Some days I feel like everything in my closet is wildly impractical. Silks and chiffons stain and wear out, tutus get caught in car doors, sequins are scratchy, sack dresses are cumbersome…it's nice to have a no bullshit super snug and sexy jacket now and then. This long and lean beauty by the Row is pretty perfect for just about everything.

I like the shape it gives to my Dries van Noten marbled slip dress….which I was going to snap a picture of on its own, but ended up accidentally snapping a video instead.  I put in this awesome little psych disco tune by Armand Frydman. I'm just figuring out YouTube now and recently discovered the magic powers of Download Helper last night. Hmm…maybe some day I'll start a music blog. I wish!

I need some jungle jewelry to go with my jungle music!! Love this bracelet I stole from Atlantis Vintage (shhh.)