When will it be winter already??

For no reason in particular I seem to have accumulated a lot of leopard print in my life as of late…and most of these pieces are much better suited for cold weather, and not the 100 degree heat we're experiencing in TX at the moment.

Particularly this one.

This is an Ivan Grundahl  faux leopard cocoon coat that my mom got at a sale at the If boutique in Soho. My mom and I are both big fans of Ivan Grundahl, so it was an exciting find, especially at something like 80% off..ridiculous!

I wasn't with her when she bought this coat, she had it shipped home. I had to try it on as soon as I saw it. The plushy fur is so soft, and the coat is reversible, so you can wear it on rainy days too!

Worn with Balenciaga ankle boots & a vintage Razza elephant necklace.
This is a leopard print skirt found at the Goodwill for 99 cents. The print is great and the length is perfect for my Miu Miu studded ankle boots.
Worn with a shearling bomber jacket by Richard Chai, an antique kimono sash that my mom got in Tokyo long ago, and of course, the Miu Miu ankle boots
I found this Junya Watanabe leopard dress/shirt at the If sale too…I was so happy, I had almost bought this top in Dallas a few months before, but here it was on sale 75% off!
If it weren't for the fact that it is made of wool it would be perfect for today's weather. Even though it was hot in New York I wore this outfit around town.I have to say that as much as I love this top, it's very impractical. My left arm was virtually imobilized in it. A fashion straight-jacket so to speak. 
Worn with running pants, an LGB flannel, and Y-3 bag. Weird outfit, I know.
I guess winter isn't too far away…I'm just impaitient to wear some of these things! 
Till next time…xo Jane

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  1. Little Red wrote:

    Absolutely loving your leopard print pieces! I’m especially liking the dress/shirt in the last photo. It looks great paired with the red plaid!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  2. Fannah wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. The first jacket is the best winter thing.. And I love the leopard top too! Only it’s weird that it’s wool but still a summer-looking piece. I hate when they combine something like that..

    8.28.09 · Reply
  3. Great style. Cool jacket

    8.28.09 · Reply
  4. Midge wrote:

    Leopard print is pretty classic, isn’t it? Looking forward to fall weather and the clothes that come with it!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  5. i’m in texas right now for the first time in my life. it’s so hot and dry here! unbelievable.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  6. They all look lovely on you! the first coat looks incredibly warm and the miu miu studded ankle boots are just incredible!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  7. Jen Tarte wrote:

    That coat is fabulous! I especially love how you found that skirt for only 99 cents!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  8. Michelle wrote:

    Love the cat eyes. It goes really well with your theme. :)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  9. Lisa wrote:

    Love everything…
    I am going to New York for the first time next week, any suggestions of really amazing places to eat and shop and see?
    Thank you lovely!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  10. jane i dont know how you do it, but seeing your mom i figure it is in your DNA, but you just have this true gift for mixing patterns and prints and textures w/o looking like a clown. even though there is a lot going on, there is a harmony and cohesiveness to it. it’s amazing how you do it! i esp. love the 2nd outfit. and when it comes to animal prints i like them as natural as possible, but black/white print is truly exceptional! and i LOVE that kimono sash/scarf!!!!!!!!
    -ps. i love your tights in the 1st ensemble. they are not something i get to wear, but i love them on other people!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  11. Lisa wrote:

    I love it !
    I fell in love wih your blog !
    I’m trying to begin one but I don’t have lots of time :/. All is writen in French but if I have foreign readers, I’ll change the language.
    I need opinions & advices.
    Hope you’ll enjoy,
    Kisses from France,

    8.28.09 · Reply
  12. Ljubica wrote:

    love the skirt, 99cents, that’s an absolutely ridiculous steal!
    i love all the shots too :)
    but be thankful for hot weather, it’s already freezing up in Canada!! (which it shouldn’t be, at least not in August)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  13. ava wrote:

    Hi jane! I love all the leopard, PERFECT. <3 Ava

    8.28.09 · Reply
  14. Ann wrote:

    Love to see your post before sleeping and yeah! here U go!!
    Great outfits — really Love that leopard skirt and that length.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  15. Nicole wrote:

    love the coat. that skirt is an awesome find, the print is amazing! also love your miu miu studded ankle boots – always love your shoes, you have an incredible collection.
    also love your hair and how it’s thrown up in that loose chignon, very pretty.
    take care!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  16. Vanessa wrote:

    I’m usually not a fan of leopard print, because most people don’t pull it off well. But, it’s a different story with you. You make leopard print look elegant and chic, especially in that last picture!
    I also am more of a shoe girl (over a handbag girl) myself!
    – Vanessa

    8.28.09 · Reply
  17. noa wrote:

    The leopard coat is really amazing!!
    I can’t wait for winter because the summer in Israel is really hot!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  18. Cindy wrote:

    I love all three outfits but I think #1 is my favorite… Where are the tights from?

