Living Room

Wearing a Kaylee Tankus leather jacket from BuyDefinition in Austin
a Jelly Garcia skirt I purchased in Laforet in Tokyo
Miu Miu studded ankle boots
:) This was fun to shoot-it was raining, so my mom and I just dragged some lights out and shot each other. Took my hair a few shades darker when I went to the salon this weekend too…I like it a lot!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful, and you really make that Kaylee Tankus jacket look good. Makes me wish I had ordered one of their leather jackets when I was working at the showroom!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  2. Fitz wrote:

    Give me your hair.
    No wait, that’s a bit creepy.
    Keep your hair. You look better in it anyway.
    Love this outfit, specially the skirt.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  3. Cruz wrote:

    Wow your outfit is beautiful. I like your hair darker!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  4. veronica wrote:

    i love the darker hair!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  5. quelle wrote:

    perfect outfit. love the darker hair.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  6. Nahal wrote:

    this is incredible!
    I love your look, and the pictures are amazing!
    you look like a porcelain doll!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  7. Rebekka wrote:

    Your hair looks really good a few shades darker!
    Love those boots.

    7.21.09 · Reply
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    7.21.09 · Reply
  9. Denise wrote:

    I really LOVE the first picture!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  10. Christine wrote:

    Your hair colour makes you look alot more mature!
    These photos are so gorgeous and great outfit as always.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  11. I love the drapey-ness of this outfit, and the hardness of the boots. Very nice!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  12. cindy wrote:

    can you please tell us if that is a corgi in the last pic???? what a cute dog!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  13. Jacqueline wrote:

    Those Miu Miu studded ankle boots are amazing!! Love the new hair color :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  14. alison wrote:

    this shoot is AMAZING!!
    What camera lens did your mom use, and what type of lighting? i want to re-create a shoot like that!! Please do share!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  15. Annie wrote:

    I like the new haircolor! It makes you look more mature somehow =)
    Amazing outfit as always. I love the different textures and the whole romantic feel. So beautiful!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  16. flora wrote:

    i love the colours, the lighting, the clothes and the dogs.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  17. Rachel wrote:

    Ooh – I love this shoot! Colours look great together. Like the hair too!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  18. Justina wrote:

    Loove the new hair!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  19. ava wrote:

    I LOVE the skirt AND the jacket And the boots And the pics! <3 Ava

    7.21.09 · Reply
  20. stylefyles wrote:

    love the way this outfit is put together

    7.21.09 · Reply
  21. tara wrote:

    Wow, loooove your new hair colour!!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  22. brittanijoy wrote:

    that warmer blonde looks sooooo pretty on your skin tone

    7.21.09 · Reply
  23. wow!! gorgeous pictures and jacket!! and i LOVE your AND your boots :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  24. Love your hair! And the first picture is amazing..the outfit is perfection espesh those boots!!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  25. Kashaya wrote:

    Amazing pictures and I love the outfit, especially the shoes!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  26. Michelle wrote:

    The darker hair is very flattering!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  27. Really like darker hair on you! And ahhh those boots, I’m smitten.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  28. Leia wrote:

    I love your new hair color! And those Miu Mius are just to die for :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  29. maria wrote:

    Stunning photos. The lighting is so lush!!
    Your new hair color looks amazing on you!! Perfect for the coming season.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  30. Jade bath wrote:

    love the darker color on you, and the jacket is exquisite.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  31. Nadia wrote:

    i like the hair . looks like lauren conrad .

    7.21.09 · Reply
  32. That jacket reminds kind of John Galliano’s fall 2006. Looks incredible with the skirt.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  33. Kelly wrote:

    everything looks amazing together, great pieces!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  34. great boots! and like the darker hair, better contrast with your skin.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  35. Andrew J wrote:

    That jacket is absolutely amazing! You have such a great eye for finding pieces.
    As always, love the shoes and great choice for fall with going a little darker with the hair. In the third pic down you look so much like your mother. Great post!
    P.S. Not sure if you or your mom shot the lights and twigs but that shot is beautiful.
    Me & Marisa

