Austin pt 2

The best part of our trip to Austin was definitely Toy Joy. We are all avid collectors of plastic animals (my aunt runs a blog called Plastic Animal a Day) and toy enthusiasts in general, so we went totally ape over Toy Joy's offerings. Karen and my mom had never been before, and they were both blown away. Mom said she liked our trip to Toy Joy better than our trip to Kiddy Land in Tokyo. Also, they stay open till midnight on the weekends. If you love toys you have to go ASAP!

With all of these fantastic animals, Karen had a hard time choosing which ones to bring home.

My new sisters

They have a 'baby bar' in the back, complete with bubble teas named after Sanrio characters. I had a Chococat.

Loved the bucket o' babies…mom couldn't resist a handful for herself.

We brought home so many toys…expect to see some of our purchases on all of our respective blogs soon.

When we got home from Toy Joy we played with our new toys for a long time. The next morning Godzilla helped me accessorize before breakfast & shopping.

Wearing a vintage blazer purchased in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a fur collar from thrift store, vintage YSL green velvet skirt from eBay, and black Prada sandals


Our trip to Austin was so great, and I wish I could share all of it with you but there is an exciting secret project in the works that cannot yet be revealed…we are having so much fun working on it.

I've gotten many emails about where to shop in Austin, click to keep reading for my favorite things in Austin. 

San Jose Hotel
 1316 S Congress Ave Austin, TX
 (512) 852-2350

La Condesa (thanks for the recommendation Reid! Great Mexican food by the same
chef of NYC’s La Esquina)
 400-A W 2nd St
 (512) 499-0300 

Mothers Cafe & Garden
(vegetarian comfort food)
 4215 Duval St
 (512) 451-3994 

Casa de Luz (vegan food)
 1701 Toomey Rd
 (512) 476-2535 

Woodland Cafe (tasty pie)
 1716 Congress Ave S
 (512) 441-6800

Uncommon Objects
 1512 S Congress Ave
 (512) 442-4000

Yard Dog
 1510 S Congress Ave
 (512) 912-1613

Buy Definition (great selection of lesser known designers, check out the online store)
 3100 South Congress Ave
Suite 3B
(at Havana)
 (512) 670 7448

By George (Balenciaga, Lanvin, Chloe, Marni)
 524 North Lamar
 (512) 472 5951 

There are a lot of vintage stores in Austin, but these two are really, really good.

Feathers Boutique
 1700 S Congress Ave
 (512) 912-9779

Big Bertha's Bargain
 1050 S Lamar Blvd
 (512) 444-5908

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  1. Mai wrote:

    very cute!!
    love Jane!!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    Thanks for all the info! I have family in Austin and will definitely be dragging them to some of these places next time I visit!! Love, love, love the blazer you are wearing!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  3. Camila wrote:

    i loved it,fantastic,i want this two-head baby *-*

    10.30.09 · Reply
  4. Love all the fur!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  5. How can I arrange a trip to Austin? What possible reason can a girl in London working in telly come up with as a reason to get there ASAP? That toy shop looks killer!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  6. Dagnushka wrote:

    Aw! Wish I was in town when yall were there! Looks like you had a great time – of course who wouldn’t in Austin especially with that list of favorite places!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  7. serena wrote:

    love the outfit to bits

    10.30.09 · Reply
  8. The baby bar is adorable and you look like a Russian princess :-) XOXO

    10.30.09 · Reply
  9. Laura wrote:

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to find out about the secret project.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  10. Sam wrote:

    I go to Austin every year for SXSW but I never been when it looks so peaceful.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  11. oooh i love that idea of a blazer liek that with belt and fur collar, inspiring!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  12. Isabella wrote:

    I saw you beeing in the next The City-episode and I’m so loking forward to see it! :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  13. Sutton wrote:

    austin is great, one of my favorites. do you ever travel to marfa? awesome art galleries, wonder if they have any vintage shopping?

    10.30.09 · Reply
  14. Miranda wrote:

    This is a little random, but I have light skin like yours, and I was wondering what kind of makeup you use on your skin, if any. It looks so pretty and porcelain!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  15. Cathinka wrote:

    i must say I simply LOVE your blog. adore your sense of style and the pictures you choose to show on your blog as well:)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  16. Bisou-joue wrote:

    Your vintage blazer is awesome ! The fabric seems so great !! Your fur collar is really beautiful too !
    This toy shop seems to be so great …

    10.30.09 · Reply
  17. I love your belt, Jane! Lookin’ good!
    – 21arrondissement.com

    10.30.09 · Reply
  18. ava wrote:

    Hi Jane. This is beautiful and perfect. It looks like a painting.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  19. Oh I just love the photos! They are great, and scary haha… Keep it up, great blog!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  20. Areli wrote:

    Jane what are you going to be for Halloween?

