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This weekend I was in Charlottesville, Virginia and I really fell in love with it. It was an especially lucky time to be in Charlottesville with the changes of the seasons starting to happen…the beautiful autumn light and the falling yellow leaves against the quaint Jeffersonian buildings were absolutely picturesque. The above photo was taken in a field of flowers planted by the Boars Head Inn outside of Charlottesville.

In the Court Square in Charlottesville!  

I came to Charlottesville for the Mockingbird Conference. I came to find Mockingbird through the Reverend John Zahl, who I first became acquainted with as a DJ through his fantastic cosmic disco mixes. DJ Jaz is absolutely a musical hero of mine and it was really special to meet the disco disciple himself in person. It's an odd story, but how I came to find Mockingbird speaks a lot to what Mockingbird aims to do itself, which is to connect the Gospel with contemporary culture in  down-to-earth and sometimes very suprising ways. Definitely a fascinating read, regardless of your spiritual standing. Can't wait till the next conference!

The spread of disco records pictured above were very generously gifted to me by DJ JAZ himself. It's such a special memory to me now, sitting in the trunk of a rented car on a rainy night with my boyfriend and our favorite DJ, going through these cosmic gems and talking disco. Wow! Thank you JAZ, I hope I can repay your generosity some day very soon!