My sister made orange chocolate chippers for Thanksgiving…they are my great grandmother's recipe! You can get the recipe on my mom's blog.


Poor Melanie, her expression here is remarkably tolerant. What a sport.


Chicken & waffles at Oddfellows.


Umm, most gorgeous handbag I've laid eyes on. As seen at Ralph Lauren…a girl can dream.


What do you know, they've made edible glitter. That exists.


Picture of my hair for the Margiela x H&M post. I was soooo proud of myself. I am obsessed with hair but have very, very poor motor skills so it was really hard to do the swirly thing. If I can do it, you can do it, and I promise the tutorial is on its way.


Speaking of hair, here it is after being freshly colored by my friend Jessica. She used a waving iron on it and I loved the look!!


My mom bought these Kate Spade flats and I might need to get a pair for myself too. I love Barbie shoes.


Did I mention two of my best friends have the Pamela Love for Nine West boots as well? I feel like the girls who scream 'Twinsies!' in the Shit Girls Say video. They are totally sold out now I am sorry to say.


Susans of many colors. The black is still my favorite.


With my sister. She and my mom and my dad just got home from Wales today, I missed them like crazy. Honestly, no one makes me laugh harder than my mom and my sister. It does suck that I'm the oldest sister but also the shortest.


An amazing shot snapped by the talented StyleSheet team (Kristi and Scot Redman) when I DJed at the D Election Night party at the Granada Theatre. What a fun night!!


Trying on a McQ wolf dress at Elements.


Wearing Anine Bing boots and being spied on by Melanie


Wearing an H&M skirt and Schutz ankle boots to grab tacos with my boyfriend and his other girlfriend (Melanie)


Okay, I have not officially introduced this guy. I did not want to make an official announcment about his adoption because I had so recently adopted Melanie! I would hate for people to think I am a dog hoarder! I am not, and I take animal ownership very seriously (duh). I had always planned on adopting a friend for Melanie, but it happened a little sooner than I had planned.
My aunt had fallen in love with my mom's chihuahuas and was looking to adopt a special chihuahua of her own. She wanted a rescue of course, and she enlisted our help to find the right match for her. I went to Operation Kindness (a WONDERFUL no-kill shelter) with my mom and my sister. When we held Jimmy, he looked up at us with hope and desperation in his eyes, clinging to us like a lifesaver. He was only THREE pounds when I got him, apparently his sister was eating all of his food. There was just no way we could leave him there. We did find a perfect dog (Lupe) for my aunt in the end as well.

Jimmy (full name: Jimmy Dean) has been with me for about three weeks now, and every day I am so thankful that I found him! He is the most affectionate, loving, ridiculous dog I have ever met. Yes, I might have to use the word 'needy' too. He is three years old, and it's just hard to believe because he reminds me of an infant child. Constant holding and snuggles. If he is not in my lap he is deep under his Hello Kitty blanket. Melanie is happy to have a buddy too. Chihuahuas forever.