    7.21.09 · Reply
  36. Nora wrote:

    i love your outfit as usual! saw your vogue editorial when it came in the mail, love everything you and your mom was wearing!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  37. Cari wrote:

    your hair looks darker, i like it!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  38. i love how mix black and nude and of course texture. the new haircolor looks amazing on you!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  39. Emalyn wrote:

    Looooooooove it!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  40. bee wrote:

    this hair color is amazing for you. much warmer. love it.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  41. Lake wrote:

    your hair looks fantastic!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  42. love the hair, the outfit, the shoes, the lighting, the room, the everything. you are truly a stunning beauty, miss jane. amazing.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  43. Very cool outfit. I like it!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  44. The Tart wrote:

    The Pups are adorable .. Bet they are happy to have their family back home!!
    The Tart
    ; *

    7.21.09 · Reply
  45. i absolutely love this post. that outfit is fabulous! and i love the decor!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  46. AL wrote:

    Your skin always looks amazing in the photos. Do you use any make-up? If so, what brands?

    7.21.09 · Reply
  47. amy wrote:

    really like the hair color & the shoes…& the jacket

    7.21.09 · Reply
  48. Vanessa wrote:

    The new hair color looks lovely!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  49. em wrote:

    was gonna say your hair looks darker it looks great!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  50. Kate wrote:

    ok wow. sheesh does everything you do have to be perfect? :) haha cuz it is!
    i got to like the 3rd pic and i was like gasp! her hair! looks good ;)
    living room was amazing, love the outfit, everythings great!!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  51. Hi Jane,
    You look sophisticated and beautiful. I really love the Kaylee Tankus leather jacket on you.
    Have a beautiful day,

    7.21.09 · Reply
  52. Vi wrote:

    Jane, you are beautiful. It’s raining in Trophy Club? That explains the cool weather we’ve been having in Dallas. It’s so nice.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  53. iyam wrote:

    love the whole effect of the shoot!! love what you did to your hair too :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  54. Kay wrote:

    These photos were beautiful!
    Your hair looks really good a bit darker!
    Btw, I saw your shoes on Urban Outfitters!! :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  55. You look stunning! I love the boots.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  56. luxirare wrote:

    i love the pictures here, the lighting is great and different from the other pictures you’ve taken on the blog.
    Beautiful outfit as well.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  57. Sophiemei wrote:

    i like ur new hair style
    and the jacket
    the color fits on u

    7.21.09 · Reply
  58. Sher wrote:

    The living room is lovely. Adore the drapey skirt and your new hair is so pretty!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  59. m wrote:

    your haircolor is 1000% better than your previous blonde! you were beautiful blonde too, but now you look more amazing!!! lucky you to be so gorgeous and have pretty clothes.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  60. that’s right!
    i know there’s something new with your looks
    but couldn’t figure it out and yes, that’s your hair!
    i love your new hair color, jane!
    it’s so rare to find that kind of jacket!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  61. Patricia wrote:

    Firstly, the hair looks stunning – it gives your face a certain babydoll maturity contrast which is divinely partnered with your style :)
    Secondly, that leather jacket is amazing!
    The shoot all together is stunning and the lightening creates an amazing mood in each shot! :)
    I’m so jealous of your Miu Miu’s :)

    7.21.09 · Reply
  62. hanna wrote:

    love your outfit and the hair!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  63. Le Fashion wrote:

    AMAZING! Your hair suits you sooo much better now!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  64. Stephhh wrote:

    your hair looks amazing!
    and i looooooooove that skirt! the shoes too!
    well, the whole outfit, really :P

    7.21.09 · Reply
  65. caitie wrote:

    WOW. I love the new hair!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  66. Punkie wrote:

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  67. love your jacket!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  68. Ale. wrote:

    All the shots are amazing! Everything’s just great!

    7.21.09 · Reply
  69. Lola wrote:

    That skirt is DIVINE. And am definitely loving the new hair. <3 the pups.

