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My favorite photo apps for iPhone!


With DECOPIC you can make your pictures look like they came from a cute Japanese photobooth ;) you can unlock filters too by sending them to your friends! They have so many funny stamps.


2. Infinicam
It's called Infinicam because there are literally an infinite number of filters you can come up with! Each filter is generated by a code…when you discover one you like you can save it and use it again. Very cool frames and light leaks in this app!


3. Photo wonder

This one is awesome because you can put clothes and jewelry on your pictures. Also, they have eye enlarging and slimming options…pretty mutated.


4. Horse Lover's Camera
Full credit for this beautiful app discovery goes to Laura…ever since she turned me on to it, I have been horse cam-ing everything near and dear to me. I'm unashamed to admit to paying 99 cents for extra pony features.

Of course, Instagram is the beset way to share your pictures! Follow me, I'm @seaofshoes on Instagram. I've been down in Austin this week, had so much fun. Here are some of my pics from my trip!


Wait, before I go, I have to show you my favorite new phone thing….it's called Hatchi and it's like a Tamogatchi for your phone! I already had one evolve to it's full form! I took the train to Austin and had a *lot* of time to kill ;)