Recently Scotch Duct Tape asked me to collaborate on REALLY cool
project–combining my love of vintage clothing and thrift store shopping
with their product–Duct tape!  What an incredible idea!  Duct tape is
no longer just silver, Scotch makes duct tape in every color
imaginable, prints as well.  You can get it at Target! Check out their selection and other DIY projects.

I chose to combine colored duct tape with  a vintage leather biker jacket
for the project.  The jacket was a  very lucky find at a local thrift
store for $19.99.  
decided to do a rainbow of colors on the sleeve.  I wanted something
simple, and not too complicated.  I was inspired by a rainbow jacket
done by Thierry Muegler in the 80's.
First I
chose my colors, then cut individual pieces to wrap around the
sleeves–don't worry about length too much, you can let it overlap.
 Next, apply tape to sleeves of jacket by applying to top of sleeve,
then flip jacket over and apply tape to the other side being very
careful to smooth the tape as you go.  It sounds easy, but the you
really have to let the tape be it's own guide, otherwise it may get too
wrinkly.  Let the tape lay the way it wants to naturally and make it's
own design.  

Hope you enjoyed! Tweet me a pic if you try it out :) BTW–didn't chop my hair off. It's what the wig I used a while back was for!