I think the vintage fur coat that I wore in my last post is really special. It has enormous white pockets and a white hood! I love the Texas heat but I also love beautiful coats that happen to be very warm…

I've been wanting to post this crazy 70's rainbow faux-fur jacket for a while.

I told my mom one day "I have to show you this amazing rainbow faux-fur I found today!" and she said, "How funny, I did too". Of course it was the same jacket. We pick the same things unknowingly all the time!

Love the dramatic collar and big plastic zipper pockets.

I'm wearing it with a vintage Courreges sweater and 70's Yves Saint Laurent skirt from Archive Vintage. Kerry has the best stuff in right now!

I am so glad to hear that so many people like the beetles! So many orders already! If you'd like more info please contact judy@judyaldridge.com.

Can you tell I'm in love with my scanner lately? Ever since my sister showed me a super easy way to use her scanner, I want to scan everything. I would have handwritten this post if I had the time. All I have to do is put a memory card from my camera into my scanner, press ONE button, and bam! It's on the memory card just like a photo would be. It's so simple. I can't believe the way technology has progressed…it used to be a pain in the neck to scan anything. I scanned some drawings I did last night!

Drawing is such a relaxing way to unwind after a stressful day…makes me feel like a kid!

I'd like to give a big thanks to Above the Fray Magazine for such a great interview with me & my mom. Check it out here!

xo Jane