Last few days in Tokyo

Sorry for the slowdown in updates recently…
As promised, we took Nao to the aquarium.
And spent the rest of the day hanging out in cafes and shooting around town.
Found a totally random place called 'Bess' that sold stuff like this…the place was huge…my mom and I were mesmerized by it.
Have enjoyed seeing the cool architecture here…
Went to a beautiful park…the cutest kids in the world were there.
And dogs too!
I only have two more days left in Tokyo now. I am so ready to come home. I miss my family, my friends, my dogs, my own room….I've been so out of sorts the last couple of days because I am homesick. 
Not that I don't love it here….:)
xo Jane

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  1. cati wrote:

    lovely outfit!! the skirt is so cute

    7.6.09 · Reply
  2. Dexter wrote:

    Thanks for sharing a lot of your Japan-tour, I’ve really enjoyed the pictures!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  3. Lovely photos especially of the children.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  4. Looks like you had a fun time! Your skirt is devine!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  5. Your photography is so beautiful…love all the shots! I really enjoyed all your Tokyo post – espeically as I am such a Japan buff >.< I think you captured the spirit of Tokyo perfectly and you really made me envy you for visiting all those cool and very unique places.
    I am absolutely in love with the first picture of you in your outfit (the one with the camera)..it's so perfect! You wear high waisted full skirts so well…always inspires me.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  6. jane, another beautiful outfit of you!
    and Nao is so cute!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  7. MM wrote:

    it’s one of my favourite outfits of yours!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  8. apple wrote:

    this is amazing i love the aquarium shots they were classic :)) love the skirt and the shoes x

    7.6.09 · Reply
  9. apple wrote:

    i love your outfit , especially the shoes , ive just managed to get my hands on them, and i love them !
    the aquarium shots are lovely , classic . i love them
    and the children are so sweet :)))

    7.6.09 · Reply
  10. ragil mega wrote:

    what’s the shoes? Alexander McQueen right?

    7.6.09 · Reply
  11. Brigadeiro wrote:

    I’m in LOVE with your outfit, and such gorgeous pics! Bon voyage Jane, Judy & Carol! :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  12. Aw the kids and the puppy are so sweet…love your bubble skirt and your shoes, btw.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  13. bee wrote:

    you look amazing, love your skirt … and japan! ;)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  14. syikin wrote:

    Hello,i was wondering if you had done a showcase or something since i saw your blog name in outside a display store.I saw it at wonderlandlondand.blogspot.com. Hope you can help me.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  15. Christing wrote:

    that skirt is amazing and really loving the shoes as well! have a lovely last couple of days!!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  16. kit wrote:
    7.6.09 · Reply
  17. Amazing photos!
    Lucy =)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  18. Great pictures! love your skirt!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  19. marisa wrote:

    one of the best outfits of your trip forsure.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  20. Vanessa wrote:

    Love the blog, Jane!
    Check out today’s Catwalk Keener quiz in your honour…

    7.6.09 · Reply
  21. amor wrote:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay. If i’m not mistaken, the ‘glass (arc) roof’ was taken at Ebisu.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  22. Rina wrote:

    i went to Tokyo some years ago, I was so young I only remember big flats and many many people!
    Your pictures are awesome, amazing aquarium, flamboyant:)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  23. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane! This outfit is great. I love the fish! <3 Ava

    7.6.09 · Reply
  24. Kasia wrote:

    you look amazing!!
    I love the whole outfit, especially skirt!
    Nice pictures:)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  25. jane you take the best pics everrr my dear! and your skirt in that pic looks so amazingly cute – enjoy your last few days in Tokyo!!
    The Voguette

    7.6.09 · Reply
  26. Marcia wrote:

    omg i totLLY LOVE LOVE your blog, your outfit is too cute…what type of cam do you use?