    10.30.09 · Reply
  21. But is it more fun to play with toys, or shoes? I can’t decide, myself…

    10.30.09 · Reply
  22. alisha wrote:

    ahhhhhh i want to scoop plastic babies out in a bag
    haha I am crying this is amazing.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  23. trestippy wrote:

    love the collar! i’ve been looking for one for quite some time now! thanks for sharing that long list of places to visit in austin.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  24. How glamorous you look!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  25. great post! austin sounds amazing. great outfit. can’t wait to hear about the project.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  26. you look so glamor and beautiful!! i’d die for the gorgeous blazer <333

    10.30.09 · Reply
  27. that belt is brilliant.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  28. Poet wrote:

    Toy Joy is the best part in Austin,besides this little restaurant i remember that was across the street that had fried pickles..i know crazy :P I remember when there were two stores. The one that is still open & the one further down the gaud by UT’s food court & tower records. My mom was the manager of both stores from about 95ish – 99′ and alot that they’ve done with the store was because of my mom :D I remember helping pick out all the awesome little animal toys and stuff. Anyways this is rambling.
    ps. i LOVE the octopus in the first picture! *Fave animal EVER* :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  29. Daniella wrote:

    looks like a lot of fun.
    that blazer looks amazing on you and the fur collar is a perfect touch. i need to find one like that…

    10.30.09 · Reply
  30. girlcreeture wrote:

    It’s good to enjoy toys, necessary even! You should buy a Super Dollfie and design for her. They’re part of an incredible little fashion subculture, Super Dollfies I mean, and of course they’re Japanese so you know they’re sublime (^_^)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  31. jillian wrote:

    Jane,i wonder if you’re appearing on MTV’s THE CITY? i kinda caught a glimpse of next week’s episode. Maybe i’m wrong. just guessing.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  32. dy wrote:

    love your velvet green skirt!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  33. Adore all the cute toys! I would love a giant icecream cone!
    Your outfit is beautiful the rich colours look very luxurious!
    Pearl x

    10.30.09 · Reply
  34. My god your are so elegant!! Toy store looked fun!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  35. Isabel wrote:

    Jane, this outfit is speactacular! You are such a star.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  36. ahh! that bucket o’ babies is hilarious and your new two headed sister is darling…
    happy halloween!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  37. Rosa wrote:

    Your jacket is exquisite and that fur collar was just the right touch. Thanks for letting us into your world. I love to see what you’re wearing!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  38. Zoe wrote:

    The little baby orphanage is too much! Toy Joy looks like a great funny little shop! Thanks for all the good recomendations there. :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  39. Zeva B. wrote:

    lovely outfit, Jane, you look very Russian in it, the hair up and the fur around your face… any Russians in your bloodline? and I luv the description on the plastic baby bin, LOL!!! Glad you had a good time despite the rainy weather :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  40. Christa wrote:

    Cute blog – I keep coming back.
    I imagine the local/regional brand is a big part of these fashion blogs. I’m still confused about the Texas essence though. I understand it is all about car-culture, and that seems contrary to street-style fashion.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  41. Amber wrote:

    Oh man I love toy joy! I used to live in San Marcos, it’s about 30 minutes away, and I would make trips to Austin just for Toy Joy and nothing else. They used to have disco balls in every size, and I got one for my car.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  42. Hey Jane! I’ve been living in Austin for a little over a year and haven’t made all the rounds yet- Toy Joy I’ve been to, it’s so cool and bordering on creepy am I right hahaha.. and you went to a great selection of vintage shops- especially Feathers I love!!!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  43. that blazer is awesome. Just sayin.
    That is all.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  44. Alison wrote:

    stunning. absolutely stunning. except I’d lose the fox and work with a more traditional belt. usually i like the addition of the animal belts…and Im all for excess…but I think it takes away from your look. very shanghai 20s.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  45. Jessica wrote:

    What vintage store in Tulsa did you go to get that piece? I actual live in Tulsa so im interested in finding better shopping. So far i only go find vintage at Cheap Thrills.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  46. wow, such cool stuff! Thanks for sharing Jane =)
    Check out all my designer shoes at http://www.fashionsnag.com

