I love this vintage Zebra shoulder pin–I think he will always live on this 80's Norma Kamalli coat because he looks so good on it. The alligator belt I'm wearing is vintage Margarita Barrera. The scarf I tied into a turban I got in Tokyo several years ago. The sunglasses are Ralph Lauren, and the hot pink patent booties are Prada spring 2006.

I can be kind of obtuse when it comes to buying 'basic' things like shirts, socks, and general slinky underthings….probably because I'm so hung up on vintage and buying new clothes can be kind of weird. Unfortunately this leads to the 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' syndrome a lot..particularly when I travel.I have found the perfect solution in the clothes Herff Christiansen sent me-I stick these knit dresses under everything! Perfect  underneath the vintage Norma Kamali trench coat.