Monday at Chanel

'Stairway to Heaven'??
A small peek inside the Chanel Haute Couture fitting room at the  31 Rue Cambon store…it was very large and beautiful, with mirrored walls and tall ceilings…when I walked in, a very famous hair stylist was sitting in the studio..his name escapes me now. He looks just like the male model with the beard in the H&M campaign this season!
edit: thank you to a helpful reader…it was John Nollet! He is so handsome.

………some of the dresses I tried on…..
A very beautiful, stylish, and sweet girl helped me during the fitting. I loved her outfit..especially the shoes!
We were shoe twins…I have the same shoe in white tulle. So great in black satin too.
The whole experience was unbelievable…I had worked myself into a panic in the weeks prior to the fitting. I was almost more anxious than excited by the time I arrived…as soon as I met some of the haute couture team my nerves dissolved. Everyone was very laid-back…of course I enjoyed every second of the fitting!
The gown is so beautiful….
Part of the day was spent getting pictures taken for a press package for Le Bal…I got to see so much of the city!
"I can totally do that!"
Maybe not as well as the photographer could…
My mom and I at the Place de la Concorde..
I wish I were still in Paris!!
I will be back in November for the Crillon Ball..wow, I cannot wait!

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  1. geri wrote:

    unbelievable! congratulations!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  2. pear wrote:

    1st! beautiful!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  3. gracie wrote:

    AMAZING! You look stunning.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  4. Andrew J wrote:

    Jane that is incredible! Thanks for giving us a behind closed doors look into Chanel :). I’m sure 99% of your readers will never have such an opportunity so thanks for sharing!
    Such an amazing experience, and you looked incredible that day. When you find what you’re meant to do things just have a way of working out… I’d say you’ve accomplished that :).
    -Andrew J.
    Me & Marisa

    9.23.09 · Reply
  5. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures!
    Must have been the most amazing experience – cannot wait to see the dress.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  6. Marisa wrote:

    wow jane….this is surreal and i wasn’t even there!
    ps: love your scarf

    9.23.09 · Reply
  7. Tiffany wrote:

    That sounds amazing! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a picture of you shortly in the gown!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  8. Diabolina wrote:

    A total and utter dream. Big kiss for all your success, my dear. And just think: all of this is how your story BEGINS!!!!!!!!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  9. leiann wrote:

    truly an astounding opportunity! thank you for sharing your great pics & experience as sadly i’m sure most of us would *never* have this chance :( envious but not meanly so…you are a beautiful & stylish girl!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  10. Jane!!!
    You are one lucky girl! So, so, so envious of you.
    As usual you look stunning and have phenomenal photos.
    Paris and Chanel looks good on you :)
    Love, Mckenzie Dowler

    9.23.09 · Reply
  11. youre looking so good! excited to see you at the Ball! I might be going also.. I have a friend who is doing it!!
    It’s such a hudge experience… 2 years ago it was lily Collins who was wearing Chanel, last year Tallulah I think.
    You should feel quite honor!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  12. what an adventure. this is one of the things on 100 things I must do before I die – go to the Chanel store in Paris and buy something. I can’t imagine how you must feel!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  13. ediot wrote:

    youre so beautiful-amazing complexion.
    and what an journey!must’ve been a true dream

    9.23.09 · Reply
  14. sandi wrote:

    It looks like you had an amazing time; I’m so happy for you!
    and i’m loving your outfit as usual :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  15. marjan the lion wrote:

    was it john nollet ??!!!
    btw you look gorgeous :D

    9.23.09 · Reply
  16. That’s amazing, congratulations! Her shoes are absolutely divine :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  17. Looking so fabulous Jane! I’m so happy for you.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  18. sooo jealous that must have been incredible!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  19. G G wrote:

    Chere Jane,
    J’espere que je sache que tu va aller a Paris so I could tell you some great little hidden places to go.
    Now, I am sorry I do not comment more on your site… in any case, merci pour sharing les photos. I hope you and your belle mere got to eat at Les Ambassadeurs or atleast the Jules Verne while you were there, if not, when Crillon you shall (please make rsvp now or have someone at Chanel do so for you).
    Very excited for you, for your fittings, for your premiere (first of many, j’ai la confiance!) voyage a Paris!
    Thanks always for your wonderful posts and sharing your news. We are so happy for you and your wonderful luck! Poo on WSJ, saw you in ELLE (us) also, tres bien, Cherie, your star is very very bright!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  20. Brigadeiro wrote:

    Wow, what an incredible dream-like experience! Glorious photos! Hope we get to see a pic of this dress ;)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  21. Amazing pics
    amazing experience isn’t it, seing chanel from inside must be very exiting and I understand you were anxious….
    did you try the macarrons?