    7.21.09 · Reply
  70. Stella wrote:

    I love how everything your wearing is so different and yet they seem to go great together.
    <3 Stella

    7.22.09 · Reply
  71. Libby wrote:

    Love your new hair and gorgeous cozy outfit!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  72. Victoria wrote:

    Before I even delve into the fashion aspect of your post, can I just say that I am obsessed with Corgis and I’ve always wanted one? I have already picked out the name for my future Corgi–Merlin :)
    Love how the color palette of our outfit is pretty neutral. The flowy and ruffly effect of your skirt matched up with the rocker chick studded Miu Miu boots and shimmery leather jacket is a great contrast. It looks effortlessly chic. Well done!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  73. k604bc wrote:

    OMG You look sultry with darker hair :) I love it a lot!!! And the outfit and the dogs and the house. I love everything about this post!!!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  74. Ljubica wrote:

    i love all the pieces in this outfit! they are all superb!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  75. I was wondering if you darkened your hair or if it was the lighting. It looks pretty! …and these photos are gorgeous. You and your mom must have so much fun!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  76. Danielle wrote:

    Stunning as a blonde, but surprisingly even more gorgeous as a brunette! You look like a femme fatale in a murder mystery in some of these pictures. Wow this comment sounds creepy. Am loving the skirt.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  77. Ore wrote:

    your hair is lovely! and your mum should consider photography! plus your style is amazing!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  78. rachel wrote:

    i love the burnished feel of your leather jacket! it’s so romantic and edgy at the same time
    also, your chandelier is gorgeous! love the whole look:)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  79. Shen-Shen wrote:

    I think your hair looks better this shade! You look so beautiful in the first picture. I am in LOVE with your skirt (and it’s uneven hemline) and those amazing shoes.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  80. Lilee wrote:

    you’re so beautiful! love the shoes heaps

    7.22.09 · Reply
  81. Kas wrote:

    I love your photos, your look and your living room too! :) Greetings from Poland. :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  82. shayela wrote:

    gorgeous hair and boots and dress and jacket and CHANDELIER. Dear god, i love chandeliers. Anyways, something about you with a deeper hair color and sidepinned bangs reminds me of Rumi. i like :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  83. RIKE wrote:

    oh, i love the picture of your two dogs … that proves the idea of a “second dog” as a good one ;)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  84. The lighting is fantastic. Everything comes out so sharp, especially the details and textures in your outfit. The limited colour palette is chic.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  85. eleanor wrote:

    Such an amazing outfit….and home!!! and the hair looks great.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  86. Edel wrote:

    Thin this is my first comment despite watching for nearly a year now. This has to be my favourite of all your outfits however :) the new hair colour really makes it as well.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  87. Lily wrote:

    Jane your hair looks unbelivable I much prefer it that little bit darker! These pictures are gorgeous..and I adore your outfit..that pale pink skirt is gorgeous, the gold shimmery jacket words can’t describe and of course the miu miu ankle boots are to die for!xxx

    7.22.09 · Reply
  88. Hi Jane, this is infact a very beauttiful post due to its photo quality. Love how you do your photograpy, clear & precise and a touch of artistic twist in it always. i love most the Kaylee Tankus jacket and the Miu Miu studded platform boots. They makes the entire outfit fierce, strong yet feminine. Look forward to your next post. And oh, your hair! It looks good on you, more like you… Good choice. Stay in touch!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  89. I love they way your hair loos after little makeover :) It`s gorgeous !

    7.22.09 · Reply
  90. Ashlee wrote:

    Wow, these are amazing, I really, really love your hair. Everything is beautiful in these pictures!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  91. Hi Jane,
    The photos are beautiful, your style is really evolving, I love this look you really suit the pale chiffons and tough leathers, your new hair colour is lovely x

    7.22.09 · Reply
  92. Kasia wrote:

    you look so great!
    nice photos!:)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  93. Julie wrote:

    WHO !!!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  94. these photos are so lovely! You look very pretty

    7.22.09 · Reply
  95. Brigadeiro wrote:

    LOVE your new hair colour! You look absolutely gorgeous, as do these photos & your outfit! STUNNING! :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  96. Stephanie wrote:

    Love the new hair colour. The last picture of your dogs is just gorgeous.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  97. MJ wrote:

    Miu Miu boots = yumyumyum! Your hair looks really nice darker, too!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  98. Lor wrote:

    I like your new hair color too:) Beautiful!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  99. Ahhh those shoes are so gorgeous!!
    I like your new look :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  100. Kjersti wrote:

    Hi, just letting you know that you have a big fan from Norway:)
    Absolutley love your blog! Keep up the good work:)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  101. Kate wrote:

    I really love this set of photographs – everything works – the darker hair looks great, the outfit is amazing.. and the setting is fabulous. Nicely done.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  102. jennifer wrote:

    oh, your hair is stunning!
    I love the light

    7.22.09 · Reply
  103. gennie wrote:

    you look sooooo prettty jane <3
    love the darker hair!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  104. lbelle wrote:

    Love the jacket and boots especially….you look beautiful as always :).