    10.30.09 · Reply
  47. Connie wrote:

    Oh my gosh!
    Those ice cream cones are to die for!
    I love them so much, it makes me feel like taking a trip to Austin for the sole purpose of buying one.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  48. Mel wrote:

    Those toys all look so cool! I love your outfit! It’s so elegant and chic, and I love everything about it!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  49. Nana wrote:

    you look like a princess^^
    lovely outfit
    and that place is so nice
    i can imagine the cool stuff there:))

    10.30.09 · Reply
  50. Wonderful collar! It’s just perfect with the jacket!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  51. Daisy wrote:

    You look stunning and these photos are so colourful !

    10.30.09 · Reply
  52. Meadow wrote:

    You and your mom are so glamorous, it’s ridic!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  53. Love your outfit, style and personality (I mean the things you write about in your blog, just the fact that you like plastic animals so much is wonderful) (:

    10.30.09 · Reply
  54. JW wrote:

    WHERE did you find that fantastic belt? what kind of animal is he? love it

    10.30.09 · Reply
  55. romy wrote:

    I absolutly loveeeeeeeeeeeee your belt!
    xoxoxoxox http://romylicious.blogspot.com

    10.30.09 · Reply
  56. glamour AND wee plastic critters…i believe we may be cut from the same mold, dear Jane! :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  57. Carol wrote:

    Great Photos! I saw you’ll be on The City next week. Yeah!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  58. Anais wrote:

    I live in Austin and still every time I go to Toy Joy, I find something different I missed last time. Great store. Also I like feathers. You should go to Room Service next time, is full of vintage furniture, jewelry, and some clothes.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  59. Jess wrote:

    gorgeous brocade blazer, and I’ve always loved green velvet :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  60. your outfit is truely amazing. so beautiful and the textures and colors are so rich…! j’adore (:

    10.30.09 · Reply
  61. Emily wrote:

    Hooray for posting the shops you frequent! I’m excited to hear about your secret project you are working on!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  62. Hi, I looove it, thanks for sharing! Come check the new posts, hope you enjoy it! ;)
    Following you via rss feed, follow me too :)
    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

    10.30.09 · Reply
  63. violet wrote:

    my friend amelia works at toy joy! you might like her blog: http://vintagevivant.com/

    10.30.09 · Reply
  64. Macy wrote:

    I’ve been reading you blog ever since i saw you in Teen Vouge!
    It just gets better, as you become more widley known!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  65. Brigadeiro wrote:

    LOVE the vintage blazer with fur collar, so luxe & lush!!!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  66. ally wrote:

    didnt i tell you, just because you buy expensive things and have money doesnt mean you are stylist. real stylists come up with innovative to express their fashion sense. combining different textures, fabrics, looks, etc. again, just because you layer one expensive thing onto another doesnt mean it looks good.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  67. The jacket is absolutely stunning, especially with the fur. Perfect. I wish I was shopping in Austin too!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  68. Annie Werner wrote:

    For your next trip, you should try Cream Vintage on the drag–they carry great stuff, and they started a line this past summer of reconstructed vintage clothing called Whipped Cream. You should definitely check it out!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  69. Molly Rose wrote:

    That’s such an awesome toy shop! Love your outfit too!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  70. idk how you could touch those toys..they look so scary!! anyway, that jacket is definitely a beautiful piece. plus, i can’t wait to hear ur update on the crillon ball! you must be beyond ecstatic

    10.30.09 · Reply
  71. Robyn. wrote:

    Plastic toys! That’s such a cute thing to have around~

    10.30.09 · Reply
  72. Jane H. wrote:

    You and your mom look like royalty in those photos and I MUST GET TO THAT STORE…….

    10.30.09 · Reply
  73. I LITERALLY >>GASPED<< and SPRANG BACK IN MY CHAIR at the image of "YOUR NEW SISTERS" creepy/scary stuff LOL…..
    Love your brocade/vintage jacket. LOVE IT =)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  74. Your outfit has such a Russian royalty feel. It’s perfect for winter and so over-the-top in a good way!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  75. Amy wrote:

    Loving today’s outfit! Beautiful!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  76. J. wrote:

    I love your look! If you’re in Austin you should also check out “BookPeople” and “Cookie Lounge.” I’m also a fan of the Goodwill on 183 if you’re into thrift shopping.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  77. jy wrote:

    yay. i enjoyed your post. love the gold embroidery and the velvet skirt

    10.30.09 · Reply
  78. hansaem wrote:

    you are so amazing!!
    your new sisters are so cute!!!!!!!!!!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  79. kathy wrote:

    As a fan of plastic toys, I really enjoy this post. Great photos!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  80. k604bc wrote:

    You’re like a Modern Victorian Lady. Love the outfit.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  81. Your make up looks fab in these pics!