    7.6.09 · Reply
  27. Tawney wrote:

    I love your skirt! The entire ensemble works so well together!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  28. mimi wrote:

    your mother and you are really really beautiful, perfect outfits!!!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  29. great pictures.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  30. Suzanne wrote:

    you look amazing again!
    and what a beautiful aquarium-shots!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  31. That skirt is amazing! Love love love it. Looks like Tokyo is a blast!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  32. Roz wrote:

    Great pictures as usual! Love the ones taken in the park especially.. I like your style of photography.
    That outfit is definitely one of my favourites so far.. The skirt is gorgeous (I love that cream colour) and the jacket looks really unique. I would love to have your budget to spend on clothes. (: I can’t see the t-shirt clearly, but it looks pretty interesting.
    You definitely seem like a vintage clothes lover too, which is something I really admire in people. Vintage is so much more unique and special! If you’re ever in London, I would check out the store Beyond Retro. Some absolutely amazing vintage pieces there.
    I would appreciate it so much if you maybe took a little look at my blog. I started it up as I was so inspired by some other blogs I saw (*cough* yours..).
    Great post as usual

    7.6.09 · Reply
  33. kate wrote:

    Hi Jane,
    Have enjoyed reading this post. Always enjoyed reading your blog.
    I love this black and white ensemble..and the previous one too. Sometimes, your outfits can be so creative.
    Thanks again ( I know I said this many times) for sharing. :)
    from http://www.theleftlook.com

    7.6.09 · Reply
  34. Cdav wrote:

    I love that you always mention missing your dogs. I hate being away from my dogs, and all my friends make fun of me. I have a corgi too :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  35. Kate wrote:
    7.6.09 · Reply
  36. Karen wrote:

    those kids are adorable! cute outfit jane and great photos as usual i so wanna go!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  37. MJ wrote:

    I love the crab. I want it as a pet.
    I’m also rather jealous of your trip… looks like you had great fun!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  38. Asta wrote:

    Girl, you took coooool pictures. : )

    7.6.09 · Reply
  39. Isabel wrote:

    Haha, my middle name is Bess.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  40. Nahal wrote:

    ah can’t wait for you to come home!
    I love the skirt though! and great picture with the school of fish and Nao!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  41. Nicki O'Donnell wrote:
    7.6.09 · Reply
  42. bisou-joue wrote:

    Tokyo look so great !!
    I love your skirt, so cute on you !

    7.6.09 · Reply
  43. Sylvia wrote:

    Love the outfit! It’s great. The park looks beautiful.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  44. Christine wrote:

    Nao looks like he’s having a blast, lol!
    Love the photos and the outfit.
    Have a fun last couple of days there :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  45. Annemie wrote:

    These impressions are great!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  46. Romi wrote:

    Love your outfit!
    The shots of the aquarium are beautiful!!!! well, all the shots are, really :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  47. jessie wrote:

    Would you mind posting the address for “Bess”? I LOVE that outfit and am going to Tokyo in 3 weeks. Thank you SO much!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  48. maria wrote:

    Wonderful! Looks like Nao had a blast at the aquarium!
    Your skirt is so gorgeous!!
    It’s definitely hard being abroad and away from home!! Oh, the little things you miss!!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  49. Kay wrote:

    I really like your outfit in this series.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  50. Kate wrote:

    ya im not sure if i would like tokyo….. so many people…

    7.6.09 · Reply
  51. Little Red wrote:

    Amazing photos!
    I love your skirt.
    And the girl in the pink skirt and boots is so adorable!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  52. James V. wrote:

    Really really nice outfit, I love the pictures!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  53. Cruz wrote:

    Japan looks so amazing – you’ll be home before you know it Jane. :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  54. Stine wrote:

    Loving your dress and the penguins!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  55. riennahera wrote:

    I love Ponyo to the extend that I write a dissertation on Miyazaki ;)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  56. Anne wrote:

    love the dress !! These kids are soo cute. Enjoy your last days and have a good way back .

    7.6.09 · Reply
  57. Dorothea wrote:

    That outfit was very cute! The skirt amazing! If you had a red headband or a little something, I think it could be real neat :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  58. Libby wrote:

    Tokyo look swonderful, great jacket too!
    Enter my Giveaway!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  59. sd wrote:

    the skirt is so cute!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  60. sd wrote:

    and nao should DEFINITELY get his own blog haha

    7.6.09 · Reply
  61. chauss wrote:

    you guys should go to the tsukiji fish market in early am to see tuna auctions and surroundings. a real experience. :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  62. Rachel wrote:

    I really, really love your outfit!
    I think everyone finds it hard to be from home for a long time. Especially when you’re leaving people/pets behind. Enjoy your last few days.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  63. Ida wrote:

    your outfit was really pretty. my favourite one for now =)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  64. haha,what are u doing with this cat xd?
    U look so cute ! I love ur hair ;d
    Yes,u have right about these kids,there are so lovely.
    Have a nice days in Tokyo
    /dominika ;*
    / http://www.manuellement.blogspot.com
    /come on !

