Hi from Vegas! Now that I'm here I wish I had packed the dress I'm wearing–would be very appropriate. My sister took these pictures before I left town.

The leopard dress I'm wearing is vintage Lillie Rubin–it came with a cute scarf that's nice to wear in your hair. Wearing it with a vintage Yves Saint Laurent corset.


I was feeling ambitious in Sephora the other day and picked up the Black pallette…a couple of YouTube tutorials later and I did the smoky eye! Still room for improvement though.

It's been a super long couple of days. I had so much fun with a couple of my favorite bloggers this week in New York being shot by Garance Dore! The real life Garance, I can't believe it. It was amazing! 

I have to get ready for Kodak's K-Zone panel now. More than a little nervous about that.

Have a great weekend!