If you've been following me on Instagram for the past 12 hours, you may have heard the story of sweet Melanie. My mom's neighbor found this little dog lost in the nearby park. Poor Melanie is in bad shape, and I have a strong suspicion she got dumped at the park, as many dogs do when their owners realize the cost of spaying and medication. She's in heat, had fleas and tapeworms, and her little body is just covered in scabs. I can't imagine what she has been through in the past 48 hours. She went to sleep in the closet as soon as she got here. She acts like she has never been inside the house before, but she's warmed up to the domestic life very quickly! Melanie cuddled up next to me like a baby last night, and she's plastered to my side now as I type this.

I have been preparing to welcome a dog into my life, but I hadn't found the dog just yet. Circumstances in my life have changed so that I can be a full time dog mom and I've been so excited! I've been on Petfinder for months now, but it looks like my dog found me! She has a precious personality. Maybe I'm being a little presumptuous calling her my own so soon, but considering the shape she's in, I'd hate to think of her going back to wherever she came from. I think this was fate!

Melanie looks like she is some kind of fox terrier/miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix. She is one year old.

Her resemblance to our chihuahua Kim is so funny! Mirror images! Kim has been a little jealous of her doppelganger since she got here, but not unwelcoming. She has been trying to play with Melanie, who is still a little on the shy side, but quickly coming out of her shell.

You'll be seeing lots more of Melanie! I just had to share this morning, I am so smitten! We'll have her fixed up and rid of her parasite friends and she'll be feeling much better very soon :) Well, I'm off to go buy dog panties…wait for pics, haha! Have a good weekend!