The New StyleCaster

I’ve been really excited to share this with you guys, but last time I was in New York,
I got a sneak peek at the redesigned StyleCaster. I've always thought StyleCaster was such an amazing concept and come December, it’s getting even better!

Watch the
video below to see what you can expect….and watch out for a very special cameo.

It was so fun to participate in the making of this video, and I was thrilled to get a preview of the redesign of one of my favorite
sites, StyleCaster. In December, they will be relaunching with an entirely new
site. It's going to be amazing, so if you haven't joined yet, do so now! Go to stylecaster.com to join…once you've registered, join my network and drop me a line :)

xo Jane

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  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    OMG this video is so cute! I love the cameo!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  2. marie wrote:

    How fun! the video was awesome… going to check out site

    11.11.09 · Reply
  3. Teresa wrote:

    I’ve been registered for Stylecaster for awhile now but haven’t really used it. Maybe this is my cue to take advantage of all its capabilities!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  4. EMILIE wrote:

    I’m going to check out the site!
    It’s great!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  5. Leia wrote:

    Wow! That was a great video. Am already registered at the site – can’t wait to see the improvements :)

    11.11.09 · Reply
  6. EMILIE wrote:

    I love the video!!!!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  7. jesophi wrote:
    11.11.09 · Reply
  8. wow it looks awesome(: everything you need as a fashionista!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  9. how do I find you on stylecaster. I searched for you….

    11.11.09 · Reply
  10. Christine wrote:

    Cool ad.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  11. Tchelet wrote:
    11.11.09 · Reply
  12. Kiersten wrote:

    love it! cute video.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  13. Carola wrote:

    I just signed up! Cool video! It’s at “The Reformation”, right?

    11.11.09 · Reply
  14. what a great video! I can’t wait to see their new site!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  15. Fitz wrote:

    Hm….special cameo eh? I see lipstick mysteriously appearing on coffee cops, the sounds of somebody typing but nobody there…OH SHIT IT’S GHOST JANE.
    anyway, now i have to check this stylecaster thing out. it looks so complicated and intimidating!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  16. Vanessa wrote:

    Cool video and cool-looking site! I’m definitely joining!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  17. Jasmine wrote:

    i loove stylecaster.
    i’ve been a member there for a while.
    so glad it’s getting an update!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  18. cool.
    i will register it soon!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  19. 11.11.09 · Reply
  20. oops i just emailed them to delete my account. i rarely used it.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  21. Francesca wrote:

    this is really cool!
    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  22. Michelle wrote:

    Looks fun, I’ll definitely check it out!
    xo Michelle

    11.11.09 · Reply
  23. Looks like a fun site, will be sure to check it out!
    Hey Jane is there any way you can put the clip of the Hills episode you were in on your blog, as we can’t download it over here in the UK?
    xx Pearl

    11.11.09 · Reply
  24. So cool, love it!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  25. Love the promo video. Very fresh concept.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  26. ansi wrote:

    It seems like EVERYONE loves you! How can they not? You’re way awesome, and it’s so cool that equally awesome-people can appreciate you too ;)

    11.11.09 · Reply
  27. Jill wrote:

    Very cool, Chica!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  28. Plastic Animal wrote:

    I see Denise!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  29. Le 21ème wrote:
    11.11.09 · Reply
  30. Larisa wrote:

    it seems like the heaviest users, most probably already the most ‘fashionable’ users
    would have the best feedback loop (in terms of the site actually being able to know
    what they like and matching it with what’s in season.
    which is pretty pointless because the people who need/want more style will have the
    worst feedback loop.
    to be honest, this site seems like a lot of hype but can’t really have that much substance, in that it can’t be using that sophisticated of an algorithm.
    it’s like a social networking facebook wrapped up in a secret machine that will choose your clothes for you,
    when really it’s just networking girls that are already obsessed with clothes.
    I think that’s what their audience wants, but I think they will be sorely disappointed.
    it’s a very hard problem to solve in programming, much harder than choosing netflix movies.
    interesting concept though, thanks for sharing.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  31. Michelle wrote:

    i love this! so awesome! you look gorgeous in it

    11.11.09 · Reply
  32. Kim wrote:

    wow, you were in that video a lot! Looks like it was fun

    11.11.09 · Reply
  33. valesca wrote:

    checking it out.
    btw i only just started following your blog so i might be on the late train with this one but has anyone ever told you you look like Jean Seberg? especially when you smile…anyway you are lovely and enjoy both your blogs.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  34. Meadow wrote:

    super cute video! go Jane….swaggin’ it out girl!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  35. Agnieszka wrote:

    Does anyone know how’s the song called?

