CES in Las Vegas

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was in Vegas to speak on Kodak’s K-Zone panel during CES. It was beyond humbling to be on such an esteemed roster of speakers…I spoke along with Elissa, author of the fantastic food blog 17 and Baking, Sachin Patel, founder of Gzmo apps, and Brian Wong, whose accomplishments span far and wide but I’ll abbreviate him to founder of mobile gaming company Kiip. Thank you to Leslie Dance our moderator, it was a great discussion! It was wonderful to meet a few readers and new friends while I was there too, thanks for saying hi!

I never thought I’d find myself at the Consumer Electronics Show. Over 140,000 people attended…the sheer amount of faces in the crowd combined with the dazzling electronics booth made it a very dizzying experience. If I was more knowledgeable about gadgets I would have snapped some pictures of new phones and iPad imitations but I wouldn’t even know where to begin on that stuff. It was news to me that you can buy TV’s with 3D screens. 

Wow! What a stage!

Leslie, Sachin Patel, and Brian Wong.

Me and Elissa, the bloggers feeling a little out of place with these nerdy tech guys…just kidding ;)

Check out this mobile Kodak city!


I came to Vegas from NYC….a little contrast in scenery, as you can see.

It was so good to be reunited with long time blog friend Kelly (The Glamourai), we were doing a very exciting project with a couple of other bloggers! Here she is with her baby, AKA Bunny.

Alex (The Cherry Blossom Girl) with Bunny the papillon and an unknown friend!

It’s good to be home in Texas…I was actually supposed to go back to NYC this morning, but my flight was cancelled because of all the snow. It ended up being for the better because I’ve got a disgusting cold. 

Back to regular programming for a while! Thank you for reading :)