    9.23.09 · Reply
  22. JEEEEEZE. As if we weren’t already dying of jealousy. Your life is just too much.
    Congrats! :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  23. maladroite wrote:

    Wow, tes photos sont si belles! I am in love with your boots as well.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  24. Squill wrote:

    That looks like the most incredibly experience. Everything looks so elegant and beautiful– you and your mother, of course, look so chic :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  25. Sara wrote:

    Oh jane im so envy!You had a fabulous experience at chanel haute couture,i wished I coud ever go to the rue de cambon store.
    p.s.:those booties are amazing,I have to agree
    with love from brazil

    9.23.09 · Reply
  26. afrockaday wrote:

    What an incredible honor to be picked for the ball! And everything about your Chanel/Paris experience looks so heavenly. You are having the adventure of a lifetime that most of us can only dream of. Glad to see that you’re enjoying every single blissful second of it. And thanks for sharing it with us.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  27. Becca wrote:

    wow – what a surreal and amazing experience it must all have been! I look forward to seeing the dress!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  28. Rebecca wrote:

    And so it begins!
    What a beautiful experience! May this be the first of your many adventures on your way to success! Thank you for sharing the photos, I can say that almost ALL of us are living vicariously thru u at the moment! i love that you continue to do everything with the same grace, wonder and excitement that you have been doing with UO, Sea of shoes, etc.
    We are cheering you on!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  29. Thanks for sharing this Jane! It brought back memories of Paris and that was my favorite of the many Chanel stores there. It all looks the same as it did and I definitely need to go back there!
    Lovely photos!
    check out my Jimmy Choos abroad in Barcelona, Spain at http://www.fashionsnag.com

    9.23.09 · Reply
  30. Jennifer wrote:

    LOL You match the fountain!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  31. Roxanne wrote:

    Oh what a wonderful experience! I’m so so happy for you Jane. You look so fantastic! It gives me goosebumps look at your pictures! What did you end up getting from Chanel?
    Keep blogging i love your pictures.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  32. Shannon wrote:

    Oh god, those pictures of the Chanel store are amazing. And so are the pictures of you, you look beautiful as usual. I want to see a picture of your gown from the fitting!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  33. Michelle wrote:

    Wow I couldn’t be anymore envious if I tried, but I’m glad these amazing opportunities are being given to someone who can appreciate them. Have fun when you return to Paris in November, you’re going to look smashing!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  34. That’s fantastic! It must have been so exciting to be there… When do we get to see the gown?
    PS how in the world did you decide what to wear? I would have been absolutely paralyzed!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  35. Natalia wrote:

    wow Fabulous!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  36. Have you seen the documentary Signe Chanel? (It’s on youtube in a couple of parts.) It featured some couture clients trying on stuff there.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  37. Eva wrote:

    Oh My God !
    Wow …
    I Hate You Right Now ! :)
    your so lucky .. wow.
    congratulations btw the photos are gorgeous !

    9.23.09 · Reply
  38. Jenna wrote:

    JANE! You look absolutely stunning. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of your accomplishments in Paris! The world is yours. Lots of love, J

    9.23.09 · Reply
  39. anastassia wrote:

    Lucky, lucky, lucky! those boots look hot in action!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  40. Pearl wrote:

    What a dream come true! You look terribly chic with your black outfit and toting your chanel bag! Looks like you had fun too! I am in love with the bow booties, fingers crossed they go on sale! x

    9.23.09 · Reply
  41. Daniella wrote:

    You are so lucky, it’s not even funny! Seriously – SO lucky! I would love to have a fitting at Chanel… congrats!!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  42. Isabel wrote:

    This is too cool, Jane! I’m quite envious.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  43. Kate wrote:

    must have been an experience of a lifetime! :) sounds and looks ah-mamzing!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  44. Fais wrote:

    Le bal des débutantes!!!!
    Crazy! Can’t wait to see the pictures!
    Kisses from Paris

    9.23.09 · Reply
  45. Heather wrote:

    Jane, you look so stylish and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures of Paris and the Chanel boutique. You are very inspiring and I admire you quite a bit.
    xoxo Heather

    9.23.09 · Reply
  46. What an amazing post, you look beautiful and so happy in pictures.
    I am glad I have come across your blog is fantastic!
    See you soon.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  47. S.I.Q. wrote:

    you are such a lucky girl!
    -NASA & disney
    -fashion & cartoons
    -Marc J

    9.23.09 · Reply
  48. daniela wrote:

    i am wishing i were u right now! Chanel! amazing.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  49. Nicole wrote:

    I’m excited to see what’s going to happen this year with your adventures! Paris and Chanel are the dream like experience, I hope to see more of your pictures! :)
    XO Nicole

    9.23.09 · Reply
  50. Tara wrote:

    You look SO lovely! I can’t wait to see the dress :D

    9.23.09 · Reply
  51. chloe wrote:

    wow jane your so lucky. my heart is racing. an opportunity like that is just incredible. its great you had fun!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  52. k604bc wrote:

    So surreal!!! Congrats again Jane!!! You deserve every bit of it!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  53. S wrote:

    Can I ask where your boots are from? They are fierce.
    I can’t wait to see what you will wear to the ball, Cinderella.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  54. Romi wrote:

    Ugh… jalouse! haha
    You look absolutley amazing with those boots. Love how your scarf sort of matches with the sculpture!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  55. Isn’t Paris amazing? Pity you couldn’t time the fitting with Paris fashion week!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  56. Davina wrote:

    That’s amazing! You must have felt like the luckiest girl in the world : ) Will you get to meet Karl Lagerfeld as well?

    9.23.09 · Reply
  57. Leah wrote:

    What boots are you wearing?

    9.23.09 · Reply
  58. Lexi wrote:

    That looks like tons of fun! I want to see your dress!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  59. Jennyfer wrote:

    you and your mom are the cutest! love the last three pics. :D

    9.23.09 · Reply
  60. wow!
    jane- i can’t wait to see you wearing your gown!
    i’m happy for the opportunities you have.
    good luck jane!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  61. Stephhh wrote:

    sooooo jealous! of your whole trip/experience AND your boots! who made those boots?! i know you mentioned it in one of your posts, but i cant remember…

    9.23.09 · Reply
  62. how wonderful. :)
    i was giddy just looking at your paris photos!
    looking forward to more of paris/nyc trip, or whatever you happen to post next. always a delight, always interesting and fun!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  63. WJ wrote:

    What an unforgettable experience, I think we are all hanging out to see what the gown actually looks like…oh well, we will have to wait! In the meantime the photos you posted are gorgeous, I especially adore your scarf, and it’s good to see you putting those over-the-knee boots to use already.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  64. gennie wrote:

    wow this all looks so incredibly exciting!! paris is such a dream world ♥

    9.23.09 · Reply
  65. Oh Jane, this is going to be the most fantastic experience! My favorite time of the year is Ball season in Vienna, and each time it is a fairytale come true. I am certain you will shine like a princess at the Crillon Ball!! Lots of Love!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  66. Emily wrote:

    Every girl in the world wants to be you!!! Did you meet Karl? Can’t wait to see the dress!! What did you buy from the store (I’m assuming that you weren’t just carrying around a Chanel shopping bag)?

    9.23.09 · Reply
  67. Elisa wrote:

    Jane I’m so happy you’re going to have the opportunity to be at the Crillon Ball, and that you’re going to wear Chanel, you are one lucky-lovely girl!!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  68. Jay wrote:

    woww!! That’s such an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics with us (especially those shoes)!
    love your blog. xo J

    9.23.09 · Reply
  69. mag duru wrote:

    love the pictures and your style. thanx for sharing!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  70. Nichole wrote:

    you are one lucky lucky girl. very jealous, although those clothes are amazing :]

    9.23.09 · Reply
  71. klee wrote:

    wow, the store looks amazing and her shoes are really pretty!
    you look great too !