    7.22.09 · Reply
  105. Cecylia wrote:

    That looks like a very comfortable leather/suede jacket. I love your clothes, shoes and dogs!
    I have a cute puppy and you can read his blogs on

    7.22.09 · Reply
  106. Mads wrote:

    Your hair is so pretty! and I love this outfit, love the flowy layers..
    ps. I did a shoe post for my 50th post. Hope you can check it out!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  107. Leura wrote:

    i have to just say love your blog! You have inspired several outfits for me on those days i think i ‘have nothing to wear.’ Thanks! :o)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  108. Carrie wrote:

    These pictures of you are stunning. I really like the brown in your outfit with the soft lighting. Looks lovely.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  109. chicfaced wrote:

    your hair looks so good like that – you should def play with the darker shades for awhile…this set of photos has a romantic/gothic feel that goes so well w/your outfit…well done!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  110. cat wrote:

    i love the lights and the colors!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  111. Vinutha wrote:

    I love these pictures!! The lighting in amazing and I love your new hair color! And the Jacket!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  112. AK wrote:

    absolutely gorgeous photos!! That is a dream of an outfit! love love it!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  113. Barbro wrote:

    Love your skirt, and the shoes, ofcourse, are amazing – but then again, you knew that :p
    Loveguests: http://barkatt-barbro.blogspot.com

    7.22.09 · Reply
  114. jaime wrote:

    This post is absolutely stunning! I love the contrast in textures of your outfit, juxtaposed w/ the room. Gorg!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  115. Kim wrote:

    You look gorgeous in these pictures! I also love the play of light, very nice pics.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  116. Becca wrote:

    LOVE the miu miu boots, as I know I’ve said before. That skirt is fabulous as well.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  117. Isabel wrote:

    I love this! The entire picture set works so well together. I love the dress with the chandelier!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  118. Little Red wrote:

    Absolutely fabulous pictures! I’m loving the new hair! It looks great on you!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  119. Lauren wrote:

    Firstly your dogs are gorgeous!
    I love those boots, you look fab. The hair is a stunning colour too, you picked the right shade to go!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  120. Amazing shoot! your clothes seem to fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the room.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  121. Seriously how do you come up with such PHENOMENAL outfits? Please help us all out and give us your closet essentials :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  122. What an amazing outfit!
    the skirt is so special, and the boots are amazing! You looks great darling!!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  123. Nicole wrote:

    I’m digging this shoot. It looks very mystical, and I’m LOVING those boots!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  124. Anna wrote:

    You’re so beautiful!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  125. CYT wrote:

    How many dogs do you have? I would like to see an entry on all your dogs as there seems to be new ones everytime you include them! Your hair looks really nice.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  126. Myrina wrote:

    wow, I love these boots and the photos are amazing!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  127. mo wrote:

    love the lighting in these photos

    7.22.09 · Reply
  128. These are great shots! Love the low lit look and rustic setting. Those booties are delish! Your hair looks fab too :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  129. Ashley wrote:

    I really love this. The colors and textures are wonderful! Your hair looks great also! I wanted to ask about your makeup routine(if you even have one) your skin is flawless all the time!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  130. everything looks so luxe. i love it all…chandelier, the lighting, the colors and textures…and the new haircolor is PERFECT. i know it’s summer but there’s a real autumn feel to these photos. this is definitely one of my favorite sea of shoes posts.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  131. Suzanne wrote:

    does your life really exist of taking beautiful pics, wearing beautiful clothes and buying beautiful clothes? maybe that’s a very stupid and superficial question, but it really looks that way, haha, and i don’t mean it a bad way at all! i’m just really jealous, haha.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  132. zeitgeist4 wrote:

    Your new hair color looks great with the metallic leather jacket!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  133. Wondeful, beautiful, gorgeous – just can’t decide which fits better. So, you may take all three of them ^^