    10.30.09 · Reply
  82. Collar and belt are ridiculously sick! Again, your picture quality is pristine.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  83. Collar and belt are ridiculously sick! Again, your picture quality is pristine.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  84. Collar and belt are ridiculously sick! Again, your picture quality is pristine.

    10.30.09 · Reply
  85. Cruz wrote:

    SO jealous! I have that godzilla toy btw lol. Your outfit is great! :)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  86. Laura wrote:

    Love the vintage YSL wrap skirt! We’re actually clothing twins. (Well, more like close cousins). I picked up an oatmeal colored felted wool YSL wrap skirt two weeks ago at the Manhattan Vintage clothing show… http://www.styleshewrote.com/2009/10/whats-old-is-new.html. If you’ve never been, it’s a must see show. I think the next one in NYC is in the spring…

    10.30.09 · Reply
  87. Teresa wrote:

    Yes, Toy Joy is amazing! I could spend forever playing around in that store. Jane, your outfit is gorgeous, and I like your new sisters. ;)

    10.30.09 · Reply
  88. Cecylia wrote:

    I am amazed by your Chinoise blazer and the cute dog belt!! Mom looks amazing as always

    10.30.09 · Reply
  89. Becca wrote:

    that crushed velvet skirt is beautiful! I love it with that blazer

    10.31.09 · Reply
  90. L wrote:

    Not individual enough for Austin!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  91. Dani wrote:

    Love the blazer, was wondering which store in Tulsa you found it at, I’m in the surrounding area and haven’t come across anything like that in the stores that I’ve visited. Thanks! Love the blog!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  92. Erin wrote:


    10.31.09 · Reply
  93. Ilse den Besten wrote:

    Huh? Does your mum have a blog to? Do you have a link?

    10.31.09 · Reply
  94. Chloë wrote:

    Omg is it right that you’re on The City ? Just saw you on mtv.com on a preview for next week!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  95. Emilie wrote:

    Oh this jacket is wonderfuuuulll!!!!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  96. FRENCHICK wrote:

    LOVE your “so unique” style, really inspiring. Your jacket is amazing. My boyfriend told me: “She looks like she comes from a fairy tale”… So true.

    10.31.09 · Reply
  97. tessa wrote:

    I love your blog! And you are so beautiful love your style and your shoes!
    Visit my blog http://www.fnissy.blogspot.com
    xoxo Tessa

    10.31.09 · Reply
  98. the texture of your outfit and the colour is just beautiful! you look like a russian princess Jane! the gold scorpion awesome!..Happy Halloween!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  99. Absoulutly stunning!!!
    Amazing jacket and belt!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  100. loving that toy store OMG. and your fur piece!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  101. Gorgeous!! I am LOVING this look…where’s the belt from?! SO amazing.

    10.31.09 · Reply
  102. CC wrote:

    oh how i really love the outfit you put together with the fur collar and vintage ysl skirt!!!!!!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  103. yara wrote:

    the belt and jacket, just beautiful !

    10.31.09 · Reply
  104. Valeria Munoz wrote:

    I currently am seeking to visit Austin (planning on going to UT) in a few weeks and I am DEF visiting all these places ;)
    PS always in awe of the wonderful outfits that you put together!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  105. julieta wrote:

    I love your blog! your photos are amazing. so is your shoe collection!!
    you should visit my blog! http://www.allrighttt.com.ar

    10.31.09 · Reply
  106. LADIVASOSA wrote:

    Beautiful. Opulent. Rich. Glamorous. I love it!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  107. Anna wrote:

    HI! Can somebody please please tell me what the little cute dolls with the top hats are called? Best wishes from sweden!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  108. Alison wrote:

    i can’t get over how beautiful your hair is. really, it’s gorgeous!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  109. nicole wrote:

    No real friends. No real boyfriend. No school. But lots and lots and lots of CA$H. And she make$ more of it, hand over fist through these various superficial projects. And the weak and powerless buy into it. well, i ain’t into it.