    9.23.09 · Reply
  72. kaily wrote:

    omg, you look amazing on these pictures, your haircolor is totally beautiful – you look so grown-up &the chanel-fitting is incredible, how did you get in there? :D

    9.23.09 · Reply
  73. Erika wrote:

    Ohmygod you are soooooooo lucky! I am extremely envious. I can’t wait to see your dress for the ball! :-)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  74. Simone wrote:

    three remarks…
    that fountain is beautiful. your outfit is beautiful. and seeing pictures of that beautiful Chanel fitting genuinely gives me butterflies.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  75. great photos, what an amazing experience it must be!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  76. Jennifer wrote:

    Such gorgeous photos!!! I can’t imagine how unreal all of that must have seemed! Such a dream!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  77. i CAN’T WAIT to see u at the ball in your couture chanel gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  78. Jillian wrote:

    truly lovely congrats my dear you completely deserve it and are so lucky
    cannot wait to see you in your HC <3

    9.23.09 · Reply
  79. Gabriel wrote:

    You’re going to be a deb at the Le Bal!!! I hate you but I love you at the same time… healthy envy lol…
    XO G

    9.23.09 · Reply
  80. what an experience! absolutely beautiful pictures :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  81. Goodle wrote:

    Paris is just awesome :) and it seems like you’ve enjoyed it!
    I love your hair colour,it looks really warm with your face features.
    Goodle x

    9.23.09 · Reply
  82. Connie wrote:

    You are so unbelievably lucky and blessed. Everything that a girl could want, you have! I’m so envious! LOL! :)

    9.23.09 · Reply
  83. Sydney wrote:

    So cool. So envious! I love Paris.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  84. Libby wrote:

    Ah, lucky lucky girl! You looked amazing can’t wait to see what your dress is!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  85. Jen wrote:

    Wow, what an amaaaazing experience. That had to have been so cool. I can’t wait to see your dress!!!!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  86. Hey Jane!
    This is indeed a very unforgetable experience. ha ha! yeah, you looked a bit nervous in front of the camera i guess. i really feel you can do it much better without the cameraman around. i really can’t wait to see your dress! Keep us posted yeah!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  87. Maria wrote:

    You are so incredibly lucky! Congratulations on that! Must have been a dream come true. You look so beautiful in these wonderful pictures!

    9.23.09 · Reply
  88. oh wow, Jane you’re so unbelievably lucky for a girl of your age (well, we’re at the same age anyway). You’re invited to the Crillon Debutante Ball? That’s so amazing! Not an ordinary people can get invited :D I’ll be waiting for more of your posts, and anyway, nice pic Jane. I love the close up photos. You look cute.

    9.23.09 · Reply
  89. I can’t wait to see you in those dresses you tried on. Ahhhh…Chanel Haute Couture…you lucky girl!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  90. alice wrote:

    please, post more photos…..i may never experience paris, but through your lens…..

    9.24.09 · Reply
  91. Delia wrote:


    9.24.09 · Reply
  92. geez, you’re so lucky! :) can’t wait for the ball so we can see your dress

    9.24.09 · Reply
  93. Jen wrote:

    Wow, your outfit here is so stunning! You are one beautiful girl. I love your blog and have been silently stalking it for months but these photos are just perfect.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  94. Sarah wrote:

    Which camera are you using for the fountain shots??

    9.24.09 · Reply
  95. Lindy wrote:

    this is my dream realized. thank you for posting all of the beautiful pictures. i’m so in love with your whole wardrobe and if my budget allowed for it i’d own pretty much every pair of shoes you have. keep it up! your blog is like food to me.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  96. sara wrote:

    you look so so gorgeous in that dress and those boots!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  97. Nina wrote:

    You’ve been to heaven and back! Oh anticipation… looking forward to seeing the dress

    9.24.09 · Reply
  98. amber wrote:

    completely stunned. beyond my wits

    9.24.09 · Reply
  99. Laura wrote:

    uhhh…how I wished I would be right there..Love Paris, Love Chancel, love your style!
    LG L