    7.22.09 · Reply
  134. JennyM wrote:

    Recently became a fan of Kaylee Tankus. LOVE the jacket.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  135. These are amazing!! Wow, your whole outfit is ridiculously gorgeous and the chandelier & doggies…wow!!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  136. Carmen wrote:

    Those Miu Miu studded ankle boots are sick!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  137. luxirare wrote:

    you know you were on style.com today! Loved seeing it!!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  138. Catalina wrote:

    The new color looks lovely on you – wonderful shots, thanks for sharing!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  139. I love the skirt. The first picture is gorgeous. (The other ones are too, I just like that one best) & the last one is cute :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  140. Ashley wrote:

    Love the photos!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  141. Alice wrote:

    This might be my absolute favorite shoot yet – love the lighting and that jacket! Well…the whole outfit is phenomenal. Thanks for the great pictures! And always good to end on a puppy note.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  142. Maria wrote:

    You’re on style.com! :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  143. Amanda wrote:

    Your hair is much more flattering now, I love it! Your dogs are so cute and your living room is beautiful!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  144. Eva wrote:

    your hair is quite amazing !
    your house looks very pretty . i love that skirt and the leather jacket is beautiful !

    7.22.09 · Reply
  145. Hey, I’m Anthony Springate… and on a website called Looklet.com, I saw a vest JUST like that of the one you have on in your living room! So, I tried to recreate the look! Please tell me if you like it at pretty.boys.go.to.heaven@gmail.com, and if so, I’ll keep making looks for you! <3

    7.22.09 · Reply
  146. Lyllian wrote:

    LOVE the new hair color.
    I like it better than when it was lighter.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  147. catherine wrote:

    new hair color = awesome! one of the best decisions you have made yet! it makes you 100x lovelier :)

    7.22.09 · Reply
  148. Romi wrote:

    Oh, I’m so desperatley in love with those boots!!!!!!!!
    Love that hair tone on you. The pics turned out amazing!! They look so profesional

    7.22.09 · Reply
  149. Monochromatic looks certainly are my all time favorites and you did it brilliantly! I love the different lenghts on the skirt and jacket and how every piece compliments the other as if they are a one-piece, like they were supposed to go together to begin with. Okay I believe I made it clear that I adored this ensemble as much as I adore cute little dogs like yours!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  150. Karen wrote:

    The outfit is fantastic!!! Beautiful drappery effect and texture in all pieces!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  151. Samantha wrote:

    i love your miu miu boots, they are studded perfectly. i wouldnt have thought of them for that outfit at first but they compliment it very well. i also really like the lighting

    7.22.09 · Reply
  152. nana wrote:

    you may want to rethink the proportions. the skirt length and boot height are not ideal.

    7.22.09 · Reply
  153. those boots are legendary!

    7.22.09 · Reply
  154. Crystal wrote:

    That skirt…sigh. Lovely

    7.22.09 · Reply
  155. Perla wrote:

    This is a really pretty shoot. The lighting is very romantic. What are you using? I noticed a spot light in the foreground in one of the pictures, are you only using one? What brand?
    Did i mention that the shots are beautiful!?!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  156. I love your living room, but not as much as I love the Mui Muis. The detail on those boots are to die for.

    7.23.09 · Reply
  157. Love your house ! love your camera ! love your mom ! love your clothes ! love your shoes ! love your blog ! you have such an amazing life :)))

    7.23.09 · Reply
  158. Isabel wrote:

    ooohhhh myyyy goosshhhh, love the hair and outfit!
    Best post so far :D

    7.23.09 · Reply
  159. Stephanie, Australia wrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous Jane!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  160. One could just stare at those pictures forever. You’re a true beauty, and your style is awesome!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  161. Allie wrote:

    Loooove your hair!
    Everything about your outfit and look is so much warmer.
    I liked it before, but I love it now.

    7.23.09 · Reply
  162. Woow Love the lighting on these pictures, your skin tone look so beautiful :)

    7.23.09 · Reply
  163. Jo and Joe wrote:

    Love the photos…
    Looking for fashionistas with style just like this and a wardrobe to match. Sell your past season pieces through consignment/resale…
    Email joandjoenyc@gmail.com ((website coming soon!))

