had the opportunity to do a shoot with Vogue-needless to say it was an amazing experience and ridiculously exciting!
Vogue august
There was a mistake though: I must note that my mom and I are NOT from Austin, TX but from Dallas, TX. Whoops ;)
Here are some pictures we snapped behind the scenes during the shoot…
The crew was really awesome and it was lovely meeting some of Vogue's editors! 
Very excited to share this with our readers-hope you enjoy!
xx Jane

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  1. Fitz wrote:

    i cant believe i actually bought amreican vogue. Sigh, the things I do to support badass bloggers in the press…

    7.19.09 · Reply
  2. Fitz wrote:

    pst i’d tell you how amazing you look, but I have a feeling there are going to be 1469 other comments saying exactly that and im a radical noncomformist. But yeah, you look good. Love that Marc Jacobs dress.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  3. Nadia wrote:

    oh my god darlin you are amazizng oh hey i have link to a song you might like called JANE
    click here http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Golden_Isles/track/Jane
    to listen click STREAM .
    hope you listen to it lol

    7.19.09 · Reply
  4. alana wrote:

    austin texas?

    7.19.09 · Reply
  5. Stella wrote:

    I think that it is really amazing that both you and your mom got the chance to do something so unique and exciting. You both have really amazing style and AMAZING SHOES!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  6. AMAZING!! Insanely jealous, congrats =) I think I might pick up a Vogue now….

    7.19.09 · Reply
  7. I was so excited for you guys when I got my VOGUE this month! Congrats and keep it up girl you are gonna go FAR!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  8. Ashley wrote:

    That’s so amazing, congrats!!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  9. Ahh.. gorgeus as always both of you.. please send my warm regards to ur family.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  10. Sylvia wrote:

    This is so fantastic! My favorite outfits for both of you was the first. You both brought your own something to it, but they were equally fabulous. I’m looking at my copy right now. Who knew when it came in the mail that you would be in it? So cool.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  11. Congratulations! You and your mom have become celebrities. You look smashing in that Marc Jacob dress.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  12. Olga wrote:

    congrats sweetie, it was definitely a plus to see that surprise when I skimmed through my issue…u guys are awesome!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  13. Cruz wrote:

    Congrats Jane! I saw that mistake too and I was like uh what

    7.19.09 · Reply
  14. chicmuse wrote:

    great. of vogue.did great outfits.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  15. Grace wrote:

    Luckiest girl in the world! A vogue shoot is fantastic!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  16. MaeGal wrote:

    Wow. Congratulations.
    It’s AMAZING how well you have done for yourself with everything. Your blog, your shoes, being feautred in magazines and in store fronts.
    I would die to have just one part of your success. I’ll just have to keep dreaming…
    Congrats and keep up the great work!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  17. Nnea wrote:

    congrats on being featured in the magazine.!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  18. congrats jane and judy!
    i’m your #1 fahion fan lol!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  19. Francisca wrote:

    super kewl ! uve got HR window’s n the VOGUE – have I mentioned — VOGUE ^^
    congrats !

    7.19.09 · Reply
  20. Congats. That is very awesome and inspirational for up & coming bloggers and fashionistas from everywhere!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  21. mrjyn wrote:

    i’m happy you scooped yourself. i had it, and with all the tabloids i’ve been reading lately, i almost…nah, the park shot makes me homesick.

    7.19.09 · Reply
  22. duskin wrote:

    congrats jane! so exciting!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  23. Kelly wrote:

    congratulations!!! beautiful photos!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  24. blackbook wrote:

    wow wow so amazing!!!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  25. Flora wrote:

    That is amazing to be in vogue…

    7.19.09 · Reply
  26. how adorable and amazing! with your mom ..the cutest ever!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  27. Saw this on your moms blog yesterday and it’s hella cool. Congrats!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  28. Nahal wrote:

    Even though I don’t personally know you I feel so proud of you!
    Congratulations! Soon we’ll be hearing your name everywhere!

