What I've been playing lately…

Electric Lucifer-Bruce Haack (1970)
The Best of Dolly Parton (1970)
The Wanderer-Donna Summer (1980)
Tokyo Joe-Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kazumi Watanabe (1978)
The Dreaming-Kate Bush (1982)
Right On Time-Prophet (1984)
The Best of Patsy Cline
Neo Geo-Ryuichi Sakamoto (1987)
Arpadys-Arpadys (1977)
Diamonds and Pearls-Prince (1991)
Lovesexy-Prince (1988)
Rhythm Nation-Janet Jackson (1989)
Change Your Mind -Sharpe & Numan (1985)
This Time Baby-Jackie Moore (1979)
Rip It Up-Orange Juice (1982)
Exotic Moog-Martin Denny (1969)
I Robot-The Alan Parsons Project (1977)
Suspiria soundtrack by Goblin (1977)

Nightporter-Japan (1982)
Look Into My Eyes-52nd Street (1982)
Do You Like Japan-Melon (1982)
Chance Operation-Chance Operation (1981)
Rice Music-Masami Tsuchiya (1982)
Turquoise Trail-Pictureplane (2008)
Frederico and the Marrakech Orchestra-Frederico and the Marrakech Orchestra (1983)
Albedo 0.39-Vangelis (1976)
Lone Justice-Lone Justice (1985) God I love Maria McKee..best cow-punk
With Vivien Vee-Vivien Vee (1980)
How Much, How Much I Love You-Love and Kisses (produced by Alec R Costandinos..found today, I love it)
Don't You Know-Brenda Mitchell (1978)
Beers, Steers, and Queers-Revolting Cocks (1990)
Man Parrish-Man Parrish (1982)
Texas Love Triangle Mix by TommyBoy for Vice Magazine (amazing showcase of local music by our own Tommyboy of Arawa.fm, a must-listen)
Cat People-David Bowie/Giorgio Moroder (1982)
Night Bird-Keith Mansfield (1970)
Headhunters-Herbie Hancock (1973)


xo Jane