    10.31.09 · Reply
  110. Gon wrote:

    I don’t share the same passion for toys… some of them are scary..! But you look stunning as usual ;)!

    10.31.09 · Reply
  111. Martyna wrote:

    you look really nice in these hairs. in posts i see that you have really nice contact with your mother.that;s really cool. i wish i had a mother who is interested in fashion:p

    10.31.09 · Reply
  112. Gabriela Fuschini wrote:

    aiiih vc é linda d++, queria ser magra como vc e ter a pele q nem a sua! huihuihu
    (heey ur SO MUCH beautiful, i wish being as thin as you and wish to have your skin, bcause it´s so perfect! heheheh)
    xxx Gb (from brazil)

    10.31.09 · Reply
  113. Deltay wrote:

    What awesome toys! Sounds like you had an awesome time :)

    10.31.09 · Reply
  114. Kat wrote:

    I love the jacket, and very clever to add a fur collar to it. Gorgeous outfit :).

    10.31.09 · Reply
  115. i rly like th lasssst photo u look like ure hving alot of fun :)

    10.31.09 · Reply
  116. kat wrote:

    holy crap.. such a cool/different outfit. really old school.. where’d you get your belt?

    11.1.09 · Reply
  117. Carmen wrote:

    I love your outfit, its so elegant.

    11.1.09 · Reply
  118. Michelle wrote:

    cant get enough of your fur brocade coat . it’s perfect !
    the gold reflects ur skin very well .

    11.1.09 · Reply
  119. Anika wrote:

    Ahhh, I love this post.
    Fan-freaking-tastic outfit…very renaissance-chic :)
    And I die for toy joy!!

    11.1.09 · Reply
  120. japke wrote:

    I just saw the episode from last tuesday of The City and I saw you’re in it next tuesday, how amazing! I’m definitely going to watch it!
    Also I think you’re such an amazing person. You can show us toys and it looks good, nobody can do that. Your style is amazing, you can be proud of yourself.

    11.1.09 · Reply
  121. I have to say that : 1° these photose are superbs and so funny .
    2°that I love the “scorpions” ( I don’t know how too say this in english but anyway ( I am french ))
    3°You look fabulous in this dark green and golden jacket !
    4°I love your vintage belts with the animal head !
    You are amazing !!!!!
    talia the little french girl

    11.1.09 · Reply
  122. I have to say that : 1° these photose are superbs and so funny .
    2°that I love the “scorpions” ( I don’t know how too say this in english but anyway ( I am french ))
    3°You look fabulous in this dark green and golden jacket !
    4°I love your vintage belts with the animal head !
    You are amazing !!!!!
    talia the little french girl

    11.1.09 · Reply
  123. I have to say that : 1° these photose are superbs and so funny .
    2°that I love the “scorpions” ( I don’t know how too say this in english but anyway ( I am french ))
    3°You look fabulous in this dark green and golden jacket !
    4°I love your vintage belts with the animal head !
    You are amazing !!!!!
    talia the little french girl

    11.1.09 · Reply
  124. Hi Jane,
    Glad to see you went to Feathers. My boyfriend sells one-of-a-kind jewelry there, most recognized by his “antler-rosary” pieces. If you saw them and liked them, let me know and we can custom make you something.

    11.1.09 · Reply
  125. anastassia wrote:

    you and your mom both looking great. That store look like loads of fun.

    11.1.09 · Reply
  126. toni wrote:

    you look so aristocratic, it´s adorable

    11.1.09 · Reply
  127. xAZD wrote:

    those 25 cent babies are amazing!

    11.1.09 · Reply
  128. flora wrote:

    love this outfit, such nice colors for you :)
    kiss from argentina!

    11.1.09 · Reply
  129. ThatGirl wrote:

    Not to sound rude, but is/ are your family really rich or something? You always seem to be buying things and going on lavish trips…… Just wondering…. Loved the clothes. Keep it up

    11.1.09 · Reply
  130. Rosey Riptied wrote:

    So I’m the worst Austinite ever. I’ve lived here for two years, and I’ve only made it to By George… Austin FAIL. I’m a disgrace to my town. But armed with this list I plan to remedy that next weekend!

    11.1.09 · Reply
  131. LOVE the jacket LOVE IT and you look insanely hot with that hair color.

    11.1.09 · Reply
  132. Kelleyd wrote:

    I love how your favorite places in Austin basically amount to my childhood. Check out Next to New on North Burnet Rd. when you go again. They’ve always got a fantastic selection of costume jewelry, among other things.