    8.28.09 · Reply
  19. aliena wrote:

    Girlfriend I feel your pain! Just moved here to Dallas from LA and dreaming of fall, its too hot!!!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  20. Lizzy wrote:

    i wish it was summer too!! love the outfits

    8.28.09 · Reply
  21. Catarina wrote:

    The coat is stunning! Regarding the dress,I really like the way you mixed it with plaid, very interesting looks.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  22. Your leopard coat is just LOVE

    8.28.09 · Reply
  23. christina wrote:

    wow. i never really liked leopard print but after i saw your amazing coat… i’ll might [definitely] change my mind, haha!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  24. Isabel wrote:

    you look as beautiful as always!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  25. Brooke wrote:

    I feel the same way about winter. While I really like summer, winter clothes are so much more fun! I love your new coat, and you certainly can’t beat a 99 cent skirt. My aunt is obsessed with leopard print. She claims it is a neutral, and I totally agree!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  26. Isabel wrote:

    The leopard cocoon coat is EPIC! I’ve never seen anything like it! So beautiful.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  27. Ofelia wrote:

    So much leopard. I don’t like that print. But vogue’s like this.
    Nice day!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  28. Rikke wrote:

    I think it’s really cool that you like Ivan Grundahl – a Danish designer. You should come to Copenhagen and see his shop here. I think I have seen you wear Vibskov as well. They are both very loved here in Denmark.
    Hi from Denmark,

    8.28.09 · Reply
  29. Shannon wrote:

    Wow that coat is incredible!
    Great blog!
    xx. Shannon

    8.28.09 · Reply
  30. Alex wrote:

    Oh, I wanna some cold days, because I bought grey coat. And I fall in love with it :D

    8.28.09 · Reply
  31. I know the feeling, I can’t wait for cooler weather, so bored of my summer wardrobe that I am craving some layers and my leather leggings!!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  32. I love leopard stuff. That coat is amazing, as is the impractical leopard top. I’m in Austin, so I feel your pain with this effing ridiculously hot weather.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  33. Alex Dom wrote:

    i love the miu miu ankle boots!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  34. CHICMUSE wrote:


    8.28.09 · Reply
  35. alison wrote:

    what a gorgeous coat…especially since it’s faux leopard! you are rocking it!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  36. maria wrote:

    Gorgeous! That coat is stunning. I covet all your leopard prints.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  37. Andrew J wrote:

    Great coat! And I totally feel your pain, I’m ready for fall weather already! I have too many wonderful cool/cold weather clothes for this heat lol.
    -Andrew J

    8.28.09 · Reply
  38. looking good! i heard that your blog is banned in china btw. sad. and wtf, i don’t get the hate!! lol.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  39. Leopard print is one of my absolute most favorite things. It has the potential to be very tacky, but if worn right, it is flattering, timeless and beautiful. Both of your finds are incredible!
    -Simone Renee

    8.28.09 · Reply
  40. I love leopard print, when done right it is extremely chic!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  41. Jane wrote:

    I can’t wait for winter either! Today, it hit about 66 degrees though (a HUGE change from the 80 degree weather of just yesterday) so I was temporarily happy :)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  42. H&M is selling super cute tiny leopard jackets for little girls.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  43. lilly! wrote:


    8.28.09 · Reply
  44. Marion wrote:

    I LOVE the coat and the dress/shirt i’m so impressed by your finds i really wonder how you do i wish i could find such things with such prices where i live that’s so sad you’re so a lucky girl jane i should get you as my personal shopper ;)
    Marion -xx-

    8.28.09 · Reply
  45. Dana wrote:

    Seriously, we get the brunt of the heat here in Texas. :(

    8.28.09 · Reply
  46. Noura wrote:

    Oooooh. That first piece… I’m wanting it so badly.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  47. I’m obsessed with leopard print right now, too!! I love the skirt with the Miu Miu ankle boots.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  48. Anon Coward wrote:

