Elizabeth Anyaa

Dallas has more to offer in the way of fashion than most might think-I'd like to introduce local talent Elizabeth Anyaa. She is originally from Sierra Leone, and after high school won a scholarship to study textile design in Finland and later Maryland. Elizabeth now resides in Dallas. Recently my mother visited her studio in South Lamar and was lucky enough to get some of her pieces on loan.

I was immediately mesmerized by the texture and three-dimensionality of her work. Elizabeth uses an unusual no-sewing technique of  fusing different fabrics together. The unstructured nature of Elizabeth's work makes these pieces extremely versatile…I'm pretty sure you could easily come up with 300 ways to wear just one of them.

Here I wear a hand-dyed vest made of wool and silk chiffon and a wool scarf. 

Worn with Quail tee shirt, Madewell jeans, BCBG ponyhair booties, and vintage lucite bracelets.

Here are some pictures my mom snapped when she visited Elizabeth's studio last week.

I'm about to go with my mom to Elizabeth's studio to return the pieces and I am so excited to meet her and see her work space!

You can visit Elizabeth's website to check out more of her work.