    11.11.09 · Reply
  36. hannah wrote:

    great video. i do love stylecaster, especially since they got the iphone app.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  37. hannah wrote:

    great video. i do love stylecaster. especially since they got the iphone app.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  38. Wow, that is super cute! I will have to check it out.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  39. ely wrote:

    really cool and super cute as always! <3
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    11.11.09 · Reply
  40. Josephine wrote:

    so awesome!

    11.11.09 · Reply
  41. Connie wrote:

    Wow! That video is awesome.
    & I love your cameo & inspiration board thing.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  42. Jules wrote:

    Awesome! The video is so cool. =D
    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

    11.11.09 · Reply
  43. The beginning of the end: when fashion becomes micromanaged…

    11.11.09 · Reply
  44. Cheyenne wrote:

    that site is a much healthier addiction than facebook will ever be.
    thank the good lord.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  45. Cheyenne wrote:

    dangit- typed in the wring address.

    11.11.09 · Reply
  46. signing up right now! :))

    11.12.09 · Reply
  47. nicole wrote:

    Hahahahaha product placement much? But pretty cool ad i applaud the creative director who thought of this. Congratulations as well Jane! Looks like a lot of fun.

    11.12.09 · Reply
  48. Lis wrote:

    To be honest…it looks like the baby sister of STYLE.com…something for preteens. Ahhhh how cute (sarcastic).

    11.12.09 · Reply
  49. Wow Jane! Amazing! I love the look and feel of the site and you look fabulous!

    11.12.09 · Reply
  50. Nice find, as usual! I’ve got an account now.

    11.12.09 · Reply
  51. Me wrote:

    does j have blue or brow eyes==???

    11.12.09 · Reply
  52. Nhiy wrote:

    Wowww ! Great video love it !!!

    11.12.09 · Reply
  53. Jane,
    Yeah, the new site sounds like it will be amazing. Finally have some big money to be poured into it…if the video was any indication of what’s to come. Nice cameo :)

    11.12.09 · Reply
  54. jd. wrote:

    LOVE this site.

    11.12.09 · Reply
  55. braden wrote:


    11.12.09 · Reply
  56. Brigadeiro wrote:

    COOL! You look so cute in the end! Am off to check out the site, looks great! ;)
    Oh, booked my tickets for Tokyo/Japan for December, since you were only recently there, was wondering if you had any must-sees/goes/eats/shop you would recommend? :)
    CC of http://www.brigadeirochoc.blogspot.com

    11.12.09 · Reply
  57. Jen wrote:

    Crossing over is always smart.

    11.12.09 · Reply
  58. Emilie wrote:

    Congrats congrats congrats!! The video is amazing, so fashion, so good, love it!!!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  59. www.abitoffashion.com wrote:

    I love your cameo!
    I have sent you an email to inviting you to visit my new blog http://www.abitoffashion.com

    11.13.09 · Reply
  60. ed hardy wrote:

    that site is a much healthier addiction than facebook will ever be.
    thank the good lord.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  61. daphne wrote:

    you’re the muse! wow.

    11.13.09 · Reply
  62. Kimberley wrote:

    Excuse me, but how can you afford all those designer stuff?
    I live in Holland and We don’t have many cheap designer things. Do you have a idea?
    Because I love Budget shopping and When I finished school I realy wanna study fashionstyling etc etc. so any tips?

    11.13.09 · Reply
  63. Ciao, how are you? J’aime this video, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

    11.13.09 · Reply
  64. Handbag wrote:

    I like the video!!!!http://uggboots-shops.com

    11.14.09 · Reply
  65. Very Penny Lane in Almost Famous!
    –CHIC news from Paris–

    11.14.09 · Reply
  66. Congrats for the video, is really cool.

    11.14.09 · Reply
  67. Awesome. I love this, your article so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    11.16.09 · Reply
  68. SUZZY wrote:

    I love the video,music you and stylecaster.com. Thanx for sharing.
    Does anybody know the lyrics of this great song?

    11.16.09 · Reply
  69. Becca wrote:

    Great video! I’m a fan of stylecaster, and a member. Can’t wait to see the re-vamped version

    11.16.09 · Reply
  70. That is one cool video! Looks like a useful site.

    11.17.09 · Reply
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