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My mom and I had a bit of an unusual road trip on Thursday. The night before she had found a Craiglist listing for a huge 70's four foot brass deer out in East Texas–the seller said they had more brass animals and was looking to clear them out. Obviously, this was not something we were going to miss! We drove into Grand Saline and went down winding country roads forever and ever until we got to their house….they were not kidding about the size of their collection.

The moment I set eyes on these lions, I knew they had to come home with me! I have been looking for the perfect lions for my new place since I moved in.


The giraffes are proudly wearing my mom's jewelry in her place.

Mr. Seal went to live with mom too.

Our backseat looked ridiculous on our way back.

This was on the seller's property–lush!

All of these guys needed a LOT of polishing. I'm still working on my lions. 

Looking better though, right?? What a fun day trip that was!