Some snaps from the last few months–ahh, it is scary how time flies!! The above is from this week in Buenos Aires, right before I went out to explore the city with Aimee ;)

I see the cute doggy dresses at Target and I just can't help myself….Kim looks so great in them. This is before I moved obviously, because I'm in my old office!

Kim's maximum walking distance is about two blocks. She gets winded and needs her beauty rest.

Maribou shrug and a sweater skirt!

My favorite 70's sweater set. Groovy.

My tiger swimsuit from Black Milk!

This fifties floral dress is one of my favorites. Very Barbie.

Trying a Rosie the Riveter look!

Leather wings!

A webcam snap from my new closet…haha!

Sequin pailette top and a military jacket from Rugby!

Vintage plaid skirt and thrifted Ungaro blouse

Cuddling up to stinky Staci.

A 40's child's sweater and an 80's Mugler pencil skirt to go to the opera