    Your feet are going to be straight BUSTED when you are 21. I bet they look nasty NOW. YUCK!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  49. Kate wrote:

    i always hate the akward transition between summer and winter and fall…

    8.28.09 · Reply
  50. Pretty pics!!!! kisses
    Paula (GALA PADILLA)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  51. I can’t wait for fall! Winter, however, I despise. I have a hatred of extreme temperatures.
    Amazing pieces!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  52. jae wrote:

    you look so damn tall in your first two shots while i’m here at 5’0…. hahaha

    8.28.09 · Reply
  53. 8.28.09 · Reply
  54. Victoria wrote:

    heyy Jane!
    I absolutely loooooooooove your blog!!! If you are ever in portland check out the the Bonnets. It has really cool hats. I was recently in portland and remembered that you loved hats. Their blog is bonnetsboutique.com. Also, have you seen the Balmain zipped ankle boots yet? They are really cool. You should check them out. And lastly, have you ever been to the store LF? there are two in NYC. maybe you could check it out. One is on 5th Ave. and the other on Spring Street in SoHo

    8.28.09 · Reply
  55. wOw!
    i love your outfit, jane!
    i’m inlove with leopard/animal prints too!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  56. Brigadeiro wrote:

    What an amazing coat! Love the brown shearling most! And *sigh* those Balenciaga’s…gorge! :)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  57. WJ wrote:

    Very gaudy and completely non-trend based. I love it. Leopard print is a classic and I’m loving the look on such a young girl like you. You work it in many different ways, both ostentatiously and in a more relaxed manner. The key to great dressing is versatility and creativity – you you have shitloads of both! Also it’s great to see that you are pretty much the only blogger who has the Balenciaga boots whilst everyone else drools over the Edelmans.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  58. Vanessa wrote:

    I absolutely adore your leopard prints! The coat is amazing.
    And I absolutely agree about the weather– winter needs to be here ASAP!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  59. The long leopard skirt is my favorite,
    so chic!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  60. All of the photos look great Jane. I know Dallas’s weather is way hot and I can’t wait for it to cool off soon :-)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  61. Isabel wrote:

    Oh so so soooo amazing.
    FOLLOW: http://prolong-the-moment.blogspot.com/

    8.28.09 · Reply
  62. That is such a beautiful jacket! (:

    8.28.09 · Reply
  63. Libby wrote:

    Love the print fun and sexy yet very versatile..suprisingly!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  64. Leia wrote:

    I love leopard print! I have been on the hunt to get a coat just like the one you’re wearing in the first picture. I love love love that top, too. Great finds! :)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  65. Hot eye makeup!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  66. Joan wrote:

    The last outfit is the best–so eclectic (such a dumb, over-used word, I know), I love it.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  67. P wrote:

    I was ALSO at the IF Boutique sale in SoHo! I was there on the first day of the sample sale — odd that I didn’t see either of those pieces. There were some really insane half nude mesh/half black leather Margiela knee high boots there that reminded me of your crazy shoes.
    I picked up an Ivan Grundahl piece too — a really fabulous wool/silk vest with a long (triple wrap) leather belt. I’d never even heard of him but I really liked his stuff. I’m jealous of your coat, it’s beautiful.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  68. Stephanie wrote:

    There’s something about leopard print that has me torn, when worn by others it can look elegant & chic, but for some reason as soon as I wear it I feel like an old lady. I can’t explain it. I do love the folds of that first coat though, just beautiful.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  69. CZ wrote:

    u look so cute, how old r u!

    8.28.09 · Reply
  70. Nina wrote:

    you look like bjork. and that is fully a compliment.
    very unique and original.
    i love you blog :)

    8.28.09 · Reply
  71. Maya wrote:

    i totally know what you mean about the weather. It hasn’t been nearly that hot up here but i keep coming up with outfits that would be great for winter. Love the coats. Those boots look great with the skirt.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  72. Becca wrote:

    I am in love with the voluptuousness of that coat. It looks perfect for a Canadian winter if you tire of it in Texas.

    8.28.09 · Reply
  73. Shannon wrote:

    Your makeup looks beautiful! Loving your tights in the first picture with the Balenciaga boots.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  74. Jo wrote:

    I actually think leopard print and flannel match perfect together!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  75. Kasia wrote:

    love that leopard dress!!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  76. I love the tights and the leopard with the plaid!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  77. Alice wrote:

    LOVE your hair in the first outfit picture and your makeup.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  78. Amazing coat!!!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  79. Jessica wrote:

    The leopard cocoon coat is so fun! I think I could get away with it for my all-black work wardrobe… which you can follow at http://www.blacktowork.blogspot.com. Jane, you are adorable!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  80. Jacob wrote:

    I love your blog, your style and everything you wear! Keep the good work

    8.29.09 · Reply
  81. Evi wrote:

    Amazing coat O_O …..

