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Sorry for the lack of updates this week, I got sick and needed a little down time. I've been sick for the past few weeks and it's not like me, I think I need to get on a health kick! Gym, yoga, fresh juices and all of that. I'm a wimpy soda-loving loser. It's time for an overhaul.

I've been to Half Price Books so much lately, we are lucky to have a HUMONGOUS one here in Dallas. I stopped in with my mom yesterday to pick up some records and art books…and some embarrassing self-help books to motivate me to get going on the health kick ;)

Artwork by Aya Takano :)

Wearing a tank I picked up at Urban Outfitters, Rich & Skinny metallic legacy jeans, and Stella McCartney mesh sandals.

1.  This Memphis design book is a gift I bought for someone…not a Half Price find though.

2. Someone texted me this adorable sloth…aww, he is all ready to do his homework

3. I picked up an amazing picture book of David Bowie last time I was at Half Price, love this suit and tie!!

4. All of these books and records were scooped up at Half Price the week before last! Lucky run, I had lots of help ;)

While I've been sick I've been catching up on Pretty Little Liars…I know…so lame…but really, the show is so well done! It does remind me of a teeny bopper version of Twin Peaks. I love Lucy Hale in it, she is so adorable! Can't wait to watch the season premier!