Hi guys, I’m super excited to show you some of the pieces that Karen has made for our upcoming line of jewelry. We haven’t decided on a name yet. If you’re interested in ordering, for now you can inquire here.

Here are some of the new beetles.

You can still order the belts too!

We’re having so much fun with the new jewelry. Karen has some interesting stories to tell about the production process. I particularly enjoy hearing about her ‘insect relaxing chamber’. 

This blog is full of insects lately! Well, to be honest it always is. My life is full of creatures….tonight I was watching a fox crossing the road in the distance and I had to remind myself to watch my step for snakes. Just the other night a copperhead snake was waiting for us at our front door. We have two families of foxes living within a two block radius. The baby foxes are so adorable. Yesterday I almost stepped on a purple newt in our living room, and today a gecko was blocking an electrical socket. Ronnie and I found this beautiful blue caterpillar on my porch just a few days ago…wow! I can’t believe nature can produce these kinds of colors!

I didn’t post much this week-real life got in the way! Not that I didn’t try. Sometimes I take pictures for my blog but the pictures don’t turn out and I decide to wait until I can get good light. Oh well, better luck next time! I can tell you it’s even harder to shoot when it’s 104 degrees outside. Phew.