    8.29.09 · Reply
  82. shocolaat wrote:

    Lol you made this the same day of the release of Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard Release.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  83. Betty wrote:

    New eyebrow shape? Looks great!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  84. dannie wrote:

    oooh yeeees
    aamazing leopard fiiiinds ;)
    esp. the immobolizing top, haha- its sooo vibrant and cool, you could weasr a billion diff ways ;)
    i loove your quirky take on it ;)

    8.29.09 · Reply
  85. Indie Cake wrote:

    I love wearing plaid with cheetah print!!!! :)

    8.29.09 · Reply
  86. Eneida wrote:

    Very very beautiful!
    I live very much animal print!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  87. Love tha jacket, it looks so warm and cosy!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  88. Amy wrote:

    A while ago you mentioned you didn’t wear makeup — you only did your eyebrows, I think you said. Do you have eyeliner/mascara on in these pictures? Any reason for the change of heart or just trying something new?

    8.29.09 · Reply
  89. Molly Rose wrote:

    Those pieces are fabulous! I love them.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  90. Cruz wrote:

    When I saw that last one of your twitter, i was like WOW I love the plaid and leopard together. It may be weird, but it kicks ass!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  91. i cannot wait for winter, either, although of course my winter wardrobe is not as elaborate as yours. but you inspired me, i really need to buy something leopardy, too.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  92. Jennifer wrote:

    I love your cocoon coat! And congrats on making Style.com’s “Who’s That Girl?” list, where you’re featured
    with some of the fashion world’s youngest it girls!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  93. Lilee wrote:

    great outfit! the leopard print is amazing!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  94. i am very impatient for winter!!!! where i live, we only have hot, hotter, hottest, and not so hot. so you see my dilema…

    8.29.09 · Reply
  95. Josephine wrote:

    great post! i love this

    8.29.09 · Reply
  96. haha, I know what you mean, can’t wait to break out this almost Rick Owen cut army coat I found for about a dollar. granted, it has to be taken in, so that makes it, what, 9 bucks? I think I can handle it :P
    and, excuse me, where the hell, do you put all this stuff?!? I have trouble with my pathetic collection, no doubt you have major space issues with all this fabulousness, am I right? don’t know how everything looks so fantastically tidy all the time, I’m totally jealous :P

    8.29.09 · Reply
  97. Christine wrote:

    really sucks about the weather, a family friend told me its been 100+ for over a month. I love the skirt, and coat. I really want some leopard stuff!

    8.29.09 · Reply
  98. I love anything leopard print. I remember having a fuschia leopard print sweater that I loved to bits in grade 7, even if all my relatives thought I was off my rocker for wearing it.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  99. Kelly wrote:

    I am crazy about animal print…

    8.29.09 · Reply
  100. Catherine wrote:

    Oh my, I love leopard print. Its so classic and glamorous.

    8.29.09 · Reply
  101. Jessica wrote:

    I absolutely love that elephant necklace! I want one now, where do I get one?

    8.29.09 · Reply
  102. Heini wrote:

    UGH, animal print is something I´m absolutely despised of. But I have to admit it doesn´t look that bad on you.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  103. Marion wrote:

    Just discovered your blog and fell in loooveee…

    8.30.09 · Reply
  104. jun wrote:

    oh just curious, what foundation do you use, if you do?

    8.30.09 · Reply
  105. Axi wrote:

    i need a leopard print fur too. i just discovered lately that some things look 1000 times better than you expected them to look, because a received like a whole stack of clothes from my aunt. all vintage:X so, as you do, i can’t wait to wear them this fall & this winter.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  106. Cecilia wrote:

    You have a very chic, original way of putting clothes together. Nothing about it is forced or cliched. I honestly think that some stylists could takes tips from you. My favourite outfit is the Richard Chai jacket with vintage skirt and Miu Miu boots. Gorgeous.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  107. Emily wrote:

    You look so lovely in the first picture…I so enjoy reading your blog, it is one of the few blogs that I come back to everytime and look forward to reading future posts, you are such an individual with an immense sense of style!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  108. I really like the leopard and flannel combo!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  109. a la mode wrote:

    That coat looks so plush! Love it!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  110. Anika wrote:

    God, that first jacket is beyond belief. So beautiful, so plush (looking atleast). I reckon you cannot go wrong with strategic use of leopard print. G’luck with colder weather so you can strut out these killer pieces :)

    8.30.09 · Reply
  111. Cecylia wrote:

    Can you actually walk in those Miu Miu booties? The Balenciage shoes look much more comfy. Digging the futuristic look.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  112. Caroline wrote:


    8.30.09 · Reply
  113. Liv wrote:

    i love those balenciaga boots. what a lucky find!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  114. Jennifer wrote:

    I love the first coat!
    I’ll be so glad when the Texas heat ends, but that really won’t come until about the end of October. I’m dying to break out all of my sweaters and coats!
    I’m so glad you mix thrifted pieces in with your outfits, there really is so much to be found if you look for it!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  115. Enjoy the warmth, winter will come.
    Unfortunately it already feels like January here today!!
    Love the Junya Watanabe leopard dress/shirt.
    Florrie x

    8.30.09 · Reply
  116. stacey wrote:

    You have to see the Inglorious leopard ensemble worn by the french interpreter in the Tarantino movie!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  117. Very cool Leopard!
    I could never pull it off but you look amazing!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  118. Kat wrote:

    Hi Jane! You’re so breathtaking to look at…the clothes are stunning as are you!
    Happy Sunday to you!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  119. Samantha wrote:

    I am so jealous of that first coat. I could definitely get a lot of wear out of that in Pittsburgh, PA. I agree though, I can hardly wait for colder weather.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  120. danny wrote:

    jane, i think you are a pretty young girl, but dress way too old for your age! its almost sickening to look at.
    the best you have looked ever is in the shoot for simone, you should style yourself like that more often. not dressing like your mom.

    8.30.09 · Reply
  121. I hate winter (love winter clothes, though), so please please don’t wish the few remaining summer days away. Ahhh forgot that you live in Texas where winter is no colder than 50 degrees and is usually sunny. I live in New York where winters are bitter!

    8.30.09 · Reply
  122. lancelonie wrote:

    This is so fabulous! :)

    8.31.09 · Reply
  123. CC wrote:

    Oh! The Miu Miu studded boots! *drool*
    Its a wonder that you can wear all that animal print and not look tacky but gorgeous.
    Love Love love your blog. :)

    8.31.09 · Reply
  124. Oreoluwapo wrote:

    you have an excellent camera

    8.31.09 · Reply
  125. Corrina wrote:

    that skirt was a very good find.
    although i’d look ridiculous in it with my shortness. ha.

    8.31.09 · Reply
  126. bru marx wrote:

    Love everything,I just love your blog.

    8.31.09 · Reply
  127. Jess wrote:

    i’m kind of obsessing over animal prints right now also. absolutely adore the 3rd one.

    9.1.09 · Reply
  128. Chelsea wrote:

    The second outfit is my fav! 99 cents? Great find!! I love those kind of finds… they just make you smile everytime you wear them. :p
    The last outfit is a little off the cuff, and strangely not flattering. But hey… i’m a fan of wearing what you like, and not what other people like.
    I can’t WAIT for winter! It has been beautiful weather here lately in the city. Fashion Week is looking to be fab.
    <3 Chelsea

    9.2.09 · Reply
  129. Marion wrote:

    I love the outfit with flannel shirt. It’s goergous!
    You’ve got lovely hair. :)
    Marion from marionscloset.blogspot.com

    9.2.09 · Reply
  130. avi wrote:

    fashion fail!! first jackets look huge on your small frame. now you look like 5000 lb person =(

    9.2.09 · Reply
  131. Kat wrote:

    i really like the first pic, although i’m not that into the whole leo stuff :)

    9.3.09 · Reply
  132. Nata wrote:

    daily dose of philosophy. (:

    9.3.09 · Reply
  133. matilda wrote:

    In my eyes that last outfit has such a strong nineties vibe about it. The plaid and the short tights evoke some memories of my early teens when plaid shirts and Nirvana were the coolest thing. But your way of putting these elements together results in something that is of this time, not a clumsy replika or pastisch in any way.
    I respect your way of using clothing and the resources you have to express yourself with such intellect. It is a rare talent.

    9.4.09 · Reply
  134. Criss wrote:

    love the dress and the 99 cent skirt…..so cool! you go girl!

    9.4.09 · Reply
  135. Elephant necklace? Unforgettable!

    10.7.09 · Reply
  136. Jmaes wrote:
    6.23.10 · Reply
  137. OMG! I love those Black ankle boots. Where could I shop ankle boots like those? BTW, I’m Raiyanenchaviz, aspiring fashion designer and a newbie blogger too. I really like your blog specially this post and count me in if there’s a new post.see yah!

    9.15.11 · Reply
  138. Wooow! I Love your blog and your shots, congrats for your job :D!

    11.4.11 · Reply
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    Britain’s ask for had been stuck earlier 2010 however grew to become open public solely upon Mon, because company accounts surfaced than the usual
    primary participant in the actual scandal which finished within Mr. Bo’s termination experienced supposed the truth that lifeless guy, Neil Heywood,
    seemed to be diseased.
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