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Wearing shorts c/o Amber Sakai, a vintage fur coat, a Chan Luu sweater, and Prada pumps.

When we arrived in Big Springs, Texas, we had no idea that we were stopping in one of the creepiest towns in America. We spent the night there in the Hotel Settles on our way to Marfa. The hotel has been recently redone, and it is spectacularly beautiful. We enjoyed a nice dinner and spent a while in their Pharmacy bar, where we got to talk to some of the employees and the sheriff. They warned us of all the unsettled spirits that inhabit the hotel and recounted many of their own supernatural experiences! (Flickering lights, apparitions, exploding glasses!) Right after hearing all of this, I checked my instagram. My picture of the hotel lobby was flooded with comments of people claiming to see a 'skull' in the photo! How creepy is that?? Big Spring itself is a pretty spooky place. Paul Harvey has said, "If you want to commit murder and get away with it, go to Big Spring, TX.".

The bad juju in the place was undeniable. My mom and I both woke up at 3 AM, she had felt a huge gust of freezing air come over her and then suddenly there was this weirdly human-sounding tapping in our room. We both heard it! It was as if something was trying to get our attention.

Still, we loved Hotel Settles and want to return some day soon. The beautiful ballroom we shot in was my favorite part. We are now safely in Marfa and have been having the time of our lives. Cannot wait to share more!