Great big iPhone post

I cracked my phone six months ago…I know you can get the screen replaced but I don't even notice the crack anymore. It only adds character. My Paul Frank iPhone case is ripping apart too because I always stuff my cash and ID in there instead of carrying a purse! I abuse my phone so badly..

A collection of iPhone pictures I've taken over the past six months…this will be a long, self-indulgent post…click below if you care to see!

Pretty Ann Demeulemeesters from this season! My moms are the brown ones and the black belong to her friend Beth.

Here was an outfit I was going to wear to go see Alice in Wonderland until I decided I didn't want to dress up for the movies but it was too late because I already had….

Here is a lovely skirt at the IF basement sale in New York that was a little hard to ship home to Texas

Trying on some Ann Ds…both are great but I much prefer the black shoe.

Some of my favorite necklaces…I love ahnks and I LOVE fish.

What I wore everyday during January

A sweater I found in Tulsa…I gave it to Ronnie!

A crazy bruise I got by running into a wall and falling, kind of at the same time

Really cute elephant socks I got from Anthropologie

My favorite necklace, the Big Bottom Lady (moniker given to her by her eBay seller)

Mismatched thigh highs.

I don't have pierced ears, and sometimes I pick up clip-ons at thrift stores or if they come in a jewelry set. At some point I lost one of my fish earrings, so I just wear one, like Perdita Durango in David Lynch's Wild at Heart (she is my movie style icon) I was going to an opera with my dad this night.

My shoes at Urban Outfitters..so excited when I saw this!

Some iPhone pictures from le Bal…wow, so crazy to relive these memories. In the gown I wore from Chanel HC…I would have taken iPhone pictures during my fittings at Chanel but I would have felt embarrassed.

Jasmine, who was so kind and sweet and graceful, just like a real life princess. I was so lucky to meet so many amazing girls at the Bal.

Virginia…so beautiful!

I guess this kind of snow is pretty unremarkable to many of my readers up north. If you're from Texas, you know how rare a sight like this is. What a magical winter that was.

This lizard moved in with us during the winter months and kept coming back even when we put him out. We named him Fido. He lived under a cabinet for three months. Fido came out when we put a fire on to warm up. Sneaky lizard!

It's crazy how this vintage dress is a mirror image of Neon Indian's Psychic Chasms album artwork.



Speaking of….the members of Neon Indian (Alan, Leanne, Jason, and Ronnie) at a gifting during South by Southwest that I tagged along for.

Ronnie and I crammed into the backseat of a friends car on the way to somewhere during SXSW. Wearing Tao by Comme des Garcons brogues with translucent socks from Anthropologie.

Shopping at Archive Vintage with Tina the Bag Snob!

Sometimes when Shelley and Staci get scared they crawl into my bed and cry.

These are my aunts beetles.

I've wanted these shoes for four years!! They are Spring 2006 Prada. A very very sweet reader alerted me that they were on eBay…thank you so much!

Wearing a dress by Texas designer Herff Christansen.

Wearing a Comme des Garcons shirt my mom bought in Tokyo in 1981 with Casadei boots. This outfit was from two days ago.

One of my favorite vintage jackets of all time…Kansai Yamamoto.

Notice something new in the background of these last few pictures??

While I was in Italy, my mom surprised me by completely redoing my room. I couldn't believe it was the same room! She is so creative…she used left-over pieces from the revamp she and Sam from Style Swoon did on our downstairs. They make an amazing team, don't you think? The screen behind my bed definitely belonged in our house but there wasn't room for it downstairs…I'm so glad it found a place in my room!

That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!! I have the best mom!! Waking up in this beautiful room everyday has made me so happy. I'll be taking more pictures soon!

For now I'm getting ready for a weekend excursion to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Talk to you soon!