Couldn't resist getting this 70's poncho out again ;) Its so breathtaking…

Oh yea, I changed my hair again-put some blonde and red in it.

Worn this time with Herff Christiansen dress, Lucky Jeans hat, and Barneys Co-op Boots


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  1. Emily wrote:

    it really is your favorite!! love your tights as well

    11.13.09 · Reply
  2. Love the hair! Pretty :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  3. Annette wrote:

    incredible style :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  4. Leia wrote:

    You look fab :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  5. Isabella wrote:

    i love your blog & your sense of fashion. you & your mom are incredible. just can’t get enough of your blog. can’t wait for next post. greetings from poland ;)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  6. Brooke wrote:

    These look like professional editorial shots! You look beautiful :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  7. hair color is beautiful.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  8. Aurora wrote:

    u LOOK FAB

    11.13.09 · Reply
  9. Cool tights too!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  10. Christing wrote:

    amazing vintage piece!! looks perfect with the boots and hat!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  11. Oh Jesus I looove that fur, I loove it!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  12. Roz wrote:

    Gorgeous light in these photos.. It works really well to compliment the tones of the outfit.
    And I love that hat! There’s something so nostalgiac about wide brimmed hats.
    Oh and that hair coloyr does really suit you. Especially with the colours in this ensemble!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  13. beautiful photos. love your tights.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  14. love the tights. beautiful photos!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  15. I love your posts, I check this blog all of the time!
    You rarely include bags in your posts. I would love to see what bags you dig and what accouterments you add to them!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  16. patuxxa wrote:

    That’s lovely and it looks so comfy! Also it’s perfect with your hair :-)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  17. Michelle wrote:

    Very pretty as always; however, I can’t wait to see your adventures in Paris in Chanel haute couture! You’ve inspired me to blog about the joys of international travel.
    xo Michelle

    11.13.09 · Reply
  18. hello , I love your blog is cool, i dont now what i’m saye .

    11.13.09 · Reply
  19. Gon wrote:

    It really is a fantastic ponchoo !! You look great in it !

    11.13.09 · Reply
  20. ray wrote:

    jane i just came across this beautiful camilla d’errico painting and it is TOTALLY YOU! octopi and multi-colored nails and all!!
    take a peek lady love,
    xx have a great weekend

    11.13.09 · Reply
  21. ray wrote:


    11.13.09 · Reply
  22. Eli wrote:

    Love the golden tint to these photos! You look so warm!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  23. ray wrote:

    jane i came across this beautiful painting by camilla d’errico, that just SCREAMS YOU!
    there’s octopi AND multi-colored nails
    take a peek here
    so you, so cute – have a great weekend lady love!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  24. wow i am in love with that poncho. fur poncho!!!! wow!!
    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  25. Cecilia wrote:

    You look so good in floppy hats!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  26. Kaylyn wrote:

    Love your new hair! And that poncho really is divine. Oh and those tights are sweet!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  27. Great poncho. And REALLY beautiful photographs!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  28. Beatriz wrote:

    the poncho is one hell of a piece (actually, pieces of fur). always anticipating your posts! cant wait for the next one!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  29. Åse wrote:

    Oh, the weather looks so nice! here in norway it’s snowing and friggen freezing.
    And the outfit matches the surroundings so well!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  30. Hayley wrote:

    I love this! Seriously, these photos (all of your photos really) wouldn’t look out of place in a fashion magazine! Jealous!
    Your hair looks really great by the way! Chopping mine short tomorrow and dying it blonder next week – so nervous!
    Oh, and the poncho is AMAZING.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  31. Marie wrote:

    The pancho looks great with the hat… Nice tights!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  32. sara wrote:

    love the hair, and the make.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  33. you’re just breaktaking, lady.
    would it be alright if i reposted photo 3, of course with links back & you’re already on my sidebar, hope you don’t mind.
    also, you’re gonna be so lucky when you turn into your mother; she is so beautiful. i must know her skincare routine! :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  34. Alina wrote:

    your hair & makeup looks beautiful, lovely : )

    11.13.09 · Reply
  35. ++MIRA++ wrote:

    i like your makeup in this! and i like ure hair with these curles better than streaight. i just dont love the hat with this. ADORE the poncho,it is one of a kind.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  36. Kyra wrote:

    where are the rest of your austin posts? i have really been waiting for them…or have i misunderstood and there are nothing more?
    sorry for my bad english
    love from finland :) you are awesome.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  37. dodi wrote:

    i usually love your shots and sense of fashion but these last two poncho ones have been hideous bad taste! i have to be honest in saying that poncho looks like one of the 70s dated in a bad way furs you see in a vintage shops. opinions on the ethics of fur aside, i truly believe that this is not a chic piece at all-it just is a poor taste example of 70s fashion rather than some of the glamorous styles of the era. ditch the poncho and chuck it up to a fashion faux pas like we all have

