Back from New York. The heat was brutal–much more so than it is here in Texas. I was surprised to feel a cold snap in the air back home this morning. Fall is on its way. Sometimes when the seasons change I get a big wind of inspiration. I think I spend too many days hunched over my computer in sloppy skirts from Thrift Town and ratty camisoles. This fall I want that to change! I am going to commit to dressing up every day no matter what.

Here is a post full of women, clothes, designers, jewelry, moods, and other things that are inspiring the mood I feel for fall.

Marisa Bereson in front of the Hanae Mori headquarters

 Beverly Johnson in Italian Bazaar 1980, scanned by Beauty is a Warm Gun

Veruschka by Avedon in Vogue 1967


 Versace Fall '92

All of the above from TFS

June Newton, by Helmut Newton

The Double Exposure of Holly (1967)

Brooke, Kate, and Brooke-TFS

Unknown 90's editorial

Nancy Reagan, devoted to Adolfo & the color red always

Sasha Pivorarova–I never follow models but I like to see what she is doing. She is so cool and has such an intelligent face and extraordinary talent.

Brigitte Bardot-hair and sweater inspiration

Charlotte Rampling-forever

Photo by Carlo Mollino-via Sensen

Debbie Harry, who else…

Cesária Évora-my soundtrack for fall

Does anyone know what editorial this is from? I love it.

  90's Versace campaign–don't know what year and not sure who shot it

Image from unknown pulp fiction blog..

via YMFY