    7.19.09 · Reply
  29. Maddy V wrote:

    That is so exciting, congrats Jane! :)

    7.19.09 · Reply
  30. i love this post. congrats on making it into vogue!! that is freaking amazing. u deserve it.
    u two are such a cute team.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  31. Christine wrote:

    Aww I saw this on your mom’s blog, congratulations!!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  32. sune wrote:

    seriously you and your mum have suck good style…

    7.20.09 · Reply
  33. robby wrote:

    oh dang i just saw this in vogue this morning! wow you guys did an amazing job. that’s definitely one of the top things on my list of things to do before i die – to be in vogue!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  34. Oh BARF. As if we weren’t jealous enough already.
    seriously though- congrats. What a tremendous honor. You and your mom deserve it. :)
    >always green with envy,

    7.20.09 · Reply
  35. Emma wrote:

    You know you’ve made it when you’re in Vogue.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  36. Victoria wrote:

    Congratulations to you and your mom for being featured in Vogue! You both look amazing in your outfits and I love the way they are styled!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  37. Good for you, Jane! Glad to see a fellow blogger rising in the ranks of the fashion world. Love the Marc Jacobs dress, by the way! You are fierce.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  38. Jade Bath wrote:

    Wow thats incredible that you were in vogue!
    every single outfit is amazing, as usual.
    You two are inspiration :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  39. that is so cool! and such an awesome article too!! did you do all the styling yourselves then? or sort of work with a styler.
    I have an idea for you and your mom – I think you should do another shoe challenge – for longer this time! that was such a cool thing last time!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  40. dana wrote:

    your mom is so beautiful! i love this

    7.20.09 · Reply
  41. Rachel D. wrote:

    gorgeous :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  42. thesil wrote:

    Congrats Jane! you and your mom are almost celebrities!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  43. atika wrote:


    7.20.09 · Reply
  44. i have to say i used to really like you now im im not so sure! my fondness is turning into jealously! good for you! love your blog!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  45. eleanor wrote:

    What an amazing achievement, congratulations! You look gorgeous.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  46. onic wrote:

    amazing :]

    7.20.09 · Reply
  47. Lovely, Jane.. congrats!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  48. What a fantasy mother-daughter outing! I’m looking forward to the August issue of Vogue… it looks like it has some good features in it.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  49. Lucy wrote:

    How surreal! I saw your pictures and I was like WOW she really did get famous xD

    7.20.09 · Reply
  50. Brigadeiro wrote:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Saw this on your mom’s blog, and was amazed! Love that the pics are bigger here! :) You both look amazing! Can’t wait to get my hands on this issue ;)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  51. Jennine wrote:

    that is the most darling story in vogue ever! you two must be tickled pink!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  52. This is seriously so exciting for you two! congratulations you both put together amazing looks!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  53. Oriane wrote:

    You are so lucky ! Vogue waow :) Love your blog.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  54. siska wrote:

    that’s amazing!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  55. wow! so going to get an issue once it comes to jolly ole england :)
    well done jane! did you get to meet the wintour?

    7.20.09 · Reply
  56. cati wrote:

    this is amazing… and your mom looks beautiful in the shots!

    7.20.09 · Reply
    congrats jane !!! It’s great !!!
    ang you are gorgeous :D

    7.20.09 · Reply
  58. Ellie wrote:

    That’s really, really awesome!
    You look fantastic in the photos.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  59. felicia wrote:

    you take gorgoues pictures!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  60. Kate wrote:

    Wow! Congratulations for being featured in Vogue!
    Keep up the good work! :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  61. Kasia wrote:

    Congratulations! You both are amazing!!:)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  62. lunarzie wrote:

    congrats! you guys look amazing :-)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  63. too bad about the austin misprint…but otherwise, it’s all so fantastic! the marc jacobs dress is gorgeous on you, just perfect! i love the gucci boots on your mom in the last pic of the spread- FIERCE with the animal print skirt.
    big congrats to you both!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  64. MJ wrote:

    Congratulations! That must be the opportunity of a lifetime… I love your picks, too!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  65. JHE'ANELL wrote:


    7.20.09 · Reply
  66. japke wrote:

    how fantastic that you’re in the vogue! congrats!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  67. Alexandra wrote:

    Congratulations Jane, how exciting! You look great in the pictures!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  68. Kelly wrote:

    That’s so neat! Beautiful!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  69. kirsty wrote:

    very exciting xoxox

    7.20.09 · Reply
  70. anna wrote:

    haha. the “austin, tx” thing…when i read that i was tres confused.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  71. Can’t believe you got to wear those amazing Isabel Marant ankle boots.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  72. Patricia wrote:

    Congratulations!! What an amazing experience!!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  73. n! wrote:

    that’s so awesome.
    it’s a great idea too, mother daughter thing.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  74. gabee wrote:

    wow! congratulations, you are in VOGUE!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  75. congratulations!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  76. talita wrote:

    you and your mom are awesome !! congratulation by the way :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  77. Amy wrote:

    Truly amazing!! I have just one question… You’re naturally very beautiful and slim, but did you feel like you look different in the pictures? What I mean is, do they really use as much air-brushing as they say?

    7.20.09 · Reply
  78. AK wrote:

    when I got the new issue I was so excited for you!!! Thats so amazing!! Congrats!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  79. Anne wrote:

    You two are beautiful and stylish as always, but did they really have to pretend that you have “budgets” on which any “strain” can be felt? It makes someone who’s excited to have one new pair of Topshop boots for F/W feel a little ridiculed.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  80. deb wrote:

    Couldn’t happen to two more talented and gracious people. Congrats.
    Way to show the world that Texans are style plus substance!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  81. Marcia wrote:

    Omgawwdddd amazinnnnnnnng!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  82. ava wrote:

    Jane!! This is beautiful and I am going to buy this magazine!! I am proud of you! <3 Ava

    7.20.09 · Reply
  83. designani wrote:

    Lovely blog
    Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict
    Kiss from Melbourne

    7.20.09 · Reply
  84. Barbro wrote:

    Amazing, congrats =)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  85. Hi Jane, Congratulations again~ am so proud of you & your mum!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  86. millie wrote:

    :D must be a dream come true to be in Vogue! i particularly love the outfit you have on with the flannel and fur.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  87. Libby wrote:

    That is so amazing, I wish I was you. I love bboth your styles, they looked very different in Vogue though!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  88. I love these photos – I think I’m goning to have to buy american vogue now! I love your hair in the first photo – it always looks so pristine!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  89. FANTASTIC, OBVS. congrats! you guys look amaze.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  90. stacy di wrote:

    So so exciting! what an amazing experience!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  91. Sophiemei wrote:

    Jane!!!! so pround of u&ur mother!!!
    i wanna buy this issue right now!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  92. Jane wrote:

    Jane, I really love your blog, and I’ve also started reading your mom’s. You both have such a bold and fun take on fashion and personal style, and I’ve been really inspired by the looks you put together. However, it makes me sad to see you promoting the wearing of fur. Personally, I’ve made the choice to not buy any fur or leather products, because it doesn’t fit with my vegetarian lifestyle. I realize that is a lot to ask of you, but I think you should take just a brief minute to inform yourself about the fur industry and the needless suffering it causes: http://www.idausa.org/facts/furfacts.html
    You and your mother clearly love your dogs so much, I hope you’ll take a second to think about some of the other animals in the world who don’t have such a nice lifestyle…

    7.20.09 · Reply
  93. Penelope Anagnostopolous wrote:

    Question: did you pick out those outfits or were they given to you? Did you meet Ms. Turlington or Ms. Wintour? Fabulous shoot.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  94. Indiana wrote:

    Oh, golly! Congrats! This is a remarkable event in your already remarkable life!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  95. Lauren wrote:

    That’s brilliant! How fun aswell! EEEK!
    Lauren x

    7.20.09 · Reply
  96. Dexter wrote:

    Wow what an achievement! Now there is really nothing that could stop you! You know you’ve been mentioned in the May issue of the British Vogue as well, right?