    11.13.09 · Reply
  38. Jasmine wrote:

    you wear the hell out of hats!
    just sayin…

    11.13.09 · Reply
  39. Nina wrote:

    That poncho is something special.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  40. Lizzy wrote:

    Pretty sure I trust your sense of style more than the person who commented above me. You look great, love the hair, it is much more autumnal :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  41. stunning photos – chic-est cowgirl everrrr

    11.13.09 · Reply
  42. Midge wrote:

    These photos are so beautifully romantic!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  43. Le 21ème wrote:

    Beautiful, Jane! I love the golden light!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  44. I love the setting for these photos and the whole 70s style with the hat and boots, not really a fan of the poncho tho!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  45. kirsten wrote:

    this is amazing! love these pictures!
    {uninhibited fashion}

    11.13.09 · Reply
  46. Christine wrote:

    That poncho is so sumptuous in every sense of the word.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  47. The second and third pictures are so gorgeous, and that poncho is incredible out of this world.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  48. Silje Kae wrote:

    Really like your boots and the leggins your wearing.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  49. sabrina wrote:

    this outfit is amazing!i love every single piece!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  50. Tiffany wrote:

    That is an AMAZING poncho! Also loving that hat! One question though- who are your tights/fishnets by? I really love them- and they look awesome with the boots and dress:) Have a fantastic weekend!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  51. Louis Duke wrote:

    Who photographs you on this blog?

    11.13.09 · Reply
  52. Ekaterina wrote:

    Oh, very unusual and wild poncho! Like it! :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  53. honestly, these photos are printable/editorial/magazine quality.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  54. Editor wrote:

    I just came across your blog less then a week ago and I can say without doubt that I am sure you will be placed as the next editor in chief of vogue once Anna is out, 100%.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  55. Naeh wrote:

    I just found your blog, and I like it a lot :) I really like your style, it’s so personal and original :) the last picture is gorgeous :) and also the dress that you wear in that older posting, love it, I would take it anytime ! :) I think I’m gonna start following you :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  56. melissa wrote:

    I love your hat..and the pocho is wonderful!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  57. Love the poncho and love the new do!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  58. I love your new hair colour Jane! You look so pretty and the poncho is beautiful! Have a great weekend! XOXO

    11.13.09 · Reply
  59. Rosanna wrote:

    Beautiful photos!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  60. anastassia wrote:

    The poncho again!!! That poncho is amazing. The styling of the whole outfit is great. You look like you’d fit right in with Mick Jagger and his crew back in the 70’s.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  61. The Baker wrote:

    I love the tights the most!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  62. isadora wrote:

    “Really like your boots and the leggins your wearing.”
    ^^ I second that. Wish you would’ve kept your hair darker though, it looked awesome!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  63. So beautiful :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  64. theres so much color in these pictures! and your hair looks great(:

    11.13.09 · Reply
  65. amber wrote:

    that poncho is INSANE! Beautiful photos. You’ve got some amazing photoshop skills girl! Ugh, I have to learn. Lovely!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  66. electra wrote:

    i found your blog today. you’re simply beautiful!
    well.. your skin looks perfect, and I would really like if you tell me which products you use.
    Since i lost lots of weight (61 pounds) my skin looks tired , without life!
    I accept sugestions!
    Well, it would be very helpful to learn with a beautiful woman like you.
    kisses from Portugal.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  67. Zhen Zhu wrote:


    11.13.09 · Reply
  68. ahhh, that incredible fur poncho…i’m too petite to wear such a style, as it would swallow me whole, but i am convinced you can rock any look! the fresh way you’ve styled it here is quite creative…the autumn light doesn’t hurt, either. and there are those killer tights i remember from a previous post.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  69. kiriko wrote:

    2d picture; A-MaA-ZiING.
    looks like a vogue editorial

    11.13.09 · Reply
  70. Amy wrote:

    I really like those tights! Your hair looks really cool too :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  71. Ljubica wrote:

    that is such a gorgeous poncho.. you look really great in these photos! i love the hat too with it!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  72. You look awesome, this outfit is amazing. And your hair is looking stunning with the new streaks in it!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  73. cy wrote:

    that poncho looks so comfy!
    i handsew dresses that would great with your hair color!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  74. KD wrote:

    Absolutely stunning pictures! Not only is the ensemble great but the background is super. :-)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  75. Dominika wrote:

    that poncho is totally AMAZING!
    love your nail colour <3! ^^
    nd your hair looks great!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  76. Kaelyn wrote:

    Great look Jane! How do you get your hair to style like that?