    7.23.09 · Reply
  164. chris wrote:

    did you dye your hair. it looks v. good

    7.23.09 · Reply
  165. trendvixen wrote:

    Gorgeous shots.
    I adore that leather jacket. The color of the leather compliments your new hair perfectly. Nice job with the lighting, too! Everything looks so warm and soft. Love it.

    7.23.09 · Reply
  166. celia wrote:

    your hair looks greatttttttt
    and i LOVE the layering thing there!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  167. Tawney wrote:

    I love how the outfit and living room work so well together. A nice color palette of nude and mocha.

    7.23.09 · Reply
  168. angelina wrote:

    i love your outfit!
    and the boots amazing!
    i love the way you dress up yourself!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  169. Rachel wrote:

    love the hair. very chic

    7.23.09 · Reply
  170. Maeko wrote:

    I love the golden quality of these photos… Very golden and soft. The light and treatment gives it a good vintage tone.
    I also dig that the last picture has your dogs tilting their heads to exactly the same angle. Very cute.
    You look more mature with that hair colour. It suits you!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  171. Helena wrote:

    Really beautiful pictures, and love your skirt !!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  172. these photos are brilliant. Love the lighting and draping of everything. Your hair color is fabulous!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  173. jamie wrote:

    i loooove your hair! beautiful everything.

    7.23.09 · Reply
  174. michelle wrote:

    darker hair color does wonders for your complexion!

    7.23.09 · Reply
  175. Mel wrote:

    1. Corgis are the best.
    2. Loooooove the hair color. It makes you look older, in a good way :).

    7.23.09 · Reply
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    and the dogs! the doggggggggs! that’s probably the best dogs picture i’ve ever seen.

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    You are beautiful and I love how the photos were done. Unfortunately, you were upstaged by those 2 cuties in the last photo.

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  183. Dru wrote:

    Garner (if that is your name), sure it’s nice to be rich, but you’re making the same stupid mistake Vogue often does: rich isn’t necessarily=stylish. I’ve known a fair few stinking rich women who have scads of designer gear and no idea how to dress themselves, so I think I can safely say that I admire Jane and Judy- not because they have the fab shoes and clothes in the first place (though the pieces are beautiful), but because of the way they use them in their own wardrobes. Sure, money makes things easier, but it doesn’t buy you taste, or style, or a tendency to be adventurous with it. And none of those things depend on how much money a person’s got.
    Oh, and unless you happen to be their bank manager or accountant, it’s stupid to go around posting statements like these on a teenager’s blog.
    Jane: your hair looks wonderful- that golden tone you’ve got going with the lights is amazing. Though I’m sorry to say, your dogs have out-cuted you this time :)

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    There’s your blog inspired display here in Vancouver BC Holt Renfew, but I haven’t seen it yet.
    Here’s a blog our local style site took of other ones though: http://www.thestylespy.com/?p=3535#comments very neat and your pictures of your blog inspired display previous looked great!
    Thanks for the share.

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    But you always take gorgeous photos, and your hair is always beautiful, and you do have a fantastic taste in clothes most of the time. Good job.

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    See you!

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    Kram Amanda
    Tack att du lästa min kommentar!

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    I am completely frustrated by this blog. With everything that is going on socio-economically, politically and otherwise, to come to this blog and be bombarded by images of an insanely wealthy girl is insane. I see one person responded to someone else’s comment with ‘mony doesn’t buy style’ and I disagree. It is easy to look at pictures and copy. Whether those shots are from Vogue 2009 or 1999, a copy is a copy of a copy. I just think it is a like strange that she does nothing but take pictures of herself and her shoes and whatever else she’s wearing. You’d think there are other things to document in one’s life, such as times shared with friends, school trips or college applications. And what is most disturbing of all is all of the blind obsession and envy from the women and men posting! I don’t believe for a moment that you postres care as much as your eyes crying tears of jealousy do. That is what drives the interest in this blog, the constant desire to have what one does not have or is not meant to have. It is this same feeling of lust that drives our media, publications, etc… the scores of individuals with body image issues or in poor economic situations, constantly wishing to have what a select few do.

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    it would be much appreciated!!

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    Beautiful lighting; beautiful shoot!

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