Gorilla Girl

Sorry for the recent slowdown in updates! There has been a computer tragedy and I am currently without laptop. Other than that I have been pretty busy these last few days working on some exciting projects-I was in New York earlier this week and it was a blast! I can't wait for NY fashion week.
Here are some pictures taken a month or two ago by Bret Sano-I borrowed my mom's Christopher Kane gorilla dress for this shoot :) Thanks, Mom!
Wearing Christoper Kane dress with Givenchy patent leather bondage wedges, vintage belt, and a Cassette Playa jacket.
I am OBSESSED with the flame jacket. Obsessed!! Such a good purchase.
Hopefully my computer situation is resolved soon! Until then.
xo Jane

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  1. iyam wrote:

    aaaah love that dress!!! :) you look great!!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  2. daphne wrote:


    7.27.09 · Reply
  3. versastyle wrote:

    love the givenchy wedges pic…

    7.27.09 · Reply
  4. Sophia wrote:

    I LOVE christopher kane he is so talented you totally rock the look as well love the Givenchys as well they are killer.

    7.27.09 · Reply
  5. That dress is incredible, I give your mom major props.
    Oh and I like your hair a bit darker. It looks awesome!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  6. Kristen wrote:

    Gorgeous shots! Lovelovelove the shoes!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  7. cute …I love the third from the bottom!!! it’s great on both you and your mom

    7.27.09 · Reply
  8. You are as cute as a button!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  9. Karen wrote:

    the shoes are fantastic!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  10. it sounds exciting, jane!
    i can’t wait to see your pics from NY!
    nice outft!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  11. Ava wrote:

    Those Givenchy wedges get me every time– FABULOUS, DARLING!! …and that Christopher Kane dress is OK, too, I guess ;)

    7.27.09 · Reply
  12. I will always love that Christopher Kane dress! Great pictures

    7.27.09 · Reply
  13. Hi Jane,
    Love the dress on you. You’re just a beautiful girl :)

    7.27.09 · Reply
  14. Victoria wrote:

    What I love about you is that you really take risks and you aren’t afraid about what people will say about your fashion choices. Although I won’t personally choose that Christopher Kane Gorilla dress for myself, you really pull it off! Nothing screams more “I am fashionista, hear me roar!” than this dress. It really works for you, and I’m digging the gold mouse belt! Very adorable. I like how you offset your cute ensemble with those patent leather Givenchy bondage heels–very unexpected, yet styled very well!
    Hope your computer gets fixed! I love reading your posts!!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  15. Cinthoa wrote:

    I love your shoes!!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  16. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane!!!! A new post! I LOVE everything. <3 <3 Ava

    7.27.09 · Reply
  17. xAZD wrote:

    these are such great pictures! i remember when you bought those shoes from yoox..uhh stalker, sorry :) it’s a fabulous dress.

    7.27.09 · Reply
  18. carlyjcais wrote:

    The wedges are fantastic and I love the dress…I’m working on a DIY of it so hopefully I’ll post some pictures soon!
    Fantastic, as always!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  19. Christine wrote:

    That dress is SOOO amazing, definitely a collector’s item!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  20. Jen wrote:

    That flame jacket is badasssss. Loving it. Especially with the Christopher Kane.

    7.27.09 · Reply
  21. Emma wrote:

    Ahhhh christopher kane! I love it

    7.27.09 · Reply
  22. Kelly wrote:

    amazing photos! It’s crazy how the shirt looks 3D!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  23. Jennifer wrote:

    I love your little mouse belt, too cute!

    7.27.09 · Reply
  24. this outfit is great. good luck with the computer stuff. i know how annoying that can be! awesome dress x
    check out my blog at

    7.27.09 · Reply
  25. Dig the pleats.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  26. nicole wrote:

    babe that dress suits you waayy more than you mom. perfect length!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  27. Bisou-joue wrote:

    Great outfit, this dress is so great !!! You look so beautiftul on those pictures !
    I ‘ll kill for these givenchy wedges : so great !!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  28. Annabel wrote:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE those wedges! and the badass gorilla dress, d’oh. you wear it too well :)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  29. Carla wrote:

    Hello Jane!!! I’m Carla from Italy!!! I <3 your blog!!! and I'd like to talk about you in my blog called "Confessioni di una fashion victim incompresa" in english is "Confessions of a misunderstood fashion victim"…
    Let me know what you think!!!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  30. zana wrote:

    I’m moving to NYC TOMORROW MORNING. See you there? ;-)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  31. Julia wrote:

    i hate to sound like a stalker but were you at JFK on saturday? because i was and i kept staring at this one girl thinking it could be you but i wasn’t sure
    and it was in the security line and i was staring hahaha
    but i couldnt tell if it was u or not

    7.28.09 · Reply
  32. Suzanne wrote:

    love the wedges and belt!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  33. Kim wrote:

    I love the pic of the wedges, they’re great!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  34. You look amazing! The dress looks wonderful on you.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  35. amanda wrote:

    fingers crossed that the title of this post is a reference to the guerrilla girls!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  36. Dominika wrote:

    I’m totally in LOVE with your heels, top and the belt.
    I couldn’t find any top with gorilla in my city but I got one with a tiger ^^. It’s really cool is well.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  37. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Such amazing pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE your Givenchy’s…

    7.28.09 · Reply
  38. T wrote:

    the christopher kane gorilla dress looks great on you! the third picture looks unreal!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  39. You look great and the pictures are very good!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  40. Isabel wrote:

    oommmgg, it’s the Christopher Kane dress. I’m actually in love with it.
    ((So Jealous))
    The photos look unbelievable.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  41. Those shoes are amazing!!! Lovely shoot!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  42. Great photos Jane, I adore that dress, its nice to see how differently you and your mum work items, I got the gorilla Tshirt and love it soooooo much x

    7.28.09 · Reply
  43. Miriam wrote:

    very beatfiul, so very beatfiul :)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  44. 7.28.09 · Reply
  45. heleen wrote:

    I love the darkness of the dress combined with the luminous jacket – purrrfect mix!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  46. Lovely outfit! U look amazing!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  47. h wrote:

    LOVE everything.
    That Kane dress is stunning, as are those Givenchy shoes and I LOVE how you mixed in some Cassette Playa too – great stuff.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  48. The jacket is cool and I adore the wedges!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  49. Lily wrote:

    Adore the christopher kane dress with the black skirt and those givenchy wedges are to DIE for!x

    7.28.09 · Reply
  50. Isabel wrote:

    You are seriously rocking that gorilla dress! I love how it looks with the belt.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  51. I love the jacket, especially the color, so vibrant and the wedges, I have a similar pair but they are in purple.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  52. Dila wrote:

    interesting t-shirt
    it’s beautiful

    7.28.09 · Reply
  53. Jennine wrote:

    i love the third one down, where the gorilla looks like it’s about to pop out of the shirt!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  54. Ellinor wrote:

    I really want the t-shirt

    7.28.09 · Reply
  55. Carrie wrote:

    I really like this photo shoot. The shirt goes very well with the skirt. I love how 3D the gorilla’s mouth looks. Just incredible detail.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  56. jess wrote:

    every time I see those shoes I get a pang of jealousy!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  57. Anh wrote:

    Not having a laptop sucks! Mine had gone on earlier this year and I have been sharing the computer with my boyfriend. It hasn’t been easy sharing =P Hope you get a replacement soon =)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  58. Victoria Laura wrote:

    Wow!! Truly amazing! Love that dress. Saw it in Nylon on Kristen Stewart! And the shoes… *-*
    Love the blog and your amazing style and shoe collection!! ;)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  59. dinah wrote:

    The shoes are HOT!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  60. dinah wrote:

    I’m really not feeling the shirt!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  61. Caitlin wrote:

    I love the jacket, and I’m very glad to have found a new photographer like Sano!
    -Caitlin, of The The Thieves.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  62. Antonia wrote:

    Jane you look FIERCE. The printed Kane dress and the fire jacket are amazing together. Completely ferocious. WORK IT OUT
    peace & love

    7.28.09 · Reply
  63. Kim wrote:

    Whoa! That dress is super intense! But you look great in it!
    Just heard about your blog through Plush Palate and I will definitely be following! =)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  64. Lake wrote:

    The 5th picture is absolutely stunning, Jane!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  65. japke wrote:

    that jacket is to die for, I can totally see why you’re obsessed with it

    7.28.09 · Reply
  66. amber wrote:

    i think the kissing mice are just ironic with this outfit. in a good way. Lol

    7.28.09 · Reply
  67. maria wrote:

    Gorgeous photos.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your up coming projects.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  68. Helena wrote:

    i love that dress, it’s realy funny !!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  69. Always loved that monkey shirt – makes every simple outfit grow wild.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  70. jessica wrote:

    the third picture is slightly off looking, you don’t look like yourself.
    the rest are stunning though!
    i saw that dress at barney’s last month. amazing!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  71. Jamie wrote:

    Hope your computer gets fixed soon!
    The dress + you are amazing together!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  72. Lola wrote:

    Those shoes are STUNNING.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  73. Samantha wrote:

    i dont know what i love more the wedges or the dress. its a close call.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  74. Cooni wrote:

    SO CHIC!!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  75. Ming wrote:

    the flame jacket makes me think of Twin Peaks/Fire Walk with Me so much…lovely :)

    7.28.09 · Reply
  76. yansy wrote:

    Lovely pics! When is your shoe line being relase? I can’t wait to run to Urban and buy a couple.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  77. The mouse belt with the gorilla dress is so awesome! Love the shoes!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  78. Great dress! Looks like today is the day for 2 month old photo-shoot posts, I just put one up from two months ago earlier this morning myself lol. Gotta love em :).
    -Andrew J

    7.28.09 · Reply
  79. I love everything!!!!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  80. colourscientist wrote:

    it’s so cute that you’re holding those dusty soled givenchys in your hands ^^

    7.28.09 · Reply
  81. Love everything you are wearing..!! Expecially the vintage belt :) ..Keep up the good style!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  82. Saw a similar concept on Jak & Jil, but you wear it better by far (: Also, love the shoes.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  83. Hi Jane, everything is in good package.. From the choices of accessories to styling and photography. Personally, i wouldn’t have picked that Gorilla dress. Salute you! :D LOL! All the best with your computer, hope it recovers.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  84. Rebekka wrote:

    You look GREAT in that dress.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  85. Paula wrote:

    I love this post, keep up!
    ohh and great wedges!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  86. Kate wrote:

    out of a line up of fabulous dresses, i would never choose this one. but you make it look fantastic!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  87. JHE'ANELL wrote:


    7.28.09 · Reply
  88. KD wrote:

    Gorilla dress + Givenchy shoes = fashion orgasm. Seriously.

    7.28.09 · Reply
  89. I am so in love with your shoes!!!!!!!

    7.28.09 · Reply
  90. mindi wrote:

    i’d love if you could do an outfit on a budget post. Seriously. I want to see it. I’m not being a meanie…just want to see what can be done with limited resources.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  91. Libby wrote:

    This is the best look i have seen with this dress yet, congrats!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  92. Jena wrote:

    These wedges are something else! Rock on…

    7.29.09 · Reply
  93. Mandy wrote:

    Those shoes are HOT HOT HOT. Damnnn. And I love that shirt. it’s your mom? Wow she’s so cool. (: It looks like the gorilla is popping right out. Kinda scary in a good way. Love it.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  94. Tina wrote:

    I love he outfit! I’ve found that top to be very cool ever since I first saw it.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  95. helena wrote:

    i´m in LOVE with that lovely sandals….i “hate” you for having them! :( lucky you!! ;)

    7.29.09 · Reply
  96. Jeniffer wrote:

    oowh.. that dress looked amazing on u!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  97. I know some of the other guerilla girlz. Love the 3-d effect of that dress.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  98. Crystal wrote:

    I LOVE this look! The jacket is an unexpected addition that really works! And, those shoes…wow! :)

    7.29.09 · Reply
  99. Melanie wrote:

    Loved the dress when your mom wore it, love the dress when you wear. it. Bret Sano is amazing. The last black and white pic of the shoes is amazing! Glad your back – can’t wait to see NY pics!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  100. Romi wrote:

    That jacket is sooo goood!!!! And the dress… no words for it
    But what I love the most is the combination of them both

    7.29.09 · Reply
  101. Viktoria wrote:

    It looks like the gorilla is going to eat me!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  102. Sara wrote:

    really great! your outfits are always daring and fabulous. you really are ahead of the game, miss jane!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  103. i like how you’ve styled your mom’s gorilla dress, especially with the sweet little mouse buckle…i think there’s some wit behind that…!
    those shoes are killer; i love seeing them- they are really versatile and ultra cool.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  104. alain wrote:

    Super ton blog
    Je t’invite à découvrir le mien;
    Bonne balade et tag si ca te plait

    7.29.09 · Reply
  105. Hi,
    I absolutely love your style. I have also noticed that you like jewerly. Check out Delfina Delettrez Special Order Skeleton Hand Bracelet at http://awomanandhershoes.com/jewelry/
    It is pricey but its to die for.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  106. Ida wrote:

    that outfit was really nice! =)

    7.29.09 · Reply
  107. Tori wrote:

    how do you have the money to get all this amazing clothing?

    7.29.09 · Reply
  108. Karoline wrote:

    Beautiful pics!

    7.29.09 · Reply
  109. faire wrote:

    i think this is the only time that i’ve liked this dress shirt thing on somebody.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  110. Marcella Vista wrote:

    I am completely frustrated by this blog. With everything that is going on socio-economically, politically and otherwise, to come to this blog and be bombarded by images of an insanely wealthy girl is insane. I see one person responded to someone else’s comment with ‘mony doesn’t buy style’ and I disagree. It is easy to look at pictures and copy. Whether those shots are from Vogue 2009 or 1999, a copy is a copy of a copy. I just think it is a like strange that she does nothing but take pictures of herself and her shoes and whatever else she’s wearing. You’d think there are other things to document in one’s life, such as times shared with friends, school trips or college applications. And what is most disturbing of all is all of the blind obsession and envy from the women and men posting! I don’t believe for a moment that you postres care as much as your eyes crying tears of jealousy do. That is what drives the interest in this blog, the constant desire to have what one does not have or is not meant to have. It is this same feeling of lust that drives our media, publications, etc… the scores of individuals with body image issues or in poor economic situations, constantly wishing to have what a select few do.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  111. Obia wrote:

    that jacket goes amazingly well with the dress.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  112. Kendra Wilson wrote:

    “Exciting projects?” You mean more shameless self – promotion that will eventually be turned into lucrative deals with other companies beyond Urban. You are just a product of our nation’s unfortunate obsession with “celebrity” and all that is “it.” Wearing ultra – expensive clothes, using $2300 cameras for photo shoots and seemingly having the perfect life; it is easy to amass a collection of fans particularly when most are jobless, middle – class and miserable. I want to like, really I do, but I might have to agree with Marcella Vista on this one, you don’t really do much other than flaunt your wealth, status and soon to be power. It is really too bad that this skyrocketing fame has to be given to you and not to hte dozens of other blogs that are out there, girls in the trenches just to look fab. You just have to present your mother’s AMEX.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  113. Kendra Wilson wrote:

    “Exciting projects?” You mean more shameless self – promotion that will eventually be turned into lucrative deals with other companies beyond Urban. You are just a product of our nation’s unfortunate obsession with “celebrity” and all that is “it.” Wearing ultra – expensive clothes, using $2300 cameras for photo shoots and seemingly having the perfect life; it is easy to amass a collection of fans particularly when most are jobless, middle – class and miserable. I want to like, really I do, but I might have to agree with Marcella Vista on this one, you don’t really do much other than flaunt your wealth, status and soon to be power. It is really too bad that this skyrocketing fame has to be given to you and not to hte dozens of other blogs that are out there, girls in the trenches just to look fab. You just have to present your mother’s AMEX.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  114. CC wrote:

    Ohhh that dress is divine. Congrats on VOGUE great great spread.
    I’ve always loved your blog, up for a link exchange?

    7.29.09 · Reply
  115. Allie wrote:

    WOW the Kane dress is stunning on it’s own, but with your shoes & everything you work it sooooooooooo well.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  116. Midge wrote:

    Yeah, I pretty much died when I saw the jacket. I mean, it has FLAMES on it. That screams awesome.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  117. Angie wrote:

    Holy wow that dress is so amazing it looks 3D! I’m not into the wedge shoes but I’d make an exception for those. Awesome outfit altogether.

    7.29.09 · Reply
  118. hannah wrote:

    you look so so stunning, as always :)
    i was wondering if perhaps you could recommend some brands of shoes (heels particularly) that are relatively good quality for a girl on a budget. i know that generally you get what you pay for, but do you know of any heels that are well-made? i’m hoping for maybe in the $100 price range? i tend to buy a lot of cheap heels from places like charlotte russe and they are so uncomfortable i never wear them :( i have dozens and dozens of cheap heels i never wear, when i could have fewer that i DO wear. i just don’t want to spend a lot of money without knowing i’m making a wise investment.
    i would appreciate it if you could make some suggestions :)
    thank you so much,
    <3 hannah

    7.30.09 · Reply
  119. a.n.e wrote:

    awww…love the tongue in cheek humor of the gorilla! any ideas where to get hold of those Kane shoes from the s/s2009?? so need them!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  120. Ekaterina wrote:

    Very nice!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  121. baran wrote:

    fabulous as usual ;)
    please check it out babe,

    7.30.09 · Reply
  122. Pump wrote:

    Those Christopher Kane’s monkeys are everywhere…I still thinking they’re too aggresive..

    7.30.09 · Reply
  123. R. wrote:

    Great dress !

    7.30.09 · Reply
  124. Wow. just wow. toyko, magazine shoots….your life is amazing I hope you appreciate every moment of it!
    I really like that gorialla dress. Usually I think something like that is difficult to wear, but seeing both you and your mom in it makes me think it’s easy!
    love the fashion kiwi

    7.30.09 · Reply
  125. Hi Gorilla Girl :)
    Y O U
    H A V E
    B E E N
    T A G G E D~

    7.30.09 · Reply
  126. That dress is sublime. Thought you might want to take a look at these Calvin Klein curling iron sandals, pointed out to me by a friend: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190325101384#ht_500wt_1182 Would love to see you in these!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  127. Caroline wrote:

    Corso Como makes good shoes that are reasonably priced: http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/categorySearch.do?cid=19886&pageID=0&searchFilter=0&searchFilterName=Corso%20Como&searchFilterValue=All+Products////Women%27s%20shoes/bags////AttribSelect%3DVendor%3D%27Corso%20Como%27&searchContextPath=All+Products////Women%27s%20shoes/bags////AttribSelect%3DVendor%3D%27Corso%20Como%27&searchMode=1
    Also, check out Mona Moore for its amazing sales. I just got a pair of Dries Van Noten heels for 80% off (marked down from $650 to $132)!
    Also: http://www.shopbettylin.com
    Lastly, Gilt Groupe has incredible sample sales off nearly every designer you can think of (recently got a perfect Alexander McQueen black jacket for 80% off): http://www.gilt.com
    Instead of buying a lot of cheap shoes you hate, save up and buy one fabulous pair you’ll love. Dries Van Noten makes fantastically stylish and supremely comfortable shoes.

    7.30.09 · Reply
  128. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove the belt !

    7.30.09 · Reply
  129. wow, those shoes are heaven, also the outfit! I am in love :)

    7.30.09 · Reply
  130. The gorilla print is, of course, BANANAS. But I’m loving that flame jacket! That’s HOT!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  131. You looks gorgeous!!!
    amazing shoes!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  132. hannah wrote:

    Caroline —
    thank you so very much! that is so nice of you to get all of those links for me. :) i appreciate it a lot! i see a lot of good deals and will probably be splurging soon ;) thanks again! <3 <3

    7.30.09 · Reply
  133. Paige wrote:

    Wow,, I just fell upon your site from looking at Vogue… You are such an inspiration! Im 16 and i live in Oklahoma, an aspiring designer. I would love to talk more and hear about your ladder to success! Seems like a very interesting blog youve got going here, I’m surely going to become a regular! E-mail me sometime, i would love to hear more!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  134. Janette wrote:

    OMGGGG so pretty!!! I love the belt~ it is sooo adorable

    7.30.09 · Reply
  135. Jane wrote:

    You are such an inspiration….love your style…..I predict you will not only be in Vogue you will be the editor of Vogue one day…….watch out Anna Wintour!

    7.30.09 · Reply
  136. k wrote:

    hey hope you don’t mind, reposted some of your pics on my site :)

    7.30.09 · Reply
  137. Fingers crossed that the title of this post is a reference to the Dead Milkmen tune “Gorilla Girl”.

    7.30.09 · Reply
  138. chickdowntown.com codi wrote:

    These shoes are amazing, and would bring a great edge to any outfit.

    7.30.09 · Reply
  139. Avery wrote:

    That could possibly be the most amazing dress I’ve ever seen. :O
    Oh and I saw you at northpark today! I was going to say Hi but unfortunately, 3 people were trying to talk to me at once LOL.

    7.30.09 · Reply
  140. lerx wrote:

    these are amazing! i love the shoes!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  141. loubna wrote:

    i want those heels

    7.31.09 · Reply
  142. Lina wrote:

    You never fail to brighten my day with your posts, Jane. :) It’s really great that you share them with us all.
    This outfit is awesome, I’ve always loved that dress and the wedges are probably my favourite from your collection. Keep rockin!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  143. JOM wrote:

    I really love your style and shoessss… I need your opinion in my blog pleaseeee!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  144. Isa...X wrote:

    Looks wild & exciting !!! :D

    7.31.09 · Reply
  145. sdf wrote:

    I always wondered how that shirt got so popular?

    7.31.09 · Reply
  146. isa wrote:

    love your blog!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  147. Paulina wrote:

    Hello Jane!
    My english is not perfect, becouse i’m from Poland ;)
    I’m glad to tell you, that your blog was in a short article in an polish magazine. There was photo too ;)

    7.31.09 · Reply
  148. i love this dress on you and on your mom!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  149. B.B. wrote:

    gorilla’s mouth looks so real ;p
    i thought you have hole on your stomach ><
    well lovely dress and shoes..

    7.31.09 · Reply
  150. manxcat wrote:

    the C. Kane T looked awesome on your mom and it doe on you too.
    awesome pictures and well.. as always, gREAt shoes!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  151. Sylvia wrote:

    Those shoes are amazing!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  152. patrice wrote:

    I FOUND this dress at SF Barneys Warehouse Sale today for a whooping price of $1000 somethin…Geessshhh, it’s marked down from $3000+. Oh my god, U’re family is so loaded. Lucky girl !!!!

    7.31.09 · Reply
  153. James V. wrote:

    An angry gorilla on your chest is always refreshing, hahah. It looks great against the tone of your skin!

    8.1.09 · Reply
  154. Tamstyles wrote:

    I am in Dallas to…way to rep the big D!

    8.1.09 · Reply
  155. hey! i’ve noticed that you rock a lot of pieces similar to this one i found! xx. jenny

    8.1.09 · Reply
  156. Gabriella wrote:

    Jane you are just all about the accolades and attention.
    Just once, you know once, do you think you could deign to answer even one person’s question.
    I also find it strange that you seem to thrive on all this anonymous adoration, is your life lacking perhaps in some way? No real friends possibly?

    8.1.09 · Reply
  157. ruth wrote:

    love your shoes,nice outfit

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    Those shoes are splendid. The dress is very genuine and unique, but not my style.
    And as always, you look gorgeous. Who photographs you in your photoshoots?
    I have a blog as well.

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    i tried kohls and delias already.
    thanks for all your help! =)

    4.13.10 · Reply
  172. It did get me thinking about crochet garments though, and how I’d love to make something wearable one day. But it’s a risky business, making crochet clothing. I’m aware that there’s a veeeeeeeery fine line between stylish and naff, between nasty and nice, and I’m not sure I’m quite subtle enough to sit on the right side of that fine line.

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