    11.13.09 · Reply
  77. shay wrote:

    that is just a perfect piece, it really is.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  78. Daniella wrote:

    you really captured the fall mood, especially in the second and third photos.
    i’m a big fan of the poncho. keep wearing it.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  79. love wrote:

    les photos sont superbes !! j’adore le jeu de lumières. Always a pleasure to see your pictures !

    11.13.09 · Reply
  80. Emilie wrote:

    This poncho is amazing on you, and with this boots, it’ a very pretty outfit: fusion folk!!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  81. Kym wrote:

    Your mother is turning into a very good photographer! The light, the location, really beautiful!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  82. kirsty wrote:

    loving the thigh highs and patterned tights x

    11.13.09 · Reply
  83. Paulina wrote:

    Girl, you look so fabulous!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  84. Im sure that you are a great girl, but if that ugly ass poncho is real fur, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  85. I love your eye make up here! I would love to know what you use, and how you use it!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  86. elaine wrote:

    that poncho is disgusting.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  87. You look extremely ethereal and beautiful :)

    11.13.09 · Reply
  88. May I ask…
    the make of your Polish?

    11.13.09 · Reply
  89. Moa wrote:

    Oh my God, I LOVE your outfit! On top!!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  90. Kwil wrote:

    I love this poncho too! such an amazing piece.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  91. Carina wrote:

    That light looks good on your. Gorgeous photos, as always!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  92. Stephania wrote:

    I have followed your blog for the longest time…perhaps a year now…
    However, have never felt urged comment..
    The second image of you in this post is sublime, the conflict of textures and tension created is incredible. Fur, felt, leather, patterned hosiery and the fact that you are not posing with any particular emphasis on a feature or your lines. There is finally something very natural about the image.
    Wonderful Jane.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  93. jessica m. wrote:

    I REALLY think your fur love is so wrong and disgusting. and the fact that you wore it again to spite your readers. wow.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  94. i never get tired seeing this poncho.
    very beautiful and unique!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  95. Cruz wrote:

    khfbsf That poncho blows my mind! That second picture KILLED me. Your outfit’s amazingamazingamazing!!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  96. Susan wrote:

    You obviously don’t have a problem with fur and leather, yet aren’t you a vegetarian? How do you justify this?

    11.13.09 · Reply
  97. Anne wrote:

    Aside from the way the clothes look, these pictures are pretty amazing. I love the way your hair looks in the last picture!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  98. Cecylia wrote:

    I am so envious of your Sergio Rossi boots! And the poncho too!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  99. Lore. wrote:

    beautiful pics! and you have nice hair!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  100. Dena wrote:

    You look Stunning and OMG those boots.

    11.14.09 · Reply
  101. ediot wrote:

    such amazing photos. got a certain 70s western wibe to them. and i love it :)
    have a great weekend. take care xx ediot

    11.14.09 · Reply
  102. ananya wrote:

    you are far too pretty. jellin’! i would be in love with the poncho too if it were mine… xx

    11.14.09 · Reply
  103. Camille wrote:

    Hi ! I am french , your blog is very pretty !

    11.14.09 · Reply
  104. tippy wrote:

    your hair looks great! i love the tights w/ those boots!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  105. simona wrote:

    amazing hair!
    love your hat)

    11.14.09 · Reply
  106. jane, you are amazing. the poncho is so crazy! but i love it, and your blog!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  107. Michelle wrote:

    this is breath taking as usual darling .
    you look great .
    and i love ur blonde highlights and red in ur hair as well ! you’re always terrific !

    11.14.09 · Reply
  108. Laura wrote:

    Your hair looks lovely!!!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  109. Tchelet wrote:


    11.14.09 · Reply
  110. M wrote:

    is style caster free??

    11.14.09 · Reply
  111. Jenn wrote:

    so cool, love this style. Your blog is amazing!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  112. Ilgın wrote:

    You are very pretty and lovely and I like most of your combos but I think this outfit is not appropriate for your age and also the dark make up shadowing your natural beauty, you should keep it smile, it is best that way:)

    11.14.09 · Reply
  113. Emilia wrote:

    Cute blog:)

    11.14.09 · Reply
  114. Eileen wrote:

    Gorgeous….. Love the colors of the poncho against the background of the farm. OTK boots with webbed tights are fabulous!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  115. Eileen wrote:

    Gorgeous… Love the colors of the poncho against the background of the grass. The OTK boots with those tights are just fabulous. Beautiful photos!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  116. amelia wrote:

    Great photos!! Love you’re blog, who does your hair by the way?

