Carol’s Hamburger Cake

I hope you excuse the lack of posts this week…my little sister Carol left for school in Wales on Wednesday. It was so hard watching her go, and I am devastated now that she is gone. We're all so proud of her for her hard work and being so brave, but I feel like I'd give anything to have her home right now.  Life feels very empty without her around.

I already miss the things we used to do together. It is very sad not hearing the sounds of her bustling around in the kitchen. A week or so before she left, Carol made this amazing hamburger cake (of her own design) for our neighbor's 4th birthday. Complete with fries and ketchup, even.

Well, I better sign off before I get too worked up again. It's been a very tearful week. Hope you enjoyed Carol's hamburger cake.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who sent such sweet farewell wishes to Carol on Twitter!