    9.24.09 · Reply
  100. Anna wrote:

    I agree about her shoes!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  101. ely wrote:

    omg so unreal. so incredibly unreal. did you die?! i wouldve.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  102. ely wrote:

    oh and btw, my fave pic is the one of you cross the street. such hot boots

    9.24.09 · Reply
  103. Liza wrote:

    Is it just me, I wondering whats in the bag and what shoes you’ll be wearing?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  104. Dany wrote:

    wow that’s amazing, lucky you!
    I am looking forward to see your dress!
    beautiful pictures!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  105. Rina wrote:


    9.24.09 · Reply
  106. Anna wrote:

    Oh, wonderful pictures!
    And you look amazingly sweet :)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  107. Mads wrote:

    So happy for your success!! been a long time reader of yours and I so how you and your blog has grown..=) I’ll be doing a new white tank DIY in a few days I hope you can check out my blog..=)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  108. Daisy wrote:

    What a fab experience ! These photos were lovely to look at ! Thanks for sharing !

    9.24.09 · Reply
  109. welcome to the good life

    9.24.09 · Reply
  110. You look absolutely beautiful on the Chanel stairway and you’re so extremely lucky. Congratulations!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  111. Eeeeee! So the pretty glossy pictures from Vogue magazine can really materialise themselves somewhere in Paris in the real window of the realll Chanel store. I am more than incredibly amazed! That green has been floating around in my head for such a long time, since the pictures of the runway were published with the matching nailpolish and coral costume jewellery- oh oh oh so devine! And alot of your pictures seemed to have the same hue; of the fountain with the gold and such- subconsiously influenced perhaps? I like reading your blog, showed some of my university friends today and they all oggled the Chanel in such excitement. I think you’ve inspired my entire year to start blogs :) Well amazing. Thank you for uploading all these pretty things, I like living vicariously through you in Chanel couture, I feel suprised that it actually exists in a way! On a real person! Incredible! You are living a dream xx
    ps: Are you going to Crillion Ball for being a famous blogger or your family?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  112. Drew wrote:

    what are those tights? falke?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  113. Wonderful pics! Thank You for bringing me back there ;-)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  114. Michelle wrote:

    Beautiful! What an awesome experience! Thank you for sharing.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  115. bubi wrote:

    wow congrats..
    but can i just suggest.. because your website loads too slow because of the heavy pictures
    maybe u can lessen it by putting it into thumbnails so us visitor can just cick onto it to enlarge.
    its like loading for 30 second r more esp if u have many pics.
    just a suggestion.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  116. Many, many congratulations on getting to do all of this! It must be exciting and amazing.
    I am dying to know where you got that scarf. It’s beautiful.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  117. Stevy wrote:

    You are so adorable! Looks like an amazing time! Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  118. noga wrote:

    hye! my name is noga and im fourteen and i live in israel.
    i think your so beautiful and so stylish!
    i just wanted you to know that you have readers all over the world! :)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  119. claudia wrote:

    you looked beautiful,
    what a big change: from Texas sunlight to grey Paris. thought: you putted a lot of colour to wonderful Paris!
    it also suits you perfectly!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  120. Pretty pictures. Your shoes are awesome!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  121. Anika wrote:

    I adore the photographs and am inspired for my trip to Paris. And lucky you, at Chanel. It all just looks so fantastically surreal.
    How perfect.
    Love your boots and the girl’s outfit….so cute!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  122. Rachelle wrote:

    You’re so inspiring!!
    That is a real fairytale, Chanel Haute Couture!! <3

    9.24.09 · Reply
  123. absolutely gorgeous, love the plan, love the day, love youuu!!!
    btw I just couldnt stop imagining you with this amazing piece I found lately on the web
    love this blog, im addicted to it!!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  124. dy wrote:

    awesome! it looks like you had so much fun and you look great!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  125. kingchic wrote:

    those double bow satin heels were beautiful! i can’t wait to visit paris next year either! Hopefully I’ll magically get fitted for a show?… yeah right :P

    9.24.09 · Reply
  126. suzia wrote:

    I’m in love with your mom’s shoes.
    They’re AMAZING, where did she got them ??