    11.14.09 · Reply
  117. romy wrote:

    the effects in the photo are amazing with the poncho
    got love for you

    11.14.09 · Reply
  118. MyOwnWoman wrote:

    That poncho is just awesome. You look great.

    11.14.09 · Reply
  119. boysinstripes wrote:

    Your hair looks fantastic!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  120. The look is beautiful…green nails? Really fantastic crazy color ;)

    11.14.09 · Reply
  121. Becca wrote:

    The second photo is amazing :)
    I love your blog, I visit it everyday, because I want to see your newest post :)

    11.14.09 · Reply
  122. alex wrote:

    this is hideous, what happened to your style it used to be so inspirational and nice

    11.14.09 · Reply
  123. Who takes your photos? They are amazing!!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  124. Olivia wrote:

    Would love to see what purse you’d use with this outfit! And know where you’d wear it!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  125. i love the pattern on those tights! and the highlights really brighten up your face. awesome outfit!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  126. Love the hair.
    The color is gorgeous!

    11.14.09 · Reply
  127. I love this outfit! XOXO

    11.14.09 · Reply
  128. Niki wrote:

    love the new hair, and your boots

    11.14.09 · Reply
  129. headwear makes u look diff! u look less soft, more mature, a nice twist!!!!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  130. jd. wrote:

    your makeup looks great! and i’m absolutely in love with the boots…!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  131. Sabina wrote:

    You’re right to wear it again, it looks great on you!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  132. Sheila wrote:

    The first shot is resoundingly masterful: textures of wood, rusted metal and soft fur under a brassy Texas sun, like a double homage to Noguchi and Titian. I agree that Jane’s makeup *is* beautiful, but maybe a lighter touch would have been more in line with the Bohemian hat, hair and poncho. Jane makes Texas glamorous again (esp. compared to the ridiculous Vogue-Italy November editorial.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  133. jojo wrote:

    fur is murder and you’re a spoiled little brat!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  134. Marit wrote:

    I love these pictures!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  135. iouiou wrote:

    Ton look est superbe… comme toi Jane.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  136. Victoria wrote:

    Wow! You look so incredibly warm in that poncho! Love the styling of the entire look–especially with the over-the-knee boots and patterned cut-out tights. The new hair color is great Jane, it photographs really well!
    P.S. I caught your cameo on The City. You were very poised and beautiful as usual!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  137. Carmen wrote:

    Your hair is gorgeous, love the wind swept photos.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  138. maddie wrote:

    the autumn light is gorgeous..so is the poncho!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  139. Zoe wrote:

    The poncho is definatly different, i love how you’ve worn it! Great outfit! (:

    11.15.09 · Reply
  140. juliet wrote:

    Well, you have great reason to love it. It is awesome!
    juliet xxx

    11.15.09 · Reply
  141. Kat wrote:

    I like that you’re mixing it up a bit more with your makeup at the moment. But I think the last shot of you is a bit too photoshopped. Your skin looks very artificial…Photoshopping is all well and good as long as the end result is that you still look relatively natural.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  142. Karoline wrote:

    Wow, looks great!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  143. m. wrote:

    Sorry Jane, as much as I love your blog, I really can’t get behind the poncho. Fur can be fabulous, but this is just a bad piece of roadkill!! On the other hand, I love the lighting in this- such a beautiful photograph

    11.15.09 · Reply
  144. Poncho is savage. You can barely see you in some of these images though- fashion camouflage?

    11.15.09 · Reply
  145. Florent wrote:

    Love the scenography and styling!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  146. I really love the poncho!!!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  147. this poncho is simply divine!
    i just posted jewellery that would go amazing!
    check me out

    11.15.09 · Reply
  148. kari wrote:

    stunning photos.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  149. Nope, I don’t love this.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  150. Farah wrote:

    OMG you just rock everything you wear. I always see YOU wearing the clothes, not the CLOTHES wearing you! How extravagant it may be. And you are such a beautiful girl too. God bless you dear :)

    11.15.09 · Reply
  151. Helene wrote:

    You are an extremely arrogant and spiteful little girl for parading around in that fur poncho again.
    You claim to be an animal lover, So I can only assume then, that it is your naivety and ignorance in regards to the horrendous suffering that animals go through to put fur on your back.
    A true animal lover would at least educate themselves in these matters. I would have hoped that your mother would have taught you better.
    Jane, you certainly are a beautiful girl, but I fear that in your case beauty is only skin deep.
    I have enjoyed your blogs, but if you are going to come across as a fashion bimbo who has no ethics regarding where their clothes come from, or care about upsetting people, as you did the last time you posted pictures of yourself wearing the poncho then forget it, I would rather seek inspiration from someone more caring.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  152. sarah wrote:

    make-up looks amazing.
    love it.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  153. I like your poncho and I like you too, you are so beautiful, I really really like your style.