    7.20.09 · Reply
  97. Erin wrote:

    You’re both awesome for going with faux fur :-)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  98. Delmac wrote:

    Omigod, you’re wearing the Isabel Marant studded boots!!! I would kill for those! Are they part of your own collection or were they just for the shoot? If you own them you have to do a post on them soon- they are to die for!
    Congratulations Jane!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  99. Cayla wrote:


    7.20.09 · Reply
  100. Kristen wrote:

    So exciting! Congrats. Will look for it when I pick up the new vogue.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  101. janet wrote:


    7.20.09 · Reply
  102. you look ravishing :) both of you:)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  103. maria wrote:

    Awesome!! You and your mom are just too cool!! What a wonderful feature!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  104. gaby wrote:

    such a hugeee honor. congrats!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  105. And that does it, I’m now officially envious of you lol. Article looks amazing! Glad to see you guys are getting so much recognition!
    Me & Marisa

    7.20.09 · Reply
  106. OMG!!!! We can’t wait to see you in vogue!!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  107. Margarita wrote:

    That is amazing!!
    Congratulations… can’t wait to get the issue in my mail box!
    Isn’t that like everyone’s dream? To be in Vogue?

    7.20.09 · Reply
  108. Dru wrote:

    Congratulations! (longtime non-commenting lurker here, now a lurker no more). I’d seen the pics on your mum’s blog, and it looks fab- the best thing I’ve seen in American Vogue in ages.
    PS: Am I missing something, or is there no mention of your urls in the article (I wouldn’ t mention it normally, but they do state that you’re style bloggers, a link for the previously uninformed would be nice, right?)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  109. Eva wrote:

    Wow You Are Incredibly lucky !
    I Love the skirt you wore in with the ankle boots !
    amazing photographs !
    Eva Xx

    7.20.09 · Reply
  110. Obia wrote:
    7.20.09 · Reply
  111. Nina wrote:

    Congratulations. I thought that someone was stealing my vouge so i was sticking by the window until my mail man came. Thank god that i did because it came it was a pleasent surprise to see you and your mom.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  112. Sus wrote:

    Fantastic, congrats! Awesome article :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  113. Amy Nguyen wrote:

    I LOVE the MJ dress you’re wearing! CONGRATS!
    Just added some new stuff to my site. Hope you can check it out!
    We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  114. renee wrote:

    congrats! loved the feature.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  115. Missrose wrote:

    Congratulations ;) you and your mam are amazing ;)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  116. Kat wrote:

    Congratulations! You and your mom are very stylish!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  117. Melissa wrote:

    Huge congratulations! What a fantastic and terribly exciting opportunity! We can all say we knew you when… I hope you keep track of all the publications you’re in…they will serve you well when you are out of school and working on that resume or CV. This one publication alone will surely benefit you as you pursue a career in fashion. I can hardly wait to get this issue!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  118. Isabel wrote:

    Yeah, I was browsing Vogue in a bookstore and noticed this. LUCKY!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  119. .reese. wrote:

    the mag was waiting for me at home on friday. i went through each page, trying to make sure i didn’t miss it…i shoulda known they’d save the best for last! you guys looked fab!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  120. chauss wrote:

    congratulations. this is fabulous. :)
    can’t wait to get my copy in the mail…

    7.20.09 · Reply
  121. jimena wrote:

    wauw, that’s so awesome.
    what a experience!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  122. Elisa wrote:

    fabulous.Any advice for new bloggers?