    9.24.09 · Reply
  127. A Parisian Fan wrote:

    Whoah I can’t believe you were in Paris and I didn’t see you! I mean not that I assume you wanted to but that’s so weird that for once we were in the same city! What a pity!
    So that’s my official first comment but I’ve been reading you for so long now! All the best!
    (PS: I really truely over love your shoes, the Chanel booties are awesome!!!)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  128. ingrid wrote:

    lovely photos nad what an experience!!! i’m so jealous :)
    which nikon do you use ?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  129. Melissa wrote:

    Your outfit is perfect for Paris! Can you please tell us where your black dress is from?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  130. Annie wrote:

    LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!! I recently (about a month ago) walked past here (I dragged the g’ma there) and was so exciting. Karl could have been inside!! KARL!!! A FEW TENS OF FEET AWAY!!! FROM ME!!!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  131. You looks amazing!!!! Beautiful pics!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  132. B wrote:

    What a dream!!!
    The pictures are awesome.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  133. Laura wrote:

    so jealous!!!
    i want your boots
    thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look at all this!!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  134. KPeach wrote:

    those gowns, even just a tiny little bit shown look incredible!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  135. Aleksandra wrote:

    Jane! you are actually living every girl’s dream! that’s fantastic! you definately enjoyed in Paris, that foo shoo! hope u gonna visit rest of the Europe soon ;)
    xoxo =*

    9.24.09 · Reply
  136. lea wrote:

    I’am leaving in paris and i’ve seen that yo mother’s got a VANESSABRUNO bag. Good choice darling :) It’s a very trendy bag in france !

    9.24.09 · Reply
  137. Wonderful pictures! November will be incredible. Love the t-shirt with the Rabbits (I collect rabbit ‘stuff’) is that Chanel?!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  138. Suzanne wrote:

    you look absolutely stunning with those boots!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  139. How amazing to work with Chanel and be in the beautiful Paris!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  140. Laura wrote:

    Love the pictures. Thanks for posting! You looked lovely as always!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  141. kianna wrote:

    girl.. your outfit is fabulous!.. please explain! brands, etc.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  142. Jess wrote:

    oh my god, that is such an experience. so lucky, i’m so jealous.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  143. Ragan wrote:

    Wow. Some girls have all the luck.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  144. Margarita wrote:

    That is so amazing. What an experience. You look amazing as always!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  145. Nia wrote:

    What an AMAZING oppurtunity! VERY jealous! Congrats!
    P.S: Who is your scarf by?
    Excited to see more pics!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  146. Gimme those boots! :)

    9.24.09 · Reply
  147. Emily wrote:

    You are so unbelievably lucky! I got the chance to go to two of the three Chanel boutiques in Paris last time I was there (there may be more now… I don’t know) but to have the opportunity to be fitted in Chanel couture- that’s amazing. I feel so unaccomplished compared to you (we’re the same age). How on earth did you manage to wear heels walking around Paris though?? My feet were killing me and I was in grungy sneakers. Of course, that was after eight hours straight of walking, haha :]
    Can’t wait to see more photos!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  148. CECILIE wrote:

    i am so jealous!!!!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  149. ONLY the children of BILLIONAIRES can afford to go to the CRILLION BALL. And when do YOU have time to go to FRANCE when you’re 16????!!!! SHouldn’t you be in HIGH SCHOOL?

    9.24.09 · Reply
  150. Lana wrote:

    Real Talk: the only reason why you are able to enjoy this fantasy life that you lead is because you are filthy stinking rich with parents who clearly aren’t looking for a lawyer or doctor out of you. You clearly aren’t attending school of any kind so I suppose the NYTimes article about you WAS spot on. I’m sure it also helps that your mother gets to live vicariously through ALL of your appearances and events. This isn’t an attempt to tear you down but to basically make sure you know that you need to own it. Own the fact that this blog is just a mass of narcissism that feeds the hungry little jealous readers that comment excessively and aggressively. it is their obsession with your blog that has created all of the opportunities that you have been so graciously afforded. I’m not even quite sure what it IS you do apart from wear insanely expensive couture and vintage clothing. Are you a stylist? Designer? I’m just confused, disturbed and completely put off. You’ll probably delete this because this comment is entirely too real for the likes of the mindless drones that write on and on about much they envy, love and adore you but I must say I’m afraid. Afraid that this is the future. Idol worship of a wealthy girl amid economic chaos.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  151. Intiz wrote:


    9.24.09 · Reply
  152. Allison wrote:

    Hey Jane, Congrats about everything. Your really making a name for yourself.
    I was wondering if you will be attending Austin City Limits (i dont know if thats your “scene” or not) since you do live in Texas.
    I’m really excited about it, it should be really fun.
    and I’m not sure if you will read this, but whatever.
    Tell your mom i love her jewelry.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  153. rebecca wrote:

    that fountain is unbelievable. I’m off to Paris soon, I hope everything looks as mythical and dreamy as that.
    I love your outfit there, too – simple and sophisticated, and that scarf does wonders to highlight your hair colour. tres gorgeous.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  154. Lovely photos, you’re absolutely stunning!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  155. lovely photos and i like the style of your mother. It’s wearable.

    9.24.09 · Reply
  156. Jane wrote:

    congratulations…..you lucky lucky thing! so stylish and i can not wait to see the dress!
    do you have to take a date??

    9.24.09 · Reply
  157. Erin wrote:

    you look wonderful! I’m glad you had such a great time!

    9.24.09 · Reply
  158. Oh. My. God.
    That is amazing!! That you’re wearing Chanel Haute Couture! WOW. I hope you have a BLAST at the ball, and I bet you’ll blog about it~

    9.25.09 · Reply
  159. jae wrote:

    so lucky!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  160. WOW! Looks like an amazing experience!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  161. Jasmin wrote:

    aww, you look like a little kid at christmas (in really hot boots). Congratulations, I hope you have a really fantastic time at the ball!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  162. Carol wrote:

    lovee your first picture! really, your look is awesome :)

    9.25.09 · Reply
  163. shaunathon wrote:

    OMG! Love love love the boots you wore! I cannot wait to see the dress!!!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  164. hazel wrote:

    oh gosh you are so lucky!! :)

    9.25.09 · Reply
  165. Chelsea wrote:

    Great boots!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  166. Virginia wrote:

    I love that nail polish colour the girl was wearing!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  167. Jen DC wrote:

    Totally jealous, you lucky little minx! Enjoy yourself…

    9.25.09 · Reply
  168. anna wrote:

    I’m going to Paris in just two days! Can’t wait! Love your boots btw:)

    9.25.09 · Reply
  169. Elodie wrote:

    You are so beautifull ! Your mom too !
    I’m french, my english is so so so bad, sorry.
    Waht are you doing with the protographer ? It was for an French paper ?

    9.25.09 · Reply
  170. Chloë wrote:

    Your such a lucky girl! Shopping at Chanel at the Rue Cambon, IN PARIS! WOW!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  171. Angelique wrote:

    amazing. You’re a very lucky lil lady ;)

    9.25.09 · Reply
  172. Natalya wrote:

    Wow, awesome photos!! I started a fashion blog a month ago but can only afford inexpensive stuff! How are you able to afford Chanel, etc.? Do you model professionally?

    9.25.09 · Reply
  173. I have no words… Your mom and you are fabulous, so beautiful! Lucky ladies :O)))

    9.25.09 · Reply
  174. S wrote:

    Jane, what dress are you wearing? The entire experiences sounds surreal and amazing, but I’m sure you realize that! Can’t wait to see the dress!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  175. One of my favorite parts (aside from the Chanel boutique) was when you randomly posed on top of that ledge. I bet that was fun too!

    9.25.09 · Reply
  176. ah nv in my life will i evr step into such a fitting roommmmmmmmm

    9.26.09 · Reply
  177. joannapple wrote:

    U`ve really been there! I believe I`m not the only one that envy U… Thank U for those amazing pictures!