    11.15.09 · Reply
  154. marine mic wrote:

    whoa your hair, make up & clothes look awesome!!! you are such an inspiration jane <3 !!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  155. nice hairdo!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  156. Jules wrote:

    Oh my! Those boots are so cool. And your outfit, killer! =D
    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

    11.15.09 · Reply
  157. Mika wrote:

    I normally love seeing the style on this blog, but all that ugly poncho says to me about the wearer is that she is A-OK with death by anal electrocution. Re-evaluate, sweetie!

    11.15.09 · Reply
  158. lauren wrote:

    this look is so perfectly 70’s bohemian. jane, you really do have the most adventurous style! so inspiring

    11.15.09 · Reply
  159. Karlos wrote:
    11.15.09 · Reply
  160. Awesome. I love this, your article so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  161. The pics are stunning. wow.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  162. Stephanie wrote:

    As always you look stunning! You really inspire a lot of people to take chances with fashion and I admire that so much. I am also glad that the furs you wear are either faux or vintage, not new acquisitions – especially considering the truly cruel practices that the fur industry uses when killing the animals (in videos of this you can literally hear the animals screaming). I know you don’t tend to preach to your readers, but I wish you would at least make a note about the unethical practices surrounding the fur industry and that you hope your fur posts don’t inspire readers to go out and buy new fur pieces. There are so many incredible fakes out there today and they are 100% cruelty free.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  163. rika wrote:

    you looks like taylor swift ! ;p
    i totally love your poncho and that boots ! :)
    have a wonderful days ! ♥

    11.16.09 · Reply
  164. urbanista wrote:

    But where do you find such amazing stuff?? Really!! It’s an amazing poncho, you’re not bad either ;)

    11.16.09 · Reply
  165. dasha wrote:

    You’re amazing…beautiful style and poncho:)

    11.16.09 · Reply
  166. Barb wrote:

    You are gorgeous, but I hate the poncho. Think of all the poor animals slaughtered just so you could wear that. Its shameful. I dont get why people think its “In” to wear things like that. I mean honestly would you go skin your pet so you could look like a model????

    11.16.09 · Reply
  167. Mayuri wrote:

    HOW DID U CURL YOUR HAIR?? Or did you perm it!! Please reply!! :)

    11.16.09 · Reply
  168. The poncho is definately gorgeus!

    11.16.09 · Reply
  169. Lauren wrote:

    I know that you are constantly exposed to beautiful things, but I was wondering how you/your mom could part with such a great piece! It’s so awesome!

    11.16.09 · Reply
  170. Hi! The shots are sooo gorgeous! And your hair looks wicked cool with the blonde in it! xox Beckerman Girls

    11.16.09 · Reply
  171. Tanya wrote:

    No.. not again.. and you don’t even comment on ALL the people who hate the fur.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  172. The boots are amazing! I saw them at the co-op. Only wished the heel wasn’t so thin. They look great with the outfit though.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  173. Fabulous pics and fabulous poncho!!

    11.16.09 · Reply
  174. Tylerann wrote:

    how do you get your hair like that? i have naturally fat wavy hair but it doesnt look neat like yours does in these pictures

    11.16.09 · Reply
  175. Emma Hå wrote:

    That poncho is hideous in a fabulous kinda way =)

    11.16.09 · Reply
  176. Andrew J wrote:

    Um that’s because that poncho is amazing! So is that first picture! Gorgeous Jane, really.
    -Andrew J

    11.16.09 · Reply
  177. emma wrote:
    11.16.09 · Reply
  178. Becca wrote:

    That poncho is fabulous! As are these shots of you, wow!

    11.16.09 · Reply
  179. TrulyScrumptious wrote:

    I don’t have a problem with vintage fur but that poncho is just ugly. Not even you can make it look attractive.

    11.17.09 · Reply
  180. A wrote:

    The animals it’s made of loved it more.

    11.17.09 · Reply
  181. Anonymous wrote:

    Your hair looks great! :D
    I’ve been wondrin, who takes your photos? They always look editorial! :)

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