Shopping at Barney’s

Recently Barney's tapped me to come in and make some of my favorite picks for fall. The Dallas store looks amazing right now-there were so many tempting things!

Seeing the above Ann Demeulemeester ankle boot on the runway, I didn't think I was going to like it. In person it looked so much better-totally sculptural and I love the stacked leather platform.

Our Barney's just started stocking Altuzarra, and the line looks amazing!!

I saw a girl in New York wearing these during fashion week and they looked so great.

The gorgeous Alaia snow leopard hiking booties!

The Ann Demeulemeester boot also comes in this orangey-red. I called it the Safety Dance boot…here is my mom trying it on with a Prada pump.

The fall shipment of CDG, Tao & Junya Watanabe is totally insane. This Tao dress is totally breathtaking.

I always love Dries, but this falls collection was particularly great, especially the athletic-style jackets that featured this beading.

Barney's Co-Op just started carrying Isabel Marant. She did some crazy colored furs again this season!


This quilted metallic Isabel Marant jacket was so cute.

One of my absolute things I saw were these scarves that Swash did excusively for Co-Op…so whimisical and such great colors. On the back of this scarf, these hounds were riding a carousel.

I got a peek at the personal shopping dressing rooms-amazing. I didn't do the size of the room justice in these photos. You know in 50's movies when they have the models come out and try on clothes for the client in an enormous plushy salon? Exactly like that. Dreamy!

P.S. Barney's just started carrying a new makeup line that you will love. It's called Beauty is Life, and all of their products are super pigmented. I bought their satin foundation and it is amazing!!

Hope you all enjoyed! Good luck to those who entered the sweepstakes to win my favorite shoes!