31 Rue Cambon

On our second day in Paris last week, I went for my second fitting at Chanel. We had to make sure the dress fit again before the ball!

I went for my first fitting in September…as excited as I was, I can't say I wasn't a little anxious. Being fitted in the haute couture studio at Chanel could be a potentially intimidating experience…but everyone I met was so warm and kind. I imagined being fitted for a couture gown might be somewhat ceremonial but the experience was very relaxed. and all the women at Chanel are so beautiful!

It was thrilling to put my dress on again. When I saw it, I knew it was the one I wanted to wear to the ball. It weighs a ton and the corset it very snug. Once I saw the other debutantes' dresses though, I realized that mine was relatively comfortable, even though it was very difficult to sit in. Here is the runway picture.



Here I am with my mom and my sister, and Sanaz at my fitting! Sanaz is so stylish!


The best part of my fitting was that afterwards, Sanaz gave us a tour of Coco Chanel's apartment upstairs. I can't believe I was there! 

What an incredible life she lead. It was so fascinating to hear some of the stories that went along with some of the objects in her apartment-everything had such sentimental value. 







I am so happy I was able to take pictures to share on Sea of Shoes!

It was such an honor to be chosen by Chanel to be dressed for the ball. I am so in love with my gown. If I could, I would re-live my fittings a million times!