    9.26.09 · Reply
  178. Georgia wrote:

    Beautiful colours – you match the statues
    So amazingly pretty!
    It would be mine

    9.26.09 · Reply
  179. Sandra wrote:

    Is it the same stairs which was in “Coco avant Chanel” movie?? :) You look pretty as ussual. Love your extraordinary style:)

    9.26.09 · Reply
  180. Nata wrote:

    All your outfits are so gorgeous, they’re exquisite.
    It seems like people in Paris stop in their tracks and look at you. (:
    And those stairs look like they do lead to heaven.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  181. cici dion wrote:

    I have to know where those bow satin heels are from! Please, I want them! haha Many thanks!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  182. that has to be the absolute most desired thing for any fashionable girl- congratulations jane! and you look gorgeous in the shoot!

    9.27.09 · Reply
  183. Denise wrote:

    Hi there. Could you provide more details on the loft that you rent in NYC? it looks beautiful! i will be heading down to NYC soon and am still looking for a place to rent out.

    9.27.09 · Reply
  184. EMILIE wrote:

    Beautiful pictures!

    9.29.09 · Reply
  185. That is amazing. You are so lucky. I cannot wait to see you in the dress. I bet it will look amazing. xxxx

    9.30.09 · Reply
  186. Kara wrote:

    Wow, words cannot express how beautiful Paris and Chanel look! I love the boots you are wearing. Looks like it was an amazing experience!

    10.1.09 · Reply
  187. olaitan wrote:

    thigh highs…i’m sky high just looking @ them….gorgene and fabo ;)
    enjoy the ball…i watched 1 episode of rachel zoe, she dressed cameron diaz and said “that’s how i want to look when i die…head to toe in chanel”. (bananas. “?”)

    10.4.09 · Reply
  188. Maya wrote:

    Definitely the “Stairway to Heaven”…. Plus wearing Chanel haute couture in the Crillon Ball is like heaven.
    Simply in awe….
    I have dreamed about being in the Crillon Ball for years

    10.5.09 · Reply
  189. Michelle wrote:

    the gold scarf matches with the statues ! how coincidence..
    I wish we could switch lifes.. you seem to be enjoying ur trip so much.. jetting off to NY and Paris.. :P

    10.6.09 · Reply
  190. I remember walking past the 31 Rue Cambon Chanel sign after leaving a Lesage vintage textile showing… I got chills!

    10.7.09 · Reply
  191. Grace wrote:

    When do we get to see the gown? I’m sure whatever you get will be deadly cool.

    10.11.09 · Reply
  192. cristina wrote:

    hey, first of all your blog is amazing, but you already knew that haha.
    second..what kind of camera do u have??

    10.12.09 · Reply
  193. Dorcas wrote:

    Hi I wish you all a wonderful day

    10.18.09 · Reply
  194. missghesquiere wrote:

    YOURE GOING TO THE CRILLION BALL???? lucky duck! have fun!!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  195. Alana wrote:

    Hi Jane! ADDICTED to your blog… it’s absolutely divine! I was wondering who makes your boots? I adore them.

    11.2.09 · Reply
  196. Never thought I would be so jealous of a mannequin! Oh well, she’s wearing Chanel what’s so shocking about that. Btw, love your mom’s top.

    11.4.09 · Reply
  197. http://www.famousbrandbag.com//Handbag wrote:
    11.14.09 · Reply
  198. chloe wrote:

    I am Parisian and I like your blog. I to find them accidentally an evening when I had to make nothing and I at once re-take off has my friends. I am a fan of mode (fashion) too but my thing it is more scarf and bags. Your photography its magnificent and I am delighted in looking the completeness of your blog (who my give quite a lot of idea). You are magnificent and I has time every article with impatience. Then if you go back in bets do not forget to make a small cuckoo has everything your French fan who likes everything that you make.
    Sadden for my English which is not very good.

    1.6.10 · Reply
  199. dan wrote:


    9.1.10 · Reply
  200. Lucky you girl! I’d love to visit a Chanel store once. I live a very little town and this kind of things only come in the magazines! I loved the black boots, they’re adorable and I’ll definitely tell my boyfriend that I want them!

    9.1.10 · Reply
  201. IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

    2.14.11 · Reply
  202. Everything in those pictures coordinates with the whole concept and style.

    3.9.11 · Reply
  203. denisa wrote:

    nice pics , i luv the boots

    5.18.12 · Reply
  204. denisa wrote:

    if you want to exchange links or something

    5.18.12 · Reply
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