Picnic at Hanging Rock

This dress was the best thing I found in Tokyo. When I walked into Hotel55 boutique, my eyes found it immediately…it was so full of volume and texture, and the detail spilling down the shoulder was so lovely. It’s my favorite color too-it reminds me of the undyed cotton batiste fabric my mom used for her line Atlantis Underground back in the day.

It’s The Dress & Co. by Hideaki Sakaguchi.

The scarf is also The Dress & Co. and was found at a boutique called Casbah in Lumine 2. Casbah carried all of the same designers that Hotel55 did.

Worn with Givenchy flats (very worn in now-remember when I first posted them?)

Vintage Michael Morrison belt

Bangles from Elements here in Dallas

This dress reminds me of the costumes and mood of Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock…just not as uptight. I thought of this when I first tried it on. Such a great scary movie. Funny, I think my best friend and I may watch it tonight…