    7.6.09 · Reply
  65. Ljubica wrote:

    your shots in Tokyo are amazing! i love scrolling through them!
    hope you had a great trip!
    PS: i love your outfit!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  66. Lily wrote:

    I know exactly what you mean about being homesick…I love going away but after a week or so of hotel rooms and constantly eating out every night it starts to get pretty depressing. Adore your outfit in these pics..the skirt is gorgeous..where did you get it?xxx

    7.6.09 · Reply
  67. Valerie wrote:

    Your trip to Tokyo seemed so awesome! I really want to go there one day. Cute outfit and really great pics. :D

    7.6.09 · Reply
  68. Rebecca wrote:

    Nao is hilarious! And have a safe trip back to the US….thanks for all your wonderful tokyo photos! :)

    7.6.09 · Reply
  69. nikky wrote:

    jacket tops off the ensemble perfectly.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  70. kiah k. wrote:

    Loving your outfit here!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  71. it took me a moment to realize what that shadow was in the second pic….it’s nao (but of course!) *lol* i’m getting such a kick out of the humor and wackiness of the nao photo shoots! original and witty!
    the japanese have a beautiful, unique aesthetic that you and your mom have captured so well through photography.
    blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and i just wanted to say how very much i’ve enjoyed your tokyo posts.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  72. maribel wrote:

    my favorite post! the outfit was really cute! and those pics are amazing of the little kids!!! :DDD

    7.6.09 · Reply
  73. cindy wrote:

    hahahah oh jane, how i love you.
    these pictures are so cuuuute. <3

    7.6.09 · Reply
  74. Kirsten wrote:

    beautiful pictures! so jealous.
    im from australia and love the brand sportsgirl and noticed there’s a short interview with you on their site – http://www.sportsgirl.com.au/blog/post/2009/7/Sea-of-Shoes-Blogger-Interview/blog

    7.6.09 · Reply
  75. Melissa wrote:

    This has to be my favorite outfit of yours. :)
    And the dog that you took a picture of was a sheltie! I have a dog of the same breed!! I was so excited to see that. :)
    Your blog really makes my day.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  76. Such beautiful, vivid color in these pics. The kids are so cute! Travel safe!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  77. Either your camera is amazingg or the colors are even more beautiful in Tokyo. Not to mention the itsie-bitsies! The kids are so adorable.

    7.6.09 · Reply
  78. Ashley wrote:

    LOVE your jacket! So cute!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  79. Francesca wrote:

    hi jane
    may i ask u sumtin ? ru not tired walking around tokyo with those heels ? i noticed that u wore mostly high heels … tips, please ^^ how did u do it ?

    7.6.09 · Reply
  80. yo wrote:

    Ponyo at the aquarium tank?!
    That was more than amazing!

    7.6.09 · Reply
  81. Caitlin wrote:

    I will certainly miss these posts. Have a safe trip home.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  82. dannie wrote:

    these pictures are beautifuuuuuul
    what amazing sights!!!!
    i cant wait to go to tokyo :)))

    7.7.09 · Reply
  83. Elsa wrote:

    aaaahhhh japanese architecture is fantastic

    7.7.09 · Reply
  84. Tink wrote:

    Your skirt is lovely!! You take amazing photographs!!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  85. Leena wrote:


    7.7.09 · Reply
  86. millionth wrote:

    you take the illest pictures and are super cute haha!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  87. michelle wrote:

    I can imagine what you felt :)

    7.7.09 · Reply
  88. Great Outfit ! and great Fish :)

    7.7.09 · Reply
  89. Aya wrote:

    Wow – what a great post. I love the kids playing in the field – such beautiful photos and not so stereotypical Japan either.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  90. Sanna wrote:

    I love that last picture, it is beautiful

    7.7.09 · Reply
  91. Fanny wrote:

    I love your pictures, they are very very beautiful :)

    7.7.09 · Reply
  92. gorgeous photos.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  93. Ilanka wrote:

    Love your outfit!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  94. The skirt is fabulous!!!!!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  95. Melanie wrote:

    Love your photos- so gorgeous, esp. the aquarium ones!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  96. Frauke wrote:

    YOUR DRESS<333333 Love.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  97. modedamour wrote:

    beautiful photos!!! and i love your outfit so much, want your shoes!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  98. mo wrote:

    beautiful shots..love your whole ensemble btw.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  99. Ty Ty wrote:

    Beautiful photos, japanese kids are the cutest! I love your fish photos :o Cute outfit, gorgeous jacket!
    Ty Ty

    7.7.09 · Reply
  100. kinha wrote:

    I’m glad to visit a great blog. Smart posts and beautiful photos. I like to contact people, all over the world, by his blogs.Would you follow me,because I’m afraid to lost your blog?I’m waiting your visit. Thank’s

    7.7.09 · Reply
  101. Flavia M. wrote:

    Nao is super cute Jane!.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  102. Tameka wrote:

    JANE = BALLIN’ AZZ HELL! Let me get sum of that jewash money $$$$

    7.7.09 · Reply
  103. alison wrote:

    i loved seeing your travel pics – makes me want to do a shopping trip in Tokyo too!

    7.7.09 · Reply
  104. Isabel wrote:

    Love love love love loooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee the outfit, and all the photos. Ammaazzinnggg x

    7.7.09 · Reply
  105. Hals wrote:

    Ohmmmiggggoddd!!!! GORGEOUS OUTFIT! The shoes are to die for, bien sûr.

    7.7.09 · Reply
  106. Daria wrote:

    Anyone can take these pictures. You just need a black Amex to fly around the world with an a $900.00 camera. Steady as she goes.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  107. Sasi wrote:

    Love what you’re wearing, the jacket and skirt look precious.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  108. Becca wrote:

    loving the skirt – it’s so pretty. Also very entertained by the aquarium shots with Nao – so fun.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  109. sasha wrote:

    I love the arch over the chateau and the park is certainly an oasis away from the city

    7.8.09 · Reply
  110. Stefania wrote:

    I love that skirt- I have been wanting a similar one for a while now.
    I think my favorite picture of these is Nao looking into the fish tank- haha so cute!

    7.8.09 · Reply
  111. Vanessa wrote:

    The skirt you’re wearing is love.
    I adore all your photos, especially the little girl in galoshes. So cute.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  112. jun wrote:
    7.8.09 · Reply
  113. thatgirl39 wrote:

    What can I say? Such an amazing blog – I’ve been stopping by for a while now and gazing at the wonderful photo’s…. and shoes… and clothes! Hope you have a good journey back home and look forward to your next posts! I’m sure you have been bestowed with many bloggy type awards but there’s one more from me at my rambling abode! x

    7.8.09 · Reply
  114. Megan wrote:

    lets switch lives? I think yes!

    7.8.09 · Reply
  115. Emily wrote:

    Nao is cool and all, but she’s no Pleo.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  116. Mercury wrote:

    You really have an eye for design, these photos are breathtaking. I’d be surprised to even think those photos were taken in industrial Tokyo.
    Mercury :)

    7.8.09 · Reply
  117. chantelle wrote:

    I absolutely adore your photos! And your outfit is FAB! Saved it on my laptop in my inspiration folder
    I love that look <3

    7.8.09 · Reply
  118. Angie wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and haven’t even posted a comment, but I love it and it’s my favoriite so keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,

    7.8.09 · Reply
  119. Carol wrote:

    Love your outfits and the trip. I am new to your site and can’t get enough. Thanks so much for sharing.

    7.8.09 · Reply
  120. Jules wrote:

    Oh wow! Those first photo are so gorgeous! And also you, you look so pretty on your outfit.=D Looking forward on your next post. Have a great day.=D

    7.9.09 · Reply
  121. Solo wrote:

    Love the first photo!;D And look at the boots of that little girl, so cute! ;D

    7.9.09 · Reply
  122. Rita wrote:

    I have to say that your blog is the best blog i know.

