Gotta make it work somehow

I found this dress yesterday at a Goodwill in Irving that I like to frequent. A problem with thrifting is that 99% of what you find that you like isn't your size anyway. This dress is a case in point. I love the pattern and the colors, but it's quite roomy and shaped a little weird. The actual waist on this dress falls at about crotch level…not a terribly flattering look.

I decided to try to make it work today…I just hiked the dress up, wrapped up the excess fabric in a ponytail holder and stuck a petticoat underneath it. Cha cha! It kept me cool while I ate tacos outside. Love is love, and I couldn't not wear this dress.

Wore a big stack of vintage bakelite bracelets compliment its Carmen Miranda-esque feel.

And my very beloved beautiful Chanel bowtie heels…aww, these shoes are so sweet.

xo Jane