S.o.S. x Atlantis Home x Gryphon in Teen Vogue!

It was such an honor to be written up in the January Teen Vogue by Jane Keltner-thank you so much!

I have been super excited to announce the collaboration my mom and I did with Gryphon-what an honor to work with Aimee. My mom and I love Gryphon. Thank you so much for this opportunity Aimee!


It was thrilling to see our sketch come to life, and my mom and I both love the way it came out. How killer are the bell sleeves? Totally captures the post-apocalyptic aviatrix vibe my mom and I were aiming for. 

The trench coat is due in stores at the end of the month-thank you again Aimee for this opportunity and thank you to Vogue for such an amazing write-up!

xo Jane

UPDATE: heres some info on where the trench coat is going to be available!

-$875 is the suggested retail

-Fabric is water-repellant cotton metal (the metal is what holds the texture

of the fabric)

-pouch is detachable from belt


Quartier 206 in Germany  www.quartier206.com

Elements in Texas www.elementsclothing.com

D & Me in London www.onedandme.com

Shopbop www.shopbop.com

C02 in Nice, France tel: 0952880054

Harvey Nichols in Turkey www.harveynichols.com.tr

Consortium in Oklahoma (they're a new store that's just opening, so no

website yet, but their number is 405.620.6607)

Kiito in Japan www.kiito.com