We have been having so much fun with this freaky snow storm this week. I have never seen anything like this in my life. It was so strange walking around my neighborhood yesterday and seeing everything completely whited out. It's been like this for four days–and you know what they're saying, they expect more snow on the day of the Superbowl! Even Prince cancelled his show this week. I

It was so fun watching the neighborhood kids play in the snow and taking their pictures. They haven't been in school all week.

I'm wearing a 70's fox fur coat–I got it in Palm Beach. It's in great condition and it was a good deal–I can't take it off! Wearing a 50's fur hat I got on eBay…with Y-3 pants and Fiorentini & Baker midcalf cowboy boots.


Everyone's cars were stuck–this guy below was driving around giving people pushes. Even Mr. Sky Blue pools did. I hope everyone in the area is super careful on the roads this week! Or any snowy place for that matter.