    7.20.09 · Reply
  123. Vanessa wrote:

    I can’t wait until my August issue comes so I can see this!!! So awesome and both of you look great! :)

    7.20.09 · Reply
  124. lo wrote:

    Your styles are impeccable!!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  125. anna lee wrote:

    Hey that’s Valery! The guy doing your mom’s makeup. I know that guy! He’s awesome!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  126. Becca wrote:

    Amazing – Congrats on the well-deserved feature. You both look fabulous in all those shots.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  127. Samantha wrote:

    Hi! I run a fashion blog too and saw your spread in Vogue and it inspired an outfit I posted on the blog. I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  128. Laura wrote:

    WOW, congrats! You and your mom look stunning!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  129. elena wrote:

    love you.
    check my blog : http://elenafashionislife.blogspot.com/

    7.20.09 · Reply
  130. Crystal wrote:

    Oooh! Lucky lucky! I adore the first looks of both you and your mom.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  131. Romi wrote:

    I’m so so jealous but so so so happy for you! Congrats!!!!!
    You and your mom both look ridiculously good here. Love everything you’re wearing.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  132. Alexandra wrote:

    That’s very exciting!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  133. Kelsey wrote:

    Amazing! Those photos look so beautiful. You two look so beautiful.
    Cannot wait until my issue arrives!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  134. Rose Lane wrote:

    Jane! You always make me feel better.
    Congrats :)
    I’m very envious of you and your mom’s relationship.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  135. Sally wrote:

    Would be a beautiful shoot if it were faux fur you were wearing. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  136. kelsey wrote:

    i was just wondering if you knew that kourtney kardashian posted about you on her blog, http://officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com/. check out page sixteen! if she updates it might be on a later page.

    7.20.09 · Reply
  137. Alyssa wrote:

    really, you must be the luckiest 17 year old in the world. seriously, if you make it into vogue as a teenager, what else do you have to work for?
    crazy. congrats, girl. your blog rocks. best of luck in future endeavors, not that you need it your fan base is already tremendous and growing exponentially.
    i’d kill to walk a mile in your shoes…

    7.20.09 · Reply
  138. ray wrote:

    sorry for the potty mouth
    seriously i’m 25 and just cannotcanNOT imagine all this.
    good for you and i cannot wait to read your mag or buy your clothes or listen to your album
    keep going jane, keep going because OH THE PLACES YOU”LL GO
    i truly adore knowing what you and your mum are up too duh

    7.20.09 · Reply
  139. amber wrote:

    wow girl! this is amazing!!!
    ps. I’m hosting my first give away!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  140. Jennifer wrote:

    Congrats!!!! That’s so exciting!!! But seriously fail on Vogue’s part with the city slip up. I guess to them one Texas city is the same as all the rest……….LITTLE DO THEY KNOW!!!!!

    7.20.09 · Reply
  141. Garner Ridgewood wrote:

    Once again, things that only happen to the rich as they continue to get richer. Vogue would never take just any old mother-daughter “fashion” combo, they only invite the rich and powerful. Ask anyone around Dallas about this well-heeled pair and you’ll know immediately that you’re not dealing with your average nouveau-riche millionaire. I can also list a minimum a least 2 dozen mother-daughter pairs that can, too, dress their backsides off but share one thing in common: black American Express cards. It is easy to talk about high fashion when you can afford it and once again, Vogue magazine continues to alienate and create greed monsters out of its’ remaining 75% readership. So no, I’m not impressed and it just goes to show you the absurd obsession with material things that is not only perpetrated by this website (sea of shoes, for god’s sake) but the failing print industry as well.
    P.S. I’ve noticed Jane’s penchant for deleting unsavory comments. Fair enough but this is not your run-of-the-mill “I hate u, u suck,” but rather one person, with an opinion, that’s valid.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  142. How exciting is THIS! I so congratulate you. Your style is supercute!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  143. claudia wrote:

    if someone wrote unsavory stuff like I hate you or you suck I’d delete it too if I could.
    why subject yourself to them if you don’t have to
    especially if they’re from people who won’t leave any info as to who they are. just names that are probably made up anyways.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  144. Wilhelmina wrote:

    oh, you guys would get to be in vogue, lucky bitches! :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  145. Brunhilde wrote:

    Wow, this is really WONDERFUL, congrats!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  146. Shen-Shen wrote:

    Ahhh that’s amazing! I love the dress you wore with the ankle boots.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  147. Niki wrote:

    cant wait to get the issue!
    xx Niki

    7.21.09 · Reply
  148. congratulations Jane! you both look amazing, you must feel so happy! i am so happy for you!!!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  149. Emma wrote:

    So cool. I’m not a big fan of the American Vogue. But it’s still awesome!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  150. am wrote:
    7.21.09 · Reply
  151. Annabel wrote:

    oh congratulations!! :))

    7.21.09 · Reply
  152. eva wrote:

    You both are wonderful!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  153. Oh, your soo lucky! :D
    And I love your blog! Keep up the god work :P

    7.21.09 · Reply
  154. maria wrote:

    You guys look great :) You are so lucky!
    Maria x

    7.21.09 · Reply
  155. amor wrote:

    congrats Jane! Job well done, I hope you end up in the cover in the future.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  156. PPasha wrote:

    You & your mom look like you belong in Vogue! Congrats!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  157. Emma wrote:

    How do you have all these contacts?
    What your secret??Seriosuly?
    I am going to go buy American Vogue even though i am in the UK…..huge congrats on this,you both look brilliant!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  158. Catherine wrote:

    i was at the whole foods on houston &the bowery (in nyc) last night waiting in line, and 4, count ’em, four women picked up the new vogue issues from the magazine rack next to the line and leafed through to find your page. i specifically watched as they fanned the pages and landed on you & your moms spread. congrats! :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  159. Paula wrote:

    Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations

    7.21.09 · Reply
  160. Tamia wrote:

    That’s fantastic! NOW I’ll go buy a copy…
    Tamia, http://thestylesample.com

    7.21.09 · Reply
  161. chantelle wrote:

    that’s an incredible opportunity! Congrats on a successful photo shoot!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  162. Jessica wrote:

    Jane!! I love the stockings they put you in for the top photo, although it does look pretty self styled. How much did you get to decide vs the editors?

    7.21.09 · Reply
  163. trendvixen wrote:

    What an amazing opportunity! I saw you both in Vogue and was in awe. Your pics are great….congratulations!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  164. Sadie wrote:

    Congrats Jane! :D

    7.21.09 · Reply
  165. caroline wrote:

    Nice shotting, you should have had so much fun :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  166. mrjyn wrote:

    YOUR VIDEO IS BACK UP HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdrZWrpRYqY
    SOME GUY COMPARED YOU TO AN OCTOPUS HERE: http://visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com/2009/07/jane-aldridge-pronounced-ktps-from.html
    Jane Aldridge – Sea of Shoes –For More As-It-Happens Fashion Insider Videos Follow Nichopouluzo @Twitter @mrjyn HERE: http://twitter.com/mrjyn AND at [::] Video Blog HERE:
    Jane @awhitelodge

    7.21.09 · Reply
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    lily xxx

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    (fellow Dallas blogette) Erin

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    wow, congratulations girl!

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    Love your blog!
    unfortunatly we don’t have American Voque over here.
    But the spreads on the blog allready look awesome,
    I bet they look AMAZING in real life.
    Keep the good work up!
    Love from Holland. XOXO

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  188. From the diary of Jane

    The last time we looked in on Jane Aldridge, shed just gotten her own design label from Urban Outfitters, not an inconsiderable accomplishment.
    Now she and her mom are in Vogue:
    A mother-and-daughter pair of style bloggers from Austin, Texas …

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    Thank You,

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    You look stunning as always, by the way.

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    Good job!

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    Your mom’s sooooo cool! oh I envy you! my mom’s also 46 and she’s not so stylish.
    Don’t get me wrong, she’s not unstylish and I love her..but we’re not getting featured in Vogue :O
    And you have photoshoots and take photos of each other when you’re bored and it’s raining! that’s just too cool, I wish my mom was like that haha :D
    you’re awesome!

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  215. Neither beliver nor reject anything, because any other person has rejected of believed it. Heaven has given you a mind for judging truth and error, Use it. Do you think so?

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