Inspiration, Outfits


I'm wearing a t-shirt by one of my favorite artists, Justin Wallis, the incredibly talented creator of the MILKBBI universe! I have been following his work on Tumblr for a very long time…his talent is mind blowing and his vision is so extraordinary! The print shown in the background of this picture is one of my favorites of his. I am so happy to have a piece of his work. Take a look through his website, you will get lost in his candyland world :)

Justin has told me he is sold out of this t-shirt for the moment, but says he is working on some exciting new things for his next collection, so stay tuned! I know I can't wait to see!!

I put on a cosplay wig to look more MILKBBI-ish ;) ♥ I want to transport myself into one of Justin's pictures!