I'm on a total twenties kick right now and I blame it on my addiction to Boardwalk Empire. If you haven't watched it you must–it is unbelievably well-done.  I am amazed by the attention to detail in sets and the wardrobe on the show. I just got back from a quick trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma…one of my favorite vintage haunts in the world. My mom and I have planned an exciting trip to Mexico to shoot our twenties and twenties-inspired finds, which include maribou feather fans, forties-does-twenties tea dresses, rhinestone gloves, crazy cardinal hats, etc.
I did some browsing online and found soo many beautiful things that fit the Boardwalk Empire mood I'm in right now. A girl can dream!
12. Manolo Blahnik green patent mary-janes (hi there, cutest shoes in the entire universe…)
I will be posting pictures of our Tulsa finds soon, stay tuned! I am so excited for our upcoming trip. I'm also excited to start season 2 of Boardwalk Empire tonight ;)