    11.2.09 · Reply
  133. fit flop wrote:

    So pretty girl and her dress just mind blowing. Both gives complement to each other. I loved toys also.. Really cool photographs you posted here.

    11.2.09 · Reply
  134. april michelle wrote:

    @ Christa: Lady, what exactly do you mean by “car-culture???” I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, and have lived in Austin for over 3 years now…I don’t know what you’re talking about at all! Ha. Texas’s essence includes but is not limited to: country and bluegrass music, maintaining at all times a constant spirit of independence (both communal and personal), western lifestyle and values, family and community, football and the love of sport, being outside and outdoor adventures, tex-mex and mexican food, and more things I can’t list because it’s almost 4 in the morning here :)
    Austin is quite a slice of independence from the rest of Texas too…there is most definitely a “street style” here. People mix everything together and (mostly) everyone looks so unique! There’s the designer fashions and off-the-runway trends, but also a dash of grunge and “hipster” looks, thrown in with western classics like cowboy boots, outrageous belt buckles, and lots of leather.
    Come visit! Discovering Austin should be on everybody’s “bucket list.” :)

    11.2.09 · Reply
  135. Your “new sisters” are so cute. ;-)

    11.2.09 · Reply
  136. What an amazing jacket! Love the combination of black and gold – so rich and lustre!!!!

    11.2.09 · Reply
  137. joce wrote:

    love your hair!

    11.2.09 · Reply
  138. Karina wrote:

    TOY JOY! I love that store. I also have a rather unflattering picture of me with that same two-headed baby somewhere…

    11.3.09 · Reply
  139. A. wrote:

    the bag sitting in the chair? who is it by? i love it!
    gorgeous photos. i haven’t ben to your blog in ages & i must say your style has evolved very well, you are are looking ever so stylish. & i love your new hair colour!

    11.3.09 · Reply
  140. Those toys are creepily amazing.

    11.4.09 · Reply
  141. tami wrote:

    know good shopping in houston? all the stores i know consist of old abercrombie and fitch……. =(

    11.4.09 · Reply
  142. clémence wrote:

    I love the green jacket with your hair, you look lire a “renaissance” painting!

    11.5.09 · Reply
  143. Nata wrote:

    I’m drooling over that vintage blazer, fur, green skirt ensemble!
    And that belt!
    Where do you get these lovely things from!?
    I love it allll.
    And those babies, wow, amazing.

    11.5.09 · Reply
  144. Libby wrote:

    There is a lot more for you to see of Austin than South Congress.

    11.5.09 · Reply
  145. michelle wrote:

    wow, jane… completely random, but you are stunningly beautiful! :) i love your fashion style… the boots you had in the “where the wild things are” post was so pretty! :D

    11.8.09 · Reply
  146. Folktime wrote:

    your outfit is amazing. flawless even

    11.9.09 · Reply
  147. that is an absolutely gorgeous outfit! so stylish :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  148. Alegra wrote:


    12.4.09 · Reply
  149. Le blazer est extraordinaire c’est une pure folie et tes photos sont vraiment extra bravo

    1.11.10 · Reply
  150. Le blazer est très beau tu es fantastique dans ce vêtement

    1.15.10 · Reply
  151. Jessica wrote:

    I completely love your style. Your blog is fabulous. I’ve been tracing back to some of your earlier posts (such as this one). However, I find your baby orphanage photo extremely offensive. I myself was adopted, and I find when people toss around the word orphan as an insult, very insulting. I don’t find babies in a dispenser funny in any light, if that was what you were going for. Although I love, love, love your blog, that one picture put it in a negative light. I am not saying you should take it down, but just think before you post some things.

    2.7.10 · Reply
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  156. I think this is a great idea! I am in and I will link to it in my next blog entry. I hope that will be before next Sunday! Hope you are having a good weekend!

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    5.18.10 · Reply
  158. The girl looks very beautiful. She is very pretty with the dress. I love her. The lawyers of Barney Mckenna do really like her.

    5.1.11 · Reply
  159. La Alicia wrote:

    so much fun! I love Austin and Toy Joy!

    6.5.11 · Reply
  160. tess wrote:

    what a wonderful field trip, gives me lots of ideas for diplaying children’s dinos and other plastic animals in tableaus

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  162. Those toys all look so cool! I love your outfit! It’s so elegant and chic, and I love everything about it!

    11.12.12 · Reply