    7.9.09 · Reply
  123. Stephanie wrote:

    Great Photos from Tokyo. Looks like a lot of fun! Good homeward journey!

    7.9.09 · Reply
  124. You look amazing…i feel in love with Tokyo!!!

    7.9.09 · Reply
  125. Emilie wrote:

    Hey Jane,
    I’m Emilie, a French girl of Twenty years old.
    I love your blog, I see it all of the days.
    I do my blog mode too, it’s: http://petitetincelle.unblog.fr/
    Thanks for visiting it.
    I love your style.
    Une petite étincelle***

    7.9.09 · Reply
  126. Melike. wrote:
    7.9.09 · Reply
  127. Stacy wrote:

    i adore the pictures of the fish on the crab and the “tree man”! your skirt is divine

    7.9.09 · Reply
  128. love your outfit!! also, i’m so jealous that you’re in tokyo right now. it’s my favorite city in the whole world, yet i have never had the chance to visit. ah well, maybe next year.

    7.9.09 · Reply
  129. joelyne wrote:

    great photos! love your bubble dress.

    7.9.09 · Reply
  130. Diana wrote:

    That trip sounds so fun!!!!!!!!!!
    and you have amazing photos, very good photographer. I loved how you brougt Nao everywhere and got such a big reaction! Loved the outfit too

    7.9.09 · Reply
  131. jessica. wrote:

    hi jane! i have a question.
    do you have any shoes that just kill your feet?
    if you do, how do you combat the pain? ;____;

    7.9.09 · Reply
  132. Marie wrote:

    i know you probably won’t have time to respond, but what kind of camera do you use? your pictures are very impressive.

    7.9.09 · Reply
  133. Kelly wrote:

    Great. Another uber rich white girl with a blog about how awesome her closet and life is, not to mention her $1200 camera.

    7.9.09 · Reply
  134. siska wrote:

    I really like your photographs!
    Keep going :]
    greetings from Indonesia..

    7.10.09 · Reply
  135. M wrote:

    Thanks for such great photos. I felt like I finally saw a different side to a city that so many people have been through. As always you’re entirely unique and wonderful!

    7.10.09 · Reply
  136. jessie wrote:

    wonderful photos, truly. i adore your shoes :)

    7.10.09 · Reply
  137. lalaniza wrote:

    Aww Nao looks so cute! Kawaii ^^! haha, anyway random question are you going to be visiting any other asian countries anytime soon? should try Jakarta (Indonesia) and of course, Singapore! it’ll b awesome to see you here in singapore :)

    7.10.09 · Reply
  138. I love that skirt! and the shoes look great with it too :)
    that park looks gorgeous, im so jealous of those little kids that must live near it..

    7.10.09 · Reply
  139. Ako wrote:

    Tokyo’s amazing city, you have a lot of chance you know? haha

    7.10.09 · Reply
  140. Ana wrote:

    I love the skirt!

    7.10.09 · Reply
  141. Lake wrote:

    that’s so adorable

    7.10.09 · Reply
  142. Annie wrote:

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I read several fashion blogs but I always save this one for last. The art is amazing. Love the photography and the fashions – beautiful! I was just wondering how you felt about people using your photos, as long as you were given credit for them. I’m sure you do not get a chance to write back to these comments, but if you get a chance just let me know. I will NOT use a photo unless you give me permission, of course.
    Keep on keeping on. Sea of Shoes is fantastic!!!

    7.11.09 · Reply
  143. kamilla wrote:

    your good at taking photos !!!

    7.11.09 · Reply
  144. I absolutely love the pic of the little girl in the layered pink skirt and pink rain boots, its adorable :)

    7.11.09 · Reply
  145. Simone wrote:

    That outfit is perfection. I really love all of your Tokyo photos, they are fab!

    7.12.09 · Reply
  146. Parisgirl2013 wrote:

    i love your skirt! where did you get it? :]

    7.15.09 · Reply
  147. Plé wrote:

    I love your skirt, and so beautiful pictures !
    Great look !

    7.15.09 · Reply
  148. 7.15.09 · Reply
  149. I love that you always mention missing your dogs. I hate being away from my dogs, and all my friends make fun of me. I have a corgi too